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    When the mining towns are voting Tory, you know Labour have really screwed up.
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    It is better than Christmas because I get what I want 😇 .. And there is more , some nice timber blanks and some dust extraction gear with a few tools thrown in ... 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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    Our great new Prime Minister celebrating his win and someone called Boris and Buckethead later pictured leaving for No10
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    This shows the real colour more after a coat of finishing oil
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    Pleasure to meet you today! Machine looks gorgeous in its new home! Still lots to try and learn...Guess this thread can now move to sold?
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    Stay up? no, but I hope to enjoy a few smiles in the morning Market reaction so far seems right
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    Thank you! And I'm glad. Elektra is a beautiful machine indeed. And @Batianseems to be a lever expert, definitely in safe hands!
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    How about one for the professionals (& past winners) running concurrently with the amateurs? Could even have a grand final between the 2 winners.
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    Ebay Discount - Just a heads up to say i've listed my Niche Zero and Strega on Ebay, they appear to be offering a 10% discount if you buy through paypal.... I've said in the Ebay listing i won't take paypal, however, if you would like to buy either and get in touch with me via the forum while the paypal deal is still running I will adjust the price on Ebay for you to reflect what i'm asking here and will accept paypal so you'll benefit from the discount. This route will mean you will get the Niche less than £350 and the Strega will be under £750 so an absolute bargain.
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    No doubt will need a bit of advice when I get started. I've got some bread equipment but decided to invest in a large oval Banneton. I've got a couple of small bread tins so intend to make around 900g in the mixing bowl before transferring to the Banneton and finally splitting between the two bread tins. So at the moment the starter is in the fridge after I fed it for 24hrs first, great reaction from it bubbling away, and now laying lightly dormant in the fridge as to be expected
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    Also beans for the holiday period. Say hello to my little beans! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Couple of sourdough ciabattas - 85% hydration
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    Cool :-) One thing to bear in mind when discussing brew ratios is that espresso ratios are based on the weight of the beverage in the cup, whereas brewed coffee ratios are based on the weight of the brew water poured, so a 1:13 Americano (not that I am suggesting you do this, as you have found what you like) would be a very similar ratio to a 1:15 drip brew.
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    Only 300 bags that's the difference. It's a small lot that's too small to advertise onsite and usually something special. It's a pain stumping up £100 at Christmas, but at least every month you get a nice bag of something. Like Mildred though, some haven't been my cup of tea coffee but others have been. I've always liked Hasbeen as a good quality roaster, but I think it'll probably be the last year I'm doing it as has been mentioned there are more top class roasters popping up (plus I have coffee coming out of my ears at home)
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    Haha! I can’t read the name out without thinking how it sounds when you say the name out loud 🤣🤣🤣 I can't type for laughing now, it just tickles me!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve gone full blown old codger Yorkshire* !!!!! * with absolutely NO disrespect to Yorkshire or its wonderful people
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    Thanks to the useless Milliband who is responsible for changing the leadership election process which saw Corbyn elected and re-elected after leadership challenges, the moderate wing of the Labour party has no chance of preventing a Monumentum disciple becoming the party's next leader. Watched Alan Johnshon eviscerate Jon Lansman, Momentum's godfather, for destroying the Labour party as a creditable electoral option. Then again, Momentum aren't necessarily bothered about democracy as exercised through the ballot box. McDonnell is on record for saying power can be acquired by other means.
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    It's nothing to do with me, but whilst I might turn my nose up at a second-hand piece of consumer electronics at about £20 off; I think I'd look at something with no moving parts or electronics and in mint condition slightly differently. It's your money, of course, dan1502.
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    If you choose to do this then make sure to make clear on the letter that it is "Without Prejudice". It prevents it being used against you as an admission.
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    @funinacup I can offer 700 pounds including insured shipping. Let me know if you are willing to ship. Assume you have original / Equivalent durable packaging.
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    I generally agree with what @DavecUK says. If the additional charges clause was vague then you would certainly be able to argue that such a term was not incorporated into the contract for lack of certainty. If you go to court your likely exposure is roughly an additional £110, less if they don't bother to use solicitors to issue it. Exposure is slightly less if you settle once the claim has been issued, because an additional fee becomes payable by the Claimant 14 days before the hearing date and you would become liable for it if they win. Don't be persuaded by anybody who tells you that it costs them more to pursue than they get back. This is undoubtedly true for the ones that go to a hearing, but the courts are littered with claims like this and the parking companies generally take the hit to show they're serious. Whether this is such a company is another matter. @lake_m Once you take your photos you should first pursue the appeal process they provide, followed by POPLA.
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    As was said previous if you have a whole mug of a stove top pot it is like drinking 6 shots of coffee!!!! get a two cup moka pot and add hot water for a whole mug otherwise get a 6 cup, fill a mug and wait for the headache
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    Being paid to send Christmas gifts Is fab 😁
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    All paid up, thanks Hasi and all involved in shipping as well John
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    Ah my first sale here so wasn't sure of protocol. Yes, happy to accept your offer of £450 + postage (your choice, I will find options).
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    It would be very handy if someone had removed the signs or in some way made them non visible when you were caught by the ANPR. Especially if you have a photo of the obscured signs, they would have to prove they were Visible. Always remember the bay must also be clearly marked.
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    Sorry just reread your original post and spotted the comes with original box and portafilter 😳😃
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    Yes, I bought it from CAFFÈ Italia in October 2017.
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    Goodness! It’s just like Christmas already 🤣
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    A fewer dogs might help 🥴 . How are the other six covers coming on 😂😂😂
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    Unless you're in Scotland 😉 I'll duck out of this thread, it's already being well serviced and never wise to identify yourself in public as a lawyer . One day when I've regained my sense of humour about it i'll tell you all the story of the Catpuccino v. UKCPM and the case of determined doctoral candidate with too much free time.
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    ParkingEye case was £100 IIRC. Which is why the "No loss" doesn't work any more. What they can't do is issue an extra £60 surcharge and up it from £100 to £160. They don't issue a fine - they issue an invoice. I'm gonna back out of this thread but leave this here: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4816822
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    This my friend will be the pleasant surprise for the chap that it's going to [emoji1787]
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    Thanks for the heads-up, GerryM. Those are some fantastic prices! Very tempted by the niche but will pass on this occasion. In case anyone wants to make use of the 10% off coupon (PROSPER10), it expires at 10:00AM tomorrow so be quick! Best of luck with the sale.
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    I've just finished the last few tweaks for modifying an old SJ timer into a doserless grinder. It seemed like a good idea to post some pics and links to the bits that I used in case it helps anyone else. It will need a flashy new paint job at some point when I have decided on the colour. I did it with a cheap used grinder off eBay, in case it didn't work out or grind as well as my Silenzio. I was pleasantly surprised actually, a bit more fiddly to dial in the grind but does give a wider range of flavours and better crema than I was expecting. Putting in all the beans I will be using that day into the hopper and weighing the output in the dosing cup means I benefit from some extra weight on top of the beans and avoid any static/chaff issues. @jimbojohn55 's SJ pimp thread was a great resource for the octopus funnel mod steps, I removed the spot welds with a Dremel rather than trying to drill through the slippy stainless. For the timer replacement I followed the below YouTube instructions, it went fine as I had a few practice runs with the crimping tool before trying it on the actual timer wires. The wooden lens hood lid is from a Wilko's storage jar, funnel lid is a 130mm one from another brand of machine and I used a piece of rubber draught seal to keep it held in place. A small Ikea tray I was using already is just the right size to act as a grinds tray and fits neatly underneath the machine. Slightly Blue Peter, but it works for now! Used SJ - £67 Octopus funnel - £8 - https://ebay.us/6UJTzf SJ back plate - £25 - https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/gb/Mazzer-Super-Jolly-Motor-Back-Plate---SSJ0FRA04/m-m-3581.aspx 58mm lens hood - £8 - https://ebay.us/g8HVeh On/off switch - £30 - https://ebay.us/MWFT4e Replacement lamp - £3 - https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/green-indicator-lamp.html Black round knobs for collar adjusters £4 - https://ebay.us/RTuVjU Dosing cup 58mm - £4 - (as recommended by @DavecUK ) - https://ebay.us/Lw7rE4 Funnel lid - £10 - https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Fiorenzato-CS-Doge-Doser-Lid-ø-130mm---A3200008/m-m-4331.aspx Lens hood lid - £5 - https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-black-fusion-medium-canister/p/0479352 Total: £164
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    I’d be up for it. Although I’m pretty new to the coffee world so whoever gets paired with me.....unlucky ! [emoji23]
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    Mine was about 25mm so a bit wider, worked for me as I use a dosing cup so it helped. Smaller might be better if you want direct to go straight into the basket etc.
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    Not sure , I'm a rough assed builder 😉😉 from Tuffley.
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    Thanks for the input , Niche Zero being delivered tomorrow 👍👍
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    Thanks Fez - yes a good deal I thought so too. I would get it packed up and sent though at this price buyer would pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is basically the entire crux of my justification to everyone that balks at my monthly coffee expenditure... I went to a gig this week and dropped around 100 quid just on food, booze and a little bit of merchandise. My coffee for myself and my partner is under that each month- so all good Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    which I can see increasingly becoming a thing in modern day traffic conditions
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