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    • The Minima has an E61. You can always add the Lelit flow control paddle to control pre-infusion if that's what you want. Just the pump of the Minima is noisy compared to the Elizabeth.  You can expand on the Minima. You can't on the Elizabeth. Elizabeth warms up really quickly. Minima taker longer. Minima is no-frills (proper "yes"-burn steam and hot water wands, whereas the Elizabeth has the insulated, "no-burn" type.  Very different form factors too. 
    • @CoffeeAnon how are you finding the Minima a few months in? I am stuck deciding between Minima and Elizabeth but moving more towards Elizabeth as it seems to have a bit more in terms of capability (thinking mainly pre-infusion I guess) and practicality (brushed stainless and lower running costs) although it seems the Minima probably has the build quality that I would prefer...
    • You can try my recipe but I'm not sure you'll enjoy it given that you have been using a far higher dose. I would maybe start with one like JH recommends and see how you like it. I use a stove top gooseneck kettle with a thermometer built into the lid. It's a brilliant thing to have, I wouldn't want to be without it. That's the size of french press I use, so you'll only need a bigger one if you're brewing for more than one cup at a time. That, or you want a really big cup of coffee!  
    • Hello all, and thanks to anyone who takes time to read this and give me their opinion. Please note that I'm no electrician, and my knowledge around all this is very limited. Recently my power started to trip when heating up the wand from my Gaggia Classic (2015 v2, ri9403/11] and didn't make much of it since my house installation isn't the best. I tried a couple of times unplugging other stuff and then it didn't trip. But today it started doing it just by switching it on, so I was a bit confused.  I opened it up and looked around a bit to see that [the connections that go to the boiler are corroded or burned?, or I don't know, but it doesn't look good.  Pics I took here: https://imgur.com/a/Nr8v6DL Looking around the forum I saw that some people have had the power trip after cleaning their boilers because they had moisture. Some people fixed it leaving the machine ungrounded and plugged a couple of minutes (super dangerous??) or putting the boiler in an oven so it gets the moisture out. Could I have water damage and that's what's making it trip or is it burned/corroded beyond repair? Can that rust be removed or is it shorting it? If the latter, can I buy a new boiler/cables and replace it?  I haven't opened before or cleaned it, but some water might have gone inside while refilling from the top at some point. I want to try to dismantle it but haven't done it before. I don't want to break it more and feel like I can find a lot about the pre-2015 classic or the newer pro model... but not much about this version of gaggia classic.  Any information or ideas are welcomed, thanks! Edit: I did change the wand years ago for a rancilio one.
    • View Advert minima coffee machine for sale minima machine with several portafilters. Rarely used and in excellent condition with manuals and original boxes.  Delivery can be arranged. Advertiser Macjester Date 02/08/21 Price £700 Category Machines  
    • @MarkHB Thanks for the recipe, I will try it tonight. I am now definitely sure that I have been overdosing my brews. Quick question, how do you control the temperature of your water? Is there a better way than using a thermometer or TDS meter (with temperature probe)? My FP is limited to 400mL so I guess I need to buy a bigger one. 
    • (A reminder: code CFUK21 at checkout gets you 15% off all individual bags of coffee at https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com)  Hi everybody! Let me preface this by saying that to us this is a major update. Some of you might shrug, but I hope many of you will recognise the significance of this part of the life of our business. I would like to think that this story is made all the more interesting by the fact that our little company was born on this forum. As of today, we have our first employee! You know him already - his name is Calvin! Calvin has been roasting since we started this time last year. You might know that the two of us have worked full-time jobs alongside our roles at the roastery. Last month, Calvin handed in his notice to his employer, and today he is the very first employee at our company! It takes guts to quit the security of a job to focus on your craft. Calvin is entirely self-taught as a roaster, and I know you'll agree he's done a fantastic job.  This means that we can make some big improvements to our roasting schedule. We'll now roast twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays. This means less time waiting for your coffee, and we can better support our wholesale customers. Calvin has made this change so that we can kick on with the business and send out more coffee for more people to enjoy. We would really appreciate it if you would spread the word. We now need to continue to grow at a reasonable clip to remain viable and to fund the inevitable roaster upgrade within the next 12 months or so.  There'll be more to come in the next few weeks and months. Thank you again, and please wish Calvin lots of luck as he (and we) start this new chapter. Best wishes Gareth
    • Our forum discount code is still live. 15% off all individual bags of coffee on our website, using code CFUK21.  We're really happy to say that we now roast every Monday and Thursday. We think this will be a huge improvement for our customers. We can only thank you for your patience in putting in an order on a Sunday and waiting more than a week for Royal Mail to deliver it.  Now, we hope that if you run out of coffee over the weekend we can re-stock you by midweek with our Monday roast. And if *gasp* you end up facing a caffeine shortage at the weekend then we might be able to get it out to you in time without Thursday roast. Thank you all for your incredible support over the last 12 months. It's been a rollercoaster, so thank you for coming along for the ride. https://www.coffeebythecasuals.com 
    • I used to use a french press but moved to a Sowden. the technique was pretty much identical. Pre-heat by filling with boiled water. Dose coffee for a 1:18 ratio coffee:water. Boil kettle again. Pour over grinds, give a swirl to mix and catch any on the sides of the filter/glass. (temp would be just off the boil) For the Sowden you just leave it for 45 minutes. For the French Press it was a bit more involving. I can't remember the exact process but fairly certain left it for about 5 minutes and then plunge half way down to push the crust under water and then left for a further 40 minutes.  I don't think water temperature is particularly important. It will cool so rapidly even if you pour while the kettle is still boiling that you're not above 95c for more than a few seconds, if at all. Increasing brew ratio significantly may remove the bitterness. The bitterness is probably not because of over extraction. 
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