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  1. I was lucky enough to get some professional shots from Angela Ward-Brown Photography (photo credits to her!) recently. I'm using this set-up for smaller events and have been very happy with it 😎
  2. *phew* finally you'll be able to start posting again, oh wait...😂
  3. I can't see an option to see the threads that you're subscribed to. Am I just missing it? I find it sometimes handy to double check if their are updates on those topics rather than browsing everything that's new. . .
  4. Just the light, my eyes are enchanting right [emoji6]
  5. Better photos would be coming but... This to that.
  6. How did you get this? They told me to keep it all under (chicken) wraps [emoji23]
  7. Couple of V60s with it last two days. I think it's developing still. Sweet, clean, more to come
  8. Keep it light and natural basically, just you but better...
  9. 100% you can do it with the machine. It is knowing what you're aiming for and practising as you say. It takes time and repeating it. Consciously trying to improve, like anything. P. S. I'm still working on it too...
  10. Pit stop on the way. Good batch filter with 3 options, nice
  11. Haha! Thanks. She's on a maternity leave/break at the moment, so no fudge to be found [emoji17].
  12. Sorry to distract from the "hilarity"[emoji23]. As the official coffeeforums.co.uk model (new badge please @Glenn), I'll be taking part in this makeover today. All being well I'll post on my Instagram that's [url]https://www.instagram.com/cupperjoe/[/url] during the day and something on here later as well.
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