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  1. Thanks for both of those, I would prefer to buy new and prefer the more traditional looks of the R60v over the ACS Vesuvius, that's why I enquired about it. Lack of stock and other Rocket supply issues led to a suggestion of the Crem One from Bella Barista interms of an alternative dual boiler profiling machine. So trying to get a feeling on the R60v or Crem One based on that. The pressure issue that looks very recent so I will wait and see how that resolves itself from aftersales.
  2. Have been told that it highly unlikely to be able to get a Rocket R60v this side of Xmas due to supply issues, I am a bit out of date and the only other machine I was considering was the ACS vesuvius, but would anyone say that the Crem One is an viable alternative option? I understand from some reviews read today (Dave C) there are different options for the type of profiling approach with the Crem One. But looking also at all round performance and reliability. It's a fair chunk cheaper which is good, but would not want sacrifice quality for £. Thanks
  3. So the dimensions given on: https://machina-coffee.com/products/rocket-r60v-dual-boiler-pressure-profiling Depth = 31cm Is this completely incorrect?
  4. Got the email update yesterday but just in case you haven't got the email, the official NFC is available from nichespares.com
  5. Is it possible to actually order these from Niche yet? If anyone could post a link that would be helpful. Thanks
  6. Well I think the handground works perfectly for occasional/travel, however for everyday regular espresso grinding it takes too long and is not robust enough to hook up to a drill like I have done, I have no issue with them adding the caveat, I knew I was pushing it when I modded it so was happy to pay for the parts I broke. Anyway it is consistent and a quality product so if it's backup, coarser grinding machine or transportable you are after it will be more than up to the job. This one will become that as soon as I can save enough for a Mazzer mini.
  7. Ok have killed it in spectacular style, running the drill for a full hopper on 1 + a spacer to grind for espresso, the metal axle heated the surrounding bushing which then melted the mounting made in plastic, axle came out of alignment stripped the gear and gouged a good bit of the plastic from the gearbox casing, new lid on the way for $20 from the US. Oh well I do like it though, and the response/service from handground has been great so far.
  8. It's not that big about 30cm-40cm tall and 10cm wide and can be broken down a bit into it's main component parts easily (hopper, lid and collector with no tools, even the handle comes off with just one grub screw with an small allen key). Yes grinding for an espresso takes time and is primarily why I modded it to take the power option, Haro/feldgrind or others won't be any better in that respect (the time for grinding an espresso) but might be smaller to start with, I don't have a comparison for consistency but I have no issues with the grind consistency of the Handground at all.
  9. A modmypi 6mm motor shaft extender with a 12mm bolt head drilled out to 6.5mm. Attached to the axel stub with the handle removed via the two grub screws. Plus 12mm socket plus a socket driving drill bit, means the makita power drill can chew through a full hopper of beans in about 4mins on its finest setting which was taking 15min+ with the dodgy right elbow. https://www.modmypi.com/electronics/motors-and-robotics/brass-motor-shaft-coupler-set-6mm/?search=Shaft
  10. Arrived at long last! Initial impressions are goodish, being really picky and we are talking about 0.15mm but the burr in mine wasn't perfectly central so needed 1 washer to get a consistent grind just half a setting below the lowest direct out of the box to get the size needed for espresso but it does that. Beyond that it works really well and the axel etc are solid, every component seems well made. Takes a while to get 30g out of it on the espresso grind, trying to figure out ways to hook the axel up to the Mikita power screwdriver to save the RSI. It makes a perfect travel grinder if, like
  11. I'm away for two weeks so if michal-mi is done please pass this on and drop me to the bottom of the list.
  12. Can I please be added to the distribution list.
  13. At the moment in total I'm in for about £330 with the classic and ancillaries, including a potentially an inappropriately pre-ordered homeground, I need to save some pennies to have a chance at a £200+ grinder. However very happy with first results but need to find a finer pre-ground to test on. I will get a grinder it's just a question of when.
  14. Birthday in August might get myself a mignon from my better half. P
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