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  1. I’m waiting on the last pre-order with November delivery. I’ve not got mine yet, but have fingers crossed for early delivery like the last batch! I didn’t listen to my FOMO back in August and delayed to the point of missing a couple of pre-order batches. Regretting that now as I sit and wait for the grinder always knew I wanted all along!!
  2. Interesting and more confounding variables :-). I’ve previously always taken the basket out of the portafilter to make the tapping distribution easier, but now I leave it in with the new tool. Therefore, there could be a big temp difference on the basket. I’m clearly not cut out for experimental design — I won’t tell you what I do for a job!
  3. I’ve finally emerged from the WDT Stone Age and abandoned the 3mm Tesco kebab skewer I’ve been using since I first read about the technique on HB 10+ years ago. Now I’ve got a fancy new tool with 7 x 0.2mm acupuncture needles. I’ve noticed that the shots I’ve been pulling since have sped up quite a bit (7-10 secs) for the same grind setting, and I’ve had to adjust the grind more finely to compensate. The coffee still tastes good, with no obvious signs of channelling in the bottomless portafilter or puck. I’m wondering what the reason for this might be after reading this thread. My assumption is that maybe it’s not the WDT tool itself, but a change to the way I’m doing distribution because of it. The old kebab skewer was ok for stirring grinds and breaking up bigger clumps, but totally useless at distributing the coffee around the basket. I had to do this with a lot of tapping and shaking. With the new tool, I can distribute with the needles and so the tapping and shaking is gone from the process. I once read, don’t ask me where, that too much tapping to distribute grinds can cause fines to migrate to the bottom of the puck. I wonder if that’s the difference: a previous bed of fines at the bottom slowing things down, whereas now they’re remaining spread throughout the puck. Just a theory, probably nonsense.
  4. I'm happy to read this post. I've always felt a little guilty of going against the orthodoxy of warming cups, in search of a tasty espresso when in a morning rush! I'll have to give cooled cups a try.
  5. Hi, Has anyone got any tips for extracting the Finca Argentina (I'm a few weeks behind!)? I started 20g -> 40g in ~30 secs and found nothing more than a slight cocoa taste, certainly not milk chocolate. I've dropped to 18g -> 32g in ~30 secs to try and bring out the caramel. However, now the shot is just bland and not noticeably more choc. Normally I'd put this down to milk chocolate beans not being to my taste (I like big fruity espresso). However, it seems strange that the taste is so bland given the rave reviews this coffee gets -- suggesting there's a lot more I could do here to get a better taste out.
  6. It's been about 8 years since I did anything with Phidgets, so this might all be very out of date! There used to be a nice debugging interface that'd let you check whether everything was connected up and working right. If this still exists, you could try connecting up your Phidget board on its own to see if it's giving the temperature readings you are expecting. Then you'd know if it's the setup with artisan or the hardware that's the problem. It looks like they've still got the UI I recall: http://www.phidgets.com/docs/Phidget_Control_Panel
  7. This Kenyan is my favourite IMM coffee so far.
  8. Great, thanks a lot. All signed up.
  9. I'm an IMM subscriber, should j have been emailed a link? I'm really keen to take part!
  10. If your trail cam is in range of your wireless you could use a wireless SD to see what it's taking in real time (well once the files have been saved by the camera). http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-Flash-Class10-Wireless-Memory/dp/B00HEDF8MQ
  11. I've had some great beans after starting In My Mug 6 weeks ago. My highlight was the Guatemalan Natural Bourbon, because it was something I never would have ordered (I normally go for fruity beans) but really really enjoyed. Lovely dark chocolate with a boozy finish. http://www.inmymug.com/episodes/episode-365-on-monday-the-9th-of-november-2015-guatemala-el-limon-natural-bourbon
  12. I think I've managed to pin the Brazilian down to the tasting notes around 20>40>26. It was a bit too bitter and liquorice-y with a tighter grind. This one isn't really to my taste as an espresso; I prefer things to be fruity and boozy. I can see it being great for anyone who prefers a smooth and chocolaty espresso though.
  13. A small knockout box is handy, and saves you having to shake the portafilter over the bin. A blank basket for backflushing. I'd highly recommend the espro calibrated tamper as well, if you are worried about tamp pressure affecting your technique.
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