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    When I joined the forum there was a blanket ban on any discussion around politics or religion. Bickering was frowned upon. Rudeness and personal insults were not tolerated. The decision of the forum owner was final and members respected that. I am saddened to see the direction the forum has taken, the many members who simply don’t post these days, members who were valued for their knowledge and experience in the coffee industry, as well as their humour and fellowship. It appears the main source of argument, bickering, rudeness, and downright nastiness is generated from discussions around politics with personal opinions dissected, twisted, poked and prodded, simply for arguments' sake in the main. Shouldn’t the aim of members be to help build a coffee forum to be proud of? A forum where members with experience can share their knowledge with people new to the coffee world? A forum that will attract well respected companies willing to support the forum with advertising? Somewhere to make friendships, to learn new skills from reading restoration threads, to share hobbies and other interests? The Off Topic section of the forum adds greatly to the overall positive experience of forum membership and provides a hugely positive place for members to bond. This is how the forum once was and I am sure can be again. There is a place for political debate, I am sure anyone with the desire to pursue such topics could easily find forums that meet their needs. I am firmly convinced that Coffee Forums U.K. is not this place.
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    Complete disclosure before I get into this as I want to be completely upfront about what I am trying to achieve. I have been looking to develop a single dosing flat burr grinder to come in under the £1000 mark. I have my own idea on burr geometry, motor speed and grind path and have put together the beginnings of the project. What I am interested in is what the end user would want from the grinder, from footprint, aesthetics and functionality. I am not doing this on behalf of another company or seeking to make comparisons with other grinders that are already out there, I am doing this to develop a grinder that I have wanted to build for quite some time, so all your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is is really interesting to me. I'm a middle-aged woman who has worked most of my life in roles and with things that are perceived as being more "for men" (computer hardware and software, video games). One difference I notice is that for a lot of the younger men I work with, their hobby can be they way they introduce themselves. They are "a gamer", an "[insert footie team here] fan", "a cinephile", whatever. It's a kind of shorthand. One of our engineers is known as "the coffee guy" because he uses an Aeropress at work. Very few of them are gatekeepy, they just love to talk about the things they have in common, which happen to be (for the most part) things. The footie lads hang out together and have the bants about which team is doing well, and which isn't, and friendly rivalries abound. The gamers natter on about and share links to the latest info drop for Cyberpunk 2077. That sort of thing. Sometimes they get deep into minutae and I feel a little lost/bored, but when I build a gaming pc that bluescreens for no good reason, I know who to invite round to confirm my suspicions about a bad RAM module. I can chat to "the coffee guy" about local roasters and find new places to try. I've known about every delay on Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as it hit the internet, and I'm never short of people to play with in multiplayer games. These guys love to share what they know, and I think that's why forums (no matter the subject) almost always have a bigger proportion of men actively posting. I don't think it's a shouting down or a drowning out, I think it's just a very blokey way of interacting socially around shared interests. I can definitely tell you that I have never once seen anyone accuse a woman of being a "fake coffee girl" on the internet. So the online coffee community is already orders of magnitude less toxic than the gaming version.
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    you've spelt euthanasia wrong 😉
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    Hey folks, We have a couple of new coffees available. The Costa Rica is a bit different from our usual offerings but it is great! Costa Rica Las Palomas - Natural - Cup Score 87.5 Not balanced at all - it is sweet, sweet, sweet. Has some almond and cherry flavours particularly when brewed in a V60. Yup it is liquid bakewell tart - sold me on it! Brazil Fazenda Terra Preta - Natural - Cup Score 86 Our first Direct Trade coffee. We deal directly with the family owners of this fabulous farm. It has more fruit than you would expect from a Brazil. Notes of tropical fruits, brown sugar and caramel in the cup. It is great value too. Guatemala Todosantarita - Washed - Cup Score 84.75 Excellent value, classic Central America in the cup. Milk chocolate, red berry and stewed apples. It makes lovely espresso and filter alike. We will shortly be introducing 500g bags. A couple of people have said to me they feel that 250g is not quite enough to get dialled in and then enjoy but 1kg is a bit larger than they would like. Hopefully these will be live by the end of the week pending arrival. It was my intention to put a new offer together that would be a multibuy, from talking to a few members they feel that a straight discount would be much better for them. With that in mind I am going to leave the 15% off coffee as a permanent forum offer. The NEW code will be FORUM15 - I will delete this shortly and the code can be distributed via PM as per some other forum offers. David
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    Unbelievable how the last few days have panned out , so disappointing to see it happen and hope the few people who have helped mercifully bring this forum to its knees when they have been quite happy to use the platform to further their own personal interest and been so vocal about their own beliefs . Shame they didn’t talk about the coffee a bit more . I feel sorry that the newcomers coming to Get advice And guidance will have only a bias opinion to go with from now on , and not have the fortune I had when I started my coffee journey and have the generous Truly knowledgable people who help build this forum up to what it is . Thank you to the old guard so long and thanks for all the fish
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    annoying to selected few, beneficial to many thanks!
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    You keep spouting this but I just don't see this as being the case. Out of all the forums I view, this by far has the most vocal 'right wing' views and feel like that is from the same few people. All I have seen is pretty reasonable responses to what is essentially bait, how I laugh at how easy it would be the other way around. I also find it hilarious that the opening blurb to this forum is 'Largest UK Coffee Forum often referred to as the friendliest on the web' when in fact I cringe on a daily basis at the 'I'm better than thou' attitude and where regulars (which seems to cross over with the right wing mentality I referenced) pretty much shut down or take the piss out of newbie questions or comments e.g 'Mr 45 posts. Boy, you have contributed a lot to this place'. This place just seems to me full of the older male generation types that are just angry with the world and what it is becoming. Constant references to 'Wokeness' or 'Cancel Culture'. Think you need to get with the times and realise the world doesn't revolve around the older Daily Mail type readers anymore. As people said, it's a coffee forum and whilst Off Topic might be the place to discuss politics I don't think we should encourage using bait to essentially then call out anybody who disagrees with you and using trigger words (wokeness etc) to shut down conversation.
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    Having the first pour over whilst camping. Lovely taste even with my very hit a miss pouring method out here. Looking forward to dialling this one in!
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    Female coffee nut here, and obviously in the wrong demographic (i.e., I’m ancient), but I should point out the last (or relatively recent anyway!) world barista champ was female. We are getting our oar in, but we are just a lot more quiet about it.😉 I must say the “male dynamic” of some forums & (some) male assumptions/perspectives may dissuade female participation in online groups. I have seen more & more females showing up in forums, bit by bit. Oh hey, wait a sec.... the reason you aren’t hearing from more females is that they are all downright busy, up to their ears busy... while the guys have time for ... well you know, whatever it is that guys do?😉🤷‍♀️😂 ps... I’m joking!!! Just balancing the comment about sexist posts coming from males; thought I should put forth some well trodden jabs at the males!😉🙊🤣 ps my partner (male) drinks very little coffee, but enjoys my obsession.🥰
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    Makes me think I should change my signature. Full Disclosure: I'm almost completely biased in favour of the equipment I currently own. While I don't stand to make any financial gains in convincing you to buy that same equipment I do have significant social and psychological motives, mainly by both forming a group and solidifying a positive image of myself within that group which also vindicates my own purchasing decisions.
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    Dont get why everyone has their back up. Its a coffee forum If you want to raise discussions about world events etc find somewhere else to do it. Dont really see the issue
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    We arrived in Derbyshire this afternoon for a few days...with our full espresso kit in tow. It was a really straightforward job to pack up the DE1+ in it s protective suitcase. Was a bit worried about the monolith but that got packed in nice and cosy in the boot around some soft and supportive things. So here we are on the farm, surrounded by alpacas, horses, sheep, hens, pigs, lambs, cats and a dog. Absolutely lovely!
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    This forum has really helped me to get a better understanding of coffee, from the beans, to process, to brewing. It really is an incredible resource. I'm still very much learning but hopefully I'll use it for a long time to come to learn and share. I subscribe to LSOL and get fantastic beans delivered to my door every month, cheaper than I could get them elsewhere and often they're from a region I might not have discovered other wise. I would massively recommend it to others. It's awesome. I used to frequent the forum a lot more but over the last year or so it seems to have become a more divisive place, or I should say there are certain individuals obsessed with being divisive (always just for fun though!!) and I notice that a lot of lovely folks just don't post as much anymore. It's no biggie, I can still get excellent advice and info from the folks who always seem to be on hand to help (you know who you are) but if it was a pub it wouldn't be a place I'd really want to hang out anymore! I admit that over the last few months I've logged on a couple of times a week to see what the latest post designed to cause trouble will be... I'm never disappointed! There's always a new one banging on about Brexit or FOS or foreigners or something 😂 Anyway no skin off my nose but if you think there are people who just want to cause division and argue on here, you're not mad, that is absolutely 100% happening. It's no coincidence that it cranks up when things are challenging socially. It's clearly an outlet some people need, it's just a shame they're too selfish to realize how unpleasant it makes it for others.
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    Going to assume you all saw the updated terms of use precluding discussion of politics and religion?
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    I post quite regularly on here but with some trepidation as the default setting seems to be overtly male. Past and present comments can include ‘the missus’; /‘want to upgrade but the missus doesn’t share my enthusiasm’; / ‘ I am allowed my small corner of the kitchen’; / ‘ the missus thinks it’s ugly’ et al, anyway you get my drift. It seems to be the male preponderance to indulge in the technical aspect of say making a ‘drink’ rather than the consumption of. Its interesting; and this follows in so many aspects of hobby/ism. Maybe it stems from a male subconscious rivalry; a ‘need’ to outdo and to be seen to exhibit a concrete awareness of ones standing amongst peers, hastened by the fact that one doesn’t want to appear foolish or inept at any point. I don’t have the answers; but it is an interesting point; as a side it also seems to be that ‘milky coffees ‘ seem to be the go to choice of female purveyors of our beloved drink; again interesting.
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    It's saddening to see harmless posts getting deleted without democratic reasoning behind it. This place used to be a forum, which by default is meant to spark discussions. When we experience interference by overactive moderation it needs at least to be balanced, equal and fair. None of which appears to the case on here any more. It shall never the objective of moderation to protect individual interests or mere commercial aspects. Running a forum to install business propaganda would be the death of independence. Deleting this very thread would show how far we've come with this. I strongly urge all officials to rethink what they are doing in the name of free speech. As long as we stay on topic this MUST be a given.
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    Quite a few MAX owners are opting for a leather grinder mat to protect the base. Having used various leathers I have to say I am even happier with this 3mm veg tan pre dyed leather. I have been trying some tooling. And finally the little coffee cup logo stamp arrived yesterday for embossing the leather.
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    Not wanting to discourage constructive discussion threads but being sceptical by nature is this thread designed principally to do market research for ACS or some other company ? - if it is then fine, but it should be declared in the first post as such then we could all happily post and comment knowing that we were possibly helping ACS design a better machine for us as potential future consumers. Having kicked religion and politics into the long grass how about adding business or consultant tabs to members avatars - just an idea to improve the clarity of threads and opinions preventing suspicion and conflict
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    Yes. Worth reading through carefully though. And as it says in paragraph 3 moderation will be kept to a minimum - just as it always was. Forum T&Cs
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    Absolutely agree with Planty21. Newbies asking basic questions are sometimes replied to in a manner which Is unbecoming to a forum which is supposed to be super friendly. Its a shame the forum seems to be losing core members because of the frequent and insidious postings of a few seemingly intolerant male contributors. For f***s sake it’s a forum about a drink.. Plenty of other forums for bile and prejudice elsewhere; KEEP IT COFFEE.
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    Just a thought as it seems this is the way his place is going now?
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    That all seems like perfectly reasonable requirements. In a work environment, I changed manager and it went from one who took good ideas and proffered them as his own, moved to one where the manager realised that more was gained by showing how they had nurtured the team to be able to do such great work. That was a breath of fresh air, the same applies with innovation etc, it can be used positively to demonstrate an atmosphere of listening to both customers and experts, so others are more likely to contribute in future.
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    As I understand it there are members who would like transparency. For example, if a member is running a business and offers goods for sale here then it should be clear it is a business because a buyer obviously has statuary rights and this should be completely clear. If someone is asking for opinion on new machine development then it should be made clear from the start if this is for a company, pleasure, a hobby, or just general interest - if people are willing to spend time making suggestions and possibly share innovative ideas that come to fruition in the future then they may possibly deserve recognition for their input. I don't think this has anything to do with T&C's. Rather simply asking for transparency. Is there anything wrong with that?
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    Must be time for another forum day, if there is anyone left to come along!
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    It was only a matter of time. Over the last couple of days I dyed some 1mm shoulder and made this case, with gussets, for - inevitably - a face mask. It's about four and a half inches long and just under three inches wide.
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    Coming from the world of bikes and triathlon there is definitely no 'end game kit' this may not be true for coffee mind you! There is the kit you *think* is end game, you gradually upgrade (or go to a shop with your credit card and spaff a few months wages on a bling setup) But there is always more stuff, there is always something better or different. When you get the end-game carbon superlight bike (e.g. Decent espresso) you love it for a while and then you decide you fancy something steel framed that feels more traditional (La Pavoni) but then you try the steel and you realise why they make carbon bikes and you want something which has traditional elements that feel more *real* and won't fall apart so you get titanium (I dunno, Londinium?). This feels like the end game, and for many it is. Maybe you change your mind and lust after something Italian like the Pinerello (Marzocco), but then you get it and you realise it's all style over substance and the latest model (mini) is just barn door ugly as f*ck. Then you decide this is all pointless, sell the lot, have a mid-life crisis, buy a boat and live on it with an aeropress and a hand grinder
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    Yes I’ve been meet ups , people don’t walk in and ask you if you are a leave or brexit , you like trump or not or if you agree with BLM I have made friends from meets that have outlasted their participation with the forum . Other coffee forums last without a off topic thread, and I suspect will outlast this one , this is not a attractive place for any modern brand to sponsor Or for anyone under the age of 40 who isn’t male and white . face to face and behind a keyboard are v different things . Getting rid of off topic is a blunt tool as I suspect there would be no desire or motivation to moderate threads so there was no political discourse allowed .
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    Waffle is a forum's stock in trade. Fact checking & citations would kill a forum overnight. Forums are for fun & interaction of like minded folk.
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    Got these in the post yesterday and just had a Saturday morning cupping session against everything else I have in at the moment. Quite a range! But by far this LSOL was the funkiest of the lot. Normally I'd say it's a natural, but I guess there's a few funky process beans coming out at the moment which have similar notes... It's got the vibe of a natural Ethiopian, but I'm going to have more of a play with it before I make any guesses. I'm going to say it's along the strawberry and blueberry lines but I'm crap at tasting notes!
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    As a newcomer, I find the information in the signatures useful - it can help to give some context to their input to the forum. Regards, John
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    This is my little oasis of calm and purpose. Having lots of fun trying to master shots with the bottomless portafilter. It's a learning curve but I'm improving every day. Latte art...that's another story. Let's just say I'm in an abstract expressionist phase 😉
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    That’s gorgeous 😁 I have been getting into leather making, it all started with the Kafatek grinder mats and ended up with a treats pouch last week!
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    I used to have this forum open pretty much all day and wanted to contribute to posts. The life blood of the forum has been drained which means I visit infrequently and post even less frequently. The frustrations in this thread illustrate why my vists to the forum are becoming less frequent. I'll not go on about 'back in the day'. If this is the type of forum that the owners want then its not for me to change that. I know ...... if I dont like it, 'theres the door - you know how it works'.
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    I sincerely hope that the moderation is an even hand at that when subversion and underhand techniques are applied by people to circumvent the obvious, that those posts are also removed and those posters made clear that the tactics they use are just not cricket. I shall watch with interest.
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    I also have been surprised when several posts recently have been removed when all they asked for, in essence was some honesty and clarity . This honesty and transparency should be obvious when those that post have such influence.
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    I have one on order. In understand all the views here but some of the points why i bought it: I am in a country where there are not many coffee machines engineers. The LM representative has excelent service so this helped a lot. I want a simple machine as possible that can deliver the best taste as possible. I want to set it and forget and no pressure profiling and so on. I like that LM has a legendary name, service to support the machine and the machines last forever. I dont feel the same with the new wavaes of digital machines. I like that it can be customized with wood, copper and so on and that I can get it in black. Looks different to other machines in this ocnfiguration imho - have a look at spechts design. Alternatives were the Londonium - hard choice - but decided I wanted electric. My first choice was the Speedster which is still my holy grail. Dont like so much the slayer in terms of look. Like the GS3 but I beleive there should be a new model soon. Did not go for speedster/slayer/GS3 because of budget. From all reviews it seems the Linea Mini will produce a similar cup to the above 4 machines which are considered the benchmarks. By the way I frequent a few forums and I work as an engineer for a smartbuildings company so I am quite technical but for this I wanted simplicity.
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    Great news! I’ve got my cups warming in anticipation 😁
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    I want to see wooden parts that can be customised ☺️ Definitely restricted height would be great for those that need them to tuck under cupboards.
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    Great disclaimer chap. Low retention, high EY, easy cleaning (not losing calibration/zero point), fine adjustment, small footprint, lack of thwacking required. Might make rethink about owning EK.
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    There are plenty of places on the internet you can go to discuss political issues. There isn't a conspiracy to shut you down, I think people are just fed up of seeing the forum spammed with divisive topics which serve no positive purpose. I have certainly been visiting less recently, as soon as I see my sidebar filled with that, my mind switches away from coffee and to thinking about politics. Not what I come here for and my personal views make no difference in that respect. You seem to love mentioning cancel culture but you also post about blocking people who disagree with you.
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    Jesus! just read through some of the threads is this now the "let me spout my rightwing propoganda and be intolerant of anyone who disagrees with me coffee forum" Just realised why I stopped contributing, it's almost Brietbart here on some of the threads!
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    Buy a coffee machine they said, you'll love it they said. Me 5 grand later:
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    Today we upgraded our little sage to this bad boy! Thank you so [email protected] [email protected] for all your advice and sourcing this beautiful beast to continue us on our slippery slope down the rabbit hole of coffee!!! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    I think people have varying levels of interest and investment in the things they do, even for a lot of the guys on here it’s more of “it’s a drink” (B2C or super simple buttons) rather than a hobby. Agree with @Blue_Cafe, I think it carries over from what motivates people. I am a very (well by non-physicist or mathematician standards 😉) detail orientated person who likes problem solving, looking at incremental improvements and experimentation towards optimisation. I only ever get really into stuff or not at all, rather then casual interests. Things and ideas interest me most, while my wife is more interested in ideas and people. She likes computer games, whilst I don’t see them in the same way. Similar in other areas like cycling, quite a few women enjoy cycling as a hobby or are involved professionally, but not a huge representation on cycling forums to geek out about pros/cons of spoke patterns and tension, sealed versus cartridge bearings or what aero wattage gain a pointy helmet gives you. @Deidre - Does make a good point regarding hobby time, I think guys with kids do typically get an easier ride of it in terms of fitting in extras. In some respects it is similar to the challenges of getting more STEM related jobs, self fulfilling i.e. having women there brings in more women and at a certain point it’s moving towards engineering hobbyists and tinkering which tends to attract men more.
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    Too true - I can see a custom Slayer somewhere in the future, while Ian is more than happy with our current set-up! I don’t think it can possibly have anything to do with having to get half the kitchen re-vamped at great cost to accommodate a Slayer. No that can’t be it al all 😂
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    @coffeechap - Same as above, but would prefer it to have industry standard parts and burrs to make repairs easier. Basically what you would get if you crossed a Niche with an EK43s, but so it can fit under cupboards and remove the need for fancy grease or a 3nm torque keys in the maintenance regime...
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    We will be on his ignore list as he doesn’t want to answer any of the responses just the ones that support his objective
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    Thanks Mods. An action that was necessary, unfortunately so.
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    A genuine query aimed to any/all comments above who think that the Forum should be "Coffee Only". Have you ever been to one of the Forum days? Can you honestly say that every conversation you had at them was specifically Coffee Related? Every word? No "nice to meet you", no "good to put a face to a name", no "how was your journey", "where are you from" etc etc. Have you ever met anyone from the Forum IRL? Same thing - not a single word about "life other than coffee"? When you meet up with your other mates..... say Football club fans, Hockey, Badminton, Origami, Beer, yadda-yadda..... Do you always, without fail, only have very narrow topic specific interactions? If your answer is truly "Yes" - then I am sad for you. As to Forums - Very few forums (Facebook pages, sub-reddits, clubs etc) last very long if all interactions are specifically topic specific..... I honestly can't think of any situation where this is the case..... ever, in my entire life....
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