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  1. Sorry I was slow to respond - yes these have both been sold now. Thanks everyone - Allen, hope you got back ok last night and enjoy the grinder.
  2. OK @ajohn I'll agree to £730 for the machine & bits if you can pick it up. Happy wife happy life etc... Will send you details over PM.
  3. @Instant no more ! Allen - £300 for the grinder sounds good. I'll PM you my details and we can figure out logistics. @ajohn John - Yes as mentioned, it's the rotary pump so is switchable. I've only ever run it off the tank, but have the mains connection kit that came with it if you want to plumb it in. It looks like the grinder has gone, so machine is going solo now if you want to make an offer... Jack
  4. My preference is to sell both together ideally, but would take £900 for the machine (collected - and can include the tampers, baskets etc if you want them). As I said, I've already taken quite a bit off so not prepared to go much lower than that. Cheers
  5. Thanks. Given I’ve already taken a chunk off, was hoping for something a bit closer to the asking price. Would you be able to collect?
  6. Hi all - resurrecting this now the technical issues with the thread seem to have been sorted out. This has been sitting around in our spare room while I've been enjoying my LMLM and my wife is, shall we say, expressing her strong desire that I find it a new home! So I will drop the price to £1000 for the pair if someone can take this off my hands. Happy to answer any Qs.
  7. Hi @xpresso - sorry for being slow, I was travelling and somehow the emails were going into my junk folder. Yes, still for sale.
  8. @Rom - apologies, there's been a sudden change in my circumstances (bl**dy boiler has just died) which means I'm going to have to reluctantly withdraw my offer as funds are needed elsewhere. Best of luck with the sale.
  9. I forgot to mention that there is a small mark on the top of the group where I once dropped a tamper... it's only about half a cm and purely cosmetic. See pics:
  10. I recently got bitten by the upgrade bug so it's time to find a new loving home for these two: 2016 ECM Mechanika Profi IV: £1100 2016 ECM S-Automatik 64 grinder: £350 £1350 if bought together (which would be my preference) These were bought new from BB in August 2016, so warranty has expired but they've both been good as gold. The machine had Brita tap water for the first year of its life, and has had Ashbeck ever since I moved house to an area with harder water. It's done roughly 2-4 shots a day. It's the rotary pump version and comes with plumb-in kit if you prefer to do that (I've only ever run it off the reservoir). I've recently replaced the group gasket and fitted a IMS shower screen. I'm also throwing in a single, double and naked PF, ECM convex tamper, ECM tamping station and blind basket (see pics). I already had a E37S when I bought the machine, but bought the S-Automatik in a package deal with the (ridiculous!) intention to use it as a secondary/decaf grinder which didn't really happen, so it's practically unused. It's a great combo and it has to be said they make a very handsome pair. Great for someone looking to make a step up e.g. from a Classic or Silvia (as I did). I don't have any of the original packaging, although probably have the manual and BB documentation somewhere if you need it. I don't want to ship this due to damage risk so collection only please, but I could probably meet you somewhere nearby. I'm based near Maidenhead, Berks. I can do Paypal/Bank transfer. Happy to answer any questions. Obviously all sales to be agreed on thread per forum rules. (I should note I'm a long-time lurker but newbie poster so forum police, please rap me on the knuckles if I've done anything wrong here!)
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