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  1. @MWJB yes I meant pour time with the v60. Re french press - are you saying you'd base the grind around flavour?
  2. @MWJB thanks that's really helpful. So the extra markers are to help when doing a second rotation? It sounds like you never rotate much beyond 50 for your brewing, is that right? The french press is harder to find the right grind setting than v60 which is annoying. At least with the V60 I can work off the extraction time.
  3. Hey @BlackCatCoffee understood. I was purely after a heuristic to act as a starting point. For example did others use 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc.... It's more about orders of magnitude than precision right now, I can hone in from there.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the best number to use for french press e.g. 1.30 etc where 1 is a full rotation? Also I'm a little disappointed I have to do full rotations to go coarser than 50, does anyone have any tips for keeping track of how much you've turned it? My other half thinks it's a bad design keeping track (she drinks french press).
  5. Hi, I've ended up buying another machine but thanks for the counter offer
  6. @BlackCatCoffee it does have a PID but you can't control at what temperature it operates at. I suspected it was a sideways move rather than an upgrade, that really helps.
  7. Can anyone in thread comment on whether the Sage the Duo Temp Pro is any good compared to the Gaggia? I noticed it has a PID built in which might be encouraging. It seems incredibly cheap at John Lewis right now https://www.johnlewis.com/sage-the-duo-temp-pro-espresso-coffee-machine/p1749201
  8. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee that's a really helpful answer Re grinder, I am actually looking to upgrade that to a Eureka Mignon Specialita or a Niche Zero. You actually recommended the Eureka in another thread! I currently have the Sage Pro and I use it for V60 and espresso. If I was go to for a HX machine, are there any you'd recommend? Re fitting a PID on the Gaggia, do you know how easy that is to?
  9. I'd say about 500-600 as a budget. But I'm still trying to work out if I gain enough with the upgrade or not, I'd certainly like input! Id seen the Sage for about £550. I don't know much about HK machines but let's assume i would consider them. What are they?
  10. It's had the wand replaced but nothing else, why? I think it's the 2015 model
  11. I've been researching espresso machines that would be an upgrade to my Gaggia Classic. What is generally considered the next step up when it comes to espresso? I've had a look at the Sage Dual Boiler, any thoughts to that?
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