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  1. Hi there, If this barista thing was easy, there wouldn't be forums like this all over the net. I wouldn't say that I am an expert in any way, but I do know that these things do take time. I would also say that although most of the coffee I brew is quite acceptable it is only occasionally that I get one that is 'WOW!' Maybe you are setting too high an initial standard. Perhaps you may need to consider doing two completely the opposite things - 1) Follow the previous advice and get specialist training, or 2) Leave the coffee thing for a while then go back to it. I am sure that in the end
  2. One of the best Gaggia Classic set ups I've seen - nice one!
  3. What a fascinating and well documented thread! Congratulations on a really good job! So many manufacturers these days play their cards very close to their chests and it is often almost impossible to find out what goes on inside their products, and so, posts like these really help to remove the mystique and encourage others to go where initially they may have feared to tread.
  4. OK! so we have a nice colour on our grinder, but the real question is "What is the taste like?" Has it improved along with the colour?
  5. A warm welcome to you - as everyone says, this is a good site!
  6. Mick Hucknall would like the 'simply red' look! Looks good - and more to the point, personal and unique.
  7. Now there's a shame! Not everyone I know has a beans hopper that matches their coffee cups. Maybe when you get the Royal up and running you will have a set of glass cups to match the clear of the new hopper so that Mazzer and Fracino match on two levels!! Just joking - many folks will like this set up. The new one should be brill.
  8. Wow - need sunglasses with all that shine! Nice set up!
  9. Sorry can't help you much with the problems, but hey! following the latest installment is almost as good as telly!
  10. Here we have the 'Salty Dog' workstation. I hesitated a bit before putting this up as I thought it looked a little like showing off. Anyway, its in the kitchen end of the conservatory right next to a sink just off shot to the right (very useful for disposal of grounds). We drink most of our coffee whilst in this room. I feel that the 'Nespresso' needs an explanation; whilst we had the old Gaggia Classic my wife really began to enjoy coffee, and now we have the ECM, she enjoys it even more (much better coffee!). However, she says that she can't really be bothered with all the . 'faffing rou
  11. Hello, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271939963321?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Just seen this - there is no name in the description and it seems quite cheap at £49 and one bid.
  12. Hi, just seen this on Ebay might be of interest to someone. With 3 days to go it is at £211 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fracino-Cherub-commercial-grade-espresso-coffee-machine-/161775151388?hash=item25aa8ce91c
  13. Hi, as a relative newbie I have been putting my stainless jug in the fridge and it certainly helps to get a longer stretching time. I reckon frothing/steaming/stretching is one of the black arts of coffee making and requires a lot of practice particularly with the placement of the wand and getting used to the correct 'sound'. I agree that once you get better at it and more confident you can skip the freezer bit and just make sure you use cold milk.
  14. Hi, Thanks for that - you can either make a payment direct to my bank account, or you can use Paypal. By the way - you are paying over the odds it is £170 including postage!
  15. Hi, Thanks for that - you can either make a payment direct to my bank account, or you can use Paypal. By the way - you are paying over the odds it is £170 including postage!
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