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    Great that you can produce light, medium and burnt roast levels all from the same batch.
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    As some of you may have seen I picked up an as-new condition white EK43s from [mention=3221]gman147[/mention] in late May. I managed to resist for approximately 3 hours before getting in the car and taking my little-one on a roadtrip to Cheltenham to pick her up. As ever, it was great to meet a fellow forum member in person and have the usual hectic and excitable coffee chat about everything from machines, to grinders, to the recent forum upgrade! After about an hour chatting, we headed back to Bristol late afternoon, ready for some far-too-late-in-the-day espresso shots to run her in. I didn’t want to note down my comments until I had time to reflect on this acquisition, which has been my end-game grinder for a few years now. Noise I don’t see this as a problem. She certainly has pervasive back hum when idling. Adding the beans gives the familiar noise level that you get in every third wave coffee shop these days, but my wife hasn’t complained. Weight and size It is beyond heavy. It looks hefty, but this is nothing compared to the reality. Made sure you have a strong set of kitchen cupboards! In “short”, size really isn’t too bad. It’s bigger than my Ceado, but is relatively attractive in white and has wife approval. I quite like it, but then I have been in love with the EK since first understanding what they do, so this is possible clouding my judgement! Cable length Really long to give flexibility of placement, but I recently realised you can feed excess cable back into the base to avoid a coiling snake across the worktop. Weigh-in-weigh-out I have to admit a lot of head scratching for the first few days – this thing is supposed to be almost zero retention, yet I seem to be losing 0.5-1g on every dose?! I was using RDT with a spoon, really thwacking the thwacker (as it were), yet every time grounds out =/= beans in. Then one morning I realised the anomaly: I have one metal cup to feed beans in, and a separate one to catch the grounds out. It transpires that the grounds-out cup weighs 0.9g less than the beans-in cup – there we go – problem solved! Thereafter a slight change in workflow to ensure I now weigh-in beans using the grounds-out cup, before transferring to the beans-in cup before RDT etc. Retention is now predictably low. Invariably +/- 0.2g. I am really enjoying the weigh-in-weigh-out process, allowing for tiny grind tweaks between shots. My wife knows the dial in at “8-9” on the scale for the Sowden and is (begrudgingly) getting the hang of weighing in. Fluffiness of grounds I formerly dosed 15.5g to 15.8g into my 15g VST using my Ceado e37s, I can only fit 14g into the 15g VST using the EK. This is with the same beans, from the same batch, and I have rechecked this. Before every tamp, I give a couple of vertical settling taps then use my homemade patent-pending scraping tool, so I know that the basket is filled to the same level with each grinder. More than c. 14g dosed in the VST from the EK leads to overfilling. This is evidenced by shower screen indentations on the used puck, so I can’t ignore the facts. I am putting this down to the various particle size analyses on the EK indicating it produces a higher proportion of larger particles, so less settling and compacting. Welcome thoughts on this point though, and whether anyone else has noticed the same? Tamping The big surprise is that my Torr Goldfinger Trap Convex no longer works. I am getting huge problems with side-channelling in the basket. As you can see from the above photos, this is a problem and, frankly, is a bit demoralising when you see channelling start halfway through a shot. I have moved to using a lower PI pressure of 1.25 bar, which has helped, but not solved the problem. There are two problems to overcome: in some cases you can see where the puck pulls away from the basket, in others you can see a “halo” forming around the edge, presumably where the grounds have been tamped less (the tamper base rim has a radius, and I am now seeing that this should be a sharp-edge) and this has allowed them to expand further. In some cases there is evidence of contact with the shower screen, so this may also cause the channeling. I need to get my head around this issue and am currently investigating tamper options. Again, I would be interested to hear if others found this same issue when moving to the EK?
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    Love it!! Although, rather stick to your cellphone (or wipe the group clean next time) because we're seeing FINGERPRINTS!
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    waiting on a couple of 16mm seals in the mean time finished off the new bracket for the pressurestat Still need to plate its pipe after its been bent to a better shape
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    You misunderstood. What they meant by a black coffee is the cup has to be black, duh!
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    Welcome Mick, As @PPapa said once you've settled into the forum you'll be able to list it over on the for sale section. Might be worth posting a short introduction on the new members section and joining in on some threads. It's a great community we've got here and we always welcome new members, that said I don't think you'll have much success joining then immediately trying to sell a setup before anyone has any 'feel' for the kind of person you are.
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    I also have three children (two pre-school) but decided to get up a little earlier so I actually have time to prep 2x cappuccino and 3x hot chocolate on my +300quid machine [emoji56] Because I love my family and my coffee!
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    More so if you use a hand grinder. Haha, and as we know, the HG-1 burns less calories than an Aergrind due to burrset size.
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    Welcome to the forum, Mark! Is this your set up or are you selling set ups? If you wish to advertise on Coffee Forums UK please click here or contact an Admin via email [email protected] or send a PM to Tait, Glenn or Rhys. Grab a cup and relax, Dave. Please don't be harsh to new members.
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