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    Shiny base. Looking good to me.
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    As I mentioned in your other thread about this, I expect to have a proper and pretty simple / reversible fix for this - without swapping buttons around etc. and keeping the machine's usability and functions the same as standard - within the next few days. I'm also working on a cheap and easy OPV fix as well. Will probably end up offering both as a simple and cheap "Fix your Classic 2018+ here" kit - OPV to 9 bar (and perhaps 6 bar optionally) and disable timer in a cheap combined kit. Makes it into a much better machine! Watch this space...
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    My 95 year old mother has been using a plastic Melitta for years... and she makes a great cup (has used freshly ground, locally roasted beans for 50 years)... she was doing all the “new-age” bloom & preinfusion stuff long before the new agers were born!???
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    Hi @Voocash I think it depends on what you want from the Gene Cafe, in particular you can most definitely get some roasting under your belt and learn a lot about the while process from this machine and get some great coffee along the way! Its gote some huge selling points; its simple and encourages a beginner into roasting at a relatively low price point. The opportunity to lear about the process and awesome, plus when you start getting confident you can try different roast profiles and compare the coffee side by side to really find out what you like. It's great to do a roast from deciding to get it out to putting it away with 200g of fresh coffee in 30 mins! It's easy to clean and maintain - often under appreciated. it also has some negatives. A light to medium roast can be tricky, often the bean come out not as even as I would like . It's not an indoor roaster as the smell will stay in your house for a good day or so even if you roast light and avoide too much smoke. It's consistent roasting back to back and this leads to my biggest issue, you have no real idea what the beans are doing give there is no bean temp. So therefore it relies on you getting enough clues from your other senses to make judgement calls. im 10kg in to using the gene cafe and whilst I may not be an old hand I'm looking to see what may be next. That said I have had some great roasts from the machine and these have stood up to the test of selling a few batches and getting great feedback. hope that helps. Guy
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    Picked up some tasty Clifton Coffee El Salvador Rumania. Can't resist a cherry coke note on a bag and it's a juicy delight. https://cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/el-salvador-2/
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    @Border_all thanks I think I was in time for it... well at least Paolo accepted my money!
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    Possibly yes, possibly no. edit: In case anybody wants to quote the forum rules to me: I’m not particularly minded to pay too much attention to them, since the founder of the forum openly concluded a sale in private not too long ago.
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    Can’t you employ some youngsters to do that job - or have they been sent up chimneys and down mines today ??
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    Would offer to grab you some tomorrow when I go but it would take just as long to mail it as it would for Rave to send it ?. I have been no use at all........... you’re welcome ?
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    Maybe they could base the ability to benefit from the for sale posts in community reputation. Once you have gained enough, say 10 or 20 then it shows that you have contributed in a meaningful way.
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    Looks like a La Pavoni on steroids!
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    She’s old-school classic in her style & wardrobe; no leather or canvas barista aprons for her! lol ... think the Queen! ?? She has always worn the old-fashioned waist-high, tie-behind-your-back, aprons (btw, she made her own aprons out of a patterned terry towel)!?
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    Am going to throw either a curve ball or the elephant in the room but...are you not able to look to use that rather flat section at the back of your lovely green v8 powered advertising board as a trolley instead of making one (space permitting of course)? You could then put machines etc on a sliding base that could "be pulled out" over the tail gate when needed for service and no heavy lifting. Fit some curtains / bags to hang from the tail gate to cover your waste water etc and use the sides to host bag sales etc hiding as much water / cool box full of ice for milk / ancillaries etc. Could even look to fit gazebo or similar over bed / back to keep you dry if outside in future. Long term benefits, you have your advertising as the truck, instantly recognisable and clean / break down would be really quick with little to lift / carry. Might be restrictions on petrol powered vehicles or access into some locations but....cool truck... Might also want to think about an additional grinder, if not mentioned already, either as a spare (just in case ) or have 1 set for espresso (or for another bean) and 1 for the bag grinding remembering that most of the general population don't possess a grinder although may want to steer clear of espresso grind or put some huge caveats on (depends on who is at trade fair / venue etc) Hope all goes well and will expect pictures similar to the "Road to Cirencester" (although no breakdowns please) John
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    Hey Mate - this sounds really exciting! Super pleased for you. Hope it helps build your business. Just a few extra thoughts based on my experience with doing somehthing similar Power supply you need to know how close you will be to mains outlet so that you have a cable of sufficient length. Any cables running on the floor will need to comply with whatever health and safety standards are applicable. use an RCD to isolate your power line from the rest of the supply Make sure their cuircuit can cope with your power load. Your urn plus coffee machine will pull a truck load of wattage in the initial heating up phase. Waste waste bin for disposable cups, stirrers etc something to empty your knock box into, it could fill up rather quickly! Other barista supplies chocolate powder/shaker for cappucino topping spoons/stirrers shot glass for your espresso extraction if your cups are too tall to fit under the portafilter cloths for cleaning steam wand, work surface, other spills (dont underestimate how much mess you could potentially make! milk temp thermometer - I found my hand got very sore very quickly using it as a temp guage! keep cup sleeves close at hand, if you get busy there wont be time to faff around with opening the sleeves and separating the cups supply of cold water non-diary alternative sugar/sweetner (not everyone appreciates the good stuff) make an estimate of how many beans (kg) you think you might - then add 50%! Better to have too many than to run out! Other random thoughts check your current business insurance covers you for this type of event business cards, flyers, general promotional material familiarise yourself with any health and safety requirements eg do you need a food handling certificate? vehicle access - how far do you need to cart all your gear (maybe get a small trolley/dolley) An extra pair of hands might be useful. if I think of anything else I will let you know! Following your cart project with interest as I really need to do something similar!
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    Not at all........we can borrow the Toll Booth from Blazing Saddles
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    Trouble is most roasters are going to give you: The dose they use - screwed if that's 20g and you use 17g & vice versa. A ratio - this is just a strength, when things taste OK. They might be hitting it at 1:2, but if you're not used to that you might be better off going somewhat weaker so you can pick out flavours & faults better, or stand more chance of hitting a normal extraction with a coarser grind than they might be using. You might need a level of mouthfeel to enjoy a shot, more than someone else's idea of balance, so then you might err shorter & use less bright beans/origin. A time like 28s - Again this will be specific to their set up and still may change from bean to bean. Temp - If what you have generally works, don't futz with it, you'll get faster & more effective changes by changing grind. Most folk can't change their temp reliably, or to specific deg c anyway. Best guide to the recipe is the taste notes - nobody can taste 28s, nobody can taste a specific dose, you can tell if the coffee is less intense/more than what you usually get but then different coffees are more/less intense than each other at the same strength. The real issue is if the coffee is too weak/thin to be pleasurable. Then you might prefer it a little shorter in length, maybe at a finer grind too, even if it's not quite as a balanced. You do know your usual grind setting/range, you do know your dose that works most often, you do know your brew ratio that works most often. Use these as your start point. Also, identify the origins you tend to prefer, keep a score, sort the scores by average & origin. If you find there's an origin that, on average, you struggle to enjoy, maybe don't take a punt on it if there's one you generally have better experiences with? Still, bitter does not point to a single fault, or cause and you're not adding bitter to sour to get 'nice', you're trying to avoid bitter & sour (as faults). Sour is the more reliable fault that points to a likely cause (under-extraction). The taste notes essentially are the recipe, as in the end result. The numbers, outside of the context of a representative taste, can serve to confound as much as help. We are tasting at home, we would like to enjoy the drink, so ultimately we need to consider what works for us through our proven experience.
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    Not tried it personally, be very interested to see what happens Keep us posted
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    Mr Rave kindly supplied me some beans today ?
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    I second this. One thing I had to do was lightly pre-tension the spanner before hitting with a hammer and it came loose in 2/3 knocks. My machine was less than a year old though. Also make sure the PTFE goes on the right way (opposite the thread) or you end up bunching up the PTFE and it's no use.
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    Thick syrupy......might be the bean itself. Failing that, grind fine, tamp hard, preinfuse for 20 to 30 seconds, try not to Fellini.....then adjust your parameters if the resulting shot is no good........you must heat the machine and group through thoroughly as well........basically just try different things and enjoy mastering it!
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    He deserves them ???
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    What a fantastic first set up. Enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A great idea, and stating my interest too.
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    Thank you very much for this @Norvin ? ?
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    Getting a Gaggia classic has no real down sides, if you find that making expresso isn't your thing as long as you don't pay over the odds on the machine, you will easily make your money back selling it on, it also means if you decide you want something more expensive like the lelit again you can sell it on no money lost. It also give you a point of reference for looking at what you want in a more expensive machine like the mara or sage DB or whatever. Another advantage is you can use the gaggia and wait for an even better machine on here second hand. All that being said if you have the money to spare and fancy a new machine the lelit are beautiful.
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    Problem with the GC, especially if you're temperature surfing, will be the recovery time for the boiler to come up to temp. With first and second shots you'll also have to consider whether the first shot was temperature stable e.g. if you flushed did this affect it and was everything properly pre-heated, portafiter locked in etc. A PID will help with recovery, and the variables allow you to tweak it to prefer a faster recovery vs. less chance of temperature overshoot and so on.
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    I had this as a Kalita pourover, funnily enough at Lowdown too, and it was top 2-3 coffees I've ever had for sure.
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    If you look closely Big Ben is the big chap on the Far Right and he has managed to piss through his own window ?
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    great news, can I order one along with your PID kit.
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    My view is pointless but other people like them due to a few grams weight diffence
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    I just brewed my first cup with a Melitta style dripper. £8 off eBay with a packet of filters. I'm truly surprised how good this is in the cup. And to think this was designed and patented in 1908. Astonishing.
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    Stretton Hills (ie. the previous Waitrose essential prior to Lockhills) is now available at my local Co-op labelled as Co-op still mineral water. So I guess that it is widely available at Co-op's in general should anyone be interested in using it. Sold in 2l plastic bottles made with 50% recycled plastic. I'm currently mixing it with Highland spring, Glaceau and tap water for filter and espresso (manual, no boiler).
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    Very much appreciate the 'young' my year has already exceeded all expectations [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
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    No measurements but I just did mine a couple weeks ago. FWIW you do not need to remove the boiler to drill the hole.
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    Hey baldy, leave my new pal alone........LOL
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    Our security is not nor never has been dependant upon the EU. They are marching towards a joint strike force, doomed to failure before it starts because of the pretty much insurmountable issues surrounding simple things like when something does go off, who is in charge? who contributes what and how does the logistics work? Our own military chiefs have been against this from the start although Bliar cutting back on our regiments, merging many, cutting spending for the navy and air force to slim-line the forces in readiness for our entry into a joint reaction force...which then never happened, thankfully. Our security and that of Europe relies largely on NATO and has done for decades. That doesn't change when we leave the EU. That being said, it may pay the EU to behave a little more honestly and with a bit more dignity to the USA who have carried them in just abpout every conflict going since NATO was formed. Falling out with Trump, love him or hate him, is not in their interests and most certainly not in our interests come to that. What may well change after Jan 31st is intelligence sharing but it remains in the interests of both EU member countries (a pet hate is people referring to them as "states" when there is no united states of Europe, as much as the EU would LOVE that to happen) to continue to co-operate and it already happens within NATO. As for the UN, they're a useless bunch of toothless tigers when it comes to protection and European security. So where exactly is the worry with security? The only real issue which lets be honest was a mess already is management of borders. The government will have to pour loads more resources and cash at that if we have any chance of keeping our borders properly controlled. There was an earlier comment about the NHS being largely unaffected by whether we were in or out of the EU. That's not strictly true as freedom of movement and many coming over from EU countries to the UK for treatment has run up a pretty massive bill. We have, NOT, as yet, reclaimed what we were owed by way of the reciprocal agreement in place, as part of current negotiations. Whilst it doesn't reflect on what the NHS needs to fix it, it certainly has raised the amount needed in the short to medium term. Quite necessarily so had those receipts been reclaimed by a properly administered system.
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    This needs to be done with some care but some background first. When these grinders are manufactured some poor person in China screw an outer burr and it's carrier into the mechanism until it touches the centre burr. They then adjust the setting mechanism to suite at what ever it's lower setting is. That part of the process is rather fiddly. The adjusting mechanism varies, the actual internals that these drive doesn't. That is a part that has a screw thread on it for adjustment and a large worm wheel on top of that to provide the drive. It carries the outer burr. There are videos on youtube relating to the Smart Grinder that show them but the one I am aware of is on a much older than current model - some things have changed since then so don't worry about replacing parts that the grinder no longer has. The grinder needs to be fairly clean and set some way up into it's coarse range. Where the manuals suggests to start for tuning shots should be ok. So brush the inner and outer burrs and put the outer back in making sure it clicks firmly back in place. Grinds trapped in the register can interfere with that. Then while the grinder is running slowly adjust the grinder finer and finer. Ideally when the grinder is at it's minimum setting the burrs should rub and slow the motor down slightly. As soon as it does set coarser again so that they run clear. That may need an increase of 2 settings coarser. There is some play so when ever making a final setting always make it in the fine direction. If it needs to be set coarser always go too coarse and then fine. All being well the motor will slow down on the minimum setting and not before that. It did for me on both a Barista Express and a Smart Grinder. If it's a used grinder thanks to numerous old youtube videos some one may have adjusted the out burr setting. In that case the burrs may rub well before the min setting is reached. Personally I would reset them to where they should be and go through the process again. One might get assembled like this as well. I'd adjust the burr coarser and try again if it was significantly away from the min setting. The arrangement can't be that precise so say the rubbed a couple of settings away from min they may as well be left like that. Just remember the setting as there should never be any reason to grind at it, only above it. The burrs may not rub at all at the min setting. Set the burrs one "notch" finer and try it again and so on. Run out of notches and something is wrong - worn out or faulty. One fault can mess this up and is what I had happen on my Barista Express. When the burrs are adjusted the threaded outer burr carrier mustn't rotate. It should just go up or down. There are parts fitted to achieve this but for some reason mine stopped meshing correctly. The net effect was that the grinder adjusted coarser from 6 or so but wouldn't go any finer. Sage fitted a new grinder for me - that's how I know how they are initially set up. I watched an engineer do it and the burrs do rub at min setting. It was easy for me to see what was happening as I measured the burr movement with a dial test indicator. If some one is sure this is what is happening on their grinder they basically have a faulty one and it needs putting together again properly or replacing. I'm pretty sure my BE grinder messed up when I was cleaning it and rapidly moved the burrs from min to max and back and forth at the same speed. I did this as it had a stiff spot at a setting of 4 from new. That went but the burrs no longer adjusted correctly. Best not to do. Rather than ever repeating all of this again I'll just post a link to it. Can't tune beans crops up now and again and bad beans are usually blamed. They may be in part but could also be influenced by the above. I've put all sorts of crap through mine to see what the beans were like and never had any problem grinding them and never ever had to use the min setting either. It's not there to be used. It's just a calibration setting really and all grinders are calibrated in much the same way. John -
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    Nice one, a major reason I opted for the Niche was the taste tests suggesting there was almost no discernible difference to a large flat. My wife will not be happy if you give me upgraditus! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Hope that once your mother got admitted she was cared for and you had a positive outcome. I also feel that the country has not done itself any favours the radical shifts left and right have cost billions upon billions and over the last ten years the country debt has increased by almost a trillion so hospitals, care, defence have all gone down the pan
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    Haha I would offer up the Major I've just refurbished if it weren't for the fact I was about to change the bearings... that and the fact I live in the Midlands...
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    Although I have liked this post I really don’t like it, if that makes sense. The state of our countries infrastructure is a hideous mess and has been mismanaged to a frankly alarming degree. The only benefit from Brexit that I see is that at least the politicians can’t blame that mismanagement on someone else now and will hopefully be held accountable for being the hapless showers of sh1t that they are. Vive la révolution etc etc ?
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    That last top down photo looks deceptively like you've mounted it under the floor!
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    There has been a rush on Bubinga .. a little 49.5mm Tamper coaster
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    Found myself short of beans, so picked up some Roastworks Simbi Rwanda from Ocado as a stopgap. Roasted 25/11/19...maybe a little past their best, but nevertheless a very welcome option for filter beans that can be picked up with a typical grocery shop. Brewed with @Step21 modified April/PRK V60 02 method, 15g:240g, 80g poured in quick spirals at 40s intervals, the last 80g poured via a steel can strainer resting in the V60. At 52 on the Niche at the mo' but fine tuning.
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    Just to clarify and remain in line with Forum rules, there was no negotiation on price, I offered to buy at the asking price. It's a bargain already so any lower offer would have been cheeky on my part. Now just the small matter of a 1200 mile round trip to collect...
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    Whizzed through thread hoping I haven't missed these, apols if already mentioned, https://kissthehippo.com/collections/limited-edition-coffees/products/christmas-blend https://kissthehippo.com/collections/limited-edition-coffees/products/christmas-bundle
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    I think for the first time I got this right :-) there’s body in my coffee now! Thank you @Rob1!
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