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  1. You should have gone up to Margate and Curve coffee territory 🙂
  2. If you're planning to just use it with a moka pot and boilbrew, then you may have more other options. Part of what makes the Niche special, imo, is that it's able to single dose and cover both espresso and filter coffee to a good level. There are a few grinders around which might be cheaper that can grind to filter level, but generally not necessarily single dosing. Espresso is harder to get right and this is part of where it's shines for the price you pay for a new grinder (freakishly cheap used grinder options not included in this statement). Depending on where you are located you might be able to see (which I suppose should be taste!) one in action as there are a lot currently being used by forum members.
  3. I was just joking. Sorry I thought a triple "not" was enough to show it was a joke. Next time I'll add an emoticon as well in case it helps to convey things better. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  4. I hope you're not saying it's badly designed. If you're not not saying that it's not badly designed, then that's also fine.
  5. I think it usually comes with a pump from Fracino. I guess you picked it up secondhand? It might be worth giving fracino a ring to check the details or possibly somebody may have one to confirm what it is specifically. See on here towards the bottom of the page https://www.shopcoffee.co.uk/product/machines/espresso-coffee-machines/fracino-coffee-machines/fracino-contempo-electronic-dual-fuel-2-group/ 1. 1. The Rotary Pump is supplied as standard with the Coffee Machine.
  6. jlarkin

    Two Chimps

    No worries 🙂.
  7. jlarkin

    Two Chimps

    It's a natural! Interestingly (to me anyway) 2 chimps said their fave way to brew this is with a cafetiere. Haven't tried it yet would be likely early next week. . .
  8. Guys Rock...oh beaten to it 🙂
  9. @coffeebeanmight have an idea from his experience? In case you're looking for help getting it kitted out, he can help with that also
  10. Not fully mown - oh sorry are we talking hair up there or down there? It's less tufty than the picture but all of my lawns could do with a little more care and attention to be honest.
  11. I'd guess that's the point. If the peak can handle evian then it can handle other waters?
  12. It was my first thought when I tried out shaving off the beard and leaving a moustache when I was about 18, makes sense most people seem to see it 🙂
  13. Now I think about it, I'm missing a trick not getting some nice Cupper Joe logos on my white grinders...
  14. They had some with a different finish which were limited edition and they weren't going to sell. I can't remember what the process was, but they looked awesome. You could always ask Niche about it - in case you have a hankering to jazz it up in future. They're very approachable. Personally I really like it's look but also it's such a good grinder that I'd have it either way.
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