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  1. Thanks for your replies-- this is a cool friendly place.. My a Gaggia Cubika died last month and am buying a friends Gaggia Deluxe to replace it. Hoping to get a grinder too, maybe a super jolly or rr55 (I am drowning in info to be honest, and only considering 2nd hand due to cost :-)). any other suggestions? Sheffield has a place called Tamper, which makes (what I think is) great coffee. I teach thermal engineering at SHU, so hoping to do some good PID thermal management projects over the coming months. Any ideas?..
  2. It may be marketing, re VHS etc., but consistent I suppose temperature is the goal. Looking at the cooling-grinder mentioned above they use thermal mass and adding a fan which is way short of what is possible and ultimately incapable of handling 100s of Watts of heat for more that a minute before temperature will rise significantly. i guess I need to get some hard data and start developing -- anyone interested (or a, I nurding-out :-)
  3. Hi, I am in Sheffield and interested, either a few Qs: has it been mod'ed or is it complete (look like a tray is missing)? Also, can you comment on grind performance ( as I guess it has been well used in the past )..
  4. Discussion of Foundry Coffee Roasters, Sheffield.
  5. I took a look and it is all a bit 1980s home PC tech., which is surprising really.. Do you think there is a market for a thermal PID controlled grinder (or mod.) which nails temp to set value with controllability?..
  6. Anyone tried it, or even interested in seeing if it can be done?..
  7. Hi, I develop heat exchangers for thermal management at work, so wondered if active cooling has been tried in grinders to control temperature -- eg heat pipes and peltier devices -- any thoughts?
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