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  1. Absolutely, it's all yours. PM me your details. Regards Dave
  2. Hi Steve It's an R18161/40. So this is a later model manufactured in 2011. It's put out less than 500 double shots.
  3. Morning all, Thanks Hairy_Hogg, the grinder is yours. Ping me a message with details of how you want to proceed. Regards Dave
  4. Hi all, A change in equipment means I'm parting with my current set up. Gaggia Classic with a Rancillio stream wand fitted. Great condition and has had less than 10kg of coffee through it. It's only been run on volvic bottled water and has been back flushed and descaled. £115 posted.SOLD to Smorgo Eureka Mignon MK2 grinder in gloss black, very little use £160 posted. SOLD I will happily reduce the prices for collection from Manningtree Essex. I travel through east Anglia so I may be able to deliver by arrangement. Thanks for looking, Regards Dave
  5. Visited BB today and met Claudette. What a lovely bunch of people! I purchased a Eureka Mignon, and was given a full demo, lots of advice and several cracking espresso's! Can't praise the service highly enough, I'll be a regular customer for sure.
  6. Collected today, superb kit in immaculate order. Many thanks.
  7. I will happily give this a new home. I can collect on Tuesday if that suits? Do you stil have the receipt for guarantee purposes? Many thanks Dave
  8. Completely agree. I've been through all kinds of coffee gear, including Nespresso, bean to cup, and manual. I indulge myself with pottering around the kitchen, grinding, fettling, weighing, tamping, foaming etc, like you' I really enjoy the process. Anyone who visits will be given the best coffee I can produce, once! If they arent blown away by it they have unwittingly condemned themselves to Nespresso capsules for every subsequent visit.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted already. An interesting read? http://www.aeonmagazine.com/being-human/julian-baggini-coffee-artisans/
  10. Just been google researching this machine and found this thread. I hope you have spent the last 9 months learning how to clean the machine!!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've been on their website and emailed Fairfax to ask about a price match. Did they offer you a competitive price?
  12. Hi all, I'm after a new Sylvia and grinder, anyone know where I can get a decent price? Myespresso have great deals, but I'm a little wary, plenty of negative comments! I emailed Fairfax coffee asking for their best price (price match as advertised) but had no reply. Anywhere else that you can recommend as being decent for service etc? Many thanks Dave
  13. Thanks guys, I just read some reviews on the Mignon, not a bad word said about it. I think in the last few years the home enthusiasts expectations have really been raised, forums such as this facilitate very open, unbiased comparisons of kit and experiences. I know that if I manufactured espresso kit I'd be glued to the forums!
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