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  1. @foundrycoffeeroasters.comis a great coffee roaster and based in Sheffield I believe they run some beginners courses and do great coffee, well worth starting to learn from as many places as you can - in my opinion.
  2. @coffeebeana sponsor and member here both runs a mobile coffee operation and supplies equipment. So would be well worth discussing with him. Have you decided how you're going to do this? From a van, bike, something else?
  3. Welcome Joe. I'm Joe, born and raised in BSE but now in Hampshire. Sounds like a nice set-up you've got, are they recent acquisitions?
  4. Darn! If not for the kids I would have been asking if you wanted some support 🙂. Is it on today? Hope all goes well!
  5. I remembered reading when it was first around that Niche, before getting their own cups made, were using a chocolate shaker cup. So a very quick google returned this, I think there may be better fitting options - as theirs was - but I have cups so not interested to dive in further 🙂 https://www.lakeland.co.uk/32141/PME-Stainless-Steel-Shaker-with-Cover?gclid=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB_KKy-7Fmn-nFFCzQXu8Fi2UQ4mMQmOiLedC5eROh7XwMc90z9Pno8aAmJQEALw_wcB&src=gfeed&ef_id=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB_KKy-7Fmn-nFFCzQXu8Fi2UQ4mMQmOiLedC5eROh7XwMc90z9Pno8aAmJQEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!49!3!406904279484!!!g!296800576029!
  6. Whereabouts are you based? You might be able to try some other grinders depending on if form folks are nearby to you etc. @coffeechapmight have a secondhand grinder within your budget and you can know that from him he'll tell you if it needs any work or what the status is etc. The Niche is a nice grinder but if you're wondering then it doesn't hurt to check...
  7. I don't know if it helped them in the long run but I recall a few roasters offering some very good offers on here, in return for feedback or just the cheap price and the queue seemed to be outside of the online door. For wholesale, I think it's great if you're perhaps able to approach some people locally to you and start to build a relationship if they're interested but obviously depends on you. Instagram and facebook are still good online sources I'd expect and obviously making sure your website is nice and easy to discover via google (other search engines are available) and maybe a google my business presence so that people searching locally might see you etc.
  8. It really would be the cherry on top the side - sounds a great idea. I think it's all been mentioned but rather than cross-checking a (non-exhaustive but fairly long) checklist might look like this TampersJugs (small, medium, large, chocolate etc)Cloths for steamTrolleysHot ChocolateCoffeeStirrersSugarTeaHandheld hooverCloths for PFGrinderzKnock BoxWater for CoffeeWater urn CupsCupper Joe TshirtsTablecloth or CoverCoolerIzettleCharging cables and plugCold drinksMilkOat milkTamping stationPitcher rinserWaste bottleWater for tea! Roller bannerBin bagsCup stand and lid holdersFeather flagTable Electrical Extensions Mat
  9. I can't see a reply - is there actually one there?
  10. There are plenty of biodegradable cups etc. but as far as I know they would all be saying they're biodegradable with commercial composting. Veolia and maybe others will take cups to composting so you might be able to do that. Depending on how many cups you're expecting, it might be difficult to compost them with whatever other waste you had and actually have viable compost at the end ?
  11. Profile Location says Glasgow (which I know you don't see on Tapatalk).
  12. Not sure about this one specifically some of them are quite good. You might already have tried but a search on the forum might find some threads where people have commented on various ones. It depends on the specific one, sometimes fit outside the basket and others can fit inside the basket. Also not sure anybody is doing it at the moment (don't remember seeing the threads pop up for a while) but there were some 3d printing threads on here where you could have a 3d printed dosing ring, which worked quite well.
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