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  1. Would like to join too if there are any dropouts
  2. I have one and use it daily for brewed. Takes I use it for espresso too if I fancy a bean change from whatever is in the Mignon hopper. Like any handheld hand grinder, grinding for espresso takes a little bit of work. Since you only want it for brewed though, I'd highly recommend. Theres no need to only target the E model if using only for brewed but it would give you a (better) alternative to the Barista Express grinder for espresso.
  3. I realise that it's been mentioned that this won't fit Sage machines. Is that all Sage machines? Or only the ones with the smaller group head/portafilter like the Duo Temp and Barista Express? Thanks!
  4. I'm getting a stewed strawberry flavour. Plenty of funk. Plenty of sweetness. Kind reminds me of the San Pascual from Rave so I'll guess at a natural Colombian.
  5. Arrived here too. Smells fantastic. Might dive in tomorrow morning!
  6. I see the same with the DB. The only way I've found of stopping it is leaving the puck in the machine for 5 mins before cleanup. Obviously not possible if you want to make back to back shots. Dylan, as you said, it doesn't really matter but makes cleaning up a tad more of a hassle than it should be. It just feels like it shouldn't happen and there's no obvious reason for it (that I've found)
  7. 1. FBS x2 3. FBS's mate 4. Rhys 5. Gatty 6. nufc1 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. I'm back in after not participating in LSOL since the Drop offering. Excited about this!
  8. As jimbojohn has already asked, was it espresso based abroad and did it contain milk?
  9. Ouseburn Coffee Co also have a little outlet in Fenwicks where you can buy a fresh brew and some beans. There's also Laneway Coffee on High Bridge Street which has been good the couple of times I've been there. I can't look past Pink Lane or Flatcaps though. They stand out above the others in my opinion. Also noteworthy is Hatch Coffee on Ellison Place near Northumbria Uni. It's one chap in a former parking attendants cabin serving Pink Lane Coffee (Pink Lane's own roastery). Very good for a takeaway!
  10. Received here too. Amazing fudge! Thanks @DogandHat and @jlarkin
  11. Ditto, ordered a kilo. Loved this last year!
  12. nufc1

    It's a mystery

    Does anyone have any notes or flavours they're tasting in the cup with these? Light, dark, acidic, fruity, chocolatey, smooth balanced etc? I'd love to know
  13. I really enjoy trying beans from many different roasters so I thought I'd get in on the action with the 12 roasters challenge. I like all sorts of drinks from an Espresso, Americano, Flat White and Latte from my Sage Dual Boiler, to brewed coffee,primarily through a v60 and French press. I like to try most beans in both espresso based and brewed drinks so will try and write down my thoughts on all methods tested on the different beans. I prefer a medium/lighter roast bean with some interesting flavours - fruity, floral, bright, sweet etc. I subscribe to the Dog & Hat Sub which I'm really enjoying! This means it won't be a struggle to include the 12 roasters but I also like to buy separately from various roasters too so I'll try and keep it interesting! Any comments about anything I write are, of course, welcome So, to kick off, something a bit special (in my opinion). Colonna Firstly, a quick mention on customer service. These were ordered as a Christmas gift mid way through December. They hadn't turned up by ~22nd so I sent an e-mail to them. They immediately put another lot in the post and both packages turned up the next day! Fantastic customer service even during the very busy Christmas period. Colonna roast in 4 different 'Genres'. Foundation - Clean, Aromatic, Sweet, Quality Discovery - Exciting, Expressive, Distinctive profiles Rare - Exclusive, Rare, Unique Decaf - ...Decaf I went for one of each from the Discovery, Rare and Decaf genres and was not disappointed! These were definitely some of the best coffees I've tasted! I've finished one of the sets of 3, the other still resides in the freezer Discovery - Honduras - Francis Arturo Romero - £12 for £250g Roasters Notes - Big fruit flavours. Plum and pineapple upfront followed by a deliciously sweet treacle finish This Honduran natural was (and still is) fantastic. It had more of a strawberry taste to me but definitely sweet on the finish. It had some subtle acidity but mostly a sweetness that made it very moreish as both a filter brew and as a flat white. The flavours easily punched through milk! Rare - Guatemala - Concepcion Pixcaya Coe - £15 for 150g Roasters Notes - Bold lime acidity, forest fruits, hoppy finish Bright, tangy and refreshing. This was the pick of the bunch. Very high acidity with a fruity edge. I've only had this through a v60 as, in my opinion, that's where bright coffees shine. I also didn't fancy wasting any of this whilst dialling in, as it was in short supply! This will be one of my coffees of the year, for sure! Decaf - Colombia - San Augustin - Sugarcane Decaf - £12 for 250g Roasters Notes - Red wine & plum - Sweet honey finish Like many, I've struggled to get a great decaf with any sort of fruitiness, acidity or complexity. This one promised a lot on the complexity side and almost delivered. There's a hint of deep fruit at the beginning. What is unmistakable however, is that honey finish! It's exceptional! I've had this brewed, as espresso, flat white and latte. I'd say as an espresso, the honey shines! It punches through milk drinks very nicely indeed for a decaf too. I don't think I've ever had a decaf I can highly recommend for a filter brew. This one comes close but still lacks something. All in all, I am delighted with the Colonna offering. Superb beans which is no surprise if you've been to their Colonna and Smalls café in Bath. Fantastic!
  14. Head to Pink Lane Coffee Shop. It's pretty much opposite the train station (if that's how you're travelling). Pick up some of their beans if you can too. They roast their own and have been very good every time I've had them. Flatcaps is also very good although a tad more out of the way. Worth visiting if you can though. They tend to stock some very good beans from Square Mile, Colonna and HasBean. If you're going to Northumbria Uni, and not Newcastle, head to Hatch coffee. It's a very small coffee van-esque set up and often uses beans from Pink Lane too.
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