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  1. I have a PID on one of my classics and to be perfectly honest don't understand how it works (or is meant to work) it does some odd things on occasion but I never got around to figuring it out. I'd tell you if I knew what I was looking at!
  2. Are we not adding a touch of water to the beans to reduce static? I saw Hoffman doing it on YouTube and gave it a go it has a pretty remarkable effect. I don't spray into the hopper like he seems to so but I had be the beans a stir with a wet spoon or finger!
  3. Are the shims a particularly complicated shape or could you just Cut up an old credit card? Edit: Just watching the below video if this is the problem it looks pretty bodgeable to me. https://youtu.be/xPdS8NDi4Bs
  4. It ain't broke don't fix it? Some of the older machines start to fall apart when you dismantle them. Heat causes the wiring to get fragile you get failures where the connectors are crimped. Also beware corroded bolts and screws. The biggest issue you will have is stripping a bolt if you don't have experience or tools to extract them. Mind you if you are going to upgrade with a PID can't hurt to get to know the machine. As you say yours looks pretty good from the photos if it's not been used much should come apart easy. I speak from my vast knowledge of dismantling 7 classics.
  5. This is so very odd to me. Do we think the grinder is retaining a lot of fines that are then collecting in the grind of the second dose? Or is it the grind quality is changing when grinding back to back shots... Heat buildup? I'd be curious how long you have to wait before grinding the second shot to get it to pull in the same time as shot one.
  6. Can you describe your process of pulling a shot in more detail. What model classic do you have? How long are you waiting before pulling the second shot? Are you steaming milk in between? Do you grind each shot on demand? First thoughts the water temperature is too high for the second shot. Or maybe there's a fault with some component that only manifests when the machine has heated up. Do you have a pressure gauge attachment to.check the pressure on consecutive shots?
  7. Thanks Skylark. Sale all complete, made the fist coffee this morning . Tis a lovely set up.
  8. Ill take both at asking. *Provided the description is accurate (how tiny is tiny?) and I can collect with a demo of everything working?* Not to cast doubt on your honesty but its a lot of monies! Im traveling to various sites for work in the North east so I'd pickup on one of those days. At a distance ofc .
  9. I've always tamped using the weight of my forearm only, minimal shoulder action! I like using the levelling tool since I got given one as a gift, my grinder and funnel don't give great distribution or a level puck without some work. Having the levelling tool as well just feels a bit easier for when you just want a coffee but aren't necessarily going for the god shot.
  10. I've always separated large batches and bagged them expelling the air as much as possible and then put them in an airlocked sandwich container. I can't remember why i started double sealing them but i don't noticed any deterioration really. Mind you i dont do this for my most of expensive brewed coffees i just try and buy small batches.
  11. Have you got a photo? Not sure what you mean. There is a bit if play to the notches on mine you can swivel the burr about a little when its seated.
  12. There are various wiring diagrams knocking about the internet but often the colours are wrong or the looms have been changed if you've had it refurbed. You can sort of follow the wiring once you have a wiring diagram.
  13. I replaced the original with a Parker ZB09 its slightly smaller overall but the ID fits the valve just fine. I did try all the recommended ways of testing the coil on a faulty and a working coil and I couldn't hear or a feel a click on either... in case anyone else tries it.
  14. Have you got a photo of one of these repairs? I've got similar weld issues and i was thinking if trying epoxy glue but the bolts sounds interesting.
  15. Are you removing the tank each time to fill it?
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