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  1. Hi @smurfine. When you say too strong, do you means in terms of taste or amount of caffeine per drink? If it's the former, you could just make a larger, more dilute drink. If the latter, this won't solve it.
  2. Dog and Hat delivery with a special birthday pin included for being one of (surprisingly!) only 27 Founder Members left in the sub. Thanks @DogandHat!
  3. nufc1

    Flair 58

    Been following the 58 for a while and see there's a brewing guide for the 58x, without the electronic pre-heat, up on YouTube. https://youtu.be/K1RD-HtQByM
  4. 1. Prezes 2. dfk41 3. dutchy101 4. MediumRoastSteam 5. Systemic Kid 6. Bicky 7. Vash 8. AdmDaveW 9. Winterlight 10. Tripleshot 11. RobDGio 12. BenH 13. ohms 14. Like Medium Strong Coffee 15. Morningfuel 16. Alpesh 17. Mit_hirani 18. Systemic Kid (2nd order) 19. Siliconslave 20. shaun**** 21. spasypaddy 22. danielpugh 23. CafeColando 24. Stox 25. BenTenor 26. Meelypops 27. Theblusteryday 28. nufc1 29. 30.
  5. Excited about this Crankhouse delivery!
  6. Following up on this. These beans are excellent @BlackCatCoffee! They're boozy and funky but also carry quite a lot of clean acidity which I find is often lost in a lot of naturals. Definitely the best bean I've had from Black Cat!
  7. Just ordered a bag of these David along with some others. Looking forward to it. Sounds delicious!
  8. Shopping local and just ordered this: https://www.flatcapscoffee.com/collections/uk-roasted-coffee/products/los-aguacates-washed-48hr-fermentation-250g?variant=38135575249072 Will report back!
  9. I had the Cordillera Del Fuego from Colonna in September last year and my god... It tasted heavily of cinnamon. I assume this 'cinammon added' approach was being used in that lot. Interesting that Maxwell states both that he "suspected it had cinnamon added at the processing stage" and that "not stating this is 'cheating".. And yet, it still got sold by Colonna. I do agree though, it should be stated if this is added during processing but it's still an interesting method to use and, as long as the process is transparent, there's no reason to stop doing it.
  10. Got some exciting stuff in over the last week! The 2 Colonna offerings are excellent! The Sebastien Gomez Natural is boozy but clean!
  11. The wife has the Opal pod machine and the Colonna decaf pods are pretty good https://colonnacoffee.com/products/capsules-decaf
  12. Yeah, great photo! It's made its way to the Dog & Hat Instagram already @tripleshot
  13. Just thought I'd post this incase anyone is interested. Square Mile are now stocking Pullman tampers (including Big Step) and distribution Chisels. I'm tempted for Christmas! https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com/collections/the-weekly-gift-edit
  14. @tripleshot, I agree. Have the same bean and am getting similar notes in brewed and espresso. I thought they'd just need more rest but it's still apparent after a couple of weeks
  15. nufc1

    Black Friday

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