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  1. Thanks Jon - I should have said - this is a vibe pump machine, not a rotary. Expobar are quite rare I think in offering a plumb in/tank combo with a vibe pump. I'm assuming you want to withdraw your offer? Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Hi Everyone I'm selling my coffee machine due to my wife starting to drink coffee and thus us needing to have a more simple machine for her to use. I'm sure i'll be back at some time in the future but for now, I can move this machine on. It's a dual boiler, PID control of the brew boiler, pressurestat control of the steam boiler. Mains water and tank - I've tried both and have used this routinely with filtered water. Bella Barista serviced the machine and also fitted a new PID back in Apr 18, the old PID was occasionally shutting off, but now all in perfect working order.
  3. Hi Everyone I'm having a clear out of my grinder and coffee machine (see other thread) as I am totally simplifying things at home as my wife is just starting to drink the stuff and we now have a 'easy' machine. Anyway, here is my red Fiorenzato F64EVO coffee grinder. 64mm burrs, digital display with temperature and humidity (it doesnt auto-adjust to compensate). I've had this since new, done less than 1700 shots so only really just run in. It has the fan at the back (this is an evo model thing) to keep the burrs cool when grinding. I think I bought it just over a year ago (co
  4. Oh I understand that, but I wonder if I am having the stalling issue and then the pump running effectively tops up the water level which then eliminates the stalling?
  5. Thanks, interesting stuff. I was pretty sure that I get the issue when the boiler switches on from cold but when the pump has not run (ie the level was deemed ok in the steam boiler). The thermosyphon then starts working ok when the pump HAS run for one reason or another (ie boiler refill or pulled a shot/flushed the brewhead). The PID is the blue one, so the newer I think?
  6. It’s a 2010 and I use it plumbed in with a Britta in-line filter. I deacaled it about 3 months ago with citric acid. It did this before then too. Didn’t really change anything.
  7. Interesting read. How do I try and cure that though? There isn’t that much to wear out in the expobar, so would a faulty opv or vac valve on the steam boiler have an effect?? It’s like the water level in the brew boiler is dropping slightly overnight when the machine cools down and then it leaves the slight airlock at the top grouphead pipe.
  8. Hi Everyone I've got a Expobar Dual Boiler (Brewtus IV) and have recently started having a few problems with it (I don't think these are connected btw, just coincidence). 1. The PID seems to overheat and switch off. If I run the machine without the case on everything is fine, but assembled as it should be, after about an hour of warm up the PID goes blank and then won't come back on until the machine has cooled down. Seems odd that it would just give up after a period of time though?! 2. The thermosyphon system for the E61 seems temperamental. Sometimes it seems to work correctl
  9. Well I've just had another go and wow, back to the proper extraction times and I'm now finding hidden notes in this decaf I've been using. I set the distribution tool to be quite a bit shallower (so the top half 'ridge' sits on the basket but there is still a little room left to tamp after) and made sure I did my little shake(!) and all is now well. I lovely uniform single stream from the naked PF with wonderful uniform striping too. I'll try and grab a video next time I use it. Thanks for the advice
  10. Thanks for the thoughts on this I should have mentioned that I do have a naked PF and I didn't get a chance to look at the pour other than it came out nice and central, but I didn't see how even the colouring was. I also tamp using a click mat so tamp pressure should be consistant. I will add the shake back in and I've also adjusted the distributor to be a bit shallower as i wondered if it was just compressing the top part as it was set quite deep. Will report back
  11. Hi Everyone Merry Christmas too you all. I got one of these: http://www.coffeemasters.co.uk/motta-coffee-levelling-tool for xmas and have had a few goes with it now. I'm finding that my extractions seem to be quite a bit quicker than before and I can't understand why. My old method was grind, 18g (weighed output), brief shake to distribute then tamp, extract. New method, grind 18g (weighed, the same), place distribution tool on top, spin a few times, then tamp, extract. Same beans (ok, a day older), but haven't changed the grind setting yet. Yesterday without
  12. The other option is an Eureka Atom - saw them at Bella Barista last weekend and it did look very nice
  13. I'm seriously pleased with my Fiorenzato F64 Evo - https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/SearchResults.aspx?Search=fiorenzato+mc+f64e+grey+electronic+coffee+grinder+220v+uk+plug It is great grinder and well worth the little bit extra over the Sette.
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