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  1. Tried to PM you but your inbox is full.
  2. Happy to meet you at lunch time or later in the day, maybe early evening, whatever works for you. Happy to have this marked as sold, I'm definitely committed now we've worked out collection.
  3. I work near Liverpool St. How heavy would it be packed? Happy to arrange to meet somewhere that suits you to collect!
  4. Ok, I have decided to make this work in my kitchen, so I want to take it, but I am in London, have no car and am as sceptical about couriers as most on here. So I am wondering, is there any chance you have plans to be in London in the next couple of months? Even if it's towards Christmas time, I'd be happy to put down a £50 deposit to secure the grinder between now and then. Any chance we might make this work? I'd love to give your Major a happy home!
  5. Very slow to respond, sorry. The height is an issue, I'm not going to get this under my cupboards. Very disappointing as this is an absolute bargain, I can't believe it's still here.
  6. How tall is it with just the lens hood doser? I'm interested but have very restricted space under cupboards.
  7. I had a similar moment with the 4-hole wand - my milk was going from zero to bubbles (and maybe some froth) in about half a second with no control. I think it's worth having on there if you want to steam for larger milk drinks or several drinks at once, but I only tend to make one flat white at a time...
  8. Received - thanks! Very happy with it.
  9. Oh so tempted... Couldn't pick it up for at least three weeks though
  10. Thanks! Been looking for something like this for a while, this looks exactly what I need. Fortunately it's been a slow day in the office!
  11. I'll take at asking please
  12. Arrived safe and sound in lovely condition today, thanks!
  13. Oh - the down side is that it's only a 2 channel source, so depends on your need (or not) for surround sound. Don't see if you specified on that yet, apologies if I missed it.
  14. If you've got multiple digital sources (NAS, CD player, Sky/TV box, PS3/4 etc), I'd definitely go DAC. In fact that's exactly what I did! Have had an rDac and irDAC from Arcam for about a total of 5 years now and love them. Easy to switch sources and consistently awesome sound. The only issue was that when I upgraded to the irDAC it showed the flaws of my speakers up so badly I ended up with the KEF LS50 bookshelves. Which are rather spectacular, the only downside being the subsequent hole in my wallet...
  15. I hope so, sounds like these grinders are rather lovely creatures!
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