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  1. Oh dear. If you want to try to explain your exact workflow to me I’ll try to do the same on mine and see what happens.
  2. itguy

    Mara X

    Interesting. I’ll see how I get on with the VST / stock shower screen combo and take things from there.
  3. Out of those two I’d choose the Lelit Bianca for sure. The Profitec is a lovely machine, very well built, but a little too germanic for me. The Bianca has a bit more innovation in it, feels like it is from a newer generation and gives you more to tinker with in the future too. The flow control, the ability to move the water tank around (or take it off if you plumb it in), the wood accents, the LCC controller, pre-infusion etc etc. I currently have a MaraX but my plan is to hopefully figure out how I can sort enough space for a Bianca in my kitchen by the end of the year (read = persu
  4. itguy

    Mara X

    I am wondering if anyone has experimented much with IMS shower screens and VST baskets on their MaraX ? I have an IMS 35 screen and a VST 18g ridgeless, and I typically dose 18g. I have a feeling that this is too much with this combo and it might be adding additional pressure to my puck and affecting my shots. For the next few days I have installed my standard MaraX shower screen back in and will keep with my VST 18g and dosing at 18g to see what changes. Anyone out there already worked through all of this? I’m also wondering if an IMS 200 screen would be better - not su
  5. I’ll take a picture next time we make some. We might need some this weekend actually. Just buy the cheapest salted peanuts you can get from supermarket and bung them in. Blend them up, adding a little bit of sunflower oil so it isn’t too sticky, that’s it. 500-600g of peanuts is about right. We sometimes pre-blend very lightly about 50g of nuts to make crunchy. Obviously make smooth then chuck the lightly chopped up nuts in to it and mix by hand. We made our own vegimite peanut butter way before marmite started doing theirs in the supermarket too !! My fave is peanut butter smoo
  6. Budget is key here. We have a Vitamix Pro 300 and it is excellent. We regularly make our own peanut butter in it, make smoothies etc etc. It also does good hot soup too, just add cold ingredients and cold water and stick it on high and wait - boiling hot soup not too long after just due to the agitation - no heater.
  7. Can anyone recommend me a tamper (not too expensive) to fit my VST 18g ridgeless basket properly? I have a 58mm motta which rattles around in it, and my Lelit 58.55mm fits just, but it seems to catch or be sticky on the way in. I can only assume it’s slightly too big. Thanks Will.
  8. It’s really not a bother. Where @Emily lives is really only a couple of villages away from me and no home barista needs three milk thermometers.. just happen to have collected them over the years. My current favourite one is this: a CDN fast acting digital one, which is really quick and can switch between C and F easily. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0021AEAG2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_.0XcGbH35421T
  9. Great stuff - once you've used it for a while you'll be able to gauge how hot the milk is just by holding the jug (or not.. as it gets to 65c!) so you can ditch the thermometer then. Useful training aid. Next time you are in costa (I know...) just watch theirs as it goes right off the scale past 180+f !!
  10. That's not at all bad! I'd say you're milk is nearly there and practice with the pour will get you where you want to be now...
  11. Well, it has two temperature sensors in it rather that the usual one on a HX machine. One measures the boiler / steam temperature and the other measures the brew water temperature in the heat exchanger pipe. This means the box of tricks inside can regulate the boiler temperature to keep the brewhead at the right temperature for brewing coffee without the need for a usual HX flush process. To do this requires the boiler to run quite low pressures (=lower heat), but the box of tricks inside knows this and automatically boosts the boiler pressure when it detects you brew a shot. This means that y
  12. What is the difference between HX machines? Well, from my experience, the materials used can sometimes vary a little with some of the metals being thicker on ECM and Rocket machines. The Lelit bucks the trend a little of cheaper HX machines as it is really well built and has PID and some funky electronics too, helping get the most out of what a HX can be. ECM and Rocket do have the brand awareness too of course, probably more than Lelit does. After owning a MaraX now, I'm not sure I'd consider buying a standard HX machine requiring flushing etc. I'd head straight for a dual boiler in
  13. It’s a skill for life and one that you don’t forget. Plus, the technique is the same when you get into bigger power machines with more steam too. What will happen though is you’ll feel very annoyed when you buy a “barista” coffee on the high street and it has awful milk. Like that torture screaming milk sound where it is begging for mercy.. 😩
  14. Not quite sure what you mean, but if you are asking where have I put it, I took the end of the pipe inside the tank that connects to the little strainer/filter on the black plastic holder inside and installed the one way valve on there, then used another small bit of pipe from the end of that to then connect to the strainer/filter again. Next time I fill my water tank I can take a picture if you need it, but it’s really quite simple.
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