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    Highly recommended. [emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Wouldn’t it be easier with one of these ..
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    About 9am back whén I used to work nights.
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    Hi, I’m hoping there’s a pre-loved shiny HX machine out there which is no longer wanted (but still loved!). I don’t have my heart set on a specific brand (can’t presently afford to be fussy), but having a creative background - looks are pretty important me, along with a great experience of learning to handle the machine’s ‘quirks’ . Budget isn’t great, up to £400 or so, but may be able to fiddle with that if the right thing comes along. I love the exposed E61, and polished metal machines, small footprint is handy too. I know it’s a big ask, but they’re defo out there (ACS Minima find was a beautiful example - I’ve spoken to my psychologist and we’ve dealt with this blow and have packed my feelings away now 😂). If it helps, I’m driving to Scotland at the end of August (wedding, not mine), and could return back south via ‘somewhere’ to avoid couriers (we know how they love to ‘tweak’ a machine in transit!). My family can budge up and accommodate it in the car (or walk home). I’ve probably missed off vital info, if so, please poke me, but in a nice way - I’m sensitive 👍🏻
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    Just remove that Allen bolt holding the wooden plate down. Should be under there [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I sell my own beans plus sell hot coffee at Farmers Markets at the weekends. I was using the Niche as decaf with pre weighed tins, a Compak E10 on demand for the Vesuvius, a Auberin timed Mazzer Royal for the L1 plus another grinder (Macap Mx7) for bag grinding. Decaf was low volume so the Niche coped but at higher volumes pre weighed tins is essential. I now use an EK43 with the L1 plus for bagged grinding and Decaf. Pre weighing enough tins for the day takes 15 to 20 mins so it’s not too onerous. The Mazzer or Macap took over 100 seconds to grind a bag of 250g - the EK gets through it in about 10 seconds. You cannot obviously use the Niche for bagged coffee (1g per sec, 4 reloads of the hopper and getting into bag a problem.) Workflow with the EK, whilst slower than the E10, grinds quicker (1s vs 3.5s) so for the fact I’m now at 2 grinders instead of 4 plus the fast bag grinding it was an easy decision. Grind quality on the bagged grinding is better also. Re the first post, if you are not bag grinding, with just the one group and use pre weighed tins (essential) the Niche will keep up with your Espresso machines throughput. I would allow for a stir of the grinds when in the cup to avoid possible channeling but that only takes a second. Added benefit is its WAY easier to carry and move around!
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    Ask Niche to post a set of stronger springs, it will solve the issue. You must have a close fitting grinder where the burr slides up and down, although if it has only just started happening some lubricant may have got on the top plate pusher, even so, the springs will stop it. Temporarily you can put a couple of small hard drive screws, one in the top of each spring to increase the length by 1.5mm which will also stop it while you wait...but be careful not to drop them into the chamber without realising when you screw the top on.
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    Many on here might disagree, and to be fair I've also fancied an EK43 at first, but it has become a fashion beyond need or use-case for coffee shops to run these things. Maybe it's even fading by now as owners realise what faff is means to leverage all the added variables - especially across multiple staff members/shifts. A speciality coffee shop shall have a distinctive style that includes selective purchase of beans, milk, etc. and respective brewing methodology. It's already hard enough to train all staff pulling proper shots from preset equipment and get milk texturing and presentation right (in the way you want it to be). But letting them weigh or even change grind settings for different beans you can be sure it'll be messed up at some point.
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    Possibly looking to sell up the big machine but I have no idea what it would be worth. Fully stripped down and restored back to its former glory. New element and spare element (worth £50) Naked and standard pf’s Tons of baskets. This is a plumbed in machine. It will pull from a bottle though. Rotary pump and a 5ltr HX boiler The rear lower skirt panels may need a lick of paint in the future but ok for now. Upgraded steam wand to a multi position wand. Steam and water on paddles. Volumetrics Don’t know what it would be worth so ideas welcome. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Mr P .. I will get the cheque in the post 👍😂😂😂😂
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