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  1. I don't use them often at the moment but any advice depends on the coffee and method you use. I humbly suggest trying out the James Hoffman method for french press - from this video - and then I'm pretty sure you aren't going to need to go so coarse. You can use quite a fine grind with french press. BTW the fact you have to do full rotations kind of gives you an idea of how adjustable it is. If it went from espresso to a coarse setting (say for chemex or some v60 etc.) in one turn then it would be making a wider adjustment in the grind setting with a smaller turn of the dial - if you see
  2. Yes agreed. I like James Hoffman and tend to watch most of the vids and appreciate his opinion.
  3. Given he bought everything "coffee" he could find in IKEA to chuck into a video, we can be confident that a purchase from James Hoffman isn't to be taken as indicative of anything beyond a desire to review 🙂 (unless he states otherwise I spose)
  4. I haven't tried it, but remembered that Dhan Tamang offers a Nepali coffee - https://dtcoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/dt-coffee-nepal-palpa
  5. 1. Dalerst 2. Cooffe 3. Dunk 4. ratty 5. EricC 6. fatboyslim 7.cjonny 8.AmandaH 9. Phil104 10. matted 11. Salty 12. jlarkin 13. jlarkin's bro (hoping it's OK to show some support to the roaster and all with extra orders...)?
  6. jlarkin

    The Body Coach

    I think as he's giving the proceeds from advertising to the NHS - even if you don't want to do it everybody should put it on everyday and mute it and do something else?
  7. Genuinely interested " high caffeine single origin" How do you know it's high caffeine or is it not arabica? I hadn't read about your venture but sounds great, good luck with it! For coffees that might intrigue and delight, it's another single origin but Curve Roasters Espresso roasted Gitesi is beautiful. Anything from @Craft House Coffee is usually good and Tom's helpful to chat with you about it if you wanted to ask his advice ?
  8. @Scotfordtried a brew with some of it's output at the LCF last year - water from the toilet (sink in the toilet anyway) with a brew. It was around at LCF though I missed it and it's been popping up in different places over time.
  9. She might have it today. I saw it on a different website yesterday but just got the email today about it's postponement...
  10. When one of the delays is a complete redesign of the filter, avoiding a bottleneck would be more difficult. It's a pity they didn't decide to send the jugs out with 1 filter to get them out to the backers with any extras ordered following after. Yes I'm more talking of them flagging it or managing it as you say - with some variant like that. It presumably wasn't only noticed when they started sending them.
  11. 1. EricC2. ratty3. Asgross4. nickdems5. Jason116. Fez7. Mudlark138. MinesAbeer9.Border_all10. Rickv11. Matted12.Cooffe13 AmandaH14. Catpuccino15. Planter16. Dunk (planter is paying. Being shipped to dunk direct). 17. jlarkin
  12. I can nearly understand that, though you'd think the only advantage of taking so long to actually produce it, after crowdfunding, should have been plenty of time to foresee that?
  13. @Glenn I know you've been in the past, do you think you'd return? Also I hope you're well, long time no see! @ScotfordI only really go to try and see you, are you there bruvva? @Craft House Coffee ignore what I just said to Scotford, you're the star attraction. Will you be there, please say it's so? ?
  14. Not tried to drive to it, it's quite busy area in Brick Lane etc. but you could probably find something on justpark.com if you want to
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