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  2. As per the title, just seeing how you dispose of your used pucks? How do you dispose of the contents of the knock box or wherever your used coffee pucks end up? At the moment I'm putting mine onto the garden and I'm going to see how that particular part of the garden responds to growing veg, flowers and the like. Not sure the best, environmentally friendly way to dispose of these and it got me thinking what everyone else does. I've done a bit of research and it looks like composting is the best way. Also what about the coffee shops? Do they have a special way of recycling, considering they must have tons of the stuff?
  3. AmandaH yes you’re right about asking for help and learning from others. Thank you for your response. The lever experience makes me concentrate on getting it right. When I do I can produce great shots with the La Pavoni. Downside is time input and preparedness not to rush. I find that i know that a good shot has happened as I am pulling it. The lever action and the look of the crema to me says it all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. My experience is not with a pump machine but, if it provides any reassurance about buying used, I recently acquired a used Londinium lever (circa 2012). No regrets at all! If you are handy & a machine tinker-er, you can always find help in the forum if anything goes awry with your machine. Lots of knowledgeable people here.☺️
  5. Mine's arrived (thanks). Should probably leave them a few days to rest but it’s so tempting to open them.
  6. Ratty, many thanks for your info, please send further info when you’re ready. I’d be concerned about the age but know that properly maintained and modded machines do go on and on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. @puffin1 thanks i think you are right. Will have to contact sage directly, i will try and update once I have recieved a reply. 👍
  8. @R08 Hello youngster! 😉☺️ A used machine from this group is a great place to find a gem of a machine, without the dangerous “brand new” price tag😉.... and from people who have a longtime (reassuring) reputation in the group. 👍
  9. Hiya and welcome to the best place for getting advice on coffee - i've found it doesn't matter how big or little the problem, how silly the question there is always plenty of good advice available here. I managed to get hold of an older Gaggia Classic and have found it great for getting the hand of espressos - however I really like using my V60 when i want to experiment with flavours and find my trusty aeropress is great when travelling around. I've always been intrigued by the level machines, and if budget allowed I would be very tempted in trying one.
  10. Looks very kitchen friendly but I'm not a fan of the curved corners. I guess the main thing that matters is what it produces
  11. Mac1

    Gaggia Classic

    Thank you Guys for all the help. I can now again enjoy even tastier coffee after changing the boiler which was the issue. I got it off eBay (cheap - £48) which came quickly but with bent two pins on top. Poorly packed. I hope it's not going to affect it's lifespan because I decided not to straighten them and not risk breaking and waiting for my coffee even longer 😁 Maciek
  12. Got mine today as well, they smell lovely 🙂
  13. Many thanks for highlighting this - just ordered 🤟
  14. Hi Robert and welcome to the site. If you're interested; I will have 2 Gaggia Classics available in a couple of weeks. Both will be in excellent conditions. One has Mr Shades PID fitted with many new parts too, and the other one is almost mint for the year and more or less untouched apart from me having totally stripped it down and checked and cleaned everything. I've just added a front face pressure gauge to it and a full service. They're both made in Italy, year's 2004 and 2005. Watch this space for full descriptions in the for sale section shortly. By the way, I don't deal in machines, I'm upgrading and need to move on what I have and use daily myself at the moment. (Another 60 + member!)
  15. Yep was pretty sharp..... well early afternoon..... Definitely smells like a natural.... I've been busy so haven't actually opened them yet...... ;-)
  16. Agreed and point taken. Though to be pedantic, nothing has ever been in the history books before it was in the history books. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  17. Today
  18. They were never in the history books. Only fairly recently has 20-30s become a guide, Illy used to state 15-50s. Either way, time (without so many caveats it ceases to be portable from one bean/grinder to the next) is a poor way to judge a shot (or any percolation brew).
  19. Welcome...Vibiemme probably best to give a miss, there are other more interesting players in the UK market. Don't think they have been doing too much for the last decade...may be wrong though.
  20. Hi welcome to the forum. Always good to have a proper introduction rather than the usual, "Hello I want to get a coffee machine, what's the best one to get?"
  21. Read the report itself, barely understood a word. What I'll take from it is what I've already seen said many times on here: chase taste not numbers. Yesterday I was dialling in Coffee Compass' Brighton Lanes blend. I pulled my 1:2 ratio shot in 22 secs. It had exactly the advertised profile; rich and creamy with a dark chocolate kick and no astringency. However, I wasn't satisfied with the 22secs so ground finer, I got to bang on 27 secs but the shot had lost its smooth profile. I haven't had a chance to go back to the 22 second setting , but will do when I get home. What I'm trying to say is that I think I've learnt the important lesson of doing whatever tastes best for me - it's looking increasingly as if espresso standards like 27 secs are going to be consigned to the history books before long. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  22. puffin1

    Sage BE filter

    @General-S-1 I think the filters depend on the age of the machine. I may be wrong but I get the impression they changed the filter on newer models. Happy for someone else to clarify this. I think you’re best speaking to Sage directly. Certainly if you go on the product photograph alone the 6 pack won’t fit.
  23. Hi all, I am a coffee lover (mainly espresso). Shortly to complete my 6th decade. More time on my hands (semi retired). Have been an espresso machine user for 3 decades and have fun with using machines, as well as experimenting with different beans and grinds. Have experience with lever and electric pump machines.I've done the foundation barista course with Artisan Coffee in London but have not yet progressed to intermediate. Went through 8-10 years of Kitchen Aid Artisan espresso machine ownership (two replacements from KA when faults developed) but now that machine is discontinued and repair not possible. My other machine is La Pavoni Professional (also some years old) post millennium that is working just fine. I'm reconciled to door stop status for the KA so I'm looking to replace it with either a new Gaggia Classic or a well selected used machine. With that in mind I began to take an interest in the for sale forum here and will continue to do so. I was semi tempted by a Vibiemme that is on The Espresso Shop site. Is that a good machine? It's beyond my budget but I can dream. The Kitchen Aid abandonment of the machine I have used for so long is hurtful and expensive but nowadays I believe not an uncommon story. I was with James from Cricklewood Coffee Roasters earlier today who related a similar abandonment tale for Sonos Audio products. My Kitchen Aid Artisan grinder is still functioning but if that conks out I will examine my options. My last coffee maker is a Kitchen Aid pod machine (the one with the big lever at the side) which thank goodness is working well ............ for now. Anyway hello from me and looking forward to a new (or new to me) electric pump machine in the not too distant future. All the best, Robert
  24. Hi Paolo, Could you confirm if there are still any of the reduced units available? If so I would like to put my name down as a confirmed purchase please. Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I got all this last Tuesday, didn't have a chance to play till today. The Little ECM Puristika is a welcome guest. As it already has manual profiling ability, the valve will be fitted on the Minima, as that way it's an absolutely fair comparison with the lelit valve which is currently on the Minima. When I spoke to Micheal at ECM I mentioned I had reviewed the Lelit valve and to give ECM a fair shout, wanted to have a look at their valve as well. More to come on the ECM valve soon. I have no idea whether BB will stock/sell the Puristika or stock/sell the ECM Valve. This is a pre production machine and there will be changes e.g. water tank etc.. but it is the same as the machines exhibited at host 19 in October. I do think it has had a few internal enhancements since then. I have already moved the back tubes into a more elegant position since the photos.. I have pulled a single shot on it already and it went well. I videoed but have not run it through the editor yet. Release date for the Puristica is later this year, I think sometime in Q2 was mentioned. I don't think it's on ECMs website yet and I won't really be showing much more than people would have seen at host. Testing begins....
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