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    There is a relatively infamous play set on Tyneside, called 'Close the coal house door pet'. In it, 2 old Geordie characters are talking, and one says to the other, 'thats an example of diversification.' Eh, says the other, please explain.........'why man, it's when you knock down your coal mines and build yer perfume factories'. Progress means different things to different people
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    Nobody will care but a few weeks back on my first day of making espresso, I was so excited with all my new toys and that there was actually black stuff coming out of my machine, I'd made a big mess on the sideboard. Water and grinds everywhere. No idea what was going on, and not understanding the whole pacing of my tasters (I'd had about 6 sour to bitter double shots by now), I felt like I was on Ritalin, or coming up on some party pills, and was a little bit too hyper. The curious kid in me (I'm 43) thought it would be a great idea to lift the hopper off the grinder to have a look at the magic happening underneath, and me being the caffeine charged donut that I am, didn't even think of closing the chute. BANG, 250g of expensive Rwandan beanage all over the place. What a cock. To make it worse, I scooped them all up and put them back in (bearing in mind the fuckers were all wet from my earlier calamities now) and obviously what came next was a clogged Eureka Silenzio. I thought i'd fucked it. A few youtube vids later, i'd quickly had my first burr cleaning lesson and was all back on form within half hour or so. Still buzzing, but all under control. Quite a few lessons learned in my first session.
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    You know, there's an easy solution for it...
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    now that there's less Johns and Daves around, it's also less confusing [emoji15]
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    I can trace my reduced activity back to that odd period where I focused a lot of energy on Niche’s selling practices and got a generally frosty response. Since then I lurk a lot more - not deliberately, it’s just turned out that way.
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    [emoji15] That’s not what I wrote! ... That’s way funnier! Robur is in fact called Robert [email protected] will attest since he named him.
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    It depends on the banter though. I am still unsure if some stuff is said in jest, as a joke, or as a serious statement or question. To be honest, I’m not bothered either way. Nothing much I read on here (banter/in jokes/pokes call it what you will) sinks in for long enough for me to think of a response and if it come across as rude or nasty then I just think to myself 'what a twit' and move on.
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    When? Mine is still notifying me 12 hours later in some cases. Then posts won’t load. Everything is updated too from the app side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I found it easy , I just answered a tenth of your posts .😂😂😂 ..
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    Mrs Hasi warned me before I came home today... kids are all over the place and our new house guest! That's what she was talking about: So this little magpie fella fell out of its nest. My suspicion is towards a young cuckoo kicking about but I may be totally off track with that lead. Anyhow, I looked up what to do now... feeding time every 30min WTF! But kids are out of (pre) school for summer holidays, so hopefully they take good care of the guy! Might keep you posted on our success 😬😬😬
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