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  1. I'll give mine a go with both boilers this evening. On a single boiler it's a 3rd of that or less. Also, it definitely stops so I'm not concerned about overflowing if I leave it on.
  2. BaggaZee

    Niche Pimpin’

    Arrrgh, I thought I had finished with upgrades, what a fool. Hmmm, a kit including 4 feet, the platform and a PF holder would be an excellent thing, in Bocote to match the Vesuvius. Hmmmm.
  3. On hols at the moment but will check when I get back. Presume both boilers are on when this happens?
  4. Blimey, you did, didn't you?! I'm curious about the Cat & Cloud beans but just have too many already!
  5. Also struggling with the search function, which I used a lot. In terms of my posts, they all seem to be present and correct in my profile but I have to click on 'Profile', then 'See my activity', then 'topics' or 'posts' on the left hand side to find them. All a bit of a faff really.
  6. BaggaZee

    IOM TT Races

    I couldn't make it this year but am hoping to get back next year, with better weather! I'm toying with the idea of going over on the bike to the ManxGP, still good racing and fewer nutjobs on the roads. (the roads closed 7 minutes after opening this year due to someone overcooking it)!
  7. BaggaZee


    Why does it look burnt? Is this a lever thing somehow?
  8. Apart from the PITA that it undoubtedly is, captcha is quite cool technology, your efforts to identify all traffic lights in a picture etc. are being used to train AI for self driving cars. This may or may not cheer you up a tiny bit!
  9. For under £8 this is worth a punt! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-Coffee-Tamper-Holder-Stand-Rack-Tools-Tamping-Station-Black/192857117432?hash=item2ce72e12f8:g:pjYAAOSwD1pcIc8z
  10. Slightly off-topic but I love the milk jug. Do you mind sharing where you got it?
  11. It isn't tapered. Have a look at the other owner pics. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=39623&d=1553162393
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