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  1. Perfect, sorry for the delay this afternoon, email has gone to Osmio so keep an eye out for an invoice over the next couple of working days!
  2. Just one more needed, anyone else interested jump in now and we can try and get the order in before the weekend!
  3. A quick plug for the Osmio Zero group buy currently live in the group buy section, in case anyone is mulling over an RO system at the moment but not spotted it. A significant saving on the RO system, and an end to trips for bottled water, or at the moment having to stalk supermarket delivery slots! We just need two more to sign up, details at: Full review of the system can be found below for those not familiar: B
  4. For those already in, ping me your email address now and I'll get the email ready to go as soon as we get to 6.
  5. Just two more, if anyone knows someone who might be interested give them a nudge!
  6. Just started another group, hopefully there's six out there before the weekend!
  7. Following the great success of the first six groups, this is the Seventh group for the Osmio Zero group buy deal @DavecUK was kind enough to negotiate for the forum members. Link to the first, second and third group to see how it works: To recall the deal: A £321 offer. This is for 6 people who get together in a group buy and send a single coordinated order through to Osmio. For £321 you will get an: Osmio Zero Free delivery Free extra set of filters Process: To take advantage of this 6 people must get together, 1 of them needs to act as a coordinator and get details from the other 5. The coordinator sends an e-mail to Osmio [email protected] with their own e-mail and the other 5 peoples e-mail. Osmio contact each person to get delivery address and sends a paypal invoices to each person. When all 6 have paid the items are shipped to the individuals directly. Obviously the Coordinator should mention the forum, only because they may run other deals with companies etc.. and you want to ensure there is no confusion. I am willing to become the coordinator of the seventh group and contact Osmio once I have all the names and email addresses. If you would like to participate, please add your name at the end of the current name list in a comment the following way: 1. Brewster 2. username2 ... 6. username6 I am happy to help out with the coordination - so 5 names left. Please do not add your name to the list unless you are able to pay immediately that you receive the invoice, as it could hold up getting the Osmio being sent to the other buyers
  8. I've just moved house, away from my nice free water, so reading the reviews of this, it looks like just the ticket. If you're planning to start a group buy I'll join the list, if not I will read up on what's required and kick it off later on today. One week with trekking to the shop for bottled water has tipped me over the edge! B
  9. Fair one, it's been pretty good, but I tend to only steam a small amount for one flat white, so the combination of commercial tip and living at 2000m means it's perhaps a bit too good and tricky to handle! I think it was up to temp in 2 or 3 seconds this morning! I was thinking of trying a La Marzocco slow flow tip to see if it was any better!
  10. Anyone have any idea where I could get my hands on (or better still have a spare!) an adapter to fit a La Marzocco steam tip to a Nuova Simonelli Musica, would need to be a male to male adapter like this one: http://clean-machine.com.au/Adaptor-for-Tip-to-suit-NS.html Can't find one anywhere, only a website in Denmark which doesn't ship to the UK...
  11. Could someone possibly PM me the discount code, the one I have must be a bit old and out of date? Thanks!
  12. Unless you don't actually need to spend any money, you just need a lot of free stickers from other customers. Or it's £42 :-)
  13. +1, they are great, only downside is you’ll want to buy all the other sizes as well!
  14. That's what I did, piece of metal and a coffee hessian sack, it was free and ideal :-)
  15. There is a way to switch off the delay, I can't remember how to do it, but I switched mine off somehow...
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