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    Just to let everyone know that the next two months of this Q are sorted, we have two great roasters sorted and do not envisage any challenges at the moment with the supply of the beans.
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    OK - This is the bean: It's from Nicaragua and is from the Limoncillo Farm. It's a Yellow Pacamara, but it's the petites (the smaller screen sizes, so it actually looks similar to other smaller varietals in terms of bean size) and it's been Pulped Natural processed. Roland's tasting notes are a big hit of hops, with lemon zest and pink grapefruit. There's brown sugar sweetness coming through on the end, which moves into a subtle milk chocolate on the aftertaste. All I can say is if this is the petites I would hate to see the big ones!
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    Ex-Doctor with experience in public health and intensive care here with a young son and wife who is nhs doctor who I waved off to work today in fear. This is correct. Any younger person who thinks they can carry on life as normal and not respect social distancing does not deserve our NHS. This is putting young people in ITU, if they survive their lungs and heart may never be the same again. 1/3 hospitalised in the US are 20-40. Get a grip, stay home, protect your NHS. Don’t adopt a blitz we can beat this attitude, this virus isn’t a bomb. Stay home. Protect the NHS you might need it soon.
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    Beans have been roasted, they are being packed ready for sending Monday. Corona precautions and less people working means the process has been slightly extended hence trying to get the payments sorted quickly. These beans appreciate a nice rest
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    It's almost as if I could have predicted who would say what before I even read the posts here. Some people's comments already look bone-acheingly stupid But you know what? It's ok. As long as they shut right up now, and start learning, it's ok. It's a scary unprecedented situation. Everybody goes through the denial and disbelief stage. So did the government. So did some other governments. I've been watching this very carefully for weeks, because I have friends in Italy. I'm dismayed that the speed of the news from Italy has been glacial compared to the speed of the virus. I noticed in Italy things move faster than our minds can cope with. Virus outstrips policy. This is what we have seen this week. Fact is, even I, could see a month ago that the trajectory of the UK was the same as Italy, because it is the same anywhere that does not take measures. Italy took measures well in advance of where we are now. They also have twice the medical capacity for dealing with it. (we are 24/31 in Europe for ICU provision. Makes you proud) I see no reason to believe that it will be any better in this country, and every reason to think it will be worse. The virus doesnt care about stupid patriotic beliefs and the british sense of superiority. There is a political dimension to this, and they've screwed it up. Italy didnt. They had far less warning, and they reacted quickly, but still too late to stop a disaster. We had a prime minister who spent his time trying to crowdfund Big Ben to go bong. Last week, in the space of 4 days, policy flick-flacked repeatedly. Test-only test hospital admissions (20%) to test everyone. Herd immunity is great and it is your patriotic duty to go out and catch the disease to oh? that would mean 0.5 million dead! Panic. This is not easy for the health authorities because the science around the virus is nascent, and there are many bodies involved in it with conflicting views, but the U-turns are an indication of the failure. If you want to understand the changes read the ICL report. It triggered the change. But it is a massive failure of public health from a party stripped of it's real talent because of an extreme ideology, and a PM that really doesnt want to be there now he's realised trite 3 word slogans and lies on a bus wont work. The man who told you to believe in Britain while his party stripped it bare, leaving us with just your beliefs. You cant hoodwink a virus. I wish you all the very best and hope that whatever role you have to play in this, that you play it well, and that selflessness rather than selfishness is what drives you. Over and out.
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    OK it's done Lelit MaraX review completed and published. It was a huge job and I worked late into the night to get it done. Enjoy. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/
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    Just found a nice stash of this... Also.. the last thing I made Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To this.... Just needs his bottom eyelet (I’m being polite here)! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    For sale is my Londinium R. 9 months old. Remaining warranty transfers with the machine. Confirmed by Reiss in writing. It is immaculate and owned from new. Was purchased by myself new in May 2019 for £2,673 not including IMS screen which was an added extra. Still have the original box and packaging. This is the LR with the Digital Pre-infusion Module built in. So pre-infusion pressure can be amended easily. This will soon become easier with the imminent release of the wireless module which I believe is being shipped for free and allows mobile connection. Meticulously looked after with towels kept on drip tray and cup warmer from day one. I'm sure you could find some marks under scrutiny but the machine is in excellent condition. Has only ever had ashbeck water through it. I work shifts and when off work I will have the machine on and make anything between 1 and 4 espresso/milk drinks per day. When working, the machine may not be used for a couple days. So it's not had a hard life. It works perfectly and I will add that I love the machine and will inevitably end up with another. For those of you who know me I change equipment quite regularly and have an offer of a machine I've always wanted to try, so why not. It has a weekly deep clean and parts are soaked in pulycaff as well as a thorough group head clean. On days the machine is used it has a Espazzola group clean daily. You're more than welcome to come and view it and try it. Or get a demo. I'm happy to ship at buyer's cost and risk. Any questions please ask, am looking for £2300 which I think seems fair for the condition but happy to discuss. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    As there’s bugger all in the shops, I made us a simple loaf. Very rarely bake bread, so it’s nice having the time to do things like this. Long may the baking continue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Desperate to keep the kids happy Repurposed slide and nature pond Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As title... replacement wood set for your niche grinder made from 100% recycled skateboards. I have 3 sets available currently. These are also for sale elsewhere, but I’m offering them on here too at a discounted price for forum members [emoji106] ([emoji328]:@saskia4life) Finished with a sealer and then clear coat. Colours will vary to photos shown. £120 per set plus £5 UK delivery. If you’re outside the UK I can get a postage quote. Payment via PayPal friends and family. Set includes the baseplate, grounds dish and 4 x feet. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I say fair play to him. Joe Wicks has built his business and brand from nothing and I think guys like him deserve all the recognition and money they get. He built himself up on a very competitive platform (Instagram) and is now a millionaire many times over I am sure. Although his methods are basic and nothing ground breaking ie. Cook nice food at home, manage portion sizes and do basic exercise multiple times per week his approach and the way he has managed to deliver and engage people is ground breaking. Joe Wicks is doing in general exercise what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners. You may dislike him Dave, I personally don't have an opinion TBH but I would say that this time he isn't in it for the money (he doesn't need to build a bigger brand through this).... I'd bet he just thinks he can help by doing what he was already doing. If I had that platform I'd do the same. No one has a platform quite like JW for delivering this, he has basically being doing this already but it is only because the media have decided to jump on it to help spread his reach even further that it has become bigger than ever. I am a 'key worker', my wife is a teacher on a 1 in 14 rota so she is stuck at home on her own with two under 3's every day pretty much (hard f'ing work right now) ... She does the PE lesson every day with the kids and they love it. Routine is great for the kids and in times like this it is even more important. Do the PE class tomorrow at 9am Dave, you never know, you may enjoy it!
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    From the autumn so not current, but very useful in the current situation... Mounting board for a Beastmaker 1000 with two layers of 18mm ply and massive hammer fixings, so I can still keep my climbing strength even if I can’t go outside 😉 Extra storage after our loft got boarded out around the same time, made the house clearer and nicer to be in.
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    Thank you to everyone that has paid so promptly. If you have expressed interest and are yet to pay, we will be placing the order tonight - you only have a few hours left. Don't miss out!
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    As it’s going nowhere during lockdown I thought I’d fire up the Mara this morning. The result - shiny chrome back in place in the kitchen and a really delicious flat white with Steampunk Brazil Caxambu Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok so in the age of lockdowns and mindless rants on the forum I thought it was about time to impose another over detailed pimp. 1986 Brass Pav - never been restored or serviced - not in great condition but I've seen a lot worse - so on with the mindless condition details 🖕
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    When needs must . . . but you know we didn’t really 🙂
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    Yes, they are 😅 Fund raising for 2 local charities who will lose a huge revenue this spring and summer with being closed.
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    Oh my god can we just stop this petty shite. People are dying folks everyone has an opinion, some folk are expert in this field on here as some folk definitely are not and should just keep their speculation and opinions to themselves. I am no expert but have watched with worry the escalation of this pandemic. The future is not orange folks unless we change our attitudes
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    @Marocchino Yes! Following the Government's latest update on the fight against Corona virus, social distancing recommendations have been extended and forums such as CFUK are required to phase out the use of 'Like' and other reaction buttons. This is being rolled out on a regional basis, with priority being given to those populations that are more likely to be interacting, in some way or other, with sheep. Hence why you are not seeing yours. Either that or it's the case that none of us have a grayed-out coffee cup reactions button in the bottom right-hand side of our OWN posts! 🙂
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    I’ve got both an original plumbed in L1 and a Vesuvius which I use at Farmers Markets. You won’t go wrong with either. i use medium roasts. The action of pulling the lever to silently produce an espresso is a wonderful tactile experience. The Espresso it produces is superb. You have limited control of shot volume and on the L1, for a medium roast, between 16g and 17g is the dose I use to avoid hitting the shower screen. There is very little that can go wrong on the original L1 and once dialled in is very repeatable . The Vesuvius is built like a tank with quality components inside. A quality gear pump controls the profiling which is surprisingly easy to use and change. Ironically my go to profile is based on a declining lever one but I have others for lighter or darker roasts. Due to the long preinfusion I’ve set, I grind 4 marks finer on a Niche for the V than the L1. Easy to go down a rabbit hole when playing with profiles . The shower screen sits higher than the L1 so you can fit in a higher dose for the same size basket but I tend to stick to the same dose. If I had to get rid of one I would struggle to choose to be honest. I’ve done blind taste tests with some customers and there is nothing between them although with the profile I’m using I probably just lean to the Vesuvius but different roast might be different. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    I asked my son about the lockdown, he is 17....he turned to me and mumbled something about "what lockdown", I said all the changes to your normal routine, he said "what changes" and was "resorbed" back into the world of online gaming.
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    Anyone fancy a cheeky comp now we are no longer going to coffee shops, more likely to be working from home and probably in need of something to brighten up our coming weeks?
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    Hi everyone, long time lurker here, just thought I'd share my coffee station I made the other day, does the job for me pretty good, most people think I'm mad putting so much into coffee. They never turn down a cup though!
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    Thread has run its course. Now locked.
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    Utter bollocks. And hugely insulting to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who will be the frontline, some of whom will die. Oh, and it's not going to be a "minor thing" for the under 60s. Some hospitals in Italy in the epicentre are having to leave the over 60s to die because they are triaging. Their wards are full of the under 60s, some of whom will die and many of who will eventually emerge will permanent serious heart and lung damage. Stop spreading lies and misinformation.
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    The government can't -- or a least shouldn't -- be playing guessing games. Health officials can't advise people to do things that might be deleterious. The long term effects are unknown; a small study in china found that 2 out of 12 patients had a 20-30% drop in lung capacity but the virus also attacks the kidneys. Mutations are generally harmful to viruses but that doesn't mean they will be. The median age of the UK population is 40.5 years and there are just shy of 68 million people. Even if 34 million people (the number would be much higher if you go to under 60s) went out and got the virus in a short period of time it would result in many deaths. There are about 4000 ICU beds in the UK (lets just assume they're all empty). The fatality rate in China was 0.2% in people aged 10-39. If more than 0.01% of people under 40 require intensive care at the same time then the system will fail which is assuming the beds are distributed evenly and cases will be distributed evenly across the country (which they won't be). If our fatalities mirror China's at 0.2% between 10-39 we will see approximately 68000 deaths. I don't think I can find reliable statistics without a lot of effort so I'm just going to use Obesity statistics as a guide to general health as obesity tends to be linked to heart disease and diabetes, and a poor diet is linked to a poor immune system. The current obesity rate in china is about 6% compared to the UK's 28%. It seems reasonable to suggest that if 34 million people in the uk between 10-40.5 get the virus approximately 68000 will die. Even if 6800 people die that's still too many for the government to be telling people to go out and get the virus. The current ambition of our health service is that 20000 people will die from 50000 confirmed infections. We're ignoring cases from contamination, people over 60 ignoring advice not to leave the house. We're also ignoring the issue of doctors and nurses getting the virus and passing it on to other patients in the hospital and the fact symptoms can be delayed for 14 days allowing people to unknowingly transmit the virus to elderly relatives and friends they might visit and deliver shopping to. Also lets not forget the impossibility of actually making this suggestion (that people should go and get it) work. 1) People cannot know for sure if they have been infected without testing unless symptoms get so bad they require hospital treatment so they don't know if they have immunity and they don't know if the immunity will actually last. 2) Not everyone will deliberately get it because they don't want to or live with people who are at real risk of death. 3) How would you know the virus has gone completely and is not just being passed around by a population that don't show symptoms?
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    I went to the first oldies hour at Sainsbury's this morning, never had so much fun. It was like a scene from the walking dead. Managed to get some bread and milk, then they opened the doors for the "scum" and it was absolute chaos. When will we ever learn.................
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    It doesn't get any better...
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    new payment option
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    You will like this then.
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    I didn't realise it would take to long to make them a sale item and I'd like a few forum members to experience the difference they make. Back in the distant mists of time, I did get sent some sample production NFC disks. They sent a batch over from China (it was before Christmas I think, so Cornona free ) It was for me to have a look & comment, someone in China just bunged a load in a jiffy bag. I don't have a huge amount but as they don't seem to break or chip (Leaxan) and I don't need more than what I have already installed. If any long time members want an NFC disk, contact me via pm. I'll send you my address and if you send me a SAE with a stamp on it, I will slip an NFC disk in there for you....until I run out. Please don't ask if you have a different grinder, I don't have many and they will go to members I know have been around and support the forum. Priority of course to those who supported the Indeigogo Niche campaign when it was going to funding. I think there were at least 70 or 80 forum members who did but I don't have anywhere close to that number. I think I have about 15 or so. Oh and please don't ask Niche UK, there are none in the country apart from the ones I have. As distribution of these items was never going to be handled from the UK.
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