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  2. @prezes - intriguing. Almost as if the valve has too much range (rather than operate within a meaningful range and then have precise adjustment) - think eureka grinders adjustment knobs as an example. anyway, I don’t have one nor an E61 machine so I can’t help you. I wish you good luck and hopefully someone chimes in with a a twin setup so they can help you.
  3. @MediumRoastSteam yes that’s exactly the case. The coffee sensor kit was allowing adjustment as the knob was moved and the flow was reducing accordingly. yes followed Dave’s video to fit. Removed and refitted once as well.
  4. There are as already spoken two sides of chasing the temperature, at least for me: a. the part where you want the same starting temp for each shot, for consistency reasons, but within normal numbers. You cannot have the same 90.00C start, not even on some more precise controlled machines like the Decent. I can pull now graphs from people and show you that is not possible, there will be a variation. You can have a 3C variation just by using a cooler room temp portafilter versus a heated one. b. the part where you want to chase a perfect temperature stability advertised by more expensive machines such as LM or other saturated grouphead machines (Dalla corte). I do not see a good reason to chase that as the best shots from my experience as with a on purpose controlled temp drop (2-3C drop). You could take some videos of the pid values while pulling a shot and analyse those, specially looking at the group temperature to see in what direction it goes, if you want to chase the b. then you should look at the grouphead temp while pulling shots, it's more accurate and closer to the puck, than the 101-102C showing at the lid of the brew boiler. Have a look at 8:33 here (cold portafilter, and a cold "puck" there is no puck but the air is the same as a puck at room temp): upsie only 84 C. Then at 9:17 he pulls another "shot" with the preheated portafilter, and the "puck" heated to temp, temperture now is 86+. So just by doing that we have a 2 C difference at the coffee puck. Let alone the problem that the brew temp is set to 93-94C but you are brewing with 84-86C. Then later he sets the brew boiler temp to 98C to get a 88-89C brew temp. My two cents, if you want to find things out, order a cheap 5 $ basket (edesia) drill a hole, put a sensor in it and pull shots with a flow restrictor and measure the temperatures you want. Then you can draw conclusions. But based on what the pid is saying with a temp sensor at the top of the brew boiler (that is really far away from the group) I would not draw any data.
  5. Feels to me that the machine is overheating, big time. Is there steam coming out into the drip tray?
  6. And you say you have a different experience with the coffee sensor one? if you do, keep the bottom part intact (springs, etc), but replace the control valve. Effectively having the CoffeeSensor flow control valve with Lelit’s spring. I kind of can see why this happens - flow does not have a direct relationship with pressure. Very strange. And I take you have set it up as per Dave’s instructions when he used with the minima?
  7. @CocoLoco Very useful! Thank you. My daughter requires some bedding and potentially mattress toppers. I will ask her to check. Like her, we also have a memory foam mattress. This is very good. I will give Evans a call and enquire. Appreciate the heads up mate.
  8. The solenoid is the magnetic thing that's black and goes around the 3 way valve. The valve is activated by the solenoid, so it's often referred to as the solenoid valve, but it's more accurate to say it is a 3 way valve I think.
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  10. Forgive a daft question... Is the 3 way valve the solenoid? Gave that a really good strip down and clean a couple of weeks ago. Does the pump lose it oomph over time? I am tempted to buy a replacement pump to eliminate this as a suspect. Does anyone have a link to somewhere I can buy a good quality replacement pump? The machine has reached the age when thinks are need in replacement. The steam knob has just fallen to bits and the portafilter handle cracked a little while ago. I guess thousands of cycles of heating and cooling and running shots have taken their toll. Thanks in advance.
  11. I just bought out 2 of our oil filled radiators out of storage due to the shift in temperature. Lidl branded 2kw finned oil heater with built in electric fan. It had 3 different heat levels 800w, 1200, and 2kw and they hold the heat exceptionally well, for manoeuvrability they are connected to 4 caster wheels. I paid £39.00 and they come with a 2 year warranty. Not sure if you need them asap but do keep an eye out in the Lidl/Aldi weekly specials.
  12. @MediumRoastSteam exactly. It reacts in almost fully closed position
  13. KyNg

    Mara X

    After using more than a year, have this issue i remember someone ever had this issue but not sure.. anyone remember? When preheating suddenly the steam bar goes beyond 3 going to 14 also so noisy during that time.. not sure why after that it goes normal again..
  14. Thanks for your suggestion @Denis S. I'll try other temperatures with time, and build a Scace type device when I feel like sacrificing a basket. The one I built for 58mm machines will be scavenged for the parts probably. Still getting used to the Vesuvius, and I'm currently using the 92-94C group temperature as that is in the range of what I found best on my Strega with PID-controlled heated group, but with less control over brew water temperature (PID controlled boiler, but HX brew water). The Strega is part of the reason I am chasing the improved temperature stability - I realise it probably won't make a difference, but I got used to seeing a group temperature that stayed within a few tenths of set point, and a boiler that was usually within 0.5C.
  15. To back up my words, here is a complete test of 12 machines (some really popular ones) that are tested with a scace. As you can see, the temp of extraction is never the same, but varies, use a translator, but the temp graphs of the shots are self explanatory: https://kaffeemacher.ch/zweikreiser-espressomaschinen-vergleich/
  16. Just a side note, before you loose your mind chasing imaginary rabbits: I see you are using the following values 94 group/102 boiler. This immediately tells me you are using a really developed coffee (nothing bad with that). But, you wont find any taste change if you pull 1C lower or 1 C higher on such developed beans, they are forgiving and the taste wont change much even if you change the grind size a bit, the temp, or the ratio. I have mine set at 87group/95 brew boiler, and my shots when pulled with a 2-3 min in between the shots varies for 0.3-0.4C on pid (but that is not your actual brew boiler temp). Let me explain, a boiler is normally in a vertical position placed. They are a few cm height, like 10-20cm. The temp probe is placed in one tiny spot, normally at the top (in the lid). You can have a variation of 1-5C from the bottom to the top, with some higher temps at the top when idle and when cold water bursts in, you will have a huge drop reading on the pid, but in fact that is not the actual water that comes out of the brew boiler. So those numbers are not the right values and cannot be taken serious if you want data. If you want data, what you can do, is to build a scace type device, pull shots and measure the actual temp of the brewing water. If in between shots you have a bigger swing than 0.5 C as a starting temp then you can start to search for problems.
  17. Hi All, Strange query..... Apologies in advance for the long post - hard to avoid lots of words to explain this. I have been trying to improve the temperature stability of the group and brew boiler by adjusting the PID settings. The group is getting there (with 94 set point, I have a range when idling of 93.6 - 94.1), but I've been struggling to adequately reduce overshoot on the brew boiler. Watching the brew boiler temperature decay, it does something very strange..... With my current PID settings, when I have it set to 102C it overshoots to 103.5, then very gradually drops in 0.1C increments - all makes sense so far. But after it decays to 102.2, the next figure it displays is 101.0 - nothing in between! The time between going from 102.2 to 101.0 is about the same as the time it took to go from 102.3 to 102.2. And of course, being a degree below set point, at 101.0 it turns on the boiler power and it starts the cycle again - back up to 103.5. The decay step from 102.2 straight down to 101.0 is always the same - never anything in between when set temperature is 102C. Now, when I set it to 101C, it behaves somewhat differently, as well as being a little more stable with overshoot to 102.2. From a peak of 102.2, it decays to 101.9, then 101.7, 101.5, 101.3, 101.0 and 100.9, whereupon the heater kicks in and it cycles again. So, it seems it can display values between 102.2 and 101.0, just not when set to 102C. I thought maybe it relates to the particular PID values I have in it - so I put the brew boiler values back to default. When set at 102C, it had the same missing values between 102.2 and 101.0, with overshoot to 104.7. Given that it is clearly able to read temperatures between 102.2 and 101 when not set to 102, it would seem to be some sort of firmware quirk. But it makes it difficult to improve the stability when it drops all values between 102.2 and 101.0, and I want to set it to 102C. Has anyone seen missing values on the brew boiler temperature as it decays, in particular when it is set to 102, or is it a quirk of my machine??
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  19. @prezes - interesting. So the presenter shuts the flow almost entirely and the needle doesn’t move? Very strange!
  20. +1 for IKEA - if you can get to one of their stores they usually have quite a range of different ones. Like many things in life, pillows are a very personal thing - the best choice will be driven by many factors e.g. preferred sleeping position, preferred level of “firmness/softness”, material/construction biases, etc etc. In my experience, they don’t last as long as I would like them to, and when I have found “the one” - it’s no longer available when time comes to replace it . . . Regards, John
  21. I'm still searching too. The best pillow I ever had was a 1950s horsehair one but that had to be thrown out decades ago. Can highly recommend a Super King Tempur mattress, though
  22. Well if there's another in the offing please let me know
  23. A collage of a few of the 20+ Classics I bought and restored since May 1…. it’s been a journey….it’s been a learning experience. What I wouldn’t give to have my time back.. Wish I would have kept the chrome version…. But the two i use work flawlessly. it’s been fun …
  24. @StevenG91 was worth a grand, but if you put something up for sale on here and no one knows its value, or buys it, then in order to sell it you reduce the price
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