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  1. @Marocchino Yes! Following the Government's latest update on the fight against Corona virus, social distancing recommendations have been extended and forums such as CFUK are required to phase out the use of 'Like' and other reaction buttons. This is being rolled out on a regional basis, with priority being given to those populations that are more likely to be interacting, in some way or other, with sheep. Hence why you are not seeing yours. Either that or it's the case that none of us have a grayed-out coffee cup reactions button in the bottom right-hand side of our OWN posts! 🙂
  2. @Norvin Would you please add me to the list.
  3. Genius!!!! I do like it when somebody thinks outside the box.
  4. I wasn't....but now you come to mention it, it's an interesting thought. However, may I suggest that you don't go trying it...... not at your age. Edit: Remember, this is a coffee forum, not a gymnasium!
  5. I notice that Norvin and I appear to be something of an afterthought! Do you have no idea how hurtful that feels? ?
  6. @Deidre The lugs on the Espazzola are 90º to the handle, unlike the lugs that are on the portafilter which are offset at something like 45º to the handle, in order that the pf handle locks at 6 o'clock. This is why the Espazzola locks at about 4 o'clock when rotated anticlockwise. It would suit you and I if we could rotate it clockwise, with our left hands, to get the handle locked at 8 o'clock. But that is not possible because of the shape of the lugs. Anticlockwise rotation is permitted by the 45º lead of the lug (RH arrow below) and clockwise is prevented by the square end (LH arrow below) Hope that helps.
  7. @MildredM Come on M.... who are you and Ian trying to kid? There's no way that's not a stunt double!!!!!!
  8. @MatBat I will happily take the second if that suits.
  9. Flipping cheek! I'll have you know it's Genuine Leather............ Hobbycraft's finest........ £12/sq foot.
  10. PAY??? So that's it then, is it.......... you've over-spent on grinders and can't afford a proper mat.......... with holes?
  11. Ok, I will be patent and await the patient and, the associated disclosure. I'm assuming that the device has X-Ray vision or some such sensing capability, so that it can determine whether it is required to switch the grinder on or, off?
  12. @MildredM Given the lack of hole, I'm slightly curious as to how you press the button?
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