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  1. I'm sorry @MildredM but, having Googled vectis, I'm at loss to see how Ian's fear of the Isle of White and, or, buses has any relevance here? where'[email protected] of them all? @Hasi what exactly are you incinerating ?
  2. Oh Snakey where art thou? 

  3. 10 days rested and it's making very nice, smooth and fruity flat whites from the get go. 7sec Pi then 19.5g > 45 g in 40sec - splitting for 2 x 5oz Smooth, sweet... and strawberries all the way for me.
  4. Received mine this morning, thank you very much!👍
  5. Sure, but maybe not to Ramsgate? I hear Stratford upon Avon is very nice at this time of year.
  6. @Rhys If you survive then, please let us know how you get on.
  7. @Drewster You raise a good point about Rep. I don't think anybody else has raised the point yet but, the new Leaderboard (RHS of the Browse tab options! ) is badly structured. It is currently based on quantity rather than quality and as a result, MildredM is in first place and I am nowhere to be seen. I believe that it should be revised to reflect quality and that places should be awarded on the basis of Average Points Per Post. I have checked my APPP spreadsheet and see that my current APPP is 3260/2451 = 1.33 Under the new, fairer, system, this would put me in second place. Marginally behind @jimbojohn55 on 1.42 but, I can live with that. However, far more importantly, it would put me streets ahead of @MildredM who would be languishing in FOURTH place with 1.08 !
  8. @MildredM I can only imagine that this member you speak of is, shallow, somewhat childish, self-obsessed and generally has too much time on their hands. I further suspect that they know Jack Shoot about coffee......... so have little of substance to offer ...... and are unlikely to be missed. ( Just out of interest, where is the flipping new Like button?)
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