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  2. A retailer may take that view but take mine for instance. One of the spout retaining screw holes was drilled right through as received. Noticed when I opened it up and shimmed the burrs - round patch of grinds in it - what's that thought me. When I tried one flap it's why I realised washers are needed to do that. If retention is always less it's building up inside. I have had one where more came out over a lot of doses now and take care to get what went in to come out. That one was 0.2g high. Low varies but usually ~0.2g or so but that sometimes needs a 2nd spin up. This is with 1 fla
  3. Just got 2 bags for my birthday, I have checked the website and no support for this question. What temp are you brewing espresso at? I have the house blend one if that makes a difference.
  4. Hasbean BOLIVIA EL FUERTE ANAEROBIC WASHED BOURBON. Pretty good, pear and chocolate like the tasting notes said. Very sweet and fruity.
  5. Scratches in the non-visible areas of machines sometimes happen, so the ones in the plastic behind the drip tray...meh, can happen, no biggie, the one in the metal behind the drip tray where the screw is more than I would ever expect. Anything visible with the drip tray in place is unacceptable....so you did right to send it back. As for the pump noise, you only did one video, which makes it very difficult for diagnostics, but that type of pump in the Crem running full flow at 24V, does get noisy, I said so in my review. It's the nature of the pump. This get a bit technical, but It's impo
  6. Tinkstar


    On the outskirts of horsforth, between Mc Donald's and the traffic lights there is an office space. A little coffee shop called Red bean is there. They have a business room I used, ordered my first non chain espresso, and a latte. Wow so that's what espresso is meant to taste like. Was beautiful. It had tasting notes and everything. It is my first non chain espresso and looking forward to trying all these others. 😍
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  8. yeah whisper quiet, thats what drew me to it, im very noise sensitive, hence getting rid of the minima
  9. @Cuprajake - I've experienced the non Mary Shelley Frankenstein in the flesh. The noise of the pump is no bother. Yes, it's a distraction if you are a lever purist and expect complete silence, but I wouldn't say it's any worse than a machine with a vibe pump. I just watched the video from Dave on the Crem One... Now... That's very, very really quiet. 🙂
  10. Great tips on the sweeper mod thanks! Got a new coffee in the hopper today and I’m so impressed. It’s a Caravan Colombian called ‘Risaralda’. I had to go a few hairs finer on the grind but getting 18g-38g in about 32 seconds and it tastes really good. Seeing improvements each day which is great.
  11. People often finish up with 2 grinders due to that particular problem. I did once and am heading that way again just due to one bean I drink most of the time. Commercial grinders are not designed for regular adjustment between settings and many are used alongside volumetric espresso machines as well. They generally don't have regular bean type changes. Niche is designed for changing setting for different beans and stepped grinders could be used that way. A Sage Smart Grinder Pro is stepped, that makes it very convenient for typical home use. Commercial grinders with steps are around but there
  12. Hello Do you know which is the most intense / darker roast / italian style decaf for Nespresso or Dolce Gusto? Thanks!
  13. That's such a shame. Horrid to be disappointed like that. A replacement might be fine but it might feel tainted now too.... Fingers crossed you get sorted out
  14. Thanks for reply RobDGio. I have a mara x and steam wand is a decent length so no issue with using a larger milk pitcher.
  15. Thanks ajohn. So 58mm refers to the width of the bottom of the basket?! That first link appears to be the right thing for my machine, which is model SES990. I assume SES is Sage and BES is Breville. A bit expensive for something which is £4 on the Sage site but I might go for it to avoid getting the wrong thing again! Thanks for the help.
  16. Am sure, the dB of the Leva pump is lower than that of Minima’s Vibe.
  17. I just went off / attempted to give up sugar 10 days or so ago. Biscuits also (about 6 to 9 a day at work). So, approx 10 days in, the biscuits are no prob to give up but the black coffee took a bit to get used to. If I didn't drink it I suppose I'd start to get headaches or something. Now......I was only on half a tsp in coffee and tea, so no great shakes (!). Gradually getting used to it. Takes a while. I'm no chunker either 🙃 as I'm jogging three times a week and cycle to work. The biscuits, I read on the side of the pack were 3.9grs unsaturated and
  18. Yep, saw the email. I never thought I'd say this, as I'm really not fond of the look of them but think it's time to succumb. Alarm has been set!
  19. Just out of curiosity, I would have thought that once people start shimming, removing flaps etc. at that point you've lost your warrantee on the grinder? Other than finding the burr touching point and fitting a 3D printed grind size indicator, that's all I have done with mine and I am very happy with the results. The retention is pretty much zero or 0.1 to 0.2g whenever I weigh out (after the first week or so of usage). The coffee I am getting out from the grinder has got far more flavour profiles coming through than my SGP seemed to have although the one thing I am noticing is that
  20. @dfk41 Vesuvius EVO Leva pump will still make the same noise as Frankenstein when it fills group. Such is the nature of gear pumps, especially when they have to have a very high flow rate. My machine has no bottom plates at all (completely open), so a production machine might be a bit quiter.
  21. @Cuprajake Do not judge the finished article on Daves cobbled together Frankenstein matey! Daves machine was build out of very old parts, just as a concept to se if it would all fit in a Vesuvius case, to work out additional strengthening etc. The first machines should be out there very soon, then we can all judge it!
  22. Plus: Two types of pre-Infusion; Amazing steaming; Low maintenance; little water wastage; 😊 - welcome to the club. 👍
  23. Well, yesterday was a happy day😃. Big, heavy boxes arrived and caffeine overdoses followed... (ok, not quite the overdoses part 😜) The Lelit Elizabeth and Niche Zero now grace my kitchen worktop. Initial impressions are very good. Both are solid pieces of kit, with the very first latte being surprisingly drinkable considering I hadn't run any beans through the grinder prior, nor had I properly dialled it in to the correct setting yet. I also went with the out-of-the-box settings on the Elizabeth. Steaming milk seemed to be a lot easier than with the Silvia. I ordered my Niche Zero i
  24. I don't know if you have already decided on something, but it really depends on what you want to prioritise. MaraX small footprint, little noise Minima less maintenance, bigger boilers, better temp control Alternatively, machines like the Flair 58 can be considered. This won't have a boiler, and the temperature will be set in a MaraX-esque fashion with three settings, but it gives you the full flexibility of profiling the shot the way you want, which can be useful if you drink the fruit juice style of coffee that is all the rage nowadays. None of these is the non plus ultr
  25. what about steaming in the motta and decanting into the sage to pour? one thing to consider with larger pitchers is how long is your steam wand? I have a small pitcher for a single drink and use a larger pitcher for when doing two (sorry cant remember volumes off the top of my head). While i felt i needed a slightly bigger jug (for the same reasons you state), I dont think my steam wand would reach low enough in a larger pitcher if only filling up to spout level (hope that makes sense). I've found decanting from one pitcher to the other seems to settle the foam a bit and so get a more simi
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