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    At least they can generally be revived 👍
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    I must say it does taste good, I guess I was worrying that coffee being lower in the basket than Sage think it should be might cause other problems. I guess I should stop worrying if it tastes good and the time isn't out of the ordinary
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    Great video - thanks. Can’t wait to try my new found knowledge tmw morning
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    The problem is they sleep all day so would be better suited to the house of lords....
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    Haven't started these yet due to buying additional from steampunk.
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    This space tourism thing . . . It'll never take off!
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    How on Earth would you find time for 25 cups a day? It takes me 10-15 minutes to enjoy one cup. I’m not sure Ian would be overly happy to see me drinking coffee for 7 hours per day. While the coffee may not be detrimental to health, the sitting down for hours and ensuing rows may be 😂
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    So at work I need a grinder, I mean I really, really need a grinder as the Nescafe is 1 disgusting and 2 puts me to sleep almost, which is not a good thing when your sitting in the middle of 40 people in a open plan office. I had the same problem when I worked at the Alzheimers society Nescafe + spreadsheets = impending sleep. So the plan has been for a while to get a grinder for the kitchen at work and some kind of espresso machine. The regional charity I work for now likes to choose its own smaller charity each year and raise funds for it, we have about 120 staff so its good to give other small local charities a hand, for example in the kitchen at work we have a tuckshop that raises about 2K a year - Aha I thought here is my chance to get a grinder into the workplace and hopefully use it to raise some funds . Enter into the equation a 99p 2014 Macap that I won on ebay - listed as for spares or repair - not running, from past experience I know that these are actually ok grinders 65mm burrs, quite well built and if its not turning it will be the capacitor . Ive got about 6 weeks till the Gaggia chrome comes back and although I can rebuild the chassis there is a Macap sized space in itinerary at the moment I should add that ive confirmed the capacitor needs replacing as it runs fine if you give the spindle a twist Why do a thread on a Macap when you have pimped one before, well partly I'm really smug at getting it for 99p, and for those with limited resources a macap often provides the chance to get a commercial grinder on the cheap Anyway first photos, this was used in this state up till it stopped working - well crusty,
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    There are plenty of people on here happy to spend your money for you
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    Saw these a few months ago, today they were given as a lovely gift by two lovely boys who are not even my own.
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