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  1. Having corresponded with Jan I think this is likely to be a firmware issue and so I doubt soldering new components will be successful.
  2. I think this is the nature of this sort of business. It can be hard to get hold of Jan, I suspect this is more of a hobby than a business. As you say when it works it is a rather clever bit of kit and a lot cheaper than the Auber alternatives. So you either have to live with the sporadic aftersales (he is pretty good once you succeed in contacting him) or you find an alternative. At the moment I still live in hope that my second failed MeCoffee will be replaced by a completely reliable one.
  3. So to continue the story... I contacted Jan and he told me that it had probably bricked due to some firmware issue that he had since sorted. He sent me a replacement very quickly. However, this replacement failed within a couple of days just like the first one. I am now waiting to hear from Jan about this one.
  4. My MeCoffee unit stopped working yesterday for seemingly no good reason. The machine powers on but the switch for coffee delivery did not work at all nor light up. I have since taken out the MeCoffee and restored everything back to factory settings and everything works as it should, leaving me to suspect that this is a failure in the MeCoffee Unit. This is the new iOS version which I recently changed from the Android one. Has anyone else had similar issues with the iOS version?
  5. Round Hill Roastery http://www.roundhillroastery.com
  6. Yes to both questions. As it happens I have just taken the machine apart and I can see that the thermostats would be easy and cheap to replace. I suspect, judging by the ammount of scale that has leaked between the boiler and the group body, that the problem could be more serious. I am sure that scale build up in the boiler could cause the thermostat to overheat the water too. Anyway I have to decide whether I want to attempt to take part the boiler and clean it with the strong possibility that it may need replacement along with a few other items that could do with a refurb or get a new m
  7. It could well be the case. How repairable would this be? I mean I know I should be able to replace any broken parts but will doing so cost me more than a replacement machine? I will have to do some further online research. Thanks for giving me a pointer as to what I may be looking for.
  8. I have been using my Rancilio Silvia for the past 5 years or so with little or no problem. Recently it has started to make a lot of noise, which appears to be as result of one of the reservoir water pipes bubbling in the tank immediately after the thermostat switches off. Around the same time It became nearly impossible to pour a shot with a reasonable amount of crema. The shots are OKish flavourwise but a little on the watery side. My first thought was to descale the machine as it had been a while since I had last done it. This made no difference. I then read about similar problems where some
  9. I got the Rancillio naked portafilter for Christmas and very happy with it. Let us know how you get on with the PID because that is a future upgrade I have in mind.
  10. Yeah not cheap that's for sure, nothing in Bath is. I should also point out that Has Bean Kicker is also £7 and given the choice between Bon Bon and Kicker I would choose Bon Bon every time. As to whether it is worth the money I'm undecided as yet.
  11. I don't have a great deal of experience of http://www.coffeecompass.co.uk but they do a range of exotic coffees which sound interesting.
  12. Hi Glenn I would also like to recommend Easy Jose http://www.easyjosecoffee.co.uk/ based here in Bath. I have just tried his 'Bon Bon' Espresso and very nice it was too. You may have seen him at the Coffee Festival in Bath last year, although he traded under "Lazy Jose" back then.
  13. Sorry about my late reply to your message about Zassenhaus grinders. I haven't been very active on this forum for a while and didn't realise you had left a message. Anyway to answer your questions:


    how easy is it to get good fine (espresse range) grinds? are there set increments or does one have to "play it my ear" or notch by experimenting?


    From memory it is pretty easy to get a good grind for espresso. All Zassenhaus models vary a little in how they work but as generally there are no set increments and it will take a bit of experimentation to get it right. The recent models are not as got as the old ones because the housing is made of plastic and tend to give a little which results in less even grinds. Of course with vintage machines you have to make sure that the grinding burrs are in good condition before buying.


    These days I tend to use the Rocky on a day to day basis because it is a lot easier.

  14. Just to add my voice, I am not a big Has Bean fan either. Not that I dislike everything they do, I'm just not keen on the sharp, citrusy blends they tend to produce. For me the ideal espresso is velvet, chocolately with perhaps hints of cherry but not fizzy orange. But that's just me.
  15. Hi there, I enjoyed the zassenhaus/silvia photos you posted ! thank you! I bought my Silvia in April this year - love her! got Rocky grinding for her - he does a great job .. however, I am very tempted to get a lovely zassenhaus grinder for her too - to give rocky a bit of a rest and giving my arm a bit of a work out instead! I've actually never held that model in my hands - how easy is it to get good fine (espresse range) grinds? are there set increments or does one have to "play it my ear" or notch by experimenting?

    thank you for taking the time to reply,

    best wishes,

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