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    As a thank you to the forum that has really supported us at a time when our business has changed dramatically overnight, I have a forum specific code for 15% off coffee. CFUK15 The feedback we have had has been amazing, I am enjoying roasting all the more knowing it is being prepared with such care and attention to detail by members. We are stocking a new line of domestic machines from a well known Italian manufacturer in the not too distant future and I intend to launch with some deals just for members. We will have a choice of HX machines and a really awesome rotary pump dual boiler with some incredible technology packed in. We have also had a little tidy up and reduction on our shipping rates to makes things more simple and better value for everyone. Our shipping is now £1.95 on all orders up to £25 and after that it is FREE. You also have the option to upgrade to 24h should you be in a rush. Thanks again to everyone, your support means an incredible amount to a family run business. David
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    So, after my 'Road Trip' in December of 2017 I ended up buying a lovely Speedster from a great guy called @EricC and apparently saved a few marriages.. It sat on my worktop until I fathomed out how to plumb it in.. This was going to be the last machine that I would ever own.. Scroll on two and a half years and things sort of happened... Ummmmmm...... Errrrrr... Well that sort of escalated. At least all my plumbing was done, all I had to do was relocate the hole in the worktop and move things round a bit in my cupboard. So, yeah.. My last ever setup.. Again.. And coincidently I had a caffeine crash this afternoon. Can't think what caused it..
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    Find another forum that fits your desire to express political and other views more frequently . It’s a coffee forum mate, I don’t come here for political discussion , people’s views on brexit , the left , the right , immigration , flat earth , etc etc . All the , let’s have a bit of fun threads that get started as as you know , to wind people up , get stopped and so the circle moves on. The world is In a terrible state as it is at the Moment without aggro on here . keep it coffee .
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    Lelit Mara X with Profitec flow control, Niche Zero and some other stuff
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    OK, this is what it is. We have our second Rwandan and it is SHOLI COOPERATIVE - Tasting notes are Juicy red plum and candied grapefruit notes with a pomegranate acidity and a buttery creamy body. I think most people understand the challenges in Rwanda at the moment and all profits from the sale of this specific coffee is going towards the disaster relief going on there. Following from Caravan: Sholi was formed in 2008 by a group of 30 women farmers as a way to invigorate their local economy. Located halfway between the Rwandan capital of Kigali and Lake Kivu to the west, Sholi members grow coffee up to 2000 meters above sea level, cultivating traditional Bourbon varietals, and delivering their cherry to nearby collection points throughout the small district of Muhanga. This particular lot was grown by the Sholi Women’s Association, a group of female farmers who organized to share resources, skills, and to advocate for their rights within their communities. The Sholi Cooperative is a new relationship for CCR, established by our Head of Coffee, Andrea Otte, from a previous job where she worked with producer organisations in East Africa. Abateraninkunga ba Sholi – or just ‘Sholi’ – is a small cooperative by African standards, with only 387 members, of which nearly half are women. Located halfway between the Rwandan capital of Kigali and Lake Kivu to the west, Sholi members grow coffee up to 2000 meters above sea level, cultivating traditional Bourbon varietals, and delivering their cherry to nearby collection points throughout the small district of Muhanga. Sholi was formed in 2008 by a group of 30 women farmers as a way to invigorate their local economy. Since then, the cooperative has achieved Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certifications, placed in the Rwandan Cup of Excellence, and established a collectively owned washing station where members’ coffee is processed. This particular lot was grown by the Sholi Women’s Association, a group of female farmers who have organized to share resources, skills, and to advocate for their rights as farmers within their communities. Caravan paid an additional premium to support the Women’s Association, funds which are pooled over the course of the year. At the end of the harvest, the use of the funds is voted on by all the members, who have previously invested in such things as reforestation and early childhood education. Please note - last Rwandan for a while (no others planned at the moment) but it seemed a worthy cause and of the two coffees suggested this was definitely the tastiest.
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    Ohh hello Part 4 Maybe not the last machine I will own. OK few extras with this. Which a few. Should know 👍
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    Hi folks! I’ve been using a Silvia with a Eureka Zenith for a couple of years and fancied a change. Particularly as I was finding the Silvia really inconsistent compared to my work Gaggia Classic. I had another beat up old Italian built Classic I’d wanted to refurbish but never had the time so when the old covids arrived, I found myself with some time on my hands. After stripping down the Classic, refurbishing and rebuilding it, I had gotten the restoration bug. I saw a completely haunted looking Mazzer Major on Facebook marketplace for £100 and took a punt. I picked it up from a Turkish barbers shop in East London. The thing was full of ancient grinds and human hair when I opened it up! A couple of weeks later I’d completely resprayed it, rebuilt it, and modded it for home use with some 3D printed parts I’m still refining. I also managed to find some genuine Mazzer titanium burrs on eBay for £40! the whole setup cost me under £250! Probably about a grand in man-hours though! 😂 I’m now on the hunt for a small footprint E-61 group machine that’s needing some TLC to bring back to life.
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    I've been waiting a month for her to arrive but she's here now! 😁 My previous machine was a Delonghi Dedica so it's a massive step up and I can't wait to start brewing some quality coffee. Next stop a better grinder...don't tell my girlfriend though! 😂
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    I understand we have a full house of sub and guest payments in so order can be placed on schedule tomorrow for delivery around the middle to end of week [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    EXCITING UPDATE: We’ve just launched a new website to make everything a little easier - check out www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk Obviously you can still contact me on here - but ordering is now via the website and queries etc may be faster over there too, as we have web chat and email etc Thanks! Adrian / MrShades / Mr Shades of Coffee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll try and lay it out for you. As someone who is mixed race, I'm also married to a Chinese girl and my Kids are mixed race. My Mother is not English and my father was true blue English as they come. My mum came to the UK over 60 years ago and has contributed taxes, never claimed a single benefit and worked right through to retirement. I gave the background for a reason which might become obvious: When growing up: Primary school 1965 to 71 - Was only mixed race kid in the school and in the area, called c**n, Nig**er, black bas***, w*g pak**i and much worse....To watch my mother get called similar names in the street and to "go back where you came from". Yup I saw it all as a young lad. I was also continually getting packs of kids jumping on me and beating me up. I wouldn't have minded if it was only one kid, but there were always at least 3. Many times I would come home covered in blood Secondary school 1971 to 1976 - This time there were 2 or 3 mixed race kids, same problems as primary school, even though the kids were older, they hadn't changed. Even some of the teachers would use the term "go back to their own country" and others were quietly racist. By this time I had learned to fight, each time someone attacked me rather than take it, I hit back. It resulted in me being caned more than a few times, even though the fights were not my fault, I was just defending myself. I also had to enjoy all the programs on TV in the early and mid 70s. each one of which simply reinforced stereotypes. Some gangs even tried to keep me out of school as they did others...through fear. Fortunately I realised education was my route out and I could leave the ignorance behind. Left School went to work 1976 - I was only good enough to sweep the floor, until they realised I had learnt a lot of engineering from my dad, could read plans and use lathes, milling machines and work with metal. Fortunately I was allergic to the cutting oil, god good O level grades and declined the apprenticeship offered. I started work in London and later went to a Russel group uni as a mature student. By this time racism in the UK wasn't so public and I was starting to mix in circles where racism was either not obvious or not present, depending on who you met. I left my working class roots left far behind, at that time only about 3% or so went to uni and mostly from wealthy backgrounds. I did meet racism from time to time in my working life, mostly amongst the elderly, I would say the experience did shape my life. It certainly made me determined to achieve and leave the ugliness of my youth behind. Unfortunately as racism was genuinely dying away and the UK becoming more multicultural (sure there will always be racists and some of it hidden) another more insidious unpleasantness was beginning to emerge. There were 2 features of this. 1. The race card - played all too often to either gain power, avoid a consequence of an action, or gain some beneficial change. This card initially was played by the ethnic person. All this did was make things worse for the rest of us, not better. 2. The other was the person who played the racism game that was not ethnic or of mixed race but uses the opportunity to be offended by something. Usually it's just another way of gaining power and more recently, shutting people/discussion down that they don't like or causing trouble with an anarchic agenda. To my mind there cannot be anything more, offensive than being called a racist when you are not...I speak from personal experience (long story). Even what I suffered is nothing compared to a baseless accusation of racism made publicly, especially as it can impact peoples lives.. I believe the UK has come a long way and is probably one of the least racist countries in the world, certainly less so than say Jamaica, China, Africa, USA and many others I could name. Even with what happened to me growing up and during my life. I am proud to be British, proud of my country. What is more worrying is the rise of something nasty lately and the virtue signalling of those who don't really understand what's going on. Vote Brexit = Racist and far right don't take a Knee = racist don't support whatever = far right, racist fly the st Georges flag = racist express pride in your country = racist, far right think our history shouldn't be torn down = racist think we should have law and order = far right I even laugh with my wife about the Chinese banishment of the plural s in their speech....I'm sure even that's now considered racist. I don't want to see us lose our sense of humour (god knows we need it at the moment), or the UK lose it's identity. I'm not ashamed of our country or our past, it's what made us what we are today, a country millions would be very happy to live in. That's what my personal experience taught me about racism and to realise it goes both ways, because being mixed race, you don't quite fit in anywhere! @Apr1985 I apologise for the very long winded answer but perhaps it helps you get behind what's happening now and it's as bad as racism.
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    Haven't posted on the forum in a few weeks I think, but I received this at the end of last week (the grinder!). Loving the flavour I get from this, it blows my previous grinder (Lido E, which I loved!) out of the water. Unfortunately don't have my favourite beans on hand, picked up the 'bonanza blend' from Bonanza coffee (well I picked it up from a nearby cafe that uses those beans) as my other beans are either resting or on their way via post. But even with these beans that I don't really like (they have always struck me as too dark roasted and not as nice as other beans I've had from Bonanza which I've loved) I'm getting such an improvement in flavour. It's difficult to articulate but I feel like what I read from others about larger flat burrs rings true - the flavours seem more 'separable' and less 'cloudy', with the slight bitterness and sourness I would still get on even my good shots basically just gone. Thanks to @pj.walczak who I bought this from. Wonderful guy and the most honest, kind transaction I've ever had.
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    Quite a few people ask how long people are resting beans for espresso and I seem to keep posting the same reply with the same linked video, so ill pop it here. I respect the opinion of Gwilym Davie hence I gave his advice in the linked video a go ( 2 weeks ) and have stuck with it . As with alot of coffee advice, it's up to you to try , and see if it's worth waiting 2 weeks to use a bean for espresso or not. Caveat I tend to drink, for want of a better term, lighter roasted coffee. I know alot of roasters will drink beans for espresso straight from the oven so to speak. There are some challenges to dialling in a coffee that is uber fresh for espresso , so if you are getting one bag of a coffee, resting it longer can help with getting consistent shots without too much daily adjustment IMHO. So to summarise, there is no wrong or right to this, try different things and see if you notice and difference.
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    Pulled pork, up at 6:30 lighting and on for about 12 hours! Didn’t have time to take pulled pictures though
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    At a grind setting that would make the Speedster struggle, it pee'd through the Slayer. I could've tightened the grind up even more (was the last LSOL which I found needed a tighter grind anyway). So here's a little vid of that shot.. As you can see, it didn't even get up to full pressure. tasted nice though. And yeah, I like Disco Polo.. so what of it
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    Guest list for July will be going up either Sunday or Monday as I want to place the order W/S 6th. July roaster will be sending via recorded delivery so will need contact details (phone or email) - more details about the roaster when the list goes up but they are very highly regarded, this bean is not on their site yet and it is in the roasters words "special" (and the sample I have is definitely endorsing that position!)
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    Finally finished this project if anyone's interested 😊
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    MAX with black fitted matt mat 😃 This is the deluxe version - with lamp shade!
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    Purposely didn't comment on the other thread as it was a troll. Given that this is a parody thread I'm now happy to comment my views haha. I bought into coffee/espresso knowing that communities around the world where lots of coffees are made are massively underpaid and still live in poverty. Hence I bought into the industry knowing that I'd be more than happy to spend in excess of £25 (sometimes upwards of £30) a kilo. I'd like to think at this price point that some of the cost is reflected in the farmers wages and they can at least live a bit of a better life. I purchased machines etc. under the understanding that this was a cost i'd be happy to pay and my viewpoint hasn't changed since. I'd rather not feed the large conglomerates that advertise fairtrade but a lot of the cost is eaten up in admin and a lot of profit margin - unfortunately, whilst I trust the first-tier retailer (normally a large company such as Kenco etc.) I don't trust further down the chain that this cost is passed onto the farmers. As far as the free delivery goes... I understand that deals can be negotiated with Royal Mail and couriers etc. but it is widely understood that, unless you are a huge company, profit margins for small independent roasteries are often small, especially for the amount of work it warrants. Hence I'm not actively seeking to get free delivery unless they advertise it above a certain amount, which is on their on prerogative. Further to that, I'll often not scour the internet for a discount code, but will use one when given or when one is advertised on their site/social media etc. Again this should be in the business plan that was initially outlaid and they've determined that an amount of discount with a certain expenditure to be profitable. Especially given the current times, I'd rather pay a couple quid extra once a month to see one of my favourite roasteries continue to trade post-COVID-19 as opposed to see them collapse. Just my 2 penneth.
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    Gimme the art!! Anything 'art', coffee or not!
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    No he isn't. You join the forum - you abide by the rules. If you don't like the rules - head off to another sales' site and sell there.
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    Acme are flogging off their old coffee cup stock. Tulip, Latte and Mighty cups are 12 Euros for 6 in the basic colours of red/brown/black/green/yellow etc. The nice bit is...if they have matching saucers in stock, you get them free: https://wholesale.acmecups.eu/product/257/pack-of-6-acme-tulip-cups-brown-170ml Shipping seems to be 12-20 EUR for small orders to UK. They don't take paypal but Visa/cards work ok - add around £1.50 for the Blighty bank fee and you've still got a proper barg. Placing this here as I originally put up a 'Wanted' post but then realised how cheap they are direct....Many thanks to all who responded to my wanted thread, otherwise i'd still be cupless!
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    A delivery from Dog and Hat yesterday.
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    Im a qualified Puckologist, i did 3 years at University staring at pucks - i then went on and did a Masters in extensive Puck staring for another 2 years. My god have i seen some pucks!! Hoping to do my PHD studying the outer cracks of a 2 hour old puck - i believe in my field of expertise, and i don’t give two pucks if you think its useless!
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    Kit collection finished for now 😀
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    Double delivery from @Black Cat Coffee Mignon and pineapple candy
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    ECM Mechanika V Slim Received today from Bella Barista much smaller than my former machine the La Spaziale mini vivaldi 2. Got a naked portafilter as well a bit of a learning curve now.
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    It’s awesome! First shot blew me away so I can’t wait to see whet it can do.
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    Expected the first shot to be a bit rubbish but it blew my mind. It was so bright and tasty. Can’t wait to get stuck in properly!
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    Due to roasting in consistent batch sizes we very often end up with a couple of bags over at the end of a roast day. Often I distribute these amongst friend and family or try my hardest to drink it all but I probably should stop doing that...... With that in mind I present The Mystery Box. You will get one 250g bag of Single Origin whole bean coffee. It is cheaper than any of our SO offerings so you will never be out of pocket and you could get lucky and make a decent saving. You might also get to enjoy something you would never have considered ordering. Your coffee may be a few extra days post roast but never more than 5 days old when it leaves us so still not even at its peak. We may on occasion extend this to 1KG bags if people are keen. JUST FOR SOME ADDED JEOPARDY, FIRST COFFEE FORUM MEMBER TO ORDER IT GETS 1KG INSTEAD OF 250G PM me when you have ordered with your real name. I will update the thread when we have a winner. David
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    What is it with the obsession about free shipping? It is a cost that has to be factored in somewhere. Expecting a roaster to bear the cost of shipping a 250grm bag costing £6.00 means that the retail price of the beans is around £4.50 - £4.75 so you are getting pretty low grade coffee. If you are happy with this - why pay more. Roasters are businesses - they have to make a profit. Most will absorb shipping costs if the order is beyond a certain minimum. Many will offer a discount on kilo purchases. It's a free world - buy what you like from where you want. But if you want free shipping for a small order, don't expect much from the coffee.
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    I was a bit upset today, when I went to pick up our mail at our PO box. Of 7 packages received, 6 were product returns. We rarely get returns, maybe 1 a month. WTF?FYI : we're going through logistics hell getting products to customers, due to the "death of global air mail", so it's a "major bummer" to have all these returns.But in opening each box and emailing the customer, we discovered something interesting...A few months back, about 100 orders we sent out via air mail, got "caught by COVID" and stuck in a post office warehouse. For months. With no sign of ever being released.So, we sent our replacements to those customers, at our cost, bounced through me here in California. Hong Kong sends a big box to me via 2-day UPS, I then re-stamp everything and visit my local US Post Office.What happened with these returns is this: they were all all duplicate products received by our customers, who had already received their replacements. USPS is finally delivering those warehouse-captured products from months ago!What blew my mind is that these folks paid $8 to $15 postage fees to send us these duplicate package, without our even asking them to send them back to us at all! And when we offered to refund them the postal fees, none of them accepted! "It's the least I could do" was the typical response. "Glad to help!" !!Incredible.-john
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    Not normally one to jump in on other peoples sales threads but.... how does @Cggq with zero posts who joined 9 hours ago get to buy something off the post in a message? Either makes a mockery of the sales rules / restriction on number of posts required or a simple post of "sold off forum" would have sufficed. Once again apologues for jumping all over your thread but.. John
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    Here she is, it's been a while wanted to try a Lever and eventually decided on this. Few extra bits white panels, two naked PF extra, gauges external pump obviously, will update slowly.
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    Her first completely independent pour! She wasn’t that impressed [emoji38]
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    Reluctant sale of my much loved Vesuvius. I’ve just bought a DE1+ and I’m under strict instructions to sell the V. Previously owned and upgraded by forum member Xpenno. 2014 model. Includes: 0.5mm group jet (rather than stock 0.7mm) this helps even out the pressure and stop overshoots. KVDW showscreen improved evenness of water flow onto puck. IMS competition screen also included. EricC group head thermometer. Custom wooden handles (Indian rosewood). Cup warmer treated for vibrations. Its always been run on coffee safe water and regularly maintained. All the original parts are included, supplied in the original box as shown in the photos. I’ve also included a tube of Molykote as I won’t be needing it. There’s also 2,3 and 4 hole steam tips included. It had a recent vacuum breaker replacement, new valve came direct from ACS. The drip tray has some signs of use and is scuffed on the top at the front where the scales have been used (see photo). There’s also some dinks on the group head and some small scratches above the group head when I had to remove the lever pin for some adjustment. I won’t consider shipping this so it will be collection only from Teesside, or at a mutually agreed location within a reasonable drive from here (e.g. Whetherby services or Scotch Corner) I’m looking for £1600. PayPal or bank transfer preferred.
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    Other woods available too [emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Using a pejorative term is hardly going to endear you to forum members and encourage debate. By expressing that view you have immediately shown you have a low opinion, and little respect for, members on the forum.
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    The LMLM project complete and fitted to the machine . So here are the glamour shots ..
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    The Speedster has already gone, I got shot of it today. The new owner is very happy and I was glad to see the back of it. Yeah, you maybe can't get any better and that's what killed the fun. Nowhere to go from that. So, back to basics it is.
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    Particularly enjoyed taking this picture, and touching it up to give this final result. I'm sure a few here must be into photography? Please share. EDIT: Just in case anyone wondered, this is Misspent Youth (v18) by Cartwheel Coffee.
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    Just reminiscing now 🙂
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    Love taking pics of my coffee gear 😍
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    What he said.... Sometimes exclusive, sometimes not, always special Talking of exclusives though for the last month of this Q we have an ultra exclusive. Only 5 boxes sold globally, 3 went to Singapore and our roaster got 2 of which we are taking a pretty significant amount of.
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