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  1. As soon as I saw that it was from China I knew I had to try it but curiosity aside, Clifton Coffee Roaster's new Fuyan Yunnan is really great. Always nice to try coffee from new regions and even better when they're good! Also had my first Nepalese coffee a few months ago and was similarly (pleasantly) surprised.
  2. Ah yes, this is very very good. The Barn's Nano Challa in the Brazen, this is making me think I might not move on to the wine tonight, maybe I'll just make another batch...
  3. So I'll be in Perth, Scotland for a few days and will be limited to places within walking distance (so can't drive to Edinburgh etc.) Probably a long-shot but can anyone recommend anywhere decent for food? Dinner is what I'm after, no real preferences for cuisine - Tripadvisor is not looking promising which, given the size of the city isn't surprising I suppose. (Just about managed to find a few coffee places that sound decent so hoping that works out) I don't even know why I'm asking, desperation... Prove me wrong, CFers!
  4. Nice Mexican from Small Batch, brewed. Tasty, don't think I've had a single origin Mexican before.
  5. Rather than cold turkey for a few days then back to normal, maybe just try getting your "normal" amount down from what it is now? I'd imagine you're more likely to get your tolerance down that way, in the long run.
  6. I posted this before, don't have a pic now but once saw an advert in Sainsbury's with a picture of spaghetti and next to it something along the lines of: "why not try adding instant coffee granules to your bolognese?" - notes of blueberry perhaps if you add a yirgacheffe
  7. Is there a rough date for when the Rocko will be available? Just trying to plan my next coffee purchased accordingly
  8. Colombian Coffee Company's stand in Borough Market, amazing. One of my fave espresso's in London/anywhere.
  9. It's a Turkish water called Hamidiye, quite a few Turkish waters seem to be lacking in the Mag and Cal department, I've now realised.
  10. Maybe it's useful for me to post a pic of the label for the water I've been using - I have gotten quite tasty coffee from it, to the extent that I never considered switching til I realised the low magnesium (and now calcium) amount:
  11. Yes admittedly I hadn't (yet) considered anything other than Magnesium but having a closer look at the label, there's also practically zero calcium in this water I'd been drinking too - just 0.3mg/l - strange. As for the health thing, of course, that's why I'm surprised - the water is referred to as "spring water" on the label and doesn't mention any removal of minerals etc.
  12. I have been purchasing bottled water from a local "ethnic supermarket" for a while now, not just because it's super cheap, but I actually really like the taste of it. Recently, I realised that it had no magnesium whatsoever in it, and a bit of research suggests this is because they remove magnesium from the water before bottling. Apparently they do this to sell the magnesium but I can't comment on the accuracy of this - perhaps they don't remove anything but this water is not bottled in the UK so perhaps regulations etc differ elsewhere... I don't know enough about this to comment. Anyway, today I had ran out and made some filter coffee with Buxton instead - had a look at the label beforehand and noticed it contains 24mg/l of magnesium, according to the label. Obviously I can't be sure it's the Magnesium, but there was a very noticeable change in taste. I haven't read many threads on here about water, so perhaps this is all known knowledge, but just thought I'd share. Also, Rave's Colombia Suarez is surprisingly tasty brewed - I'd bought it for espresso mainly.
  13. I would really advise visiting as many coffee shops in the UK as possible - not Starbucks and Costa but speciality/independent places that are highly rated - just so you have an idea of what the current 2017 coffee shop trends are, what works, what people want, what they offer... It seems you have plenty of marketing/business experience which is great, but it sounds like what's missing is perhaps you're not totally in touch with the current coffee scene: not to sound harsh, I just mean maybe spend a weekend in London, visit places like Prufrock, Monmouth, etc and even if you don't plan to be just another speciality coffee shop, I think it'll give you an idea of what works in the modern day high street.
  14. Haven't been following this thread so will probably say what's already been said a million times, but I kind of agree with the OP - when I started my coffee adventures I must have visited 15-20 highly rated places in London and too many of them were underwhelming. I think the biggest issue is consistency and this largely comes from the staff - busy London cafes are unlikely to have just one or two baristas and there's just no way every barista will be as skilled and careful about consistency for each and every shot, as the other. In fact, thinking of cafes where I regularly do get good shots, many are smaller places with a couple of regular staff. Then again... Coffee Collective in Copenhagen is an example that doesn't fit this trend - constant queues, shot after shot pulled for hours and hours... And yet I consistently had perfect shots. EDIT: another place is the Colombian Coffee stand in Borough Market that I mention all the time on here, so under-rated, some of the best espressos I've ever had.
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