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  2. Just be aware, he only mentions the PID is wired for brew temp (so presumably not for steam). What you really want is a PID wired for brew and steam temp, like the MrShades PID (search the forum, there’s an exhaustive thread on it, which I’d recommend!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Anybody had any experience with these? If they are 2oz then is it 2oz to the top or are they marked inside? Also are these wide enough to catch a double spout or will I end up getting 2? Cheers all
  4. Heavy pitting is one thing build up of scale another, I grew up in a hard water area now live in a soft water one the difference I. Kettles is huge
  5. Sorry video is in my post with the “Slayer style” shot.
  6. To be honest - yes. If you’re happy opening up your machine - why not. My DB is 4yrs old now (I think). I recently replaced the steam valve, so did the mod at the same time and replaced a few O rings. It really isn’t a difficult job. There are a few handy tools to have - to make the job easier. If you check out the video above it’s pretty straightforward. cheers Phil
  7. Hi, I’m interested in getting into home roasting. Does anyone have any experience of the Nuvo ECo Ceramic roaster as it seems a good starting point for roasting small batches of 75g. I’d welcome any other suggestions with a budget of £100. Thanks.
  8. @HDAV - It does form a protective oxide layer, but the corrosion found in aluminium boilers and shower screen holders is much higher than I would expect for domestic lead water pipes. Admittedly I have only sen a few lead water pipes in real life though. The descaling or acidic water does seem to give the aluminium parts a bit of a hammering.
  9. Thank you all for the answers. It seems the bottom line is I need to (1) remove this green gunk (2) change my water going forward. I'll call it a day for now and reply to your posts tomorrow.
  10. Hi. Can anyone recommend the best scales (incl timer) for under £100 to use for both espresso, v60 & aeropress? I’ve got a cheap set that just auto stop which is annoying. I read on the forum in a previous post that some scales don’t work for pour over as they are affected when stiring the coffee. I’ve seen the hario and timemore mentioned in reviews but would welcome views as to which is better and is most reliable and accurate. I can’t unfortunately afford the expensive Acai ones!
  11. Mara X is a wise choice based on your criteria. If you want to do a few shots back to back (3+ doubles) if you have visitors a lot (after lockdown) then consider a dual boiler like the Minima as that seems to also match your concerns. If you'll just be doing a shot or two at a time you'll be fine with the Mara X.
  12. I’ve noticed this too, it’s quite amazing. I suspect Christmas is the main factor but also lockdown2. It seems Facebook marketplace is the best alternative. Gumtree seems to be second fiddle to FB these days
  13. So how bad idea it is to use water straight out of Osmio in an espresso machine? TDS being around 18
  14. Don't worry any more and try to keep the machine at that angle, unless it's very noticeable.
  15. Isn’t the same true for the alu boiler? A layer of oxide rapidly forms thus the aluminium doesn’t contact the water directly ? seems it’s been discussed before
  16. It's not clear to me what you are doing, I have no inclination to back calculate the BH recipes. If you are adding sodium bicarbonate to pure water, then you know what your KH is because it is the sodium bicarbonate per litre multiplied by 0.6. But, your Osmio water isn't 0 to begin with (13 to 82 TDS).
  17. It looks like the handle is a sloppy fit. Instead of being held at 90 degrees it slips down and touches the lid. The O ring seems to work. I didn’t realise the top dual fitted over it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I think it’s looking like the MaraX. Thanks massively for the input folks... I’ll let you know how it pans out (when my Zero finally arrives eek)
  19. Hi everyone, This is my first post but used the forum a lot over the past few months 😀 I’ve just purchased Mrshades OPV kit but I’m after advise on the easiest way to access the existing OPV on by Gaggia baby 06. I’ve opened the top to get to the boiler and service the solenoid valve but looks like getting to the base is a little trickier? It’s my only machine so hoping to do the upgrade in an evening. Thanks in advance for any advise!
  20. I got the Sage SGP in June for £200. My first grinder in my first set up but I'm really enjoying the coffee I'm getting out of it - don't drink espresso but cappuccino is lovely. Think it's the perfect entry level grinder to be honest
  21. You can see how it could touch without the o-ring in place. This is fairly course grind for immersion. If screwed down for finer espresso grind it would be much less likely to touch/change.
  22. I don't understand what you've done....to simplify things with a few samples from your table: TDS ----- KH 110 ----- 31.325 68 ----- 31.325 114 ----- 40.275 57 ----- 40.275 127 ----- 40.275 107 ----- 40.275 116 ----- 40.275 112 ----- 40.275 I don't see any correlation between TDS and KH. When you combine KH and GH you sometimes see a result on the TDS meter that is close to them both combined, sometimes you don't. There's no consistency. Being out by 10mg/l is significant. Volvic will scale BTW. The deposits are probably magnesium c
  23. Mine did the same thing, I did all the same checking of o-rings etc, emailing with Peter (who was very responsive post-receiving product!!) and for me it *was* the handle touching the top of the adjustment lid. I’ve had an o-ring on it for a couple of years now and it’s not slipped again. It also serves to hold the lid on gently for storage. EDIT: mine is an Aergrind, I’m not sure if it differs much from the Aerspeed?
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