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  2. It's the same sort of choice the US had with Trump. Nobody wants to vote for Boris, but the alternative is too horrible to consider.
  3. Our democracy is a mess. A choice essentially between two ideologues with manifestos that lacked credibility. A press so biased they peddle misinformation, lies and engage in a smear campaign for years before an election was even called. A tory social media campaign which made claims that were false, misleading, and inaccurate 88% of the time. An electorate that willingly align themselves with points of view and stop thinking. The whole concept of democracy is to vote for your own best interests and logically the leaders that most appeal to the interests of the majority get into power. The problem with group identity in politics and ideological points of view is it warps that essential part; instead of voting for what is good for you and your family you vote for what you ideological point of view says is right. The turnout so far seems to be about 65-70%. Shockingly low regardless of how it compares to previous votes. How can a functioning democracy claim to be successful when turnout is closer to 50% than 100%? How can it claim to be successful when polling is conducted and a large number of people have apparently made up their minds before manifestos (the thing you are voting for) are even released? Politics needs cleaning up and the voting system needs to change. Maybe the entire system needs to change. Personally I'd like to see candidates caught lying and deliberately misleading the electorate to be banned from ever representing a party again. People don't seem able to understand they vote for a party not a leader. Maybe our political system is simply too complex for people to engage with, maybe we need to start electing a president. Maybe we need to start gagging politicians from talking about other parties (they all seem to spend more time talking about what other parties are doing and why they are bad than talking about what they're going to do and why) and banning press from printing anything political but copies of manifestos with a bit of independent analysis.
  4. Must be where the intelligent folk up north live 😜
  5. Yesterday
  6. Looks really good, designed for brewed coffee. 64mm flat burrs. $299 retail due out in summer 2020 but sadly not available in the UK due to lack of demand. $200k kickstarter funded in just over an hour!
  7. too many colour blind people I am afraid.....I demand a re run!
  8. No chance of that.....but, she will be surrounded by the blue army now.....just shows some people will vote party before anything else but there agin, that constituency was one of the few up here that voted remain
  9. I thought that was a traditional "A monkey wearing a Red Rosette" would get elected!
  10. At least Newcastle didn’t fold to the Tory tyrant
  11. Blyth Valley taken by Tories.......flip me, but am happy! I have an MP I can support again!
  12. I just want to see the expressions on the faces of some MPs as they lose their seat....priceless. For me this election is like CPR to our democracy....I don't know if our democracy is fatally wounded or not but this election is just the treatment it needs. I think many MPs jumped before they were pushed by their constituents?
  13. Stay up? no, but I hope to enjoy a few smiles in the morning Market reaction so far seems right
  14. Yeah I'm staying up....don't want to see a second of it. I expect those who voted remain will go to bed early with a stiff whisky or something. Me I'm sitting here with one of my (very occasional nowadays) lattes, looking at the art fade away thinking, I should really drink this. However testing a new machine so taking one for the team! Funny how the pound has gone up against the Dollar and the Euro?
  15. I am....plenty of stomach here, in more ways than one! Blyth Valley is my constituency and it looks like they will be the first to declare. It looks like a good night for some, and a stinker for others......LOL
  16. Would you consider splitting the items? I’m interested in the grinder.
  17. I’m not sure I can stomach it to be honest.
  18. Latest (as stated it was purchased Oct 2019) and €305 inc delivery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Shifting pH isn't as important as the temporary V's permanent hardness but (and this is just generally speaking) total hardness on the high side does correlate with higher pH. Whatever the claims or results with Zerowater, Brita has worked well for me in the past. I'll be interested in seeing how much the newer versions can reduce the limescale. Zerowater filters AKAIK are far more expensive to replace due to the multistage filtration and RO used. If the Brita doesn't reduce it by enough I will try the zerowater.
  20. It's about a third of the price of a Niche. They're not really competing for the same demographic in fairness.
  21. This Facebook group may well help.
  22. It looks different and is mooted to be cheaper in the domestic market.
  23. Lots of talk about grind distribution, but of course absolutely no hard data. The bigfoot type character is very apt, everyone 'knows' what it is, but no one can show it to you. Nevertheless, if it works reasonably well & is available in 230VAC, there's not much else with flat burrs in that price range.
  24. Joey - in the unlikely event you fancy doing a batch, please can I get in the queue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. The step down from the Enea to the SGP is fairly large in terms of going from stepless 64mm flat burrs to stepped 40mm conical. How long are your extractions? What doses too? And when you say "within the best period after roast", what is your interpretation of this? Ashy would generally mean over-extracted, but can also be from stale beans.
  26. @MartinB Sorry if this goes against forum rules but is that grinder still going...?
  27. Yes Row

    L1 Service

    Glad I spotted this. I have ordered the silicon rings this evening. Ease of fitting swayed it for me
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