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  1. Not going to use these burrs for any events then!
  2. Right - that's much more the shot that I ended up with after a year or two, that's a shame!
  3. I wonder how long period this will last - and whether I moved away from these simply because my burrs got ****ed, or just had a few hundred kilos through them. You're not rocking an EK at all any more are you?
  4. Celebrating getting all my equipment going again by pulling the Talor & Jorgen (RIP) Candy and Pixie Dust out of the freezer and wanging a shot through of that. 19g to 56 in 23s for a whopping EY of 23%, it's hard to believe somebody hasn't just pulped a pile of strawberries and microwaved them into the cup, ooft.
  5. Aye, 70% (probably a little higher if you factor in the 100% starter)
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40359[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40360[/ATTACH] So with Italian 00 flour it was no more sticky; proofed it a lot more than I meant to because it got very warm in the kitchen, so ended up with a thicker crust than I was planning - superb dough though, and a much better tomato sauce this time as I went with straight up blended Italian tomatoes with salt and oregano.
  7. [video=youtube_share;5APT36df04c] A 21s gusher, it’s not spaffing out everywhere so there’s that.
  8. Very much gusher territory, while I can tighten up and do 1:2 if I'm using the 18g basket, I haven't yet made a shot with these burrs at anything less than 2.8x dose that remotely tastes acceptable - this somewhat falls in line with what I remember from my standard coffee burrs before I buggered them up beyond recognition - at least the pour itself is tidy.
  9. PI @ 70%, OPV capped at 6bars. I can't comment on the health of that four year old Sage, it's been on its last legs for a year now.
  10. First thoughts then.. My initial reaction was "Wtf, I can't pull the shots I was pulling with the old burrs at all" (15g -> 36g in 27s), everything is just pissing everywhere.. And then I remembered that when I first got my EK it was like that and actually my drifting towards the shorter and tighter shots was probably an indication of how ****ed my burrs actually were (Still getting 20.5-21% EY on most shots mind you, just gloopy)). So back to the 18g baskets, 19g doses, every single 1:2.0 -> 1:2.5 shot tasted like ass - refrac told me that I was bumping 21-22% EY on every shot regardless of configuration and then I realised I was trying to make the wrong thing. 1:2.8-1:3 so long as I keep the shot times below 21s yields tasty coffee and the refrac tells me I'm 21-21.5% EY for most of those shots. It pours very tidily even on a naked portafilter and every change to the dial (or non-change) has been met with an appropriate reaction from the output yield/time which would lend creedence to that pre-seasoning claim they make. Pulled a shot for my girlfriend this morning (19g to 55g in 20s @ 7.5TDS) and her reaction was "Wow, that's actually amazing" - she's not wrong, it's the sweetest coffee I've made in my own house (or tasted out of the house for that matter) in quite some time, it's not espresso - but I'm going to have to make peace with the fact once again that I'm using an EK43 and if I want gloopy-de-gloop I have to either play games (Drop temp by a heap I imagine) or get a grinder that's geared towards that kind of output, cos this level of sweetness is something else entirely. So.. are they better than stock burrs? Shrug, no idea, they remind me of my stock burrs four years ago before they travelled the world and had all sorts of shite (including aluminium) shoved through them. They certainly grind fast though.
  11. Hard to say - I primarily make sourdough with 85%+ dough so to me 70% feels dry, it didn’t need stick to anything anyway. ive got some 00 coming today for the next batch, I’ll report on how well that works later
  12. Giving this a go using the pizza stone, preheated and then using the grill to superheat it [ATTACH=CONFIG]40335[/ATTACH] Dough is is pretty lush 24hrs fermented sourdough with 10% whole at 70% hydration, definitely gonna get some more suitable flour and better tomatos for the next batch
  13. FYI I had this today and it was related to the de-scaler solution confusing a sensor or such (And is tangentially related to a similar issue where the machine refuses to descale because of presumably the same sensor) I ended up (as I had the sage apart anyway) manually pouring some fresh water into the boiler directly - which seemed to clear it, I probably don't recommend that.
  14. Considered it briefly; got lost in threads of people discussing what burrs they thought were best, almost just went with stock and grabbed these practically at a coin toss. I think if I was changing cos upgrade-itis I'd have put some more time into it, but any burrs gotta be better than my trashed ones!
  15. I've ordered me one of these. Not cos of upgradeitis, but because I dropped a piece of aliminium into my old burrs and entirely ****ed them - fingers crossed for good results!
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