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  1. I will shout up as someone who enjoyed these beans. Here is pic of the tail end of the bag that was roasted on 13/11/20. Definitely not strong on aroma. However, and maybe somewhat surprisingly, it made a very enjoyable flat white. Even my dull palate got the fruity-tea. With my kit, the grind was very fine and I dosed to 20g in a vst 18g basket to split a double shot. PI pressure 4.6bar. Short PI 5sec. 20g > 38g
  2. @JollybeanI am open to offers. Perhaps @Griffo would want to wait and see how delighted, or not, you are with yours before he commits? 😄
  3. Sincere thanks to all who have, so generously, taken part in the above. You know who you are! One way or another, our little efforts have contributed at least £400 to this cause. It will make a difference! I will be getting frames, tampers and bar towels off, to those who secured them, just as soon as I can. Thanks again!
  4. @DogandHat As promised, here is the link to the JustGiving page for making any bonus donations that are independent of the auction bidding. Many thanks, again, should you still wish to do so. Every little donation helps! And, if anyone else would wish to make a small donation then please follow the above link and include 'Coffee for Zoe' in your comment. Many thanks.
  5. @Missy Are you just employing delaying tactics or, are you maxed out? Maybe you shouldn't have been so generous with your cupboard clearance! 😁
  6. @Paulgab Splendid! I'd say "Get bidding!" But I don't like to be too pushy. BTW. Glad to hear that you are settled and enjoying your LR-24.
  7. @hotmetal I have had a look round to see if I had any aluminium plates kicking around but, I don't. Nor do have the means to make any more si I cannot help, directly. I have in the past used the lid of a Poundland bacon storage box, with the seal removed and the clips cut off. The scales in pic below are tiny. Now use the lid off a tin of shoe cleaning wipes, Crep Wipes , which is shorter and narrower than the bacon box lid. I use the latter to weigh and time when using double spout to two cups. When I reach weight and pull cups, the lid protects
  8. Flipping heck! I must have been bonkers... no printing whatsoever... every strand of hair cut from card and poked through a tiny hole in the head! The jumper was craft foam. and the rest was card. I did this, avatar, one for @joey24dirt Again, no printing whatsoever. An assembly of nearly 50 cut, card, components, as I recall. Happy days!!!!
  9. @DogandHat Thank you so very much! 😍 Obviously, any bonus donations from non-bidders, no matter how small they are, (the donations that is, not the donors 😉), will be greatly appreciated. As soon as I have confirmation of the JustGiving page that is to be used, I will be sure to post a link.
  10. That's great to hear @Missy Get on that FB link then.... and bid away!! I liked the original that I did for @DogandHat so much that I did a second one for myself which hangs in my study. The auction shows a non-text option that I thought might have more general appeal But I will be happy to do it with text as per the original if the successful bidder would wish.
  11. @Coffee by the Casuals I don't mind at all. Thank you very much for the sharing of it. By the way, just to say that the frames are not prints. They are constructed from card, with layers giving adgree of 3rd dimension. As well as the Londinium themed frame, there is a version of the @DogandHat logo (By kind Permission) which can be with or without the text DOG & HAT Zoë's Place is a charity that I am very happy to try and support. I hope that the *frame(s) will attract a reasonable donation. I will keep my eye out for duplicate highest bids. Anybody that
  12. Hi @Norvin and anyone else who fancies........... The auction is being run by The Little Fighters which is the parent's fundraising group for Zoë's Place. This is the Auction FaceBook Page It is a public page for viewing and will currently let you see a preview of lots. As of 11am tomorrow, lots will begin to be detailed and, I think after 3 days, bidding can commence via 'comment' and will end next Sunday evening. Winning bidders will be contacted after the close and asked to make their donations via an appropriate JustGiving page. I am a complete FaceBook numpty w
  13. Hopefully, this is a more 'on topic' resurrection of an old thread? Originally, 4, years back, I made 6 Londinium themed frames. All found homes with forum members. The best story associated with that involves @Thecatlinux I've had a good laugh at the memory!! Feel free to check that story out on page two of 'What coffee gear did Santa bring you? thread. I reckon that over the years, I've, happily, gifted up to twenty coffee related frames to various members of the forum. Now, I wonder if I can use a frame or two, or three, to help raise some much needed funds for a loc
  14. Londinium wall frame(s) similar to six that I made, and gifted, 4 years ago. I believe some are still gracing the coffee corners of @coffeechap and @Thecatlinux and @working dog to name but three. I'm hoping to raise much needed funds for Zoë's Place Baby Hospice by placing in their upcoming Charity Art Auction which starts tomorrow. If any one is interested in bidding then by all means let me know and I will post a link. *There could be added bonus items for successful CFUK bidder(s) !!
  15. We regularly enjoy the surprise quality of a random end of bag mix. I refer to them as 'mongrel' shots. Just had a berry and fruit bonanza with 50:50 of these two to finish off the excellent CbtC Kenya
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