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  1. Mine arrived yesterday. Proper excited for the this one. The last LSOL from Drop was a standout. Extra marks for 4 x 250g boxes too [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Sounds interesting! I'm happy with the extra cost. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  3. Likewise I'd be up for taking some of the Cappuccino cups if you decide to split. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Hi @Gigizverka, it's a deal! I'll PM you for details. Thanks! Steve
  5. Hi @Gigizverka I'm not overly keen on shipping abroad, and a quick check on Parcelforce suggests cost would be prohibitive. Total package weight would be at least 10kg. Let me know if you can find a courier service which makes financial sense. Thanks
  6. Hi @Lewbur it comes with a range of unpressurised baskets only. I don't have any pressurised baskets for it.
  7. I seem to have over-priced this a bit, so reducing to £120
  8. Gaggia Classic with Rancilio steam wand and OPV set to 9 bar Bought a couple of years ago on this forum from the chap who refurbishes them. I've since replaced the dispersion plate with a brass one and added an IMS shower screen. Backflushed after every shot and backflushed with pulycaff every other week. Regularly descaled although I'm not sure soft Yorskhire water warrants it. Comes with the following Original double portafilter Fairly new bottomless portafilter Single and double baskets Shot glasses New replacement gasket, which I haven't need to fit yet Plastic tamper (if you want it) Shot glasses I'm in Skipton, North Yorkshire and would prefer not to post. Happy to travel a reasonable distance to deliver or meet half-way. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40045[/ATTACH]
  9. 1. FBS (500g) 2. Daren (500g) 3. Rdl81 500g replace my lsol 4. MediumRoastSteam, 250g, replace LSOL, omniroast 5. mcrmfc (250g) 6. Deeez Nuuutz - 500g to replace LSOL 7. Kman10, 500g (as request post above) 8. Salty, 500g - to replace LSOL 9. Systemic Kid 500grms - to replace LSOL 10. working dog 250g to replace LSOL 11. dan1502 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too. 12. Potolom 250g 13. Flying_vee 250g to replace existing lsol 14. Gerrard Burrard 250g in addition to LSOL 15. Jaffro (500g replacement for usual LSOL) 16. PPapa (just like Dan: 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too) 17. Jon_Foster (either 250 running alongside current sub or 500 to replace it) 18. iulianato (500g) 19. Gatty (500g to replace current LSOL) 20. mmmatron (250g in addition to LSOL) 21. HBLP (250g) 22. Elcee 250g (to replace existing LSOL 23. Imtnom3rcy (500g to replace current LSOL) 24. Rhys (500g to replace current LSOL) 25. MarkT 500g to replace LSOL 26. Hairy_Hogg (250g if Filter only to run alongside LSOL OR 500g if good for both to replace LSOL) 27. shannigan (250g in addition to LSOL)
  10. 1. Coffeechap 2. ashcroc 3. Stuartb27 4. PPapa 5. Salty 6. Banjoman 7. dfk41 8. Steveholt 9. Jonnycooper29 10. Nicknak 11. Joey24dirt 12. Dumnorix 13. Mrboots2u 14. GeoffTucks 15. MildredM 16 ronsil 17. Hasi 18. db8000 19. grumpydaddy 20. M_H_S 21. Jollybean 22. Jaffro 23. Stevebee 24. MinesAbeer 25. GingerBen 26. lee1980 27. RvB 28. Working dog 29. Johnealey 30. Hairy_Hog 31. Diggy87 32. mcrmfc 33. MrShades 34. shannigan
  11. Hi @MildredM do you have 2 old style grey 190ml cups for sale? If so, can I stake a claim?
  12. +1 for both Dog & Hat and LSOL subscriptions. Both offer variety and consistently high quality.
  13. Hi @tcw I don't suppose you'd have any more of these available? I seem to have 'misplaced' mine.
  14. I'm happy to pay a little extra as the quality is consistently great. I'd also be happy to pay a little extra to always get the beans in 4 x 250g bags, or at least 2 x 500g. I usually share my kilo with a friend and I find that decanting the beans into a different roaster's bag lessens the experience a bit (I realise that's not very rational).
  15. I'm really enjoying this. Reminds me of a brilliant natural Panamanian I had from Dark Woods last year, so I'm going with Panama [emoji1194]
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