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  1. 10 days rested and it's making very nice, smooth and fruity flat whites from the get go. 7sec Pi then 19.5g > 45 g in 40sec - splitting for 2 x 5oz Smooth, sweet... and strawberries all the way for me.
  2. Received mine this morning, thank you very much!­čĹŹ
  3. Sure, but maybe not to Ramsgate? I hear Stratford upon Avon is very nice at this time of year.
  4. @Rhys If you survive then, please let us know how you get on.
  5. @Drewster You raise a good point about Rep. I don't think anybody else has raised the point yet but, the new Leaderboard (RHS of the Browse tab options! ) is badly structured. It is currently based on quantity rather than quality and as a result, MildredM is in first place and I am nowhere to be seen. I believe that it should be revised to reflect quality and that places should be awarded on the basis of Average Points Per Post. I have checked my APPP spreadsheet and see that my current APPP is 3260/2451 = 1.33 Under the new, fairer, system, this would put me in second place. Marginally behind @jimbojohn55 on 1.42 but, I can live with that. However, far more importantly, it would put me streets ahead of @MildredM who would be languishing in FOURTH place with 1.08 !
  6. @MildredM I can only imagine that this member you speak of is, shallow, somewhat childish, self-obsessed and generally has too much time on their hands. I further suspect that they know Jack Shoot about coffee......... so have little of substance to offer ...... and are unlikely to be missed. ( Just out of interest, where is the flipping new Like button?)
  7. 1´╗┐´╗┐. Filthynines´╗┐´╗┐ 2. Jony´╗┐ ´╗┐ 3. AmandaH (´╗┐Hoping this one is as good as the current one!) 4. MildredM 5. MinesAbeer 6. Bainbridge ´╗┐ 7. Salty 8. Fez ´╗┐ 9. AgentB 10. Abs 11. Snakehips
  8. Far be it from me to kid myself, or you lot for that matter, that I have any idea as to the origin of this bean. Also, sadly, I don't have the ability to articulate the taste without embarrassing myself. What I will say is that having coarsened my way to.... 7sec Pi then 19.5g > 40g in 36 sec, this is absolutely delicious, split down into two 5oz flat whites. Like most eveyone else, it was immediately evident that this bean needed to be ground significantly courser than my norm. That said, even my first shot... Pi aborted at 12 sec without flow then 19g > 40g in 60 seconds ! was fruity, sweet and perfectly drinkable as a flat white. If this remains available from KTH then I will be buying some more. BTW I told Mrs S that @Elcee had tried it and got Bergamot. She sends you her best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopes that your vet's bill is not too expensive.
  9. Having received a couple of PMs showing interest in purchasing the Magimix I offered to PPapa, I think it as well to post an update. The blender is no longer for sale as it has been donated to a worthy charity.
  10. @MildredM. Hang on a cotton-pickinÔÇÖ minute! I thought our contract you said you would be sending me your old grinder?
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