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  1. Ignore me - like I said, dumb question- would only have applied if brew and water off, but steam working...
  2. Ticket no 2696 for an event 3rd week in September?
  3. Having moved house, the fertiliser tub has bitten the dust (back garden now too overlooked for "nitrate top-ups" [emoji57]). So just using generic 4-5-9
  4. I was meaning the leaves, mine are unusually light in colour this yr...
  5. They look more like my nagas/bonnets have done in previous yrs Check out "Nigel"
  6. Greenhouse was kept closed for a while, the Chilis really like that hot, humid atmos, apparently - bit too hot for toms tbh... - perhaps that's why the lower chlorophyll content? Although the nagas seem to darken up later from past years.
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