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  1. Hi Everyone Well, I've had my MaraX a year now so really have learnt its ways and quirks! I tried, I really did, with the 'X' mode where it boosts steam up, maintains brew temp correctly etc etc, but in the end I just got so frustrated with it I've switched it to steam priority mode now and left it. I could not get reliable steaming from it (by reliable, I mean the same, every time) with it in X mode. Sometimes it wouldn't boost the steam. Other times it worked fine. Sometimes it would fill the boiler mid steaming and kill the pressure, other times it was fine. In steam priority mode (ie normal HX mode) I just haven't had any of these issues. Yes I need to flush before pulling shots like any other HX, but it really is a much better steamer for it, I find. I actually went to BB to get my machine checked over before trying the HX mode as my steam was wet, spluttery etc and they showed me another MaraX on the bench next to it - exactly the same. Somehow my steam is much less wet and spluttery with it in HX mode now too. Odd. I was ready to sell it and buy a ECM Mechanika IV Profi just to get something solid and reliable (or even a Synchronika) but.. I am now much more satisfied with it. At some point I might give the X mode a go again but these are my findings for my usage. Anyone else felt the same way?!
  2. itguy

    Mara X

    I get the same - anywhere between 28 and 32 seconds from lever up to lever down.
  3. Hi Everyone I am trying to understand what makes a good steaming coffee machine. I have been under the impression for many years that it was all about pressure. 1.5 bar + = great milk steaming. BUT… when I went to Bella Barista last week and had a go on their ECM Mechanika Profi and also their Linea Mini, they ran reasonably low pressures but had fantastic steaming speed. Is this more about boiler size/capacity then? Or maybe heating element size? Or is there something to do with boiler water temp, but I thought that was directly linked to pressure?? Help me understand more please!! Thanks
  4. No that wasn’t normal, it was me just not steaming properly. It usually takes around 30 seconds or so to do a small pitcher like that. For some reason I just had completely forgotten how to steam on my machine, after owning it for a year and making 3 or 4 coffees a day on it! Still, normal service has resumed here now.
  5. Well, finishing this off (from my perspective), I am now steaming milk on my MaraX like I used to. Not too sure what happened to my (limited) skills but they seem to have returned somewhat. I think I actually wasn't putting enough air into the milk for the texture I wanted and I also changed slightly where I have been putting the wand in the milk. Regardless, milk steaming is all now good again in our house. Problem is, whilst at Bella Barista I had a play with an ECM Mechanika IV Profi (rotary pump HX) and loved it. Then had a go with their LM Linea Mini, OH MY!! Anyway, can't now get the thought of either a Mechanika or a Synchronika out of my head . Time to start saving...
  6. Thanks everyone - nothing quite like a dose of reality to keep things simple!! I must admit I blindly thought I'd got my technique sorted after all this time but clearly not, so back to learning for me BB were fantastic today too, they tested my MaraX next to another MaraX there and showed me that they were both the same too. At least I didn't break it by descaling it!! Will report back in a few days once I've re-learnt how to steam again !
  7. Here is the video from this morning. I did it as a full extraction and then steam just to make sure the pressure was ok etc. See what you think?? Maybe it is all in my mind as this particular steaming wasn't too bad at all (but you can hear the pitch change)...
  8. I've been playing around a bit more this morning and it really is being a little strange now. I tend to make cappuccinos so I make my milk a little thicker than for a latte or flat white, meaning it is very rare that I'd see any flat 'milky coffee' at the end of a drink, it would normally be a bit of foam left in the cup. I now CANNOT seem to get this type of milk from my steaming and it really is like there is a lot of wetness or unwanted air (not steam) being added to the milk during steaming. I will do a video of the noise too. Steaming always starts off just fine - noise is as expected but then with the milk rolling in the jug, you suddenly hear what I can only describe as extra air being introduced even though the steam tip is still buried in the milk. This is when it all goes wrong I think. You can then see in the milk texture in the cup that there are larger bubbles that wanted and over a minute or two the milk goes flat. I am now wondering if I should take my machine with me to BB this morning for their opinion... ?
  9. Not a clue. I have just taken the steam wand apart, removed the tube and all the seals and reassembled. It might be slightly better now but time will tell tomorrow I think.
  10. I followed the exact instructions from the Lelit engineer on YouTube with exactly the same products and quantities. Did I need to descale it? Well, maybe, maybe not, but given it is a year old I felt it was pertinent to as I'd not done it previously. I do use Tesco Ashbeck but I have seen on here before that it still does scale slightly so wanted to errr on the side of caution.
  11. Thanks Dave, yes I did do that too yesterday unfortunately. I'm actually going to BB tomorrow so will ask them if they have any other ideas.
  12. I'd like to add my recent experience to this thread too please - but on my MaraX. I did my first descale at the weekend using the two bottles of Poly Cafe descale liquid (as per the Lelit insider YouTube video) and then ran 4 clean tanks of water through. Steaming was perfect before, now it splutters and ruins the milk texture every time - and it does seem to coincide with when the heating element switches on (but I need to test this theory more). I rang Bella Barista tech yesterday and they advised to check the level probe physically for any contamination, which I did and thoroughly cleaned it with scotchbrite pad - it wasn't scaled up. No change. Tip is clean. Machine is 1yr old. Always ran on Tesco Ashbeck water. Any further ideas from anyone?! I want my old clean steaming back !!
  13. Hi everyone I’m after an old, battered, unloved portafilter handle - either a single or double spout, don’t mind. I have a pressure gauge here I want to use with one to setup my OPV. I thought I had an old one here but I don’t so.... what have you got for me?! Thanks
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