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  1. Aye I will do just that, don't want to risk damaging it. The moment I open the steam wand the pressure drops by .2 bar within milliseconds. No chance of steaming and brewing concurrently.
  2. Hi, Yes, I agree that damage in transit is out of the question, however, I do not think it was fair to say that the machine is in great nick - it clearly is not working properly. I have never worked with those machines and I do not feel confident enough to just start messing with it on my first day. What if it's not the pstat? I feel like it should be a professional that can bring it to a condition that it was sold under. Bargain or not, I did not receive what I was buying, this is my only quibble.
  3. Hey SimonN, You're right, I am not 100% on the ball yet with the Cherub, thanks for pointing this out. The machine pumps sometimes when I switch it on, but as you rightfully point out this has nothing to do with the gauge. Yes, the boiler switches off as soon as it reaches .8 bar. I understand that the pressure drops when I release steam (or water for that matter), but with the setting at .8 of bar I cannot even pull a shot out of it without it dropping below and the boiler switching on - is this an issue, as it affects the brew temperature I understand? Thanks,
  4. Thanks for your reply. Are you saying that this behaviour with the pressure is completely normal?
  5. Hi guys, So the big day is here - I have chopped in my Rancilio Silvia for a Fracino Cherub. Machine looks much more professional and I can't wait to use it. I got a hold of the manual, since using it appears to be a wee bit different from my old machine. I've not got round to pulling a single shot yet though because I have a problem with the pressure. The manual says I should wait until the pressure reaches 1-1.2 bar, but the machine stops pumping as soon as it reaches the green field (0.8 bar). Then, when I go round to steaming milk, as soon as I open the valve for the steam the pressure drops and the machine boiler comes on. I am a bit confused if that's correct operation - HX machines are meant to be for simultaneous steaming and brewing and it does not seem possible with my Cherub. Can anyone also talk me through their standard operation for getting a milk coffee from Cherub - when do you switch on, do you release water from the group first etc? Thanks
  6. I am sure we will agree on something! Ok to go to PMs?
  7. Would you take £350 posted for the set? Not interested in the crockery but mainly the portafilters, tamper etc.
  8. Would this be a step up from a Rancilio Silvia? Can you confirm height from the bottom to the top of the rail guard? Also, is the rail removable? If so, can you confirm the height with it removed?
  9. Yeah, I'll pick it up this week no bother. Happy to take this to PM?
  10. You'd have no bother selling the Rocky for £100 I reckon so the balance, i.e. £150 and picked up at some point during the week?
  11. Would you consider splitting? I'd snap that Silvia right up
  12. Hi, I'd be keen for that but what would it cost to ship this beaut to Poland? Thanks
  13. I would be up for it, but with postage to Poland (getting family to step up their coffee game). Let me know once you decide to sell.
  14. Interested as well, let me know if you're looking to sell (with shipping).
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