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  1. Hey guys, I've been eyeing these two since they were posted, and been quite vocal about getting them but a little hesitant to actually go a head and say the magic words. When I finally made up my mind I found that they were bought about 10 minutes before, slightly upset for taking too long and missing out. So imagine my surprise when I got my morning cup of coffee placed in front of me in one of them! It would probably make the story better if I said that i realised immediately what was going on, but i only noticed somethings different when I actually grabbed the cup and went for a sip! Turns out my girlfriend got these 2 as a surprise gift. Thanks to @Glenn and @cambosheff for allowing this to happen. Really happy with the cups! Apologies for taking a while to post this, last 2 weeks were a bit hectic and heavy on travel.
  2. Got mine as well, love the weight behind it, also it fits VST so well compared to my old made by knock 58.4. Stunner. Thanks coffeechap
  3. Ah, That's rather annoying. Hopefully better luck next time one of them is listed at a reasonable price
  4. @onluxtex that's a shame - did you manage to get it? I reached out a day or two ago but never heard back
  5. No worries, thought the odds were low but worth asking - @[email protected] Glad to see that the grinder found the new home so quickly
  6. @[email protected] I suppose you don't have upcoming trips planned for Edinburgh, do you?
  7. Would you consider posting @np123? This looks really good but just touch bit too far for me to consider collection
  8. I will take 2x 250g of Brazil please. Thanks,
  9. Thanks for the offer Andy - I'll keep that in mind for the future! Delivery is sorted for tomorrow but much appreciated in any case.
  10. Hey Kacper, As stated above I would prefer collection, however since I am off on the 7th of Jan, I would be happy to deliver this machine to you. Car hire + fuel + insurance would cost me roughly £100. Therefore I would agree to £1950. I would feel more comfortable if the machine was delivered to you personally rather than using a courier service. Also as mentioned in the original thread - there are some bits and bobs that would come with the machine (2 crafted wooden boxes with accessories).
  11. I'm afraid 1500 + delivery is way too low. I'm standing by my original offer.
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