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  1. Hi All, I have an SJ timer model and hate the doser with a vengeance. I have looked at all the mods and keep coming back to the fact that all i really want is the chute off the electronic timer model at a decent price. For a couple of shots a day surely this has to be the cleanest, neatest answer. Any help, thoughts or ideas please - even a Mazzer phone number in Italy - I'm a desperate man!
  2. Many thanks again for all contributions. I will read the recommended threads, get some fresh coffee, use my little scales on both the grind and the pour and see what i can learn. Will post in a week or so to ask further, hopefully more informed questions. Who said this stuff was easy?...........
  3. where is good for fresher coffee? Thanks for all replies - much appreciated before I get too frazzled!
  4. way too much is much more than a 2oz shoot, too little can be as low as .5oz am weighing beens to spot on 18g and pulling into a marked 2oz glass bottomless PF is double shot non pressurised. coffee is as mentioned Happy Donkey Classic Italian and has no roast date but says BB July 2016 Thanks
  5. I thought i knew the theory but i've only had 1 decent shot so far in the week I've been up and running. I either get coffee everywhere and too much in 25 seconds or way too little. Kit: - Mazzer Super Jolly with schectermatic shnozzola mod and waiting for bits for mouse mod. Will then do sweeper mod. - Gaggia Classic - have done OPV mod to 9bar. Happy Donkey bottomless PF. - tamper - Happy Donkey 58mm convex - coffee - Happy Donkey classic italian I think the problem is the grind or the tamp. Electronic bathroom scales make measuring 30lbs neigh on impossible so guessing
  6. I'm after the lower dosser star for a Mazzer Super Jolly i bought recently. Was stripping it down for 1st time as was in a bit of a state and made the mistake of trying to hold the lower star whilst undoing the bolt that hold them and a fin snapped off. Won't make that mistake again! Does anyone have any spares or contacts Also after the 3 screws on the lower front of dosser. Apart from that the grinder is in great nick and seams a bargain Many thanks Greg
  7. As £250 at happy donkey with warranty and postage would you accept £160?
  8. consensus seams against MC2 and have looked longingly at new Mignon for £300 from Bella Barista. Looking now for used Classic sub £200. It's a big birthday on Sunday.......
  9. wouldn't like something I can't tamper with - thats why i have a little grey fergie and a TVR!
  10. Thanks Wuyang. Was already thinking about the Mignon as liked small footprint and reviews. How does it compare to SJ?
  11. Thanks for advice Mr O. Let me know soon about your SJ before I jump
  12. been mulling stepping into the world of decent coffee for a while. Homed in on a Classic early on but then came to realise how important the grinder is. MC2 seamed like a good starting point without a dosser on the front. Friend says not a good idea and a 2nd hand Mazzer Super Jolly would be better. So specific questions: - what age / spec Glassic should i look for? - what reasonable grinder would people recommend and will a dosser on a machine be a pain for a man who will make a couple of shots a day? Thanks for any thoughts Greg
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