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  1. jlarkin

    Christmas blends

    Although it's seasonal doesn't look like the broadway blend is yet a Christmas blend... I like Climpsons so thought I'd have a look.
  2. I haven't got an Osmio so don't know much about that. Though you won't be filling an empty water tank each time - so the concern of a 1.2litre dispense from osmio is a non-issue. You can refill the tank occasionally and even if you wanted to fill the whole tank, I imagine you'd plan when you were emptying it completely perhaps as part of a cleaning routine.
  3. I haven't managed to get there this year, but thought Colonna and Smalls was exceptional every time that I've been (maybe 10 times or so). I enjoy the vibe and the people were all nice but generally busy when I was there.
  4. Think Edit option is time based, I can't recall how long but it's a somewhat short time before it's stopped if I remember correctly.
  5. hi Nick, I edited and numbered for simplicity. 1. As far as I'm aware you set either duration or volume, their is no point in trying to set both. That said, in my opinion there is also no point in setting duration. Try to use time as a bit of a guide but the amount of drink you make is the best guide IMO. I use manual button every time fwiw. Get yourself a look at the beginners weighing espresso thread, will try to find it in a moment and get some scales and try that. 2. Yes, you cannot do both. From what i know only a very advanced control could try to give you a specific volume in a set time, as it would control the flow depending on the resistance from the coffee puck. 3. Perhaps 🙂. It is most likely due to the combination of stale beans and a relatively entry level grinder for espresso grinding. Now that you've got the Sage DB if funds allow, you may wish to consider upgrading the grinder next and you'll likely find loads of temptations if you look around the forum long enough from a little more expensive to well a LOT MORE and everything in between. That pressure gauge is more of a guide though, as 9 bar doesn't hold any magic. How's the coffee tasting?
  6. I just try to do one straight tamp down. I like the Chris Baca video on tamping - though I do struggle to do the side on tamp when it gets busy I revert to standing straight on to it but trying to keep rest straight not putting strain on wrist etc. That vid -
  7. jlarkin

    Londinium r

    maybe grab another coffee
  8. Not for me but just wondered did you sell it locally?
  9. I didn't get into detail but I know somebody near me that bought one and wasn't very happy with it, but it was just in passing they mentioned it. It might be for your second drink of the day, that you're waiting, but as you mentioned waiting 20 minutes did you know the Sage does have a built in timer? You can use it to turn it on once a day...
  10. Looks near - is it actually available or still in the works?
  11. hehe, you will likely feel the same just thought it worth checking. I quite like either but I think it does take some getting used to. Depending on how strong you like the coffee, you could always try having a bit less oat milk in a drink as well?
  12. Which oat? I remember some people (think it was @jeebsyand somebody else) finding that Oatly had a strange taste with some coffees and they preferred Minor Figures Oat.
  13. any specific technique for bonsoy or is it just like any alternative? I haven't ever used it, but doing a few things where it might be handy to have more than one alternative milk, so was thinking of looking into it more
  14. Minor Figures Oat milk is very good - it's the one alternative to dairy that I offer with my pop-ups. You can get it online, if you decide you like it from tchibo or minor figures direct.
  15. You're welcome to "pop" down any time 🙂
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