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  1. Anyone here using CoffeeReal? Ive been trying different grind aetting all around 20 so far but my current flu means pretty non existent taste of everything I eat/drink so not even sure how to rate shots from Niche against my F5 [emoji16]
  2. Chinese quality can vary but of they found good manufacturers the quality will be better than of UK. Sad but true.
  3. Soo... I finally decided to.go for mybown Niche [emoji16] Do the burrs need any wearing in? Or is that more of a flat burr thing? We have a summary of useful things for new owners?
  4. It looks like my pressure switch had packed up in a little cloud of black smoke... luckily I was near when the machine was warming up. Anyone has a spare going by any chance before I approach Fracino? Thanks!
  5. You should at least be able to check if it flicks at all. Dissasembly is a bit tricky unless you take the whole of the cover off, than everything is nicely exposed. Get some correct size spanners to not damage the brass and ptfe joint tape to seal if you do go disassembling.
  6. Check instructions with the page that shows the manifold.
  7. This selonoid releases the back pressure after the shot, so its not the one you are after. There is another one inside the machine.
  8. Based on what you said this sounfs like a block (calcification?) in main heat exchanger pipe or earlier. Otherwise it could be a selonoid failure which directs water to heat exchanger. Is there a metalic sound when you flick the brew pour button?
  9. What are the delivery costs to UK for it? Was the price steady at £499 over the course of when it was available?
  10. I got some off fleabay. I can check this evening and let you know what I got if you want?
  11. Sorry, Im on hols atm hence no commitment on my side yet. Need to sweet talk the wife too.
  12. Hi, what is overall height with and without thr special hopper? I live in Sussex, near Gatwick. Where do you think we could meet up?
  13. Done! That was a bit of an impulse buy but [emoji16] I w a wanted one for a while
  14. Ok, happy to take black and wait until you find a buyer for white before proceeding in case you have a greedy one who takes the lot [emoji16] .
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