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    Just to let everyone know that the next two months of this Q are sorted, we have two great roasters sorted and do not envisage any challenges at the moment with the supply of the beans.
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    Ex-Doctor with experience in public health and intensive care here with a young son and wife who is nhs doctor who I waved off to work today in fear. This is correct. Any younger person who thinks they can carry on life as normal and not respect social distancing does not deserve our NHS. This is putting young people in ITU, if they survive their lungs and heart may never be the same again. 1/3 hospitalised in the US are 20-40. Get a grip, stay home, protect your NHS. Don’t adopt a blitz we can beat this attitude, this virus isn’t a bomb. Stay home. Protect the NHS you might need it soon.
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    OK - This is the bean: It's from Nicaragua and is from the Limoncillo Farm. It's a Yellow Pacamara, but it's the petites (the smaller screen sizes, so it actually looks similar to other smaller varietals in terms of bean size) and it's been Pulped Natural processed. Roland's tasting notes are a big hit of hops, with lemon zest and pink grapefruit. There's brown sugar sweetness coming through on the end, which moves into a subtle milk chocolate on the aftertaste. All I can say is if this is the petites I would hate to see the big ones!
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    It's almost as if I could have predicted who would say what before I even read the posts here. Some people's comments already look bone-acheingly stupid But you know what? It's ok. As long as they shut right up now, and start learning, it's ok. It's a scary unprecedented situation. Everybody goes through the denial and disbelief stage. So did the government. So did some other governments. I've been watching this very carefully for weeks, because I have friends in Italy. I'm dismayed that the speed of the news from Italy has been glacial compared to the speed of the virus. I noticed in Italy things move faster than our minds can cope with. Virus outstrips policy. This is what we have seen this week. Fact is, even I, could see a month ago that the trajectory of the UK was the same as Italy, because it is the same anywhere that does not take measures. Italy took measures well in advance of where we are now. They also have twice the medical capacity for dealing with it. (we are 24/31 in Europe for ICU provision. Makes you proud) I see no reason to believe that it will be any better in this country, and every reason to think it will be worse. The virus doesnt care about stupid patriotic beliefs and the british sense of superiority. There is a political dimension to this, and they've screwed it up. Italy didnt. They had far less warning, and they reacted quickly, but still too late to stop a disaster. We had a prime minister who spent his time trying to crowdfund Big Ben to go bong. Last week, in the space of 4 days, policy flick-flacked repeatedly. Test-only test hospital admissions (20%) to test everyone. Herd immunity is great and it is your patriotic duty to go out and catch the disease to oh? that would mean 0.5 million dead! Panic. This is not easy for the health authorities because the science around the virus is nascent, and there are many bodies involved in it with conflicting views, but the U-turns are an indication of the failure. If you want to understand the changes read the ICL report. It triggered the change. But it is a massive failure of public health from a party stripped of it's real talent because of an extreme ideology, and a PM that really doesnt want to be there now he's realised trite 3 word slogans and lies on a bus wont work. The man who told you to believe in Britain while his party stripped it bare, leaving us with just your beliefs. You cant hoodwink a virus. I wish you all the very best and hope that whatever role you have to play in this, that you play it well, and that selflessness rather than selfishness is what drives you. Over and out.
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    To this.... Just needs his bottom eyelet (I’m being polite here)! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    From the autumn so not current, but very useful in the current situation... Mounting board for a Beastmaker 1000 with two layers of 18mm ply and massive hammer fixings, so I can still keep my climbing strength even if I can’t go outside 😉 Extra storage after our loft got boarded out around the same time, made the house clearer and nicer to be in.
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    Desperate to keep the kids happy Repurposed slide and nature pond Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh my god can we just stop this petty shite. People are dying folks everyone has an opinion, some folk are expert in this field on here as some folk definitely are not and should just keep their speculation and opinions to themselves. I am no expert but have watched with worry the escalation of this pandemic. The future is not orange folks unless we change our attitudes
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    Ok so in the age of lockdowns and mindless rants on the forum I thought it was about time to impose another over detailed pimp. 1986 Brass Pav - never been restored or serviced - not in great condition but I've seen a lot worse - so on with the mindless condition details 🖕
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    As there’s bugger all in the shops, I made us a simple loaf. Very rarely bake bread, so it’s nice having the time to do things like this. Long may the baking continue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When needs must . . . but you know we didn’t really 🙂
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    Yes, they are 😅 Fund raising for 2 local charities who will lose a huge revenue this spring and summer with being closed.
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    Thread has run its course. Now locked.
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    Utter bollocks. And hugely insulting to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who will be the frontline, some of whom will die. Oh, and it's not going to be a "minor thing" for the under 60s. Some hospitals in Italy in the epicentre are having to leave the over 60s to die because they are triaging. Their wards are full of the under 60s, some of whom will die and many of who will eventually emerge will permanent serious heart and lung damage. Stop spreading lies and misinformation.
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    From Hasbean (Roland) Petites for most beans would be below screen 16 (green beans pass through 16/64th inch holes). The idea is, traditionally, buyers wanted a consistent size for roasting, so any beans which are unusually large or small get trimmed out and sold locally or as Commodity. But with Pacamara, there are no beans that small, so they up the screen size (I think it's 19 screen and below, from memory). From experience, the bean size does not determine quality - it was just a legacy of old bulk buying attitudes which was seeing these get wasted. As a reference, most Bourbon or other more normal sized beans usually fall into the 18-16 range. So the full sized Pacamara beans from Limoncillo are even larger than what you've had. They're actually really similar in size to the Maragogypes we've had. I'm not 100% sure why Limoncillo's Pacamara is a bit bigger again than that found on other farms - it could be to do with their plant stock, but my guess would be it's mainly to do with the soil and the micro-climate for the farm. There's a bit on screens from the ICO here: http://www.ico.org/projects/Good-Hygiene-Practices/cnt/cnt_en/sec_3/docs_3.3/Grading%20&%20class.pdf Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Kimchi. This stuff will last a hundred years.
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    My thought process - “Umm...shit”
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    There's only one person coming across as a child here, and it's not him.
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    Many, many thanks to you and your family. I am always humbled by our doctors, nurses and nhs workers but at the moment humbled doesn't even get close. I really hope that people read and take heed of these words. Blows my mind and breaks my heart how people are trying to politicise this.
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    No they need to be freshly roasted really and also good quality. Not all arabica is equal. If the beans are cheap they're cheap for a reason. Do you have temperature control with the machine or is it pre-set and can you check and alter pressure? Nonsense. Well not necessarily but the manual has no way of knowing whether or not you're over extracting. The manual doesn't seem to make any sense. It really tells you to put the same amount of coffee in every time regardless of grind setting? They might be talking quantity rather than weight, as in fill the basket to a certain height and brew based on whatever weight that happens to be. It wouldn't be the way I'd do it. What weight out are you getting -- as in weight of the espresso shot? If you grind one notch finer from a 20 second shot you end up choking the machine and get nothing out? What do you mean you can't go beyond 20 seconds....as in the pump just cuts out? I think I understand now. You're pressing a button and the pump runs for 20 seconds. Yes you need to alter that or just use a manual mode. You should dose as much as you can get in the basket without the puck pressing against the shower screen. Dose will depend on grind and density of the coffee. Sometimes you might fit 20g, sometimes 18g sometimes 16g. Yes you likely need to some good fresh beans from a decent roaster. You should weight you shot out and weight beans in and brew to a weight. Starting point is usually 1:2 (e.g. 20g coffee to 40g espresso) but you can adjust from there based on taste and/or alter grind. Altering grind and keeping weight in:out the same means altering time.
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    Do you all want the reveal now to help with your tasting note identification? HasBean told me that they found Espresso easier to dial in than Filter but when you have it dialed in on both it is a nice bean. I went wider/coarser with both (2.5 to 2.10 on my Feldgrind) for brewed and get a lovely cup. On espresso went coarser and both my wife loves it as a latte and I have had some great espresso shots (as someone noted low dosing the basket can be an advantage) Let me know about the reveal. Juicy old school banger coming up for the next months beans soon.... (last month of the Q is also going to be realllllly special)
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    On Monday I pulled the trigger on the wood trimmed Mara that BB had on their website, along with all sorts of other goodies. I’ve long owned a Gaggia Classic and thought that it was about time for an upgrade. David at BB was super efficient getting it sent via next day delivery even though I was 5 minutes over the 1pm cut off. He knocked a little off the price because there was a little scuffing on the casing which I’m not at all fussed about, he was even kind enough to chuck in some free beans! The machine is beautiful, really happy with it. I’m now waiting for a grinder to arrive, I picked up a Mignon that someone was selling on this forum. I attempted a few shots myself with my Knock hand grinder, mixed results to be quite honest, but that was expected. Now I just have to hone my skills! If anyone has any useful tips on getting the best out of my machine I’d love to know.
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    The brass pavs are not all brass, in particular the base is brass plated steel so takes the most damage. Im probably not going to do a total refinish on this one as it starts to get hideously expensive, for example a replacement base would cost 180 Euro !!! so the existing base will be pimped
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    Anyone fancy a cheeky comp now we are no longer going to coffee shops, more likely to be working from home and probably in need of something to brighten up our coming weeks?
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    In light of the serious announcements made yesterday evening, this made me smile!
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    It’s ruddy beautiful. Just primed the boiler (did the 45s) rest as you suggested Dave. It’s just warming up now. What are these counting 1-30 on the tank for Also not sure if it’s just a new gasket but I am more 7pm than 6pm with my new bottomless Rocket PF. Assume that will loosen up. Very impressed with look and feel. Very solid and well made. The caution hot sticker was a bugger to get all the residue off! A few action pics Shame I had to dump my first 2 caps (don’t drink caffeine after lunch!). Excited about the morning.
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    My homemade brownies. Opinion is divided on the additions - I put pecan, chocolate chunks and cherries in there - but I think they're great.
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    When in lockdown - make bread. With an increasing % of wholemeal cause the white is running out and can't order any more lol
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    My brother. Remote from us. Has been down with CV19 for 10 days now in a foreign nation. Not insignificant. Not an easy ride at all. Bat shit loxc down here in full effect. Fcuk anyone making light or playing politics with the situation can eat huge dicks. As a key worker we are soldering on regardless...
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    Early morning visit yesterday to Waitrose (make of that what you will). Everyone seemed calm and polite - no jostling, pushing or fighting over the last toilet roll because there weren't any. There were repeated messages over the tannoy urging customers not to over buy followed up with a message that stocks of wine and beer were plentiful and customers were welcome to buy as much as they wanted. That's the spirit - literally.
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    They roast them in Cardiff? Not Notts? They’d better change the “Hand Made in England” label then.
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    Lovely, could everyone please send me their email address in pm so I can contact Osmio right away?
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    I bought a cezve/ibrik for Turkish coffee. It finally arrived and I realise that I bought the smallest size ever! Only big enough for 50ml with enough space to foam up. It is surprisingly tasty though. Along the lines of a moka pot. Tried with 1:1 sugar (yuck), 10:1 (tasty) and no sugar (also tasty). Might look for one a bit bigger though, enough for two.
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    I'm not going to grace such a crass and fatuous question with an answer
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    Show someone you love them with this 2020 commemorative jewellery!
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