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    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I've been fairly quiet this week... in an attempt to let stuff settle down......... BUT We are now over a week after the implementation of a (lets be frank) steaming pile.... Basic forum functionality still missing (albeit possibly only trivial stuff..... ), still not got a UI that is stable, still daily issues/complaints...... We all know that the new platform will (eventually) work as a forum and while it might not work exactly as it used to - it's forum software and we will get used to it. From my perspective the actual upgrade isn't really an issue...... but the way it was done is f***ing AWFUL!!! No body (as far as I am aware) has explained the need for this "upgrade".... I expect "security", "functionality", "reliability" and "future proofing" will get bandied about)..... As far as I can tell this "upgrade" wasn't even tested to a basic level prior to implementation..... (if it was the Testers should hang their heads in shame) We have (or had!!) within the community quite a wealth of experience of "general" IT and I think possibly even "specialist" Forum IT... We certainly have (or had) keen and prolific users who (I am 100% certain) would have been happy to be "guinea-pigs"... BUT NO - We were basically totally ignored.... Not in my view a great way to treat "customers"...... All I have heard so far was some claim to have "pulled an all-nighter" to implement...... Once again harking to (my) experience with "implementations" "pulling an all-nighter" is NOT a GOOD THING!! it merely highlights poor planning and poor execution.... PARTICULARLY considering the ongoing issues! If an "all-nighter was pulled" over the implementation to deliver a fully functional and "perfect" outcome then it might carry some "bragging rights"... but as a prelude to over a week of ongoing fixes/bodges it really isn't something to crow about. Adding insult to injury at least one reply during the week implied that PAYING might alleviate one of the reported issues (spam/unwanted Ads) - leading to the (unwanted) conclusion that "Our Forum" was being monetised!!! (I a prepared to accept that this interpretation might be harsh!) PLEASE could SOMEONE actually take time out (even from the ongoing Firefight that might still be needed to get "Our Forum" back on track) to explain WTF happened here? And to either allay (or confirm) my fears about the ongoing direction/ethos of the Forum. Yours Drewster
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    I do agree with drewster on this, the whole change could and should have been communicated better with the members of the forum, they are after all the lifeblood of the forum and without them the forum would be a void. I t is getting better day by day and it appears we are generating more new threads and activity, however it is really sad that some of our long standing contributors have now decided to call it a day😩
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    If anyone is missing badges, please PM me and I'll sort them out for you. @MildredM I'm sure a 130,000 Club badge will be available shortly, as I'm sure you'll get there before the year is out
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    Here we go! I'm going o sell one of my machines from my private collection, unused Vesuvius wrapped carbon fiber version, unique with a mod steam wands. PTFE version. Here some pics. 2650 £ shipped. feel free to contact me for any details. Thanks Paolo This is a link to the user guide done by Davec of your forum https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesu...ile.php?id=148
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    Coffees #284 & #285 from today...
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    Names Tait! vBulletin was creaking and yes all of the above, security issues etc. We're now using IPS (Invision Power Suite). The only thing to sort is the old images and avatars. There is more functionality it's just in different places. If you're unsure of how to do something please feel free to ask me publicly or privately. There was no pay to remove advertising that was a rumor. I'd added ads back when I migrated the platform and Google Ads came in. They've since turned off as they we're not related. I'll probably turn it back on for guests and non-logged in users at some point. @Drewster, there's been a lot of investment in your forum. Objective being to make it faster, safer and grow it. The best thing you can do to help is to stay positive and provide constructive feedback for me and I'll tackle each thing as it comes up. If other members need guidance, you can guide them too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazzer-Luigi-Super-Jolly-Timer-Commercial-Coffee-Grinder/173908556746?hash=item287dc1fbca:g:DDEAAOSwH3Zc4pxg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Macap-MC4-Coffee-Grinder/133058008102?hash=item1efae01426:g:CrEAAOSwNIpcxvRe Make some strong offers (strong for you), allowing for probable new burrs required. The Mazzer might be knackered it might be fine, it's not at much money, unless your bidding against someone in the forum you may get it cheap. The Macap, simply make an offer of 60 quid or so and see what happens. Worry about the machine later.
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    Thanks - just about managed to get out of the tent in the morning! Dozed off for few more hours... 10 hours later the views were much different though: Still undecided in the camera gear decisions! G1x m3 sounds like a hell of a fun camera by the way.
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    You may, (or may not) want to turn off gif avatars like mine. I don't think mine is bad but it could be abused... I expected mine when I uploaded it to stay fixed at a random pattern I didn't expect it to work 😛
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