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  1. Hi everyone I’m after an old, battered, unloved portafilter handle - either a single or double spout, don’t mind. I have a pressure gauge here I want to use with one to setup my OPV. I thought I had an old one here but I don’t so.... what have you got for me?! Thanks
  2. So important to have a milk thermometer to start with so you can learn your hand feel temperature 👍
  3. Yes, and if the temp probe is quicker to react and report accurate temps, the heating element has a chance to catch the auto fill induced temp drop quicker than if the temp probe is laggy.
  4. Brilliant! I think you are right. We are all testing the limits of what the MaraX is capable of, and I (probably foolishly) started from a point that assumed it had no limits to the amount of steam it could create and hold at a decent 1.5bar pressure. Clearly this is me just being a bit silly, as this is not a commercial machine with a 5l boiler and three phase electrics! I have noticed since mine came back that it doesn't seem to auto-fill during steaming any more. I have seen it a few times auto fill straight after I stop steaming a jug full, but I don't think it has done it
  5. Hearts are SO much easier than ferns to start with It is fair to say that the standard Sage jug isn’t the most helpful with doing latte art either. Not the steaming bit, but the pouring part. I tend to use a Motta small jug and it has a nice spout on it that helps, plus the steaming swirl in the bottom section is slightly easier because of the shape. Like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Motta-03-Europe-stainless-Pitcher/dp/B001RZUMUA/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=motta%2Bjug%2B35&qid=1611732819&sr=8-2&th=1
  6. Excellent, that’s good news then. I use a Wi-Fi plug with mine and haven’t had any issues. Mine is a Meross one.
  7. Items made by decent espresso...
  8. I agree - I’ve had my Niche less than a week but I started off hating the cup and tried using the decent PF stand and decent funnel, but the mess it creates is a pain. I now much prefer the cup and have developed the technique to get the grinds pretty much level when emptying in. It’s very handy and doubles up as a decent weighing cup for the beans to go in too. It’s a very easy workflow.
  9. That's brilliant news, let us all know how you get on with it... It's a machine I have in my sights for the future, that's for sure..
  10. I suspect this is referring to my posts re the style of steam boiler temperature probe - going from being a combined level probe and temp sensor to them being separate.
  11. I have a MaraX and I wouldn’t let any of the (mostly minor) issues put you off at all. I bought mine from Bella Barista and I am one of the people who has had a temperature sensor fault. That said, BB dealt with it quickly, easily and have been great. When it is warranty like this they pay for return shipping and turn it round nice and quickly. I have opened my MaraX myself and it certainly feels and looks like a high quality machine inside and nothing you’d see in there would lead you to believe they are cutting corners in design, components or assembly. My machine is back n
  12. You’ll already be too good for them... don’t lower yourself!!
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