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  1. Hello! I love this product: https://www.nescafe.gr/our-coffees-detail?name=espresso-20&category=espresso&tag=nescafe-product-thumb It is instant espresso in sticks. I love that 'crema' that is formed at the top. And the taste is mild without the excessive bitterness/acidity most espressos have. It is my favorite instant coffee so far! Is there a similar product in the uk or elsewhere to try? I love the sticks because I am never good at putting the right amount of coffee, so it ends up either weak or strong (and no, I cannot have a weight scale). Any hint?
  2. Guys, I still cannot find the right device for me. I need a large metal filter that I can put it on my cup and pour over hot water at once, not slowly. But ideally, I would like to control the flow, so that when I walk from the tap to my desk, there will be no flow/mess. Is there anything like that? thanks!
  3. so to know how to replicate it! does pourover and immersion produce the same coffee?
  4. is that immersion or pour over or?
  5. I don't like french press coffee, I like filter/drip coffee with metallic filter plus it's a nightmare to clean an aeropress (but please don't argue with that, I am not considering it at all) smallest possible (one of those single serve machines ideally) I don't have much space in the office
  6. how can I find the one I like? I cannot open them on the shelve
  7. hello! Smallest possible filter coffee machine that has removable water tank? thanks!
  8. I think I will get an automatic filter coffee machine then.....
  9. OK, but that thread is about a good aromatic (natural coffee flavour) ground coffee! which should I get? decaf please
  10. I hope you mean 40-60sec not min? I would buy it, but I don't like having to clean the filter AND the carafe? While with something like that I will only clean the filter? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDgwMA==/z/4j8AAOSwB-1YnV5v/$_57.JPG?set_id=880000500F But I wanted the Clever Dripper, because I want to put all the water at once (can't wait to pour it slowly as there is a queue in the office boiler) and then have it not leaking, as I head back to my desk
  11. Unfortunately, I won't have many options with that, ESE pods are Lavazza/Illy only I think? I did try coffee bags, but I only found Taylor and they were horrible. Do you know the big coffee carafes they use in conferences/seminars? That coffee is always amazing! How do they do that?
  12. I am using a V60, so it is a drip method?
  13. I am on their website now but I dont understand how it works. Is it just a carafe with a filter that you put coffee and water and it stays there (immersion) and then you just pour the coffee in your mug? I imagine it will be a pain to clean? EDIT: also if I leave the coffee for too london in the carafe, it will get horrible, so I will have to keep time...
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