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    Came across this being sold via the La Pavoni Facebook group whilst I was on holiday in Rome (coincidence?) and got in touch with the seller and to cut a long story short I received it last Friday. It was sold with some tlc needed, the previous owner had it from new and visually its in good condition but the group is in need of attention; loose lever where the lever meets the fork/yoke, very loose pins and the piston needs grease too. For now I've swapped group heads over from my Gaggia G106, but I have a brand new handle, pins and bush on order. I'll also order in some new seals so I can rebuild the group head over Christmas. I've also swapped steam tips over so it has a single hole tip, and, a pressure gauge will be fitted as soon as I receive the adaptor! I really like the compact size of the Europiccola plus it heats up really quickly as well. Really think I should keep this one as its in good condition and the black base goes with the black handles/knobs too.
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    I was supposed to be buying some beans as a present for someone else but ended up giving an early Christmas present to myself as well.
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    Ahahahaaa I know that feeling!! When my Rover broke down on M25, approaching Forum Lever Day, I got really stressed out as AA guys were busy, petrol station guy was pissed AF bacause we've been blocking his parking lot (threatening me to involve blues and twos), and all of a sudden a man shows up insisting to help me. I was like, wtf does this guy want now... turns out it was @RDC8 who I had planned to deliver a grinder to ? ? ? think he could feel that ultimate awkwardness of the moment...
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    I am sure others have mentioned the channelling problem before. I think you have to reach a stage, where the kit in a domestic environment is hard to justify. others will be quick to point the finger at me as someone who up until fairly recently, had had everything going, but with one difference. I rarely bought anything in the belief it was the best thing going. I bought it (if secondhand for a good price) because I wanted to try it out. If I bought at a grand and lost £200 I just mentally said I have rented it at £50 per moth for 4 months. This allowed me to look at things for what they are. I stopped doing this some time ago. I had my name down for the second batch of Monoliths but never fulfilled. My tastebuds are average and I simply refuse to believe that many if any, could line up a bunch of shots and say with any confidence what grinder they were produced on. There are simply too many variables involved in the coffee making process. To carry on further, and without knocking anyone who has bought a Monolith or any other top end grinder (your money, you buy what you want! as I did) but for me, I would be unable to tell the difference, or put another way, appreciate the finer differences. A decent single dosing grinder fulfils many tick boxes for the average Joe. After that, if it comes down to taste and that is subjective. I can taste a difference between the same bean through the Niche and Clima Pro but that is certain to be the flat v conical debate. I would love to try a Monolith conical if anyone has one in the Newcastle area, to see what it is all about of course
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    The burrs on the HG are 83mm from memory, whereas the Niche are 63mm. There is bound to be a difference in taste because of that, but only. you can say if the Niche taste is equal to or more or less acceptable than the HG. A lot less faff and effort for sure. I have had a couple of HG Ones and never kept them long! I have a Niche and a Clima Pro. The pro is easier to use but with darker beans the Niche tastes slightly better, but hey ho.....bottom line is do not believe what people tell you and go try for yourself!
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    Left myself an idiot note..
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    When a member of the Forum calls you about the thing that they're really helping you out with, but you think it's one of your clients and your mind blanks... And it doesn't help that "Coffee" is very close to a frequent client's name!
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    Starbucks called out for ramming 27 teaspoons of sugar in there sickly festive burnt bean bog water - well that's the headline I would have used for this article from the BBC - "The "venti" (a pint) Starbucks Signature Caramel Hot Chocolate made with oat milk but topped with whipped cream had the most. It contains 23 teaspoons (93.7g) of sugar and 758 calories," reminds me of ….
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    Not postie, but family brought these back.
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    Yes there is a motor upgrade. Looks pretty good. I have both and the Niche holds up pretty well against the HG1. However having said that I normally use the HG1 when just making coffee for me and only use the Niche if I have visitors and need to make a few together
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    Not bad actually. Poor cups though! Ps I didn't have sugar was just there.
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    So funny! When I get a call from a forum member I have to make sure just exactly which Dave I am speaking to before I drop a clanger ???
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    cheers mate! had to look trice for the error, sneaky chap that [emoji56]
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    Tutt rob, where’s they fun in that
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    Got this one available at the moment... Segmented pattern with copper spacer. 317 stainless base. 51.3mm base will fit the newer la pavoni 51mm group. Looking for £80 plus postage. I’ll grab some more pictures later if needed. Thanks [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thought I’d dredge up this thread to show off a recent tamper I made. Really love the full Pullman replacement handle. Makes me want my own now ?
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    Trust me.......there is! If you cannot taste the difference, time to sell up and buy Nespresso! Only other consideration is the roast level of beans you prefer. many say a flat is better suited to a lighter roast and a conical to a darker
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    if you can have both at the same time (moneywise) get the Niche and try it out. Worse case scenario you can resell it losing a few quid, just put that down to experience and rental costs as dfk says. I had a Kinu M68 before. Great grinder, but I much prefer the usability, consistency and ease of use of the Niche.
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    Fresh coffee made a big difference, using the grind 4 was way to fine and I hardly got any coffee out. Upped it to 6 and tested but might need to go to 7. Also a new toy from the states arrived today which is a 53mm distributor / tamper 2 in one which I think will really help me with my consistency. Very impressed with it so far.
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    I present the motorization made by me at the Kinu M47 coffee grinder.
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    If the edit option has gone on the first post then just do a new post in the thread below with confirmation of price and postage option ?
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    Yes it's all adjustable milk finish temperature, steam temperature up to 180°C, foam volume
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    When you reassemble , it is worth finding a larger washer that you can file to a close fit in the end of the PF handle. This spreads the load on the end of the handle where the bolt compresses. I have seen one where the washer and nut had pulled through.
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    @M_H_S Do you have any blue flat whites with handles left please?
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    Yes, they both were the newer ones. I’ve used the older ones in the past and come to the same conclusion. Reiss of Londinium says the tighter weave of the 35uM is better at diffusing the pour from lever machines.
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    Sorry to disappoint, sold elsewhere.
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    Cheers, I'm in Leeds this weekend so I have to check them out.
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    Personally I would buy separates. If you ever wanted to upgrade (for instance) the grinder, it would be far easier this way. However, if you can't see yourself ever upgrading (we all said that!) - then the BE is fine - in fact I believe it has one or two features the the DTP does not. There are far more knowledgeable Sage experts on here that will explain what they are.
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    That was a great read thank you. I will check out his other posts. At least now I am playing, tweaking and fine tuning which is a much better position than I've been in since Saturday! Thanks Adele.
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    1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg Lucky #7. agentb 1Kg 8. MildredM 9. Bacms 1Kg 10. Christos_geo 1kg 11. Scribblez 12. coffeechap 13. Jimbojohn55 1KG 14. catpuccino 1kg
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    Have you considered a takeaway container strategically place to catch the grinds when you forget something?
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    Yes, some great places to drink great coffee indeed. Looking to make the leap into grinding my own beans soon so will start using some of the local roasters for sure.
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    rumour hasit that in group buys there's something ahem... maybe... ahem... of interest [emoji23]
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    Hi @AndyB2. Link for the distributor tamper below. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B079Y2TGLQ?th=1&psc=1
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    Taking another Sigri 1KG slot for myself before they all go, if im allowed to buy 2KG ( one will be a present which makes it ok) so there ! 1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg Lucky #7. agentb 1Kg 8. MildredM 9. Bacms 1Kg 10. Christos_geo 1kg 11. Scribblez 12 Jimbojohn55 1KG
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    You can probably guess what the other 22 will look like [emoji3] Unless.... I start using snapchat filters on them haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As linked above, I have one of the larger Bror 'work bench' in an alcove in my living room that I use as a coffee station with the shelves shared by other coffee bits and bobs and any spirits we have! Looked at the trolley first but decided on the bigger work top of the bench, both nicely made, solid and have a bit more about them than a normal kitchen trolley but they are on the pricier side.
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    I have been in this instance recently and still don't have a grinder. I will repeat the advice I received. Go used! I got a great machine that was recently overhauled for £150. Wonderful. Its a better machine than I a barista. Grinder - this is where it gets complicated. But not really - basically, best you can afford. Smart grinder Pro was not recommended to me - a hand grinder (such as the comandante, lido e or jx-pro was more highly recommended). Eureka mignon was also recommended - the manuale is 239 quid. I think I'd rather a hand grinder for efficiency and money saving for quality of grind. The duo temp Pro is supposed to be decent. Naturally I'll recommend what I have which is a Gaggia Classic but honestly, there are so many people on here who restore machines and sell for a great price. You're spoilt! Lastly, if this is expensive (which it is - coffee is a drink, espresso is a hobby!) remember that immersion brews like French press or pourover like V60 are amazing, affordable ways of getting top quality coffee. Now ill make way for the espresso experts who helped me. But my advice is to listen - I did and I'm not disappointed, even though I'm still awaiting a grinder purchase.
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    Just for the record I haven’t received ANYTHING in the post for ages ?
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    Calibrated several times - they act very strange - made a video, but too big to post. After calibration (PASS) 1. Tare 2. Place calibrated weight on scale - shows random amount e.g. 245 3. Take off weight and shows as e.g. 50g 4. Place on weight again - shows as e.g.154g I'm at a loss...
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    Today my new scales (old ones drowned) arrived and are not as I expected - hopefully to be sorted soon
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    This arrived today very well packed.. Thanks @MildredM looks great as do the towels ?
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    I might as well join in. My observations are. I put beans in grinder Niche grinds them I put coffee in basket, insert into coffee machine. I make Espresso I enjoy Espresso I smile I'm not spending any more money.
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    Possibly the best video on tamping, others may differ, but I found it really useful...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SnieoHAGlds This is well worth reading through if you haven't already...http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/tamping Hope this helps
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    Haha yeah, Woby is great. He’s just finished his own shipping container shop build too [emoji106] While here, I’ll share another recently life goal...
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    I thought I take this opportunity to share my current wtd tool: From Sainsbury's, 25 for £1. :: [emoji16]
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