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Coffee Forums U.K. (CFUK) is a platform for the discussion and exchange of information relating to all aspects of the world of coffee. You can ask questions, share knowledge, develop new skills, sell equipment, even discuss your other hobbies. Many members have extensive knowledge of 'everything coffee' and generously share their expertise to help others. Coffee farms to roasting, machines, brewing equipment, barista techniques, even the best water and milk alternatives, from cafés to baristas, from restoration threads to coffee history - there will be someone with insight into all these topics plus many, many more. An inclusive, impartial and friendly forum bringing together people of all experience levels, all ethnicities and age groups in the spirit of shared community, worldwide. We are a gender-neutral community, without cliques and everyone is welcome.

Your contributions help make the CFUK what it is and set the tone for every new member. Moderators keep CFUK on track, but you are responsible for your posts, and we prefer to keep moderation to a minimum. We have some simple rules for a forum that can be read by all ages. 

Posts breaking our rules will be deleted without, notice or discussion, and we will not enter into any debate, privately or publicly. Please do not post:

  • Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not. Abuse, personal attacks, flaming, inciting argument, will not be tolerated. Including bad or inflammatory language, anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • CFUK is happy to give refunds on sponsorships within 30 days if you are not happy (please contact a moderator to arrange this). Opening a PayPal claim as opposed to politely requesting a refund will result in an immediate ban.
  • Things that most people would consider offensive, including Inflammatory subjects such as politics, religion, homophobia and Brexit.
  • No links to gambling sites or financial investment opportunities, including discussions of same
  • Spam (we are ruthless in eliminating spam, usually gone in 5 minutes or less). Post a link in your first few posts, and you're likely to be flagged as a spammer, unless you have permission.
  • Links/requests for users to complete marketing surveys, telephone surveys or any other kind of user survey, for any purpose. Unless you have express permission from a moderator/admin.
  • New members joining purely to complain about service received from commercial entities will most likely have those posts removed, at moderators discretion. Post Retailer reviews here
  • Use of the classified section e.g. "For Sale and Wanted" has additional guidelines Please read

Commercial members

This forum although completely impartial, is partly supported by advertising revenue. If you begin to advertise your business on CFUK, Moderators will take action, locking or removing posts at their discretion, and inviting you to advertise. This is only fair to others who have paid and support the forum. 

Conduct yourself in the forum as you would in a face to face conversation. In be respectful of the views of others in the topics being discussed. You may not always agree, just don't let it get personal. Be constructive, the equipment you own may be the best to YOU, but other members are likely to feel the same way regarding their equipment too! There is room for all! 

Persistent rule breakers will be banned, or have sanctions imposed. Moderators will not enter into a debate regarding these sanctions. Their decision is final; they have authority and autonomy granted by the forum owners.

CFUK aims to be a fun, exciting and invaluable source of information and opinion. Enjoy your time with us.

By posting on CFUK, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Please also read and abide by the CFUK Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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