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    I tried to celebrate as well but people just laughed at my picture
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    I might as well join in. My observations are. I put beans in grinder Niche grinds them I put coffee in basket, insert into coffee machine. I make Espresso I enjoy Espresso I smile I'm not spending any more money.
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    we did, sort of... wasn't until my mom finally found her then-souvenir
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    The wood turning maverick @Nicknak sent me these today. Very pleased. Thank you!
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    Man on forum claims to have 'reached the end' of his equipment journey..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    It’s a rubber stamp... The idea being is you soak that sheet in coffee, and that then becomes your ink pad. Also works just fine with normal ink [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh no, how are you going to buy beans
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    What is amusing is that the first post of this thread seems to have gone by the wayside, with the bickering back and forth, people getting uptight about their kit! enjoy your equipment, I have said this before, the only person who matters In this coffee endeavour is you, if you are happy stick if not twist.
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    I've had upgraditis for a long time now with my Gaggia Classic (old version) and Iberital MC2 out performing and out lasting all my expectations for the last 10 years + Following lots and lots of research and agonising over HX vs DB and Rocket vs Lelit etc. I finally came across the YouTube content on the ACS Minima courtesy of DaveC. A full E61, dual boiler machine, made in Italy with great specs for £1199 at Bella Barista. Read every word there is to read and decided that Dave seems like a stand up guy and BB wouldnt retail it if it had nothing going for it. Arrived today and I could not be happier. Easy to set up, more beautiful in the flesh and the whole thing just has a great sense of quality to it. Fair enough I've only made one flat white so lots to learn but so far I'm smiling ear to ear. I've got it set up on a smart timer switch to come on for my morning and then lunch time coffees. Also got a niche grinder on order although James Hoffman's plug may have set delivery date back a bit! "Shipping August".
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    I like your fencing
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    Have you had the primary school kids in painting rocks 😂😂😂
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    The Mythos Clima Pro has a heating element in the throat before the burrs and a fan . This isn't to cool the beans, its to maintain a consistent temperature of the beans. In a commercial environment this may prove useful. It is nothing to do with burning beans. In a home environment it adds nothing. The Clima pro also runs at a slower rpm than the original mythos. The standard Mythos doesn't have the heating element. In a home environment there is little or no difference in the cup. Oh … and what Boots said ^^^
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    Did anyone join in the 50th Anniversary celebrations yesterday . . .
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    Anything for the espresso machine!
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    I would imagine the miriad of variables that happen to the coffee, in an espresso machine are more likely to change taste than if the vengaboys come on the radio...
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    Lovely to stumble across us as recommended, thanks to anyone that has mentioned Dog & Hat. Price Wise we are low compared to some subs, as Tom says the margins are thin, but fine in volume - but we believe in not really being more than roasters, and our value is putting together different coffees in the right order for a price that is affordable. Some months it would cost you more to buy the coffees we include off the shelf off the roasters! Also you can buy extra bags from the 8/9 bags coming in that month in the Members area to add to your box, usually around the £8 mark, which Members can take advantage off, and its just bundled in the same box and postage. As an aside, we are SCA certified and now exactly what to look for these days! This wasn't meant to be a sales pitch, but we do re-evaluate what is important to us, and that is commitment and value, you have to have value, and we do achieve that I hope. Su x
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    Nice picture but is that an aluminium drainpipe and what diameter is it, and its wall thickness? just wondering ….
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    strolled through our garden the other evening... armed with just my cellphone, again [emoji56]
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    Can't comment on the touch. Owned a Barista Express for almost 2 years though. As long as you pre-warm your portafilter in the holder, whilst the machine is warming up, the coffee was fine. Steaming power isn't great, 54mm grouphead is a bit awkward, grinder isn't the best but manageable, and you can get some good tasting espresso from it. It's a good all-in-one machine for a reasonable price. It really depends how much you want to spend and how deep into it you want to get. If this is going to be the "one and only" machine you'll have, and you want some good tasting coffee, which is about the same standard as your average local coffee shop, then go for it. If you want something a bit more, or want to upgrade, I'd avoid sage machines all together and get something with a 58mm grouphead straight off the bat (gaggia classic, rancilio silva, any second hand machine, maybe even a sage dual boiler). You can get Barista Expresses second hand for fairly cheap - there are some for sale on this forum.
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    @Obidi You are welcome, no problem doing the measurements, I'm just glad it fitted. Looks amazing, @Nicknak does an incredible job and my lovely new tamper handle arrived today. I will try to add a picture tomorrow, thanks very much Nicknak.
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    It’s the same as usual - the pump has one pipe attached to the bottom of it that is the pickup from the tank, then there are two pipes coming from the top of the pump. One (lower one) is the high pressure pipe that goes to a manifold (basically a nipple on a mounting plate - like an old OPV but without the OPV part!) and then there’s another standard silicone pipe that is the return back to the tank. So the tank has two pipes in it, as usual. It doesn’t seem right that the solenoid is giving way and leaking water into the drip tray before the OPV is returning water to the tank - which is what should happen (chokes or otherwise!). The solenoid valve should only vent when the power to the solenoid is dropped and the valve opens - it shouldn’t be possible for it to be forced open by excess pressure (the OPV should vent the pressure instead). I’m glad I have a proper Classic or two or three :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @cambosheff Hi Lee will take the 2 membranes posted for £15 if it helps and assuming Fez taking the handle and 2 at price above and ohms does not take up the option for the 2 membranes on their own Will now await to see if ohms takes up the offer, if doesn't then I will (originally responded without seeing Ohms first dibs, apologies ) John
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    Yes exactly that. On the pre-2015 Classic, the OPV opens at a set pressure & returns water to the tank. [email protected] could confirm but I think the OPV on the 2019 version returns to just before the pump either to drain back to the tank or get pumped round again.
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    I’ve had my Isomac Millenium from new since about 2004, use it nearly every day. I maintain it with the aid of spares from this company. https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/ They’re fairly straightforward to maintain - got my info from the Coffeetime Wikii on how to carry out the various maintenance processes. Ferrari supply a range of Isomac spares if you decide to take a chance with the machine; You can also find an @DaveC informative review of the machine on the Bella Barista website - here; https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/IsomacTeacloserlookv6.pdf Good luck!
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    Not quite, but I managed to grind a dose of beans on my Niche with nothing to collect them in.
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    A day has passed by, A man can change his mind. My brand new Gaggia classic is now back at Gaggia, it's a simple problem, it should be anyway, but they are not making my life easy and I may well not be continuing on the Gaggia journey as a result. That would mean I need a new coffee machine again.
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    I use a Dell 7710 for CAD (Catia V5) at Work and it works fine. It's heavy but I like it. Not had an issue in the 3 years of owning it.
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    This bloody forum. I’d missed this post. Yeah as we discussed when it was collected I had ran this from a bottle for a little while until I had plumbed it in. The only thing I can think of is that the pump maybe need adjusting. After I had plumbed this in I tweaked it back a little bit to account for the line pressure. If it’s having to pull from a bottle it may need putting back to where it was. I’m sure I had put that in the resto thread. I’ll see if I can find something [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm sure @joey24dirt could offer advice? This video may also be of use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BGfQVq6Dnw
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    Coarser than what? If you keep to the same pour regime for differing sized brews, yes. But make life simpler & stick to one brew size until dialled in. FWIW, I find it easier to make 1 cup brews with a coarse grind, ideally you want a grind setting you don't faff with too much & do fewer pours for a big brew, more pours for small brew.
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    You have yourself a deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    must've been his last words on here then...
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    No comments please - Sales negotiations only on this thread
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    & there was me waiting for a sink shot as per instructions! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Oh no. Hadn't thought of that. Anyone got any free beans :)
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    I did realise you had gone anywhere, there area few overgrown 7 year olds mucking about at the mo!
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    Let it cool, at least a bit don't drink it hot
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    Don't experiment, brew....methodically. Stick to a pour regime & brew size, just change grind. Maybe if you tell me how you space those 2 pours, I might dust off my Chemex & give it a go?
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    You won't get the most, flavour-wise, out of the coffee.
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    If anyone is thinking of buying one of these or anything else from Osmio their customer service is amazing! I phoned them yesterday and they said all should be fine with my machine, just to change the filters. I also ordered the sterilisation kit which arrived as promised today with free next day delivery. They have a Whattsapp number which I asked them how to drain the machine as I'm driving it to France this weekend and they came back to me within the hour with full instructions. Very impressive!
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    Dog and hat have been great for me so far. But it's £17 for 2 bags, so that's £2 more than imm. To me it's worth it, I've had some great coffees from roasters I'd never heard of thanks to their sub
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    Guide to coffee happiness Buy gear> enjoy gear>never read forum again .... Someone somewhere is always saying they are enjoying their coffee more than you (it may be me:) )
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    Man, wipe off dry that water on the drip tray before it rusts! Nice machine! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    In my opinion you either had it run out of water or have something wrong in the PID, whether a setting or something faulty. When my nonPID blew the fuse, it was the thermostat that went bad and allowed the boiler to overheat.
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    The plus side of having no warranty is you can mod it to your hearts content without voiding it! Yeah, i don't think theres much else i'd need to do to it though, other than a new shower screen maybe. In hindsight, for the price i paid to get it here, and add the PID I should have gone an extra few hundred and got the ECM Classika II, now i know I'm actually enjoying all this coffee lark. I'm digging myself further into this hole the more time I spend with you lot though. In all honesty, I went on reddit 3 months ago to see what Nespresso machine was the best, and quickly got shamed in to purchasing all the nice shiny stuff associated with real espresso and pour overs. My wife fucking hates you all. I keep justifying my spending on all your worldly knowledge. haha.
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