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    yes please! 😇 Alright, recap of today's full day... First off, Men's alpine skiing downhill race in Kitzbühel was on, and watching that on telly is a really big thing in Austria - many stayed home until afterwards. Which was fine with me as it meant a soft start. Served a grand total of around 200 cups, many of them being Americanos. Machine did exceptionally well - also with delivering hot water. It's only a matter of chronology: pour some cold water into cup, fill group, dispense hot water into cup (remember, it's an Izzo Leva running 120C boiler temp - you better mix hot and cold water 🤪), pull shot, serve. Until you're done cleaning and prep next shot, boiler is easily back to temp 👍🏻 Grinder stalled a couple more times, had my hygrometer placed right at exit chute and couldn't find any reason. Wasn't too disturbing as by stopping and starting dose again (and again maybe) it would come back to life. Forking paper cups are a pain to do meaningful latte art in, well then I ended up with wobbly hearts handed out to manly men when there should've been rosettas and such 😂🙈 one returned and jokingly asked me to at least do a proper heart instead of the butt he'd received eaelier 😂😂😂 Over all though, it was brilliant. Met a couple of important local entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their office coffee game, got enquiries to do local public as well as private events, was offered free presentation/workshop space at a kitchen showroom, my booth host just said he's keen to be selling bags over their reception desk/counter... and the list goes on. It cost me mostly time and efforts and a couple beans so far. Speaking to people, many looked out for me after they got sent here. Almost everybody had heard the company name or recommendations before but couldn't connect the dots until we met. So it was very well worth every second of hassle and sleeplessness, already now. Hooray tomorrow!
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    As I love dismantling / fettling stuff almost as much as coffee this mornings project was the grinder. Namely removing the hopper safety switch, stripping the collar off and opening it up to see what the inside of an ex-commercial grinder looks like. Started on the kitchen table Upon opening the grinder and finding a metric f*ucktonne of old grounds inside the body I swiftly moved outside... Got busy with the air gun and extracted no small amount of coffee from the inside of the grinder and removed the hopper safety switch without cutting any wires which I was presently surprised about.. So now I’ve got a bald grinder and a pile of parts.. I’ve got a lens hood on the way. The question is, do I replace the old twist knob to dial the grind in (which because of the design will mean drilling/taping the casing to take the mount for the threaded piece that rotates the upper burr carrier), or do I make something akin to a mazzer with a metal disc and an arm - decisions. The classic is getting the full cheeseburger of PID, rancilio wand, brass shower block, ims screen & naked portafilter and I’ll do a full strip/descale when I install it. I’ll try and remember to document that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Then all that's left is for the glamour shots after a quick reminder of how far we have come
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    Shiny base. Looking good to me.
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    As I mentioned in your other thread about this, I expect to have a proper and pretty simple / reversible fix for this - without swapping buttons around etc. and keeping the machine's usability and functions the same as standard - within the next few days. I'm also working on a cheap and easy OPV fix as well. Will probably end up offering both as a simple and cheap "Fix your Classic 2018+ here" kit - OPV to 9 bar (and perhaps 6 bar optionally) and disable timer in a cheap combined kit. Makes it into a much better machine! Watch this space...
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    It really would be the cherry on top the side - sounds a great idea. I think it's all been mentioned but rather than cross-checking a (non-exhaustive but fairly long) checklist might look like this TampersJugs (small, medium, large, chocolate etc)Cloths for steamTrolleysHot ChocolateCoffeeStirrersSugarTeaHandheld hooverCloths for PFGrinderzKnock BoxWater for CoffeeWater urn CupsCupper Joe TshirtsTablecloth or CoverCoolerIzettleCharging cables and plugCold drinksMilkOat milkTamping stationPitcher rinserWaste bottleWater for tea! Roller bannerBin bagsCup stand and lid holdersFeather flagTable Electrical Extensions Mat
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    Absolutely this ^^^ and I kind of assumed people would do this ^^^ but times are a'changing, FB has influenced how people act when they perch behind their keyboards, possibly some people see the forum as just another place to type their stuff and spout piffle just as many do on FB (this isn’t a slur on anybody here) and where decency and good manners go out the window (as is often the case on FB)? And thus they will jump on freebies or join to promote their unheard of businesses. It’s just how things are with some people. Please don’t take this as meaning anyone here in particular. I don’t know what the answer is. Probably a wholly different approach, more formal FS boards with the rules laid out at the top of each post. I don’t know though . . .
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    Happy New Year everyone! Extra shot this morning! ?
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    My first ever coffee subscription delivery.
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    My 95 year old mother has been using a plastic Melitta for years... and she makes a great cup (has used freshly ground, locally roasted beans for 50 years)... she was doing all the “new-age” bloom & preinfusion stuff long before the new agers were born!???
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    How about one of those glass worktop savers that people who wonder why their knives are always blunt tend to use as a chopping board?
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    The water is removed from the boiler after some tipping and a bucket. The water was really not that bad looking but would not recommend drinking it. I found the thread discussing the boiler bolt removal process, kindly provided by a Home Barista user named macgaggia and his blog on a 1 group President he did a while back, shown here https://macernst.zenfolio.com/p506780238/h435220f7#h435227d5. I had a small drill vice laying around so I tried that. I used two large nuts to lay against the aluminum shim and started cranking away. It worked for the first one but involved some heat and extra leverage to remove. I thought I was on a roll! But then the second bolt I tried erased any preconceived notion I might have been able to take off a lid today. First the hinge on the vice snapped off from excessive force, but I had a pipe wrench to continue trying. I probably should have stopped and thought about it but I still went on. Nothing I tried was able to force the bolt to yield, so I stopped only after some labor to assess what to do from here. The vice I paid maybe 15 bucks for it at Harbor Freight so that just means I need something of higher quality in the future. If most of the bolts are like this then I will need to take a hack saw and start sawing the gasket then try the process again. If the bolts are still stuck then I will need to cut through the bolts as well and see if I can still salvage the shims after this. This is a rude awakening compared to what I needed to do with the Zodiaco ? This may also encourage me enough to purchase a MAPP torch for high heat application.
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    Just to clarify and remain in line with Forum rules, there was no negotiation on price, I offered to buy at the asking price. It's a bargain already so any lower offer would have been cheeky on my part. Now just the small matter of a 1200 mile round trip to collect...
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    Yeah the Mythos is already a few hundred shots deep in the Brixton shop, and the machine and robur will probably go into another train station site if/when we sign a lease on it. For now though, they will be used around SW Ldn doing some fundraising pop-ups for a few local charities.
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    I fundamentally disagree. If someone tells you that your house is burning down, do you question their financial motives? In any case what questions need to be answered ?- there is nothing very murky about Greta Thunberg, even Rebel News has failed to raise any substantial questions. The oil industries support of Trump and other politicians throughout the world on the other hand seems worthy of investigation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_fuels_lobby https://www.ft.com/content/5cec65d8-a481-31bb-972b-291e1704d588 I would not be surprised in the least to learn that Rebel News receives money from the fossil fuels lobby, hence the video trying to rubbish Greta.
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    Mine arrived safely too, thanks all for organising and @ShortShots for roasting John
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    Possibly yes, possibly no. edit: In case anybody wants to quote the forum rules to me: I’m not particularly minded to pay too much attention to them, since the founder of the forum openly concluded a sale in private not too long ago.
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    That last top down photo looks deceptively like you've mounted it under the floor!
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    To add to Daren’s post above, this is one of the finest perks of being in this forum!
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    What on gods earth did I just watch him do with that poor little Pavoni?! ?
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    Hi I’m a new member to the forum, I have been using it for information and help over the last year. I bought a used Gaggia classic around a year ago and I have since done a few easy mods like the rancilio steam wand, OPV valve, IMS screen. After about 4 months I bought a sage grinder pro I have been switching between grinding for espresso or for the V60. I’m hoping to use the forum to iron out a few issues with the classic and maybe spot a few bargains for a grinder upgrade. My bean supply has been varied, used Pact for a while and York coffee emporium under subscription. More recently I have been buying the odd bag one being Hasbeans Ana Sora and mystery 11 from coffee compass.
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    Maybe it's my cups? Yes, in fact definitely my cups.
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    Some James' and foundry. Looking forward to trying the Suke Quto Ethiopian triple processed blend from James'. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Start with a ratio of 1:2. E.g.: 18g of coffee inside the basket should produce 36g of beverage in roughly 30 seconds. As for the buttons to give a pre-determined dose.... first get the ratio right, and, after that, configure the buttons to produce the right dose, although I’m not sure if you can configure them or how consistent they are.
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    Take bean hopper off.Tip it backwards put left forearm underneath foot / grind catch plate, straighten back / bend knees, tip top toward right forearm, lift and pull towards chest (then pray you haven't got too far to walk ) Failing that get a sack truck (Having taken mine to a couple of forum days now, this is exactly what I do) John
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    Mine arrived two minutes ago by our friendly local postman - he was bemused by the fact that I was still in my dressing gown after a bit of a late one ? A big thank you to @Hasi and @Nicknak for putting the consignment together particularly at a time of year when there can be so many other demands upon your time ??? Guten Rutsch - Happy New Year
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    I thought I'd gone fine but nowhere near fine enough. But as an ekspresso 18g in -> 50g out 21 seconds I was getting very pleasant sweet prunes, maybe fermented boozy prunes actually. Very low acidity at that ratio. 47g out same grind had a massive effect on acidity which went up considerably. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Unfortunately she is being used, a convenient mouthpiece for those with other motives. The real mystery to me is why anyone sane listens to the fanatical environmentalist twaddle promoted by some of these groups and activists. I sometimes wonder if it's not PC to disagree, soon find out I guess?
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    And curry’s is selling this machine for £199. Seems worth a punt?
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    Thanks for organising this. Mine arrived yesterday and I just had it on the aeropress, very nice coffee. Can't put a finger on any tasting notes just yet but I think there will be some fancy fermentation process involved, I'll guess lactic fermentation
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    I bet the guy had loads of offers privately so chucked on a BIN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    haha, cheers gal! the best part was working with it. Just gotta love lever machines for their Funny enough, I had to explain being the roaster a couple times. So, taking this coffee bar to the next level, I need a T-Shirt saying something along the lines of Hello, my name is Matt. I roast coffee. 🤭
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    Gotta just push through dem coffee shakes. I am exactly the same as the post above. I drink doubles and if it's nice I immediately want another, if it's not perfect I immediately want to try again. Quite a lot recently I've been having two doubles in the morning cos I'm playing with my new machine. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I posted on another thread, that the Monolith obviously popcorns as much as most single dose grinders do, and the result was that Dennis came up with a solution, much the same as Niche did which was to aid/control the flow of beans into the grinder. This might solve pop corning but it does nothing to solve grind quality deteriorating. The Niche thing offers a better solution as it restricts the bean flow into the grinder in a uniform way, whereas the Monolith solution seems to merely stop pop corning. Either way, it is a good grinder, without doubt. I am not trying to knock it and I understand why owners defend it in the same way as Niche and Decent owners protect their items....they believe in them
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    I was just wondering how many other threads there are that are active, where people are asked to criticise a product? I would hazard a guess that there are more happy Niche customers than unhappy, so perhaps someone who wants to, can start a counter thread to this?
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    Hi @Voocash I think it depends on what you want from the Gene Cafe, in particular you can most definitely get some roasting under your belt and learn a lot about the while process from this machine and get some great coffee along the way! Its gote some huge selling points; its simple and encourages a beginner into roasting at a relatively low price point. The opportunity to lear about the process and awesome, plus when you start getting confident you can try different roast profiles and compare the coffee side by side to really find out what you like. It's great to do a roast from deciding to get it out to putting it away with 200g of fresh coffee in 30 mins! It's easy to clean and maintain - often under appreciated. it also has some negatives. A light to medium roast can be tricky, often the bean come out not as even as I would like . It's not an indoor roaster as the smell will stay in your house for a good day or so even if you roast light and avoide too much smoke. It's consistent roasting back to back and this leads to my biggest issue, you have no real idea what the beans are doing give there is no bean temp. So therefore it relies on you getting enough clues from your other senses to make judgement calls. im 10kg in to using the gene cafe and whilst I may not be an old hand I'm looking to see what may be next. That said I have had some great roasts from the machine and these have stood up to the test of selling a few batches and getting great feedback. hope that helps. Guy
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    Can’t you employ some youngsters to do that job - or have they been sent up chimneys and down mines today ??
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    Maybe they could base the ability to benefit from the for sale posts in community reputation. Once you have gained enough, say 10 or 20 then it shows that you have contributed in a meaningful way.
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    Looks like a La Pavoni on steroids!
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    Am going to throw either a curve ball or the elephant in the room but...are you not able to look to use that rather flat section at the back of your lovely green v8 powered advertising board as a trolley instead of making one (space permitting of course)? You could then put machines etc on a sliding base that could "be pulled out" over the tail gate when needed for service and no heavy lifting. Fit some curtains / bags to hang from the tail gate to cover your waste water etc and use the sides to host bag sales etc hiding as much water / cool box full of ice for milk / ancillaries etc. Could even look to fit gazebo or similar over bed / back to keep you dry if outside in future. Long term benefits, you have your advertising as the truck, instantly recognisable and clean / break down would be really quick with little to lift / carry. Might be restrictions on petrol powered vehicles or access into some locations but....cool truck... Might also want to think about an additional grinder, if not mentioned already, either as a spare (just in case ) or have 1 set for espresso (or for another bean) and 1 for the bag grinding remembering that most of the general population don't possess a grinder although may want to steer clear of espresso grind or put some huge caveats on (depends on who is at trade fair / venue etc) Hope all goes well and will expect pictures similar to the "Road to Cirencester" (although no breakdowns please) John
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    I nearly bought this. Says it's been sold
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    On further investigation there is some noticeable wear on the decals on the switches. So you may be correct as in, it was used with an ultra soft water supply! Have decided I will keep this one. Going to swop the PID from the 2005 onto the 2004, and whilst the machine is stripped down, add a front face pressure gauge and a dimmer switch. (Not too keen on electrickery though, I'm more mechanical, boo hoo! Bit of a bummer!) The 2005 will be fully functional with good components inside, and I will probably pass that one on.
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    You should have weighed the grinder before and after to work out the retention! ?
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    15g VST, I had to stop using the 18g in the mornings as it was making me too caffeinated for my own good sometimes...
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    Let's hope you drip the shower screen and give it a thorough clean if you leave a puck in like that. Although I drop and clean my screen every few days, I f the puck is left in there I always drop and clean straight away.
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    @Hasi how does one procure your beans ??? Too many references to how great they are on this forum for me to ignore! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    I think among the machines I have the Zodiaco has the most potential to be commercialized. It already has a modern-type p-stat, has only a single boiler gasket (for heating element), and can have the auto-level electronics added. It is a streamlined President with a box-ier look to it.
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    Brass plate and IMS screen helped to make the water flow more even through the puck for me, I noticed better results by using a bottomless portafilter and there was a lot less channeling. I think it gave more temperature stability, but that was just a hunch as I didn't measure it specifically. Main thing I liked was it not being so horrifically corroded, the pitting in the soft non-coated aluminum was slightly worrying after I noticed it!
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