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  2. While I understand in this modern era patience in want gratification is in very short supply, I remember paying in full for my DE1+V1.0 in the days when it was still vapourware. I can't remember which of 12 or 18 months was the wait for delivery of my version 1.0 machine. But all I can say from my own experience with my DE, is that a 6 month wait would be entirely worth it. I look at the limitations of all those shiny HX and similar machines and am so grateful that I can adjust my machine to the coffee and not always the other way round. I occasionally fire up my old HX to remind myself of how
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  4. I’ll take the portafilter please. will Pm
  5. The up front communication is infinitely better than talking payments on orders that cant be delivered. Don't see how anyone can be upset about that. The decision to pull the cheapest model, of an already expensive machine, means the price of ownership just went up by a decent chunk. Does shut up a slice of potential customers but its a logical business decision. You have to accept it if you want what Decent sell. Otherwise vote with your feet. I'm sure Decent will evolve if better solutions present.
  6. Do you mean the non-pressurize basket from eBay is pretty consistent whereas the non-pressurize basket from Sage is inconsistent? There are many variables that resulted such problem, it can be related to your distribution technique and tamping.
  7. I’ve been using the Edo Twister for a good few months now. Will be post a more thorough review when I’ve got the time - I have done a fair few videos on it. I really think this is a bit of a game changer. It’s very consistent and repeatable. It’s a funnel and distribution tool in one - no WTD needed. Love it. Cheers Phil
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  9. I have noticed dark arts coffee have recently started one up. I tend to buy from them due to the hipster marketing and funny names, when I am short on LSOL. Also a massive fan of foundry they do a subscription too
  10. The pressure guage reading suggestions in the manual are not very sensible. I suspect they work out with the dual wall filters. You can grind into those if you want. Generally the gauge will go higher than they suggest. The entire solid grey sector is the espresso range and a bit past it. If you put the back flush disk in and pull a brief shot you don't want it to go that high. A bit past the grey sector is usually ok and the programmable buttons may work then. They are highly likely to if you can keep it in the solid grey sector but that is not always possible. If it wont let you p
  11. I own an Oscar 2 but my brother owned SDB which I am selling for him now so has a chance to spend a bit of time playing about with it. Both machines got good and bad points but I love the super quick heat up time of the SDB, temp stability as the ability to adjust the brew/steam temp, Pre-infusion etc... I was actually considering keeping it but it is larger footprint which makes it impossible for me.
  12. @Baffo I use one of these to grind straight into. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07R8ZRTGS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Re: WDT I've tried so many things: Tapping to distribute and no leveller Tapping + leveller Tapping + leveller + tamp Leveller only Leveller + Tamp WDT Quick stir with toothpick just to get it mostly level, tap once down on the counter + leveller + tamp. All with two different distributor designs (wedge and fin). I never got along with WDT at all. I tried it with pins and toothpicks and it always made my extra
  13. Many of our forum sponsors do a subscription, don't forget to check them out as well. The forum sponsors help keep this place going. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/forum/100-discounts-special-offers-from-our-advertisers/
  14. The shot through a naked portafilter doesn't run through every hole in the basket like a shower head. The shot should start out across the whole basket moving into collect in the middle into a thin stream.
  15. Multi roaster - lots of people recommend Dog and Hat. LSOL was fantastic but has unfortunately ceased running on here... I have one with Django that has been superb, would happily sign up to subs with Crankhouse or James Gourmet too.
  16. How are you going to rank the grinds? Needs expensive equipment for espresso, even when you have the data, correlations with preference are loose. Equipment is chap for filter, but still loose in terms of correlation. People usually rank by price, anticipated workflow, dose consistency, looks, height etc. To claim to have tangible insights into any other aspect is probably more noise than information.
  17. I was getting around 14 bar and adjusting the selecta deluxe opv with a screwdriver wasn't doing anything! Good question about flow back to the tank. I am not sure now, but there there were some dribbles from the group head but not now it's in Classic mode.
  18. Hmmm you would think the 9bar opv would open and the 15bar would stay closed 🤔 so with both fitted you couldn’t build pressure? We’re you getting return flow to the tank?
  19. @Cuprajake, if you need some pointers feel free to PM me.
  20. I was trying that the other day in hope, however the gauge wouldn't budge when adjusting the proper OPV! Just my luck that I didn't have any classic pump setups this time around. All good fun! Vanity took over as well and I changed the gold dispersion valve I had with a stock silver one from mrbean2cup 😁
  21. Glen

    Mara X

    OK, 2 mornings in a row no over-pressure problems. I watched it's heat up hit 3 bar and hover around there until heat up was finished. Then after 20-30 mins it dropped down below 1 bar. Looks like it's all good. One more thing I will add, After my first time removing the cover to inspect the plumbing inside, the next day she had a bad rattle noise develop whenever the pump ran. Like there was a copper pipe rubbing on a side wall or another pipe, or a loose screw. But when taking it apart again for the probe replacement, I checked all screws had been tight and then inspected all inter
  22. I think each persons experience on grinder varies
  23. Well, mainly due to lockdown meaning friends did not pop in, I selected the Niche. The Mythos is great in a busy workflow but since I retired I also do not get the flow of business traffic either, meaning when lockdown ends I still will not see many folks! In truth, I also preferred the Niche taste wise, but would happily have slummed it with the Mythos. I have never really cared whether I have 15.48 or 16.42 grams!
  24. Hi folks, coffee lover from Dublin here. Own a Barista Express for about 4years. Masked my poor shots with steamed milk for quite a while before owning up and informing myself. I’ve upped my game of late although in all honestly I still struggle with the BE at time. Decided to take the plunge and have ordered a Niche. Due for arrival in April. Next on the list will be a dual boiler and really tempted by the Lelit Bianca. Going to explore the world of pour over when Niche arrives and while saving for next machine.
  25. Why is there no post with grinder rankings... Price not a concern ranked on grind/ ability to grind its such a mind field, like seriously crazy. 🤦‍♂️ Whos going start off with a list 🤷‍♂️
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