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  1. Just received my Feldgrind and with it taking 3 months to arrive aside...it is one serious piece of kit. I've upgraded from a minimill and just finished my first pour over. I used Drop Coffee beans from Stockholm and used a 2 full turn setting giving me a fairly course grind. The brew finished up at 2:30 and I used the bonavita smart kettle at 95 degrees. It is safe to say that this was the best home brew I have ever made despite not making any changes yet. I'd definitely recommend spending the extra £80 + to improve home brews as I don't think i'll be needing to change my set up for a long time! Downsides: I was a little disappointed that the grinder didn't come with any instructions. I used this forum to gage a setting so thanks to everyone for helping me out. All it would take is a little sheet of paper with a ball park number of what setting grinds what method...I know everyone is different but at least it gives the client somewhere to start instead of going in blind and wasting beans. Overall a positive response to the feldgrind and i'm looking forward to geeking out with it. You can keep up to date with how I get on over at my instagram account under the name 'manualdrip' so if anyone does buy one and is like me and doesn't have a clue where to start then i'll do my best to post grind settings - brew methods on there. Cheers guys, Lawrie
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys, greatly appreciated! I have been following his brand for a long, long time so I was fully aware of the size of the company both in popularity and in staff size. However, i'll be honest, when I ordered the product early November as a gift for myself from my family I did think it would arrive for christmas day over a month later. Then, to email the company and still not receive a reply three weeks later when i've paid £110 for their product...it's not on. I am in no doubt that the product will be everything I am after but I think they should be focussing more on customer service than instagram posts hinting that your item may be on it's way... *see their last post from two days ago.. is one mine? Who knows.
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me out! I ordered a 'made by knock' feldgrind over a month ago and it hasn't arrived. I was just wondering if anyone had a similar wait for theirs or if they had a direct contact that I could use to get in touch with them. Thanks, Lawrie
  4. I'd recommend getting Instagram and following them..As soon as they are available Made By Knock post a photo with a caption like '5 more now up'..yes they sell out in like 20 mins but still I think that is going to be my best bet of getting my hands on one.
  5. Hi guys, roughly what is the bean capacity of the feldgrind?
  6. Strange, for the money i've read that with steel burrs they're the best out there for home drip brewing..? I can'y think of anything else in that price range that's quiet, compact and good for home brewing?
  7. DavecUK really?? First person to say that to me..? Fevmeister...well I can go as high as £300 but won't be paying that for a second hand vario
  8. Still no varios? This wait is painful.. Preferably stell burrs but i'm not going to complain. Lawrie
  9. Yeah that's true, I've just owned a minimill for a few years now and wanted something electric as I'm getting lazy haha
  10. Is there anything out there in that price range for home brewing? Annoyingly I think I've just got to wait it out..
  11. There's a Virtuoso going on gumtree atm for £150...? I just love the Vario grind settings and the added addition of the upgrade to steel burrs
  12. But then with steel burr upgrade I'm looking at £300+...? One went for £110 on here the other day...I know that's ridiculous but still.
  13. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a second hand Mahlkonig Vario and aim to upgrade to steel burrs. That being said my budget is around the £260 mark new burrs included. Although they do come round often, I haven't seen one for a while so what else could I be in the market for that is just as good but still in my price range? Please note I'll be using this grinder for manual brewing only, v60 aeropress French press etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Lawrie
  14. had the same issue on Gumtree.. Seller wanted me to pay their £60 postage and wouldn't release their payment until my/their £60 was paid...yeah right, as if my money was going to get released..and as if i'm going to pay for your postage.
  15. I've always sworn by the recipe of 19g - 265g of water...Non inverted. It's quite a high dose and just really hits you in the face with a great body. Especially with a hasbean Yirgs this should give you lots of flavour: 19g - 265g 50g pre infusion for 30 secs and a good stir. Poor up to 265g (it should be pretty much right at the top of the aeropress) and give it another stir. Fit the plunger on the top to stop any dripping through the bottom of the aeropress and also keep the temp in. At 1:30 plunge for 30 secs. Alter the grind around this recipe keeping it as strict as possible. usually quite fine as 1:30 is quite a short brew time. Let me know how it goes, Lawrie
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