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  1. Hi all apologies for the delay on this, I have the gauge still, unfortunately I’ve had to unexpectedly travel away from home for around a week, I’ll be back next Wednesday so will post it off to @GrowlingDog next Thursday first thing.
  2. I can confirm I've received the pressure gauge in the week from @MrLatte, I will be doing the mod this week and sending on to @GrowlingDog after. Will PM when done @GrowlingDog but feel free to send over your address in the meantime.
  3. Thanks, I've browsed the two in this section of the forum, they're from 2014/15 though (plus the upgraditus image is broken) and I thought there may be some newer machines released since that could be relevant? If I've missed any other stickies though please do point me to them.
  4. Thanks, I've not really considered levers as I imagine it will take a fair amount of practice and time to master, and I'm getting a bit impatient with bad espresso 😂 - Maybe I should do some reading though.
  5. Hi all, after being lost down the rabbit hole on similar topics here, and many google searches, I've decided to ask for your advice. I have a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe with a Silvia steam wand, I was happy with it for a while, but as I've learnt more, developed a better palate and got a decent grinder (I went from a Gaggia MDF to a Super Jolly E) I've become very aware it just doesn't cut it anymore. I considered modding it, but I'd still have the drippy group head (no solenoid valve), so I want to get something else. I drink one, maximum two coffees a day, flat whites usually. I don't often make make coffees for multiple guests. I like single origin beans roasted on the lighter side, South American or African coffees normally. With the milk side of things, the Gaggia is hit or miss depending on when I open the steam wand in the boiler cycle, and the amount of milk I'm steaming, it's quite slow too. In regards to espresso, I've tried to eliminate as many variables as possible, and have come to the conclusion I can't get the shots I want on the Gaggia, and even if I lucked out and managed it once, I would be unlikely to be able to repeat it. I use good beans, a good grinder, good water, I weigh my dry doses and weigh/time yield on guideline recipes from the roasters, I can distribute and tamp well enough. That pretty much leaves water temperature and pressure as my issues which is what I expected. So in regards to what I'm looking for in a machine. I want to be able to make top quality shots, that are repeatable, and a decent amount of steam power would be good. I want stable temperature, and in an ideal world controllable temperature, 9 bars of pressure at the puck, and the ability to tweak it to 6 if I want to (an OPV I'm guessing?). My budget isn't that high, I'd ideally spend £200-£300, but I could potentially go a bit higher for the right thing. From what I've seen I'm not coming close to getting what I want new for that, so I'm looking for used. I'd rather get something that was made to do what I want out of the box, rather than hacked to do what I want, but I'm open to it if it's going to be reliable and every bit as good as something that was made that way. I'm pretty capable of modding if needed, but I'd rather not spend loads of time on this. Really, I just want to be able to make repeatably good coffee without loads of fuss, ideally no temp surfing etc. So, do I go down the modded classic route, and if I do, is it going to be capable and repeatable and will there still be pain points? Or are there any used HX or DB machines in my price range that would do the trick? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input you can give!
  6. Not yet, still looking at the moment, as well as considering other HX or DB options. Do you have one you're thinking of selling @Gilly?
  7. Are they all 6oz? Difficult to tell but the black and grey ones looked bigger to me. Which are which in terms of Inker vs ACME?
  8. I'd be interested in a 6oz Acme EVO Flat White Cup or an Inker Luna 6oz if you have either of those? Would have to be posted though.
  9. That's fair enough, if you do want to decide you want to sell it please let me know what kind of price you'd be looking for. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for your reply @The Systemic Kid, as @ashcroc said, I meant is it a MrShades, Auber, mecoffee etc etc.
  11. Looking to get a bargain if I can to be honest. The last fully modded classics I can see on the sold forum went from £160-200 (2 of them inc delivery) , so I guess around that but ideally more to the lower end. Those machines were coming with lots of extras like a brass dispersion plate, IMS shower screen, bottomless portafilter, IMS baskets etc, so I'd be ideally looking to get those bits too for that budget. Can I ask what PID it is? And are there any other extras like above? What would you be looking for price wise?
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