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  1. @mctrials23 I would describe my usual roast level as predominately medium. I use a vst 18g basket which I often dose up at 19.5g, even 20g without having an issue with headspace. Obviously, grind fineness will impact upon the ability to do so but I don't feel that I am grinding unusually fine. As for tamping, by virtue of using a PuqPress I am getting a constant 10kg. Maybe a bit firmer than some might advocate? However, I reckon that 'tamp light' is maybe, not as necessary, with the LR, at higher PI levels, than it is with an old L1, pre-infusing at boiler pressure. As for the shower screen, I use the 35µ, use an Espazzola after every shot and have experienced absolutely no damage. I find it hard to imagine how the Espazzola insert could do so. especially as the 200µ screen is far more robust than the 35? A couple of maybe, silly questions...... Have you damaged the screen, accidentally, when trying to prise it off? Are your showerscreen and seal properly seated?
  2. If any MC3 owners would like a leather mat to protect their grinder base then I have a few that I am wanting to sell, in order to raise a little for charity. Similar to below but without the logo. I would be asking £10 including postage. All monies received, plus a minimum of another £5 per item sold, from me, will go to a charity benefitting front-line workers at this difficult time. I will shortly be posting this on the KafaTek forum. * I do not have a mat for Monolith Flat but do have a couple that will suit the Max (£16) Please PM me interested.
  3. @Carlo Denis ships via UPS The three grinders I've had from Kafatek have all been delivered here in the UK within less than 48 hrs of them advising the shipping label. In fact nearer 36 hours than 48. Shipping will be in the order of $140 / $150 which will be added to your current outstanding balance to be the total of the final invoice. Import duties, payable, online, to UPS are nominally 22%, on the value of your final invoice. So effectively, you will not be paying duty on your deposit.
  4. @Marocchino Yes! Following the Government's latest update on the fight against Corona virus, social distancing recommendations have been extended and forums such as CFUK are required to phase out the use of 'Like' and other reaction buttons. This is being rolled out on a regional basis, with priority being given to those populations that are more likely to be interacting, in some way or other, with sheep. Hence why you are not seeing yours. Either that or it's the case that none of us have a grayed-out coffee cup reactions button in the bottom right-hand side of our OWN posts! 🙂
  5. @Norvin Would you please add me to the list.
  6. Genius!!!! I do like it when somebody thinks outside the box.
  7. I wasn't....but now you come to mention it, it's an interesting thought. However, may I suggest that you don't go trying it...... not at your age. Edit: Remember, this is a coffee forum, not a gymnasium!
  8. I notice that Norvin and I appear to be something of an afterthought! Do you have no idea how hurtful that feels? ?
  9. @Deidre The lugs on the Espazzola are 90º to the handle, unlike the lugs that are on the portafilter which are offset at something like 45º to the handle, in order that the pf handle locks at 6 o'clock. This is why the Espazzola locks at about 4 o'clock when rotated anticlockwise. It would suit you and I if we could rotate it clockwise, with our left hands, to get the handle locked at 8 o'clock. But that is not possible because of the shape of the lugs. Anticlockwise rotation is permitted by the 45º lead of the lug (RH arrow below) and clockwise is prevented by the square end (LH arrow below) Hope that helps.
  10. @MildredM Come on M.... who are you and Ian trying to kid? There's no way that's not a stunt double!!!!!!
  11. @MatBat I will happily take the second if that suits.
  12. Flipping cheek! I'll have you know it's Genuine Leather............ Hobbycraft's finest........ £12/sq foot.
  13. PAY??? So that's it then, is it.......... you've over-spent on grinders and can't afford a proper mat.......... with holes?
  14. Ok, I will be patent and await the patient and, the associated disclosure. I'm assuming that the device has X-Ray vision or some such sensing capability, so that it can determine whether it is required to switch the grinder on or, off?
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