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  1. "You @hasi an offer" is surely the way to do this? 😁
  2. jlarkin

    "Taster Packs" ?

    I didn't use it, not ordering at the mo but also got that voucher pop-up. I had the feeling it was when I started to go to close the page, but that might have been a coincidence (in case anybody is not seeing it at first).
  3. jlarkin

    "Taster Packs" ?

    Horsham always seem to have this tasting bag option - https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/collections/coffee-beans/products/tasting-selection
  4. Could be worth having a chat with Andy from Ta Moko - as he's close by to Salisbury. I don't know if he does domestic. He did a pressure test for me on a La Spaz and seemed like a good guy - http://www.tamokoespresso.co.uk/
  5. To the OP, if you get a Sage make sure you look after it carefully. Putting good water in it (not too hard etc.) and descaling regularly is essential - from my experience but it is a good machine to make coffee with!
  6. It's out of the way but if you don't go this time check out the The Almond Thief (The Almond Thief, 3/4 Webbers Yard Estate, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JY) some time. It's got Crankhouse coffee and the bakery stuff is incredibly good. One of the best places that I've been to for sure. Possibly more helpful for this trip Hog and Hedge are pretty good from what I saw of the Newbury place a while back. Their main coffee guy is the manager of the other site - which is just on the A30 in Whiddon Services I haven't been but if you don't get a better option looks good location wise for you http://hogandhedge.co.uk/
  7. Is there an issue using deionised water - I thought it wasn't preffered when in contact with metals but if adding Third Wave Water to it then it won't be an issue? I'll likely use RO water with the TWW added. Looking forward to the cupping, should be interesting.
  8. Just saw an instagram post from James Hoffman and he's doing "the worlds biggest cupping" on 21st September with a live stream based on coffee they send out from Square Mile. You can see his video about it and more info on youtube Sounds good fun, what do you think. Will you give it a try?
  9. jlarkin


    Sorry it's quite hard to tell, sometimes the lugs on portafilters and where they fit are slightly different angles and then they're not compatible between each other. On the face of it they do look similar, but it seems like Sage should be best placed to tell you. Possibly if you're in the UK a John Lewis might have both in stock and you could just try it yourself?
  10. jlarkin


    the Sage DB is a 58mm PF so won't fit. Sage list the 54mm tamper as compatible with these models but they don't mention the Bambino Plus there. They may have been peverse enough to have a slightly different design for the bambino plus for some reason, but you could see if they're compatible. 54mm Tamper for the Barista Express™, BES875UK, and the Duo-Temp™ Pro, BES810BSSUK.
  11. They were a forum sponsor and still may be. I bought my EK43 from them. That was fine, I paid and they gave me an EK. No problems at the time and haven't needed any contact since. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  12. I got carried away... Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
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