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  1. James' is local to me and one of my go to roasters. Peter is a proper gent too. Will always show you around and let you try out a few coffees in his fantastic set up out the back if you show enough interest. Yes indeed, JG was a staple for me last time I was doing coffee with any level of seriousness - I knew that if he’d ordered an Indian coffee that it was going to be worth a punt on (I can say that for maybe 3-4 roasteries in the UK only!)
  2. This stuff is hilariously good, I was looking for something with a little more roast development whilst still being light and knew James Gourmet would fit the bill - my girlfriend pretty much poo poos anything that isn’t a natural coffee and this is what I saw on the shop - an Indian coffee ??. . being a James gourmet espresso it’s really easy to dial in, cos once you push it too far you get a bit of roastiness, so I’ve just sat it at 1:3 and slowly come down from 34s to 23s as it gets older - did I say it’s sweet, coz it’s really sweet - I wouldn’t say strawberry like on the packet - just sweet.
  3. Know quite a few people who have popped over for the TT this year (Loads of family there still so they're not camping) - can't say I envy them the drizzle, every time I've been over this year so far it's been nothing but sunshine haha.
  4. A week or so later then... I've ended up going entirely the other way for most of my shots, pulling at 1:3 in about 35 seconds @ 95C, which is reminiscent as to how I'd be using the ol' turkish burrs - I'm pulling most shots to about 22-23% EY this way and they're heavenly sweet which is cool. Got some "darker" stuff coming in shortly (James Gourmet espresso roasts are normally somewhat more developed than the rest of the UK scene) and I'll be interested in seeing how that ends up drawing out.
  5. They've started doing retail kilo tins as of a few days ago
  6. I'm from the Isle of Man. Shame there's not much there speciality-wise
  7. I think my 2019 donation has gotten lost in the ether, the e-mail says "User: Unregistered" so I imagine something went wrong.
  8. Not going to use these burrs for any events then!
  9. Right - that's much more the shot that I ended up with after a year or two, that's a shame!
  10. I wonder how long period this will last - and whether I moved away from these simply because my burrs got ****ed, or just had a few hundred kilos through them. You're not rocking an EK at all any more are you?
  11. Celebrating getting all my equipment going again by pulling the Talor & Jorgen (RIP) Candy and Pixie Dust out of the freezer and wanging a shot through of that. 19g to 56 in 23s for a whopping EY of 23%, it's hard to believe somebody hasn't just pulped a pile of strawberries and microwaved them into the cup, ooft.
  12. Aye, 70% (probably a little higher if you factor in the 100% starter)
  13. So with Italian 00 flour it was no more sticky; proofed it a lot more than I meant to because it got very warm in the kitchen, so ended up with a thicker crust than I was planning - superb dough though, and a much better tomato sauce this time as I went with straight up blended Italian tomatoes with salt and oregano.
  14. [video=youtube_share;5APT36df04c] A 21s gusher, it’s not spaffing out everywhere so there’s that.
  15. Very much gusher territory, while I can tighten up and do 1:2 if I'm using the 18g basket, I haven't yet made a shot with these burrs at anything less than 2.8x dose that remotely tastes acceptable - this somewhat falls in line with what I remember from my standard coffee burrs before I buggered them up beyond recognition - at least the pour itself is tidy.
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