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    Today I did a small project to enhance my espresso experience at home. My Bosco Sorrento included a 58mm tamper when I purchased it last Fall, and it can tamp sufficiently to produce consistent shots. I was a little irked however by the small gap between the tamper and the basket, sometimes causing coffee grounds to channel a bit and also causing non-level tamping. Today I fixed this by making my own tamper. I created a SolidWorks drawing of a tamper that is the same shape as my current tamper but slightly wider in diameter (58.4mm vs 58mm) with some help from my Mechanical Engineering roommate. I then took this file and created a CAM file on ESPRIT at my university's machine shop. A CAM file is a program that allows you to input commands for a CNC machine to make various cuts and machining in order to produce the part created in SolidWorks (or similar software). You have various inputs you must define, such as tool size, tool location on spindle (most CNC machines can hold mutiple tools on a rotary rack), material speeds feeds, stock size, etc. You can also simulate the machining actions in the software to see if there are any crashes or instances that could damage the actual machine. Once I created my CAM file I sent it off to the biggest lathe available, the Haas ST-30. I used a 12" long 2.5" diameter 304 Stainless Steel stock. My tamper is 3.7" in height but the reason I cut a long stock piece was to allow redundancies if I messed up the first tamper and create a second tamper without much hassle. Once you have the stock loaded in the chuck you must then zero the tools you will be using. What this means is the tools in the lathe use a reference point that is considered the origin in an xyz plane (or xz if on a lathe). The machine needs to know this origin point and create an offset for each tool so that it compensates for the tool size. The process can be tedious if using multiple tools but it must be done to properly machine the tamper. Finally the tamper can be machined, and it took about five minutes to make it. In reference it took about 45 minutes of prep and setup, so it is more economical to produce multiple parts at a time. If machined correctly the tolerances can be extremelly accurate. Since I was successful on the first try the lab technitian, who is also into espresso, decided to machine a second tamper for his machine. He has been keeping tabs on my Gaggia restoration and wants to see it in action at some point. Overall I had a fun time and the tamper has a very snug fit on my basket. From now on I will use it for doubles but I will continue to use the original tamper as it fits the single basket very nicely.
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    Of course, typing all this is purely procrastination on my part because whatever we type here isn’t likely to be read by anyone apart from a bunch of us who actually care about a forum we have lost.
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    This grinder is a steal - virtually brand new and substantially reduced from list price of £2,400. The coffee burrs will grind perfectly for espresso and pour over.
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    I finally received today the “final” (don’t we all say final?) piece of my setup, and EK43s by Titus Grinding. Frank did the usual drill on the grinder, replacing chamber and burrs for SSP (Silver Knight in this case), chamber and aligning everything right. I don’t have any experience with the EK, and I know it’s not going to be easy to nail my shots (and my general workflow) at first. Sadly, I received it from FedEx just an hour before having to hit to road to the airport for a week trip overseas. It’s enough to say that my excitement almost got me a lost flight. Anyone with this setup, please feel free to drop a line to this ignorant guy, so when I come home I pass they my wife and kids directly to my grinder (half kidding). best, J
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    People are trying to weigh farts......
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    Hi all Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to stop this list. I have just been contacted by the roaster to tell me they have run out of the beans that were going to be this months LSOL offering. I have another avenue of pursuit and will try and get this resolved in the next couple of days......
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    [emoji23][emoji85] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I completely forgot to do a mini review on the Niche Flow Control (NFC) Device I have been testing....well that's my name for it. I suppose part of my subconscious wanted to not say anything. It's sort of irritating to retailers who can't retail it and I plunge the knife in every time I post something new about it. However, I'm going to start knocking something up, perhaps even my new phone will arrive sooner, so I can test the Video and even the high speed video......Until then guys please don't buy the Eureka anti popcorning device (I think it's quite expensive) and you can perhaps stop coming up with inventive solutions until you see it. Funny enough much of the credit goes to @dsc even though he doesn't realise it....sorry though no royalties. Immediate disclosure: I got it free to test having asked martin to make it.....well I got 2 different devices, but preferred the simpler device. I won't be giving either device back as the cost of postage outweighs the cost of the device. Also I like it so won't give it back unless Martin drives 120m round trip to get it. 😜
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    may I re-reassure you that our very own Milly the Mega Muppet has done a wheelbarrow full of terrible things to her equipment that are well documented on here...
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    I have nothing to say other than the excitement is building as more parts are added. I did a final clean up of the group flanges before placing the groups themselves on the frame. All valves are also installed. The chrome on the groups is in such good condition in my opinion though other bits like the valves and pre-infusion mechanisim show wear. This is not enough to justify rechroming it all.
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    stupid enough, it looks like things can only be ok for you if everything aligns to your terms. Otherwise you're giving the impression of trying to pick a pub fight wherever possible. Half the forum gets that and is increasingly annoyed by it. Feel free to check your like stats of late so see what I mean. Getting along also means to accept other people's opinions. I strongly doubt that there's a need to call people out or blue-pencil their views in a way no mod on this here forum would do. After all, we are a coffee forum. People enjoy chatter, banter and good brews whenever they like. We're not a plain review site, which means that folk will have opinions. And luckily they're free to post them! One more thing, though, be a gentleman and don't go after Mildred like that...
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    That face cream is going back 🤣🤣🤣
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    Hey 😃 thank you for all your smashing comments 😁 I am a bit stunned at Ian really, he’s had years to get involved but only recently decided to go for it - I’d say it was getting MAX on the worktop that did the trick! He can’t keep his hands off him!!! He made both rounds of coffee earlier today and I couldn’t help but notice a fair air of smugness radiating from him 🤭🤫
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    Darren will be sending out the next quarter subscription renewals imminently, I will also be starting the December guest list early next week. This is for several reasons. We have a Euro roaster for December and we have to confirm the list (which means getting all payments in) by the end of next week. They will be roasting on the 9th and sending out after that for me to repost to all subscribers and guests. However I am going to be out of the country early December so I need this done and dusted to make this as hassle free as possible. Please look out for a message from Darren re renewals and possible opportunities to join (1 kilo slots only - sorry) and the guest list for December. Also, there will be no extra cost for subscribers for the next Q - I have managed to resolve the cost of extra packaging with the roaster.
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    15.5g/48s inc 10s pi/36g delicious. Haven’t had a bad cup yet and we are nearly at the end of the 250g bag.
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    Look at meeeeee!
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    Right there, you have both ends of the spending spectrum!🤣
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    which I can see increasingly becoming a thing in modern day traffic conditions
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    Such a lovely tamper😉
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    Something going on over there
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    Submissions please. I believe this will take some beating: https://www.amazon.co.uk/2POUR-Black/dp/B07DM4GFYF/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=v60&m=A2OAJ7377F756P&qid=1574292966&s=warehouse-deals&sr=8-19
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    It’s crackers the way the weather has changed the last few years, I’d never have expected to still have stuff in the greenhouses by the end of November. But here we are, a quick haul from a few plants tonight, probably a little past their best, and destined for cooking rather than being made into sauce, looks like it’s going to be a spicy week ahead at Chez Bert.
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    I constantly have lids from double cream containers, large and small. I don't put them in recycling until they're completely used up: Coffee outside, a plastic lid keeps the contents hot in winter and fly free in summer. Storage of espresso shots in any cup (in fridge) acting as a lid when my wife makes coffee cake or Tiramisu. cupping bowl covers Coasters Protector for small coffee scales....when not videoing non coffee uses such as small plant pot bases, glue mixing, holding panel pins when hammering (saves thumb damage). etc. There are loads of uses for plastic lids. The biggest bonus of the cream ones are they stack really well and 20 or 30 of them take up very little space. Like any lid including pringles, it's good not to throw them away until they have been well used. https://www.thriftyfun.com/tf/Green_Living/Reusing/Uses-for-Plastic-Lids.html
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    Arrived yesterday and delivered to one of those handy fuel station lockers... My winnings from a competition I entered [emoji322][emoji322][emoji1690] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This topic seems to arise every November There are 8 roasters, I know about, that offer Christmas blends right now, one of them being North Star you mentioned. But this number will go up closer to advent, based on my previous observations, I'm constantly tracking over 100 roasters and hoping to track double that next year. Would be interesting to see how many Christmas blends I see this year. I suppose making blends around certain events or characters or concepts is a creative way to enjoy coffee - your brain ravels in meaning, whilst your taste buds ravel in magical liquid goodness, but one likes the tasting notes that one likes. So I'd like to ask my question from previous year in this thread, if I may - apart from marzipan, what tasting notes are the Christmas notes? I guess notes from the Spices section of the wheel are a good candidate. I do hope for nutty and chocolate notes to qualify, since I am a rather boring coffee explorer, always come back to my comfort notes after crazy adventures of apple, pomegranate and what not.
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    For info if anyone is looking to get some of these great cups 25% off Typically I bought a set last month should have waited! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to jump in @GerryM, although I believe it’s on a point that I’ve messaged you regarding when you’ve been making purchases. Warranties are NOT transferable as standard. If anybody is wondering about warranty then they should contact Niche directly, but you must not assume that you will obtain the benefit of any remaining warranty. edit: And that goes for any retailer. BB is the rare exception.
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    in the all-new online shop eh? [emoji23]
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    To update I took it to my local Restart drop in and they found that a wire had broken on a thermal protector. A bit of soldering and it is back working. Zero landfill and I learned how to use a multimeter to triage the problem and how to solder a string joint. Amazing charity!
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    Thank you - I like to control my spills so they look artistic.
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    Yes indeed...my reply was light-hearted...I found the thin veil quite amusing 😂
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    Got to be this [email protected] kindly gave me I’ve had them before but never with this set up. Forgot how handy they are. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Super Jolly secured, it actually turned out to be in an awful lot better condition than the photos on the auction website, and most importantly, it actually works. Well at least it ground through the shitty Tesco beans I picked up to throw through it and see if it actually did work. Needs a good bit of TLC, the top burr adjuster was overtightened and stiff, and the burrs have some slight scoring on them so will need to be replaced. Plans now are new burrs, a lens hood, clean out the doser and do the sweeper mod until I figure out whether to go funnel or just a chute, and see how we go from there!
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    Aha, I think it was 20 years of London water and no cleaning that did the trick! To echo @jimbojohn55, they are really nice and simple to work with, especially if they have a bolt on element. The only tool I had to purchase specifically was the oil wrench for tightening the boiler to the base. I would also recommend keeping an eye out and being patient, they crop up on ebay or gumtree for low prices every once in a while! I waited a few months before getting the first one then ended up with a second shortly after 😂
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    Dream setup, beautifully executed routine 😎
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    I’ll probably just do this one. Just means I need to teach the wife how to do naked shots [emoji85] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does your favour involve a favourable review?
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    I’ve just had a random number call me. That wasn’t my number you posted was it Jony [emoji23][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great grinder and good choice, will be interested in hearing a review of the 'blow up' system from someone who has bought it
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    I ordered these from CC today since I could use the forum discount code and the descriptions sounded interesting. No blueberry but the cherry flavour should be a nice change and I haven’t had much African coffee before, so fingers crossed! - Cherry Cherry (Cherries, stone fruits, nectarine/orange) - Ethiopian Kochere Yirgacheffe (lavender, mango and fruit tea) - Ethiopian Wild Highland (dark chocolate, black cherry and caramel)
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    Single group, tank fed, HX prosumer espresso machine. Very good condition. Made in 2006, comes with double and single spouted portafilters.This was quite expensive when new, it is very much like the Pasqini Livia 90 which has the same internals in a different case, both are very well reviewed - check out the online reviews. Definitely a step up from the single boiler dual use machines such as the Classic and Sylvia at not much more money. This is the third of these machines that I have owned, you get a lot of machine for the money. This one left the factory as a ground coffee machine (as opposed to one that uses the expensive pods). I have replaced a few faulty components in the Gicar box, replaced the anti-vac valve, adjusted OPV and it is now working well without any issues. I keep it at a relative's house in Sheffield for use when I am staying there but it is not now needed. The machine is currently in Sheffield. I will be in Sheffield and Edale around the weekend of 23rd November, then I will take it to my house near Oswestry. I can possibly meet/deliver to somewhere on-route home. I am not keen to post as heavy machines like this don't courier well. I am asking for £275 for it, I can throw in a Gaggia MM grinder with the machine, it's barely capable of grinding espresso grade coffee, but will get you started until you can find something better.
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    Quite straight forward, there is plenty of info on here and internet guides, Google la Pavoni history, and look for Francesco,s site he has a year by year details of the changes to the machine over time. Good news is you can get spares for almost all of them, avoid the pre 74 models unless you enjoy a serious challenge. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Mind you that this one is not covered by MrShades' support, which is priceless
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    I was on the same boat as you, then realised how many more times people spend on bicycles and cars at a hobbyist level and figured I was a small spender when compared to them. At least that's my justification to the mrs!
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    [email protected] It does have the coffee burrs yeah. For a forum member I’d come down to £1600 but that’d be the lowest for now. Thanks Lee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's another one of my pre-shaping. You can see its a rough(ly) taught ball. The first two I shape are actually about 900gish and will go to boules, so I'll shape them as a final shape in much the same way I would pre-shape, just with a bit more delicacy and make them a bit taughter with a few more drags across the surface. The flour on the surface is very much the phrase "less is more". Dust less and it will work in your favour as long as your hands are adequately floured - if not you'll start tearing the dough surface which is not what you want! This video directly relates to points 8 & 9 on the recipe on the previous page. Here's the video:
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    Oh yucky bug hope you all feel better soon 🤧
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    Many many failed projects and even the very simplest of projects can run a year or more late. Take the Peak water jug from MCD...it's now a year late, a project that looked certain to deliver on time, but stuff happens. I've no doubt it will get fulfilled and it looks like it might be just after Christmas. Niche timeline below at start of project: It was a meticulously planned project, by a hugely experienced designer with a grinder that had been properly designed right up to a testable prototype and still it ran 3 months late...because "stuff" happens (part of that "stuff" being me). What happens in the designers' lab is not the real world, where people intimately familiar with these types of products take a completely unbiased and fresh look at something for the 1st time. Niche in the end delivered in 20 Sep 2018. They were 3 months late...which in crowdfunding terms is 9 months early Many people start crowdfunding at the "initial idea" stage, they are inexperienced, never done something like this before and have absolutely no idea of the difficulties to come. It's why projects almost always run a year late and sometimes fail to deliver, or deliver something falling far short of the original design goals. I was hugely sceptical of getting involved with someone doing crowdfunding because of this. It was David @dfk41 who first said to me there's a guy I'd like to give your number to...he has designed a grinder. After I hear about Martins background and stopped laughing, I agreed that he could call me and I would have a chat. Martin phoned me, we talked and I realised this guy was serious and had actually put some thought into this. I asked some questions and got some sensible answers, great because I don't like to work with people who are not exceptional. Pretty much our first e-mail convo prior to out first meeting was below....I wanted it to set the scene for how things had to be, especially for me to get involved in something that was crowdfunded and why I absolutely don't sign NDAs (as another large US coporation found out). I don't believe Martin would be unhappy about me sharing this with you guys. I have removed 2 paragraphs mentioning other projects because it's not relevant and part of published reviews. The Niche grinder was that rare exception to the rule where all the right people came together at the right time, feedback was freely given, listened to and acted upon. The result, a fantastic product, delivered "almost" on time and one which will in time enhance the offerings available to the home user from many other grinder manufacturers! It's rare for crowdfunded projects to go that well... Sent: Thursday, 10 August 2017, 11:26Subject: Niche : Grinder 100817 Good morning Dave, Thanks for confirming 10am Mon 14th meeting at your house and doing the preparation roasting. I hope this does not put you to too much trouble ? 1. Is there anything you need me to bring with me apart from the grinder ? 2. Do you have any reviews and videos you have done on other products that you can ethically share with me ? 3. Would you be prepared to sign an standard NDA, as we are now potentially talking about some really detailed stuff well ahead of manufacture ? Best regards Martin Nicholson NDC Ltd Subject: Re: Niche : Grinder 100817 Martin, 1. Just the grinder is fine, unless you can think of anything else I might need to see 2. All my reviews/videos that are published can be shared, anything that has not been published, I will not share as it would be classed as "in confidence" between me and the manufacturer/retailer.. 3. I have never signed an NDA, I work with people who trust me enough not to need one and I don't want to sign one. I am retired (I retired at 44), I've no interest starting a business or working again. I do this all out of interest, not for the money. I'm a bit old school in my approach and as such businesses trust me with sometimes 8K worth of test kit at my address. Often they even forget I have it until I remind them. I'm here to try to help you, not to make your business venture fail. My help on Monday may be worth what it's costing you...nothing. However, until I see the grinder I have no idea? I have reviewed some truly awful products and have said nothing, the people I reviewed them for (mostly) simply decided not to stock them. However, I am still able to recommend, if asked, that there might be better products to consider and that I have reviewed said product, although I won't say more than that. This is because companies often improve their products and I also try to make that point. Your grinder is different, you're a manufacturer asking me to take a look. My value lies in the fact that I tell it how it is (if it's published), or nothing. I don't allow cherry picking from a publication, or leaving out any negative points, I just leave any decision with the company I do it for, whether they publish or not. I also strive to be responsible, I don't make negative comments for the sake of it and I always look at the price and market the product is aimed at when commenting. However an NDC affects my rights and future right to comment in a more significant way than I would be happy with. Hopefully this won't cause you any problems, as i am sure you have many other far more significant issues to overcome when moving from low volume prototype to full production. Regards Dave Corbey ============================================================================================
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