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  1. Received and all is well. As described and the tamper is a pleasure to use. Many thanks.
  2. I did, sorry - been manic. Will reply now. Happy with the £55 and will pay now.
  3. Would you take £55 posted to Sheffield?
  4. SOLD and posted out to Jurredb.
  5. Sorry! He's not come back to me yet, I'm not sure how this forum works but I like give the buyer a small chance and work on a 24 hour timeframe - If he's not come back to me by this time tomorrow I'll be in touch.
  6. Brilliant, will PM you Payment details.
  7. I'm not familiar with the Sage DB, but it'll fit fine according to this thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?26748-Sage-DB-precise-Basket-Tamper-size Hope that helps?
  8. Hello, I bought this for my 18g VST (Gaggia Classic) which research shows as a perfect match. I'm currently using a 58mm Motta tamper which is slightly loose. 100% flat base, I'm 99% sure it's radiused.
  9. Me too! Looking at the prices direct from other suppliers online this was at a hefty discount. It's truly a beautiful tamper, I'm just a bit of an OCD freak and the black base doesn't match my set up like I thought it would
  10. No thanks. Still holding out for £60. It's brand new and unused.
  11. Hello, thanks for the offer but I think I'll hold out, I'm already about down because of the postage costs etc.
  12. Torr Goldfinger Titan Black - 58.4mm, gold spacer and wooden handle. Weights a hefty 531g. Picture borrowed from Coffeechap (the tamper is the middle one - The other two are nothing to do with me or the sale) Bought from Coffeechap earlier in the week and arrived this morning. I instantly realised the black base is not for me so it's back up for sale. I've not used this and is as new and as delivered from coffeechap. I'd like what I paid back... SOLD
  13. Still looking - last check before I buy new.
  14. Sub £50 ideally but happy to stretch (I fancied a Torr).
  15. Hello, I'm after a tamper for a 18g ridgeless VST Basket (for my Gaggia Classic). I've read a 58.4 or 58.5 is perfect. Thanks in advance.
  16. Very interested in this. I have one concern, how does this affect the longevity of the machine and it's parts? Does this put extra strain on the components etc?
  17. So turns out this one has the timer only and no on-demand function - Works for me no problem. I presume there are x3 different types of this grinder? MK1 - A timer on the bottom and a single rocker switch on the side for power only. MK1.5(?) - A timer on the bottom with a double rocker switch for power and on-demand/timer. MK2 - Timer on the side, a push button for on-demand/timer and a rocker switch for power.
  18. I've seen that one but concerned it's a little too shallow - hows it working out for you?
  19. Sorry if I'm sounding sceptical, I've seen the type with x2 rocker switches (one for timer/OD and one for power) and x1 rocker switch (where I thought that was power only?) The one i'm looking at has the single rocker switch to the side which appears power only. Two switch: One switch:
  20. On the MK1? Good news, how is the OD selected then? Looks like the MK2 has a two way switch on the side where as the MK1 is just one switch?
  21. Hello All, I'm just about to pull the trigger on a used Mignon which I believe is a Mk1 (has the timer on the bottom). Other than the timer location, is there any other difference? The location doesn't really bother me and I always use the same beans so once it's dialled in I'll only need very minimal changes from roast to roast. One thing is, has the MK1 a on demand function or is it purely timer? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello All, I've been looking for a shallow drip tray or my classic and have come across this: http://www.gaggia.uk.com/caffeshop.htm#!/Stainless-Steel-Metal-Drip-Tray-for-Classic/p/65656223/category=3540309 I like that it's stainless and slim enough so I can just about fit a normal mug under the portafilter. Does anyone have experience of these and offer any alternative?
  23. Thanks for the response. I was thinking £150 in my head too! Anything more and I feel I might as well pay a little more and go new for the 3 year Warranty.
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