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  1. My SDB is currently with Coffee Classics being repaired/serviced and I thought I'd take a look around to see what's on the market 5 years after buying it. I really like the look of the Lelit Elizabeth, seems like a capable machine and I like the idea of a reduced footprint in comparison to the SDB. Upgraditis is starting to take over. But would it be an upgrade? Would be good to know your thoughts!
  2. Spoke to Sage, they said it was all due to scale build up - seems unlikely given that I only ever use bottled water and have descaled a few times. Anyway.. they are sending out an engineer no issues. Greta service so far.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, doesn't seem to be an easy fix. I'll get onto Sage on Monday.
  4. Hi all, Considering calling Sage up to potentially sort this under warranty - anybody have any experience of this? Issues I'm experiencing: If it's not a warm day, then when the machine is getting up to temperature, it will cut the power 2-3 times. I switch it back on at the circuit breaker and eventually it gets to temperature and works When I press the button to bring water through the group head, it makes an horrendous sound (see video) but does not seem to affect functioning of machine. Does this once then no horrible noise in subsequent shots There is water leakin
  5. Having the exact same issue with my Sage DB. Overheating, leaking out the bottom and making a gargling noise
  6. Bought on here for £425 from coffeechap a couple of years ago. It's probably ground between 1 and 2 shots per day since then. Was brand new when bought. It's not the Xtreme version. What's it worth now?
  7. That's me. I'd rather save up 'til June and pay £100 more. But at £350 I'd have gone for it.
  8. Had my dual boiler since December and still struggling to get the pressure any lower than 10.5 bar. I have had loads of different beans since Christmas, and with all of them the pressure rises to 10.5 bar. I have tried grinding coarser, but then I end up with shots which gush out in 18-20 seconds. Am I missing something really obvious? Could pre-infusion settings have anything to do with this? Thanks in advance!
  9. Wow, i go to bed and wake up to 33 replies full of controversy! Just to remind everyone this is a valuations thread - no intention of selling on coffeeforums, probably not ever. Interesting to see the range of opinions surrounding the warranty though so thanks for the replies. After many phone calls with JL over the christmas period (the situation was more involved than it sounds in OP) I had someone from head office assigned to me who said just to take it as compensation for the inconvenience. You'd assume this was rare, but I know of someone who had a £2,000 compensation payne
  10. Now replied on final page to all questions!
  11. Really enjoyed the Rocko Mountain from Foundry and Avenue. Anyone got any recommendations for my next few bags of beans?
  12. Thanks, no idea - it was just a cheap one from IKEA, like £50 I think.
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