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  1. So I don't quite get your message, do you have a problem with the machine? or did you just acquire it and wonder about doing some maintenance on it?
  2. Its been sitting idle for a while, cleaned and ready for a new owner but somehow I didn't want to part with it (sentiments to my first grinder?). Anyway, I'll post some pics later, but understanding that this brand in not a favorite among forum members I wonder what's realistic price or if there is even going to be interest here? I had run probably about 20-30kg through it, its in very good shape, modded (easily reversible) for single dosing with a couple of bespoke pieces (like a precision dial with etched numbers), 0.5kg dead weight. Got it 2nd hand from a not very busy coffee shop
  3. My experience so far after 2 years+ is that beans make a huge difference. I cycle through a selection and often come back to some specific ones and have problems with them every time. However, static in the cup had not been a massive issue, I do see some occasional flakes getting stuck to the body behind the spout. Noting a routine clean up wont deal with lol
  4. Are you looking for a roaster to buy from or coffee shops? I only tried one roaster nd that was both well priced and good, however had limited options to put the beans through paces when they were fresh (was visiting for a few weeks so by the time I brought coffee back to UK, it was 3-4 weeks after roasting).
  5. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a repair place to diagnose and repair a Silvia? A friend of mine has one that seem to blow up fuses in the house and I suspect it has a short on the heating element that triggers that. Normally I would have a look and help him out however Im super busy and he's happy to send it off for the works. Ideally this would be someone local to Crawley/Gatwick area so the machine doesn't have to travel far etc. Thanks!
  6. Anyone here using CoffeeReal? Ive been trying different grind aetting all around 20 so far but my current flu means pretty non existent taste of everything I eat/drink so not even sure how to rate shots from Niche against my F5 [emoji16]
  7. Chinese quality can vary but of they found good manufacturers the quality will be better than of UK. Sad but true.
  8. Soo... I finally decided to.go for mybown Niche [emoji16] Do the burrs need any wearing in? Or is that more of a flat burr thing? We have a summary of useful things for new owners?
  9. You should at least be able to check if it flicks at all. Dissasembly is a bit tricky unless you take the whole of the cover off, than everything is nicely exposed. Get some correct size spanners to not damage the brass and ptfe joint tape to seal if you do go disassembling.
  10. Check instructions with the page that shows the manifold.
  11. This selonoid releases the back pressure after the shot, so its not the one you are after. There is another one inside the machine.
  12. Based on what you said this sounfs like a block (calcification?) in main heat exchanger pipe or earlier. Otherwise it could be a selonoid failure which directs water to heat exchanger. Is there a metalic sound when you flick the brew pour button?
  13. What are the delivery costs to UK for it? Was the price steady at £499 over the course of when it was available?
  14. I got some off fleabay. I can check this evening and let you know what I got if you want?
  15. Sorry, Im on hols atm hence no commitment on my side yet. Need to sweet talk the wife too.
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