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    I thought it was funny and observational, would be a dull place if there was no humour on here, it is one of the reasons why many folk don’t bother anymore.
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    The task was to find something of the same wattage that would fit - we did find an equivalent but it need to be mounted centrally to have clearance. The only way to do this was make and fit a new mounting plate, as well as a quick rewire as the original was a bit crispy.
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    Hi @Planter, Thanks for your prompt response, it’s appreciated. Was going to offer only marginally under what you were asking but honestly can’t see the point in quibbling over small sums - I’ll take it at your full asking price 😃
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    Sooooooo....sod it...had to try it.... A cheap 14g (completely non precision) basket and a rattling 58mm tamper I bought ages ago for the Gaggia Classic, 1kg bag of Kimbo Superiore (roast date 2nd Feb 😮), not too careful on the prep. 14g dose, straight nine bar extraction, double spout, 1:2 ratio,- 23 seconds and there you have it. Tons of crema, classic smooth but totally nondescript flavour, but actually quite drinkable. Just needed the cigarette smoke and accordion player. 😎
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    Just about to open a bag of Ana Cecilia Estevez macerated natural Lempira. Also Honduran. Roasted by Fortitude, Edinburgh. Promises wine gums, strawberry and jasmine. Amazing as espresso at Little Fitzroy this weekend. I'll be brewing. Sent from my PCT-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Are you going to delete this post? you can just remove the content from your own posts if it bothers you that much. perhaps the MODs have you on their blocked list!
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    I once snagged a Londinium from Manchester for £750! Won’t happen again though. however a fully pimped la Pavoni professional is a really decent machine, or you could hunt out some of the more exotic old little lever machines. £750 is a tough price point.
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    Yes that is for 40 hours per week although I am apparently slightly out of date as that was the value for 2017. It is now on €600 per month (€8820 per year). Other countries in Europe have even lower salaries. But the main problem is that about 60% of the working population is on that salary which means taxation on anyone above that needs to rise pretty quickly which explains the large number of young people that have moved abroad for work. People do more with less money as there is more "free" help between communities and housing and raw food tend to be way cheaper than the UK. Outside Porto and Lisbon you can for example get a full cooked meal (soup, main course, bread, dessert) for as low as €3 euros and you can rent a 2 bedroom house for less than €200 month (way less in some cases due to rent freezing for several years, my parents have some tenants on €25 per month). So yeah you don't see a lot of Londinium and monoliths around let's put it that way...
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    The Internet wasn’t around when I was a school .. Does that mean I have to go to night school 😂
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    🤔🤔 On the plus side, the milk is much nicer now haha. Once again, cheers @Nicknak
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    Go for a pre-2015 model, the auto-shutoff on the new one is just too much of an inconvenience - and the cost difference pays for a whole bunch of great upgrades. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep, think hand grinder is the only viable option. Hausgrind could also fit the bill. Or retrofit a wug2 motor to the hg1 not that I have any experience about this whatsoever
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    You can take or leave my advice but it is based on dealing with a range of customers in this area. Vanity is important to people in this regard. There are so many people whose hearing loss isnt dealt with as they as concerned how the hearing aid makes them look and feel ( ageing etc ) this impact on them and their partners quality of life, so having something that makes them feel less conscious about their hearing is really important. Non NHS hearing aids cost will cost more but can provide functionality and an improvement in the quality of hearing ( via noise cancelation and other software ) . In some areas you have a choice who will provide your NHS aid ( hospital or an qualified provider ) it is worth checking this out as other providers will fit different hearing aids to the hospital ( not wifi or bluetooth but different ) plus some people are put off by having to go to a hospital for this, hearing loss is not an illness. Other providers can often fit an aid in a test and fit appointment in an hour as opposed to weeks between appointments at the hopspital. Other high street providers ( specsavers et all ) offer interest free credit and you can wifi , blue tooth functionality so shop around and will have sales and offer on across the course of the year My advice is if somewhere does not have a published price list to show you or online do not go there, there are still old school practices that price on the look of your shoes/handbag/watch.
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    Stick with the NHS devices. The NHS audiologists really know what they are doing. There is no need to pay for a hearing aid other than vanity.
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    Thank you. Would have completely missed this and have been toying with the idea for a while so will give it a go after the rave reviews on here. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    oh... almost forgot... rocking chair and banjo, according to @Nicknak now just need to learn how to, erm, rock [emoji1787]
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    Thank you everybody! Road trip is a done deal, she's also got electric ignition and rear air suspension - so M25 can kiss my derriere this time around [emoji41] actually yes [emoji56] she's had one of those ugly step-on rear bumpers with a towing hook attached but we went back to original chrome bumper and no hook. BUT... I've got something in mind that goes on the bed [emoji6][emoji41] later down the line...
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    I studied EU Law for a year as part of my first degree; I don't know how it works. It is an incredibly complex area of law, which is part of the reason why everything to do with Brexit is so fraught. My recollection is that some legislation has direct effect (directives) and others do not. Even in three years where it has been of crucial importance I haven't bothered to reacquaint myself. The use of the word "Paki" at one point in this thread was interesting, because I wonder how many of our members are non-white people who have had that term levelled at them as a racist slur. It's been spoken about in a roundabout sort of way that has assumed that nobody amongst us could speak directly to that. I am (a white person) who says that you really shouldn't say that. Hearing of my wife's (not Pakistani, but not white either) experiences tells me why I shouldn't.
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    It was good to see a Norvin Funnel in the flesh 😂 ..
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    Nice to see a sale go through smoothly without all the haggling that happens far to often congrats to both
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    Yeah, I presume these are the originals https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Mazzer-Super-Jolly-Grinder-Burrs-RH-64x37x84mm-OEM---FMA00033M/m-m-2599.aspx
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    Oh and I just bought a brand new Niche for £325 [emoji102] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This, this, this. Someone who shall not be named goes over all the threads, shoves his unbiased opinion for the gear he gets to review and keep (never mind any other benefits) and badmouths all the equipment other brands won’t give to him. This is not OK.
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    Do you have cups? It’s always good to have the right size for the drink you prefer, in my view Popular makes include Inker, Acme, Loveramics etc and they come in espresso, flat white, cappuccino etc sizes.
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    You are certainly right that more subtle meanings etc can get lost when "talking" via screen...... Many a time you can witness (or even get drawn into) rapidly escalating arguments because a casual/lighthearted comment is mis-interpreted and then all hell breaks loose...... Plus once someone makes a judgement on someone based on such a heated argument (albeit based on an original misunderstanding) they will be forever prejudiced against that person.... thinking every future utterance from them is a personal attack! By example I offer our very own DFK..... Dave is a very nice and friendly chap with a decent sense of humour.... I bet you can give many examples of people who react to his posts as if he were the devil incarnate :-) Some (possibly fewer) think I have a vendetta against them too......
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    Back my go to.
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    Nope. I passed it onto @The Systemic Kid after I'd given up looking for perfection.. Mines about as good as it gets now without getting it 'Franked'
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    Transducer is much better than the pressure switch, you can adjust the pre-infusion much more easily and accurately. They are also very much more robust than the switch, plus very very soon the WiFi app and plug in module will hit the streets and this will make a huge difference
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    I'm still working on consistency of getting good shots without using the scale (dosing and tamping), but the real challenge is how to teach my wife making coffee on her on. One thing is for sure I will never ever use the double wall baskets with this machine. With regards to coffee beans type (I'm not experienced at all), so far I have managed to dial in Maromas Orphea, which maybe is medium roast? and Davidoff Espresso 57 Intense, which is dark roasted. And yes the late and cappuccino are outstanding.
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    I hope I haven’t offended anyone, it certainly wasn’t my intention. I think this whole subject is probably something I am better off not commenting on, I simply don’t have the capability to put into words what I mean. None of what I think in my head could ever be thought of as offensive, but possibly typed out in a few sentences could be taken wrongly. And isn’t that the thing with forums, and many online interactions? An example of this that comes to mind is the Like button on FB and Australia doing a trial to remove it to remove social pressure. If I don’t Like a post here on the forum doesn’t meant I don’t like it! Maybe we should have an ‘acknowledge' button then friends wouldn’t think something you didn’t intend them to think 🙂 The point I am trying to make is, FOR ME, I can’t convey by typing what I want to say. BUT I would hate anyone here to think I was racist, homophobic or anything other than how people know me in real life just because of half a dozen words that didn’t explain what I meant 😁 Now, please don’t ask me to describe how my coffee tastes. I’m rubbish at that too 😂
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    Full on belly laughed - bravo!
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    Haha I was just about to suggest that. Been wanting to do a walnut skatewood mash up for a while if interested [emoji23][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not to someone, they hold their value very well indeed, @MildredMone is going up week by week
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    For £300 this set up is a no brainer, super deal
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    Opened a fresh packet of coffee today and tightened the grinder up a little. Pressure only dropping about 1 bar during extraction which I think is normal. With the tighter grind and fresh beans the extraction of 18g to 40g took about 45 seconds and the output was very nice 😃 Thanks for all the help, this was entirely down to me then. Need to keep an eye on the beans and how long they have been opened for and watch for the shots changing as the beans go off....
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    Great thread! Thanks. @M_H_S👍 It’s been interesting to hear what folk think about single dosers and the inherent issues / solutions. Need more like this.
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    Thank you all for you helpful replies. In the end, having opened up the solenoid 3-way valve, I was quite certain this was not a scale issue; we live in a very soft water area. So I went with my gut instinct and bought a new pump (a CP3A 65W Invensys ARS Eaton D from Shock_Waves_Shop on ebay) and after a week of problem free espresso I can confirm that this has solved the issue.
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    Typically about an hour. However a few tactical lever pulls will help get the group up to temp quicker. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Here's a few beauty shots as promised. Now it has sold so quickly, they're just for everybody else - what you've missed out on [emoji23]
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    Well, having confined myself to the sidelines for the past few months, although I admit I still glance at what's going on every few days, and without those who dislike me accuse me of popping up to stir up trouble, I simply wondered if those forum members who have been around long enough, have any thoughts as to how the forum is compared to how it used to be. In other words looking at the changes that have taken place with new ownership.
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    @Hasi when is the LR coming 😂
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    I do look in from day to day but usually very briefly as I find very little of interest. I do chip in from time to time if I can help / give advice usually technical. Good to see DFK pop in again. Sad to say the forum is a shadow of it's former self.
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    I don't post so much now, not really anything to do with the software as that's settled down, don't care about who owns it. I think for me it's not as good as it used to be for other reasons and I have rather lost interest in posting too much these days. I'm more busy creating and moving some projects forward in an environment where my skills are useful and appreciated, rather than unproductive posting and brickbats on a public forum. Been looking at a few prototype machines, some other fun projects and today look forward to a demonstration of another new machine awaiting launch. I will be getting one to test and it's going to be interesting to see how an old timer of the prosumer machine world has done and what they have made of all the changes and their need to change and compete. The Lelit needle valve tests have been interesting, and I am awaiting a test valve kit from Profitec, if they bother but I'm not going to chase them. One way or another there will be a kit I can recommend (or possibly both) where appropriate E61 machines can be converted to flow/pressure profiling. The maintenance issue and performance side I can explore as well and will be feeding some stuff back to Lelit as this area has been neglected, plus I think a small change in O ring materials might bring benefits.
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