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  1. @MildredM. Hang on a cotton-pickin’ minute! I thought our contract you said you would be sending me your old grinder?
  2. ^^^^^^^ Pretty much says it all ^^^^^^^
  3. Let's be friends - a cognisance of your forum escapades is welcomed - there's no going back now you've mentioned catapults and sweets anyway


    Let us accede as one (sounds religious) through this obfuscate world of caffeine


    p.s If you blank me I'll blank you back



  4. Fev,

    I was a bit unsure as to what this 'friend' malarky was all about, as I currently have none. I did wonder if it meant that I would have to share my sweets with you, give you a go with my catapult and we send each other birthday cards but having had a poke around your profile (God, that sounds bad) I see now that it just means that you get to spy on my forum activity. In that case I will accede. That is, I think I will accede because I think that accede means go for it? If you piss me off and we should fall out then I can always blank you.


    Tony (Snakehips)

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