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  1. A little update. I bought this gasket which I think is only just not deep enough. Once you put the handle in and turn, it rotates quite far, which then means the spouts are not parallel to the machine (meaning you end up shoving one cup really close to the machine and the other slightly too close to the edge.
  2. Thanks both - for some reason, I didnt get notification of responses! I went ahead and bought new gaskets and shower screen. MADE A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. No noise, sweet easy pour and the pressure back up to around 9bar max. The shower screen was FILTHY and the gasket more brittle/ stiff than rubber. I did actually use the espressoshop - highly recommended Thanks - its like new now
  3. Hi all I bought a Simonelli Oscar 2 in 2017. Apart from general maintenance (cleaning the shower head, steam wand etc) I have not done any replacements. I have exclusively used filtered water or bottled water, so have never descaled the machine. Recently I have noticed a different noise from the machine and perhaps related, a few drips around the coffee basket (terminology all over the place...). When pouring a shot, it sounds straining inside the machine and seems to stop pouring then restarts by getting more water from the boiler. I tested the pressure with a pressure head, and it sits at 7 bar. Two years ago, it was around 9bar. It came with an OPV fitted. Curiously, during the pressure test, water overflows out of the head considerably, hence whether I am wondering if its the gasket (which I have never replaced) needs replacing. Where is the best place to buy one and test that? I bought the machine in Bella barista, but they are sold out of the gaskets there. thanks
  4. thats very kind. It turns out I am likely a collosal idiot. For some reason i thought my portafilter was an integrated unit. It isn’t...so I will get that pressure gauge and see what happens! Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks. But I don't think that pressure gauge fit's on my portafilter for the simonelli Oscar 2?
  6. Here is a photo under the hood. Assuming that’s the OPV! https://photos.app.goo.gl/kXWjFD1Grq57T23T8
  7. Without the aid of a pressure gauge (anyone know where I could get one for the Simonelli Oscar 2?), I am not sure if the OPV is working, which was fitted when I bought it. I haven’t touched the adjustable screw, but I used to hear a high (ish) pitch sound when pulling a shot, but now I dont. Just wondering if the OPV has somehow come loose or the screw ? This is a video showing the sounds it USED to make which I thought to be the OPV in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/APrXf5a7B4mu0uy52 Doesn’t make the same sound anymore, just the “Post screech” part of the pump. How can I assess?
  8. thanks. Should have posted on here first before buying! Will see what they say (after I messaged them!) - worst case I can return and they pay for postage.
  9. thanks. Just bought the ESPAZZOLA on your recommendation. The voucher code still works. Never backflushed. Will have to look into the benefits of doing that...(and how much it costs to get a blind filter basket/ Cafiza
  10. I did and they are great. They suggested the following. Could I do this myself?: would recommend a service at the two year point. Other than swapping the group head gasket and keeping the shower clean that’s all that needs to be done at this point.
  11. the old or new? Latter, not sure. From ebay for £25 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400841618934
  12. Hi All I bought a second hand mazzer SJ from this forum, which was already bought second hand. Bought in may 2015 and as I use it at home, it sees little use (2 coffees a day MAX, normally just one). My question is whether I need to replace the burrs. I think its close to the lowest setting (finest grind) to make a flat white. I took two pictures as linked to help advise. I have purchased a replacement pair on ebay just now, but just wondering your thoughts on what looks like wear or if they are fine! https://photos.app.goo.gl/o2ddeLsetZ7fnQ6F9 thanks
  13. Hi all I have owned the aforementioned from new for a year. I havenÂ’t done anything in terms of maintenance other than feed it filtered water (its a very thirsty machine!) and clean out the water reservoir a few times. I have no reason to believe there is anything wrong, as as I have used filtered water, limescale shouldnÂ’t be an issue (I assume), but was wondering what I should do as good practice? It has an OPV fitted since purchase from Bella Barista - do they need tuning?! I was thinking of sending it to Bella Barista, assuming they do some sort of service, but what do you think needs doing and if anything, have you had your machines serviced by a third party you recommend? thanks Phil (PS: I also have a mazzer super jolly which I bought second hand from here - done nothing with that either other than keep it clean!)
  14. According to Bella barista engineer, that sound is normal. It's the OPV engaging to reduce pressure to the 9bar. Hence why I hear it (sometimes) before water comes out of the group head
  15. Hi. What's this I circled in yellow? It's just loose. Should it be fixed? Doesn't come off but isn't stuck in any way
  16. Hi, yes, it was bought this week (actually last sunday and it arrived Tuesday). I got it from Bella barista and left a message but no one got back to me - will call them next week. A bit annoying if it is a fault - pain to repack and post (though they would collect it)
  17. Here is a short clip (I relaxed the ground size a bit and the noise was less prominent). You can hear it at the very start then it dies off to the more normal sound. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9Pg8zwJqVkBBST1n2
  18. Will do. No doubt you will all be Sat on the edge of your seats
  19. Hi all To set the scene I am a home enthusiast with scope for user error! I recently bought (this week) the aforementioned machine, But I wanted to check whether my Simonelli is working OK. When I extract a coffee it makes a high pitched sound rather than a low grumble which I would expect. I am wondering whether it's OPV related (never had one installed before). I am wondering whether it's the coffee itself maybe being too fine and the machine struggling to push the water through? If I remove the coffee basket and just run water through, it starts with that pitch got a second then is what I would expect is a normal sound. This is probably a very confusing post! Thanks
  20. When I started my first steam wrung Oscar, I vacated my milk jug of milk!
  21. Hi - are the super jolly 64mm blades? And where do you recommend buying a replacement set? Thanks
  22. I bought and have now received the simonelli mk2. Amazing (albeit large) machine. Now have too much steam pressure... Need to adjust my technique but it's incredible
  23. No problem. Will send later today. Still available though had one pm on it.
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