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  1. Well the courser v60 i made is certainly better. There are smooth fruit flavours the only thing detracting is a very 'woody' finish. I suspect there may be a very narrow sweet spot somewhere. Incidentally I came across this from Matt Perger today which sums up my experience with this bean on espresso: Underdeveloped coffees behave in a very particular way: - If you find yourself grinding one coffee significantly finer than another, even though the colour is similar, that coffee is likely underdeveloped. - If you struggle to slow down espresso shots with a certain coffee but not
  2. Was this roasted in one batch? Just wondering how people are getting such favourable taste notes in espresso. The beans I have do not make nice espresso at all. The first brew I had of it was also not good but I need to experiment further with that.
  3. Err. I'd do £55 inc. postage to the UK or £55+ postage to Germany.
  4. Sadly that's lower than I'm prepared to accept.
  5. Bump. Open to reasonable offers.
  6. This is pretty much as new. £95 on coffeehit and Has Bean who don't even have stock. £65 posted. Advertised elsewhere.
  7. L'alchemiste in Bordeaux. Their beans weren't great though. Cups are d'Ancap
  8. Sold on eBay for £200. What a bargain for someone ?
  9. No, it was in a commercial environment before I bought it. (Doubt there are any that havent been). I think it's a 2009 but I can double check.
  10. Yes, it's mine. The M100 is on too. Lack of interest on here will result in an eBay bargain I think.
  11. Having recommended it I think it might be shut for a summer break/decorating. Best to check their Instagram.
  12. If you haven't already, you need to get down to bakery47 of a weekend when 'It All Started Here' or 'Back to Black' are on coffee duty. Wipes the floor with any of the permanent shops.
  13. Have box, can post. Where are all the people looking to upgrade?
  14. Welcome @windhoek Glasgow's not too shabby these days for coffee shops and the pop ups are even better.
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