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  1. Yes, High Wycombe (hazlemere if you know the area) . PM me when's good to pick-up. Mike
  2. I have this for sale, worked well for me with my Brewtus: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?33130-Mignion-Mk1-VST-baskets-Rocket-nkd-portafilter-made-by-knock-tamper-and-knockbox
  3. Great, done. I'll mark them as sold. Pm me and we'll sort it out. Hope you're enjoying the Brewtus!
  4. Hi All, Now the Expobar has been sold I have the following items remaining: Eureka Mignon MKI - looks great, condition is very good except one of the back supports is deformed as the timing dial is on the bottom of the MKIs and I guess tilting it back over time has pushed it out. As per photos below. £160 collected; postage at your cost. I don't have the original box, but will package it up well. Made by Knock 58mm tamper, knockbox & mat - £20 delivered SOLD Rocket naked portafilter with 21g basket - £20 delivered SOLD VST ridged baskets - 15g & 18g - £16 delivered each ​SOLD Cheers! Mike
  5. Expobar has now sold. I think it will be easier to do a new thread with the remaining bits all split out seperately, so can a mod now mark this as sold? To be clear, I'll do a new thread for the grinder etc, so I won't respond to any enquiries on this thread.
  6. OK, done deal @ £73.75. I think I have your payment details from the last grinder I got from you!, but if you could PM them again that would be great & I'll confirm address.
  7. Hi David; how about £70 including postage?
  8. Excellent, we'll call this provisionally sold then. I can work from home on Friday, so that should be fine. I'll pm you my address and contact number. Bank transfer on the day is fine. I'll call BB tomorrow to confirm.
  9. Looks like I'll have to call them tomorrow, I'm sure I saw it in their website specifically confirming the warranty as transferable, but I'll confirm tomorrow morning.
  10. OK, that's great. This is the tank + plumbed version, so can do either. When I wrote the first post, I checked and read that the warranty was transferable, because I was unsure and wasn't going to put it until I knew it to be true, but now I'm not sure where I saw that. Give me a few minutes and I'm sure I'll work it out!
  11. No worries, as is typical now that I put it up for sale, I've starting using it again so I'm in no rush! I could meet you half way if it helps.
  12. I think the prices are about right; the last one sold on here for £825. So of course we can negotiate a bit here and there, but nothing too drastic! Whereabouts are you?
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