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  1. Flipping cheek! I'll have you know it's Genuine Leather............ Hobbycraft's finest........ £12/sq foot.
  2. PAY??? So that's it then, is it.......... you've over-spent on grinders and can't afford a proper mat.......... with holes?
  3. Ok, I will be patent and await the patient and, the associated disclosure. I'm assuming that the device has X-Ray vision or some such sensing capability, so that it can determine whether it is required to switch the grinder on or, off?
  4. @MildredM Given the lack of hole, I'm slightly curious as to how you press the button?
  5. Meanwhile................ CFUK spammers are having a field day!
  6. Snakehips

    5 word story...

    Snow White and the seven paws?
  7. Snakehips

    5 word story...

    That sounds a bit snake hissed!
  8. Snakehips

    5 word story...

    Who you calling 'some people'?
  9. Snakehips

    5 word story...

    Relax, it will soon pass. 😊
  10. Snakehips

    5 word story...

    Worth it for latest deign.
  11. Roots (BTW Good Morning:) )
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