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  1. Count me in if you decide to make a batch of those. I'd prefer some of the other wood you mentioned rather than the skateboard wood.
  2. Does she have an iPhone? If so, you should try apple Car Play. Admittedly it won't do much for a tuner but if she likes music or podcasts it might be really nice. The sat nav bit is pretty good, but it uses Apple maps instead of the superior Google Maps. There's always the possibility that she could use an Internet radio app and listen to the radio that way.
  3. If I'm understanding what finally happened correctly, you did end up ordering some beans from Rave and didn't find them any better than Illy? And the only coffee you've actually liked is Starbucks? Learn something new every day. Perhaps I won't give someone else the same advice next time.
  4. That looks seriously unbalanced, I'd say it's not safe to run that way. That defective handle could stop you from properly seating the portafilter and put you at risk of steam burns. Even worse, if someone else were to be burned and sue you, your homeowners insurance would not cover it because you haven't done proper maintenance.
  5. I can't really keep track of all am ajohn's posts, but I a curious how anybody can use the razor tool with the single basket that comes with the DTP. My wife insists I use that basket for some reason and every time I try to razor it, the entire puck just rotates in the portafilter. I don't have this problem with the double basket.
  6. Have you checked Amazon.de? I've ordered stuff from there that's not available in the UK and it worked fine.
  7. Man, I wish you had taken my advice on the 19th of last month and ordered some coffee from Rave. It would just be ready to use right now and we could find out for sure if your problem is indeed that your beans are crap. Nobody else on this forum is even attempting to make good coffee with either Starbucks or Illy beans except you and you are the one asking why it tastes so horrible? I'm no expert on coffee and I've got a lot to learn, but it should tell you something that no one here is drinking Starbucks or Illy. You said previously that the fact that other people buy it is proof that it can't be actually that bad. I thought about that one for a while and admit it is a bit funny, but think about this : Have you ever ordered an espresso in a restaurant after a meal? I've been doing it for years, and almost every shot is completely nasty. Cold, bitter, sour, I've probably done it in a hundred restaurants and %90 are horrible. I'm certain this is the same experience of most people here. Logic says that restaurants wouldnt be able to keep selling coffee if it was so bad, but they do. And it is awful. Maybe it's because it is usually mixed with milk and sugar just like Illy at home. Anyway, please try some different beans, freshly roasted whole beans from a roaster we all know. If I'm wrong and your coffee is still not good then at least we will have eliminated one giant variable.
  8. I'm sure you know what you are talking about, but I always thought the electricity going to a speaker was direct current, not alternating. The fact that there's a + and - connection just like in a dc current circuit made me think this. Also, I've made plenty of simple circuits that make noise with speakers that use batteries and I don't think I also built any part that was creating alternating current. What am I missing?
  9. I seem to remember an earlier thread where we figured out that everyone's DTP pours more from the right. Mine does and I've got a naked PF and I don't see any obvious channeling. I also don't use the razor when I am paying attention and trying to get the best coffee. In that case you've got to weigh in and out, at least so it removes one variable. Once I'm in a hurry, I frequently use the razor and it's fine. My personal opinion is that you've got crummy beans. I couldn't make a decent espresso with illy or Starbucks beans. Starbucks beans are burned practically to ashes because the the two highest priorities for them are consistency across all locations in every country and having a shot that tastes of something when mixed with 20 ounces of milk. The answer to both is to burn it. After all, burned toast tastes the same no matter what kitchen it comes out of. I'd suggest that you find the fanciest independent coffee shop near you and buy some whole beans from them and continue your efforts. Also, go to the Rave website and order and bunch of signature blend or Italian job. That won't be delivered and have time to rest for almost two weeks. However, In two weeks you'll be wanting some good beans.
  10. I often use the water from the steam wand to top up an Americano and find the temperature fine for me. It's certainly hotter than the espresso. Are you warming up your group head and portafilter by running hot water through them first? I believe that's what the instructions say to do.
  11. jimbocz

    Peter Rabbit

    All right then, I've spent some time properly paying attention. Here's the incident I was talking about, it was cheese not bread Boy dies after allergic reaction to cheese allegedly forced on him https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/11/karanbir-cheema-dies-allergic-reaction-cheese-allegedly-forced-on-him I don't think people are offended, they just want to make it clear that throwing food at people who are allergic is not funny. I guess it would be the same reaction if they had put a plastic bag over his head or spiked his drink with LSD. I'd imagine all of those things would be seen as not very funny. Still, a tempest in a teapot.
  12. jimbocz

    Peter Rabbit

    I knew that, that's why I put kids in quotes. I was just too lazy to go into the complications. If it's the Peter Rabbit I've seen on the BBC, they might as well be kids.
  13. jimbocz

    Peter Rabbit

    I hate to be the voice of political correctness and I haven't really paid that much attention to this because I've got a life, but I can sympathise with the complainers on this. I understand that the cartoon is about some "kids" throwing food at some other kid even though he's allergic to it. That's oddly similar to a case we had at a school nearby where some kid was throwing bread at another kid who claimed to be allergic and some got in his mouth and he died. And no, I would not have believed it either if I hadn't read it myself. I'm just like you guys in that I believe %90 of food allergies and intolerances are probably made up excuses for fussiness, but a kids cartoon should make it clear that it's not OK to force food on someone who claims to have an allergy. Or am I wrong about what this controversy is about?
  14. Hey Gina, you aren't a robot are you? I noticed a very similar pattern to a lot of your posts. Apologies in advance if I'm wrong.
  15. I'm using a Mignon with the timer and have never had this happen to me. Perhaps you could turn the grinder on it's side and give it a good shake and blow around the button. Maybe some grinds or other crud has gotten in there and is causing an intermittent fault.
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