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  1. Who would the other 2 be @Mrboots2u? I'm Looking to get something special over Christmas and have tried alot of the well regarded European roasters (Drop, The Barn, Gardelli - found the latter two excellent!). Looking maybe at La Cabra?
  2. It's crazy to think that one of the most unique and limited coffees in the world currently can be, at a regular 15-18g dose, be brewed at a similar price (£3 - £3.60) to your average high street festive coffee 🙃
  3. I find myself in a nice position with my Colonna subscription. This month's Rare offering is a Panama Gesha and I was also sent a free 60g sample of the Limited Release Rare beans... Also a Gesha. The Limited Release is a Colombian. Looking forward to trying both!
  4. Have this too! Tasting great in v60/aeropress/french press. Tasting reminiscent of some Kenyans I've had through paper filters, with an intense but delicious acidity. That creaminess is accentuated in French Press though. Very nice!
  5. This is a 18g in > 36g out shot (93C brew temp) with ~180g steamed milk. Not tried as espresso just yet but I prefer longer shots anyway for my espressos (or lungos?)
  6. Square Mile Sweetshop tasting good!
  7. You're right! £45 minimum
  8. Just received an email with 20% off.code for Colonna. "Simply use the code STOCKUP20 with your next order at Colonna Coffee. Applies to beans, capsules and accessories. Offer ends November 8th. " https://colonnacoffee.com/
  9. nufc1

    Rose notes

    Earlier in the year, I had an amazing coffee from Yemen roasted by Colonna. It had incredibly prominent and sweet rose notes, just like Turkish Delight. I was wondering if anyone had tasted anything with a similar flavour profile recently that they'd recommend?
  10. I (and many others) have recommended this previously if you want a decaf that isn't too dark and still retains some acidity. https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/decaffeinated-colombian-el-carmen-250g/
  11. Mine turned up yesterday @Crownandcanvas, thanks alot for the offer. I've given it a go as espresso and v60. I'm getting high body, low acidity creamy goodness. Really tasty! A little reminiscent of the Daterra from last months LSOL so I'll plump for Brazilian with my guess. There is a hint of spice too so I see why there's some inkling that it's of Asian origin!
  12. Thanks again @BlackCatCoffee! Superb choice for LSOL! I've just tried your 1:5 ratio as suggested above and it's smooth and nutty with a caramel after taste. Delicious!
  13. Got a sample of Colonna's limited release rare beans included with my subscription. They are excellent! Super sweet! I think they're pushing it a bit with the eucalyptus tasting note but there is a real 'freshness' to it!
  14. @jaffro, also had as a v60 this morning. 18:300, ground on niche at 45. Bloom 60g, then 60g every 30s until 300g reached Total brew time 3:10 I'm getting a bit of nuttiness too and also a herbal note with a good bit of acidity. Really reminds me of a Rwandan Bourbon I had a while ago. Really tasty and unlike any of my other beans I have in at the minute! Probably needs a tad more rest but will be trying as an espresso in the coming days.
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