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  1. Thanks again @BlackCatCoffee! Superb choice for LSOL! I've just tried your 1:5 ratio as suggested above and it's smooth and nutty with a caramel after taste. Delicious!
  2. Got a sample of Colonna's limited release rare beans included with my subscription. They are excellent! Super sweet! I think they're pushing it a bit with the eucalyptus tasting note but there is a real 'freshness' to it!
  3. @jaffro, also had as a v60 this morning. 18:300, ground on niche at 45. Bloom 60g, then 60g every 30s until 300g reached Total brew time 3:10 I'm getting a bit of nuttiness too and also a herbal note with a good bit of acidity. Really reminds me of a Rwandan Bourbon I had a while ago. Really tasty and unlike any of my other beans I have in at the minute! Probably needs a tad more rest but will be trying as an espresso in the coming days.
  4. It's arrived here too. Thanks again @Daren and @Hairy_Hogg!
  5. Thanks for sorting @Darenand @Hairy_Hogg. Just sent the money over
  6. 1. Akp 2. ratty 3. EricC 4. tsouthwell 5. catpuccino 6. Marcros 7. MildredM 8. Nickdems 9. Jason11 10. Higbert 11. Jackabb 12. spasypaddy 13. salty 14. Bacms 15. Rapid 16. SDM 17. gm031193 18. MinesAbeer 19. Chainlinephil 20. Jollybean 21. ArkellvsPressdram 22. Xabi17 23. nufc1 24. 25
  7. nufc1

    Decaf Beans

    @phario, if you're used to generic dark roast decafs, the JG El Carmen gives a lot more acidity than these. If you like a bright-ish espresso, then yeah, it's good for espresso. It holds well in some milk too. I think they've combatted the regular 'decaf' taste very well with a slightly lighter roast and passed the combo of acidity and 'dryness' (from the decaf process) as 'cranberry' which is a decent descriptor!
  8. Peak Water from Colonna bundled with these delicious sounding beans
  9. nufc1

    Decaf Beans

    I'd say this is the decaf I've had recently with the most acidity. Fairly light roast for a decaf too https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/decaffeinated-colombian-el-carmen-250g/ I agree about usually being able to taste the 'decaff-ness' but it wasn't obvious at all in the James Gourmet beans I've linked above
  10. Grabbed some Pineapple Candy with my latest order. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee for sorting!
  11. Flat white using this delicious Ethiopian from Gardelli. Almost finished it now ☹️
  12. I had an issue with a corroded shower head recently on my Sage DB. I messaged them on the website asked what could be done etc (out of warranty for ~6 months). They referred me to Coffee Classics who fix Sage machines. I argued the toss over email that the machine shouldn't be breaking with 2.5 years of regular use and they extended my warranty for the fix. Not sure you'll have the same luck but it's worth a try. Anyway, their fixes all seem to go through Coffee Classics - http://coffeeclassics.co.uk/
  13. Not all picked up today but what a great selection for espresso and brewed I've got currently from my Dog and Hat and Colonna subs!
  14. Just tried my CCD. Doesn't fit. There are other Felicita scales specifically for brewed which are better than the Arc for this. Got them from Collona with a discount
  15. @Jason11, it's an odd one because the whole surface of the scales acts as the weigh pad. The heat resistant mat which comes with it hovers above the scales surface too which means you can put much bigger items on. See this for dimensions https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://swiezopalona.pl/templates/default/pdf/felicita-arc-instrukcja.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjd1ObJ-pLqAhUrUBUIHQttAyUQFjADegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1Y9ESkn3HckVcaDhY06r_w
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