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  1. Gardyke, great tip, I'll do that and report back tomorrow. Also, can you send a link to the spouts you use on your Oracle please?
  2. Ah, got it. Haven't checked how level it is or not - will do! Thanks again guys. EDIT: Yup, checked with 2 spirit levels and it's as near to perfectly level as I can tell (to the level of precision of my human eyes).
  3. I have a follow-up query. I've been noticing that my oracle reliably tends to start pouring the espresso out of the left nozzle a fraction of a second before the right nozzle. I ran a few tests, and it seems that the left espresso nozzle will fill up an espresso glass about 3-5mm more than the right espresso nozzle. Is this something to be concerned about and is it worth contacting Sage about? Thanks as always!
  4. The coffee we have at the moment is some monmouth fresh beans,. although they're probably a few weeks old now (although no sign of sweating). We generally make americanos and add a dash of milk. Prefer chocolate/nutty flavours rather than fruity.
  5. Ok, will do. We haven't got the white glove service, we bought it from amazon...do we just call sage and ask for a white glove first time service?
  6. Many thanks for the tips! I've read through the manual - it would be awesome if I could get a combination of beans and settings that you guys might recommend? MrBoots, what's your choice of beans and settings for your oracle? Thanks again. As for volumetric settings - do you mean setting the volume settings for the 1CUP and 2CUP settings? Finally, how should I think about how tight I should put the basket into the group head? I mean do i screw it in as far to the right as I possible can, or just as far as it begins to tighten...? It seems the tamping, grinding etc is all so accurate,
  7. Hi there! I've recently purchased the Sage Oracle after enjoying it when in Sydney last Christmas. I'm no coffee expert, so I was looking for some starter recommendations for fresh bean brands and related Oracle settings (eg grind coarseness, tamp pressure, temperature, etc) for your recommended beans? I generally like mid-strong coffee, but not too bitter or tart. We live in south west London (SW6). Any guidance or suggestions hugely appreciated! P.
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