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  1. @Hasi @Nicknak @MildredM Oi!!!! I got a bone to pick with you lot!!!!
  2. @Tait Thank you for the dark theme. Arguably better to be confused and in the dark than blinded by the light. Has the banner advertising policy changed? I am seeing an annoying, (to me at least), targeted, Google Ad banner below the first post of each page.
  3. I have been known to pull out, on occasion, Mildred.
  4. @Tait Should you wish to abort a draft post, rather than 'Submit' it, I don't see a 'Cancel' option. Is just navigating to another page a tidy enough exit?
  5. Snakehips


    No.... she ducked!
  6. Snakehips


    WARNING: Favourite Londinium saucers do not fly! Nor do they bounce!
  7. Hi @Tait Yes better thank you. Does that mean that we the user are unable to configure a stream by way of the dropdown options?
  8. @MediumRoastSteam In thread, signatures can be hidden using the 'X' option, to the right of each signature. However, to restore signatures you will need to go to settings > signatures as per the @MildredM post above.
  9. @Tait I have to say, It was a bit of a shock this morning to find my CFUK world turned upside down...... but even an old stick in the mud like me is now warming to the new format. I'm sure there is still some stuff to be done before the dust settles Here are a couple of points that you may wish to consider..... Re: New Posts. Several times, I have saved a stream with 'Since my last visit' as the selected option, expecting that would be how it would then open. However, New Posts always opens with 'Within the last 365 days' selected and I am required to click and select, every visit, if I prefer the last visit option. ???? Re: Option to hide selected or all signatures. I did a test and hid all. But now I find that I am having withdrawal symptoms and find myself missing @MildredM's personal inventory. I I I don't see any obvious way of reversing this to reveal again.?????
  10. Slag! (Nothing personal)
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