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  1. I was disappointed that Coffeehit stopped the tulip cups, I was going to buy more as well! But instead I now have about 22 Duralex glasses ...
  2. I own an Expobar Leva HX and the Mignon, all from Bella Barista. Clumpiness on the grind? Yes. Good end results, heavy well made grinder that can take some use without getting hot? Yes. I took it to the UKBC and used it on stage alongside a Mahlkonig! I use two SJ's at work, all three taste great I think. I adore my Expobar, and don't really have many gripes. Steam pressure is ok, would like more but you can get lovely microfoam from it and easy to control. Recovery time from pulling an Americano/tea is good. All in all a nice little machine for home use, gets hot pretty quick too, easy to descale and clean in general (Keep that microfibre cloth handy!). Shots are absolutely 5 star for a sub £1000 machine.
  3. Square Mile Jirmiwachu. Om nom nom is all.
  4. I drink Lactofree Whole since realising it was lactose causing horrendous stomach upsets after coffee, it's also by Arla and filtered in some way, this stuff goes off stupidly quick though, smells off after three days! It does however make a really good cappuccino. But I still prefer espresso now .... Cravendale surely can't be that bad as it's supplied at the UKBC as standard, but sjenner is right in over processing stuff...
  5. I remember when I first discovered Costa and coffee for that matter, the one I frequented was the only one bar a few others I came across regularly, not I look out into one on a day to day basis (our coffee machine faces their counter!) and just see "We serve Costa" everywhere. Rapid expansion that will probably cause the brand to suddenly fizzle out in town centres like Starbucks perhaps? It's heartwarming to see our regular customers enjoying our offer of a random second coffee, alongside Has Bean's Jailbreak. Causes a nice talking point and hopefully expands people's knowledge of coffee away from "Dark roasted bitter water"! Someone I know works in a Tesco, brand new and said how terrible the coffee and chocolate offering is!
  6. When I first started getting into coffee, before I edged into the lighter more complicated roasts, my favourite coffee was one sold at Bella Barista, an Izzo blend, in a green bag. Made a lovely cappuccino from what I remember. Eitherway I agree with Gary, keep the bin fresh!
  7. Ah that's good timing, just back from my espresso machine. Thanks, Glenn!
  8. We use dosers at Bewiched, and the classic lever thwack. A bit noisy and inconvenient but it breaks the clumps up and it can be quite handy to have if a long list of drinks come through, as sometimes the Super Jolly isn't fast enough at peak times and letting the chamber fill just enough for the next shot in the queue whilst steaming milk etc speeds things up dramatically, then obviously leaving it empty after! When I worked in Costa, we experienced the problem Glenn highlighted if the grinder wasn't left to auto-fill itself.
  9. I've owned a spring lever machine, and now an E61, the spring lever (Ponte Vecchio) was an awkward bugger to heat up. You'd have to bleed the boiler of false air (could have been rectified with a vacuum breaker I guess) and then once the boiler was up to correct pressure, the group needed a good flush through, then left to sit for 15 minutes for the thermosyphon to start up, otherwise the group would be stone cold! E61, switch on and come back in 20 minutes and it's all good to go. In terms of shots, lever was certainly more forgiving, shots were short and syrupy. I feel though I've found more of a range of flavours in drinks with my E61, I struggled to learn a specific technique for the spring lever, just what tasted good went. With the E61 there's always a guide of what's going to work or be close as possible to the last coffee really. I did enjoy the hands on aspect of lever, but that's still sort of there with a traditional E61, I wouldn't like a push button on/off switch for the pump on my home machine!
  10. I'm registered for this heat, I haven't actually heard much though apart from a few emails regarding charities, open day today (which I wanted to go to but 150 mile round trip meant I couldn't!) is there anything exactly I need to do or just turn up ready on the two days? Either way it's all very exciting! Been enjoying the feed of photos on Flickr
  11. Welcome to the forums From personal experience it could be one of three things: Milk protein issues (occurs often in winter at work, horribly frustrating!) acidity in the coffee and obviously as others have said, overheating. Milk protein issue is often quite limited to full milk, what we get is when the steam wand is turned off regardless of the temperature, it bubbles up to the top like washing up liquid and isn't pourable into any form of latte art unless you let it sit. I find more acidic coffees cause the micro-foam to fizz and dissipate over time. And like Glenn said, overheat and it goes flat ... and smells pretty rank!
  12. I just received my Aeropress today as well, I followed a method I got at Ozone Coffee Roasters ... 1 1/2 scoops of fresh medium-fine grinds (going to weigh 14g tonight instead), rinsed filter paper and let water sit for 1 minute, add coffee and water to the 4, stir and let brew for 2 minutes, and plunge. Surprisingly for my first go I was well impressed, going to try a bit finer tonight and see what happens. I was quite surprised when it said only stir for 10 seconds and plunge! I used Has Bean's Philter blend...
  13. Coffee related ... Tall Porlex for my Aeropress which is on order. And dark wooden handles for my Expobar!
  14. Just tried this on both coffee's I made tonight, first time by accident! I lowered the lever and whilst gazing at the bottomless finish it's extraction I realised I hadn't de-pressurised the system, and the flow was slowing instead of stopping, my dad was impressed, so I tried it on my flat white, it really does taste great! Who needs a £5000 GS3 ... Could have a good play around with this
  15. I've got a single hole on a HX Expobar and a Toroid jug, I find it fool proof really, instead of trying to swirl the milk just point the tip down the spout pointing at a 45 degree angle towards the bottom corner of the jug, so the milk rolls instead of whirlpools. Will post a video next time if I remember!
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