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  2. @thamuhacha - The Porlex will actually do the job, to an extent, as there are some drawbacks - being stepped is one of them, but you can mod it. But you’d be upgrading in no time, when you find out you have to crank for 2 minutes at least, constantly with some force. I do not recommend. 😂 go with one of the recommendations from @Morningfuel and you’ll be fine.
  3. I have a robot and love it. It's simple, easy to clean and produces excellent espresso. However, a porlex won't be a good enough grinder. I would recommend you look into something like the knock feld 47, 1zpresso jx-pro or commandante grinder to be able to brew good espresso on it.
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  5. Sounds like a metal support for the front part of the stainless top plate that the top plate rests on. There should be two of them. One above the end of the steam valve and the other one opposite. You can probably glue it back into position.
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  7. Which button do you hold down. None of the coffee option lights are flashing, only the descaling light flashes
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  9. It's not the steam wand purge - I always collect that separately. This is definitely from the solenoid, feeding into the rear of the drip tray. Just hard to work out if it is more than expected.
  10. Hi everyone bit of a weird one - I have a 2004 Gaggia Classic. Yesterday I was cleaning it, and I replaced its group gasket - to do this I stood it upside down to work on, as opposed to the usual just lying it on its back. Today I went to make some coffee with my nice clean machine, and found an L shaped stainless steel bracket in the water reservoir. It looks like it has some double sided tape on one side, I couldn't see where it had come from, or even (!) if it had come from the coffee machine itself...I have looked at some parts diagrams but can't find it. It's about 40mm long, 1mm thi
  11. Pasturemaster


    When was the last time you spent $850 on a case of wine? Plenty of people do it regularly.
  12. Pasturemaster


    Only relevant in the UK I’m afraid.
  13. Hi Denis, I have measured both of my IMS baskets. I measured using my calipers at about 10mm from the top, and at about 5mm. They measure: Basket ~10mm from top ~5mm from top IMS 20-22g B662TH32M 55.1mm 55.2mm IMS 14-18g B662TH26M 55.1mm 55.2mm My 54.8mm diameter tamper fits readily, without being excessively tight. I avoid overly tight tampers, as unless they are removed very slowly, they can suck the puck up as you remove them and break t
  14. dfk41


    Better than Poundland........
  15. lake_m


    I can’t believe they called it Argos.
  16. Yeah it can be a little too light even for me at times. I'll usually up the dose over the lifetime of the beans. Also I find as the beans age, less grinds will float at the top of the press, which is apparently not a good thing for extraction, so I sometimes put a hole in the middle of the bed of grinds and pour the water right through that hole until I've reached my target weight. I find that usually helps the grinds float to the top.
  17. I emailed them last week as I'm also waiting on August batch just to get idea of when to expect it. Response was: Due to some boat delays, we are looking more towards the end of August for Shipping.
  18. The suspense is killing me. Still, it'll be worth the wait
  19. I'm not sure there will be much difference. The Sowden keeps temperature very well and is the simplest thing you can use, it's also very easy to clean which is the main reason for going for one over am insulated french press (no plunger to dismantle and grinds to clear out from the mesh). If the press isn't insulated then differences between it and Sowden might be more significant.
  20. 2 bags of April and a bag of Ethiopian from Love Coffee in Lund Sweden. The Love Coffee was a positive surprise. Might be one of the best roasted in Sweden coffee I have tried. And a Motta Europe 350ml milk jug. These arrived last week. A friend of mine who lives in Melbourne helped out with the OCD tool. That arrived today. The OCD tools are on 25% sale at the moment if someone else has been thinking about getting one. They are rebranding it to NCD, those are already on the market.
  21. Any opinions? this is the one most people get and fits LSM: https://www.imsfiltri.com/filtri/b662th26m/ I found this seems to fit? it's 1.5mm taller than the one above: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Competition-Precision-Filter-Spaziale-espresso/dp/B07MN5T27X/ref=sr_1_21?dchild=1&keywords=IMS&qid=1628020317&sr=8-21 And then you have this one, people say it fits 20g for breville: https://www.amazon.de/Precision-Compatible-Breville-Espresso-BES810BSS/dp/B092SVTY2T/ref=sr_1_28_sspa? But I have no idea if a 54.9mm tamper or a 55mm bplus fits into them.
  22. namron11


    Many thanks for replying to my post. Is it difficult to get to the solenoids, does it mean a lot of dismantling of the machine? Would you have a photo of the solenoids location in the coffee machine Many thanks in advance
  23. Yes, that's the one that I have seen, but I know nothing at all about them.
  24. No, I've been warned off of them in the past. A few guys on here put me wise to them. There is one on eBay, which looks like a reasonable price. I've just sold my Faema and am looking for my next project.
  25. Found some prepara evak air tubs in tk maxx, seem pretty good. I doubt they'll do a much better job than a regular air tight container, but they look nicer and, being a bit more vertical, made a bit of space on my worktop.
  26. You buying it from Cafe Italia?
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