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  1. PM replied. Thanks James. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
  2. Due to drinking much less coffee and the wife wanting the space back, I am reluctantly selling my Fracino Classico. It is a great E61 HX machine with bundles of steam power from the 2.3 litre boiler. History: I originally purchased a Fracino Ariete (same machine as Classico) from coffeebean on this forum in July 2015. This machine went on to burn through several heating elements and was replaced with a brand new Classico under warranty in July 2017. The new Classico's element also failed after 6 months and was replaced under warranty. Since then I have had my home consumer unit replaced and the Classico has been totally reliable. Condition: I would describe the machine as being in good condition. It has been run exclusively on Tesco Ashbeck bottled water and I have always kept it fastidiously clean. There are some marks/scratches on the drip tray and on the top where cups have been kept. There is also a very small dent at the front of the top panel (cup warmer) that I have tried to capture in photos but it is very small. Modifications: I have replaced the original shower screen with an IMS competition one. I Will include the original barely used one also. A common complaint with Ariete/Classico machines is the shallow drip tray. To alleviate this problem I have drilled a hole (see photos) and keep a plastic container underneath it more than doubling capacity. I will give you the container I use for this. I was more than happy with this solution but if you didn't want it all panels/parts are readily available from Fracino and are very reasonibly priced. Ideally I would prefer to not send the machine with a courier. I live near King's Lynn and would be prepared to discuss delivery or meeting somewhere within a reasonable distance if collection wasn't possible. Price £450 collected. Happy to answer any questions.
  3. What's the point in leaving them on anyway? It's not as if the group gets dangerously hot. It's just hot enough to make you say ouch and promptly let go. I think stickers are ugly, even before they discolour.
  4. I have no experience of your grinder whatsoever but this foreign website has a picture with the upper burr carrier removed. https://phadincoffee.com/san-pham/may-xay-ca-phe-casadio-enea Hope this can be of some help.
  5. ChilledMatt


    I think the bitterness is due to the temperature. I got my local McDonald's to reduce the temperature of the machine and it was way less bitter. It lasted less than half a day. McDonald's customers complain if the coffee doesn't take the skin off the roof of their mouths!
  6. Silicone ones don't bake on like rubber ones so I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. If anyone is put off by the age related marks/dents, don't be. All parts are replaceable and Fracino parts are IMO very reasonably priced. The black back/sides are available in a variety of colours including polished stainless steel IIRC. Good luck with the sale.
  8. I have an older Silvia myself which I love and have a friend with the new model. I don't think the switching itself off after twenty minutes is that big a deal. It's not as if the machine goes completely cold straight away. So if you return to find the machine off after half an hour it will only take a few minutes to be ready to brew. This being said, older Silvias are well built and have fully serviceable parts. If you keep checking on here bargains can be had.
  9. IIRC an 8.5mm E61 Cafelat gasket will fit a Classic.
  10. I'll take this for £250 delivered. Thanks.
  11. The Cherub is operated with an electronic switch and solenoid valve, whereas the Classico has a genuine E61 group as you say. I believe they share the same boiler, element and chassis.
  12. They are a good quality, British built E61 HX machine at a fair price. Don't think the wood has much bearing on it.
  13. Silvia has arrived. dnicho61 had done a brilliant job of packing using plenty of bubble wrap, packing noodles and double boxing. Despite this Parcelfarce still managed to damage it. Fortunately it was just bent casing panels that I have managed to straighten and she is now up and running in my kitchen. Really pleased with the machine and have just enjoyed a flat-white every bit as good as out of my considerably more expensive Classico. Thanks dnicho61 Matt
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