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  1. I've always found the timer button to be one of my least favourite parts of the grinder. It doesn't feel like a quality bit of engineering and sometimes if i push it for too long it will start and stop a cycle. I think I've gotten used to it over time and have learnt to push it in a manner that doesn't upset it.. I usually just set it to over shoot the single dose time by a few seconds I've never found it accurate enough to do it spot on. Didn't try that hard mind you.
  2. One final update. I had an old coffee machine stashed in the loft and decided to rip it apart and compare the pump with the classic's. It was a different pump but the internals were similar. Including a small stainless steel ball that I used to replace the small plastic ball that resides in the gaggia classic pump. The plastic ball gets worn away and eventually gets stuck stopping the flow. Mine didnt seem to be that bad - it was moving freely but it seems under pressure it must have been getting stuck, with the new stainless ball everything is working fine. No new pump needed.
  3. Seems I spoke too soon. After I put it back together the pump was working fine, I did a pressure test and it got to 9 bar. Tried to pull a shot just now and exactly as before the flow stopped mid shot, remove the filter and no flow through group or steam arm. Removed the outlet pipe from the pump and no water is flowing again. Is this new pump territory?
  4. Thanks for the information. Dismantled the pump and examined the internals, found some little bits of dirt didnt think it was enough to block the pump but apparently it was. Cleared it out and reassembled it seems to be working now. Will report back if it breaks again. This video on YT is very helpful for breaking down the pumps:
  5. Need some help, running out of ideas. I left my gaggia in the care of my parents and they well and truely trashed it. Very infrequent descaling for a year, it finally decided to pack up and water stopped flowing through the group. I stripped it, descaled everything changed all the seals. Reassembled it and seemed to be working fine. I pulled a few shots and steamed some milk then in the middle of pulling the 6th shot the flow dropped to almost nothing. I started over and pulled another shot just fine. Next day pulled 3 shots and steamed some milk, go for a 4th and flow stops again in the middle of the shot. Now no water comes from group with or without the filter attached and nothing from the steam arm either (at brew or steaming temp). I suspected no water was reaching the boiler. Tried running the pump without the pipe attached (to the boiler) nothing is coming out, in my head this means something is wrong? Water should be flowing from the pump outlet right? Maybe i dont understand how it works. I've stripped it all again, soacking all components again, pocked with needles in the all the holes I can't see any scale I thought a chunk might have disloged and got stuck somewhere but doesnt look like it. Pump still vibrates, if it was dying what should i be looking for? Appreciate any suggestions.
  6. Try and crank it while its still attached to the boiler for more leverage or as above the block of wood works. Two adjustable wrenches can work but its a pain.
  7. Yeh on the classic. I found a parts diagram that describes it as "33 BLK PROTECTION FOR FOLK SPRING TUBE D=" Not particularly helpful... The motor on my parents classic was resting against the casing making it REALLY loud i thought it might be meant to protect the top of the pump from butting up against the metal but every diagram / photo / video ive seen its right down on the boiler.
  8. The rubber bung thing that is around the pipe between the pump and opv. What is it?
  9. Ill offer asking price for the lot but I'd need to hassle you for delivery I'm a long way from reading.
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