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  2. Apart from new burrs for her Hobart! [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. I could never in a million years buy a machine for £1k that does half a job [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ditto well done @Pablo El Beano for making the effort and sharing, even if you borrowed the pictures- top job 👍
  5. I’m in no rush and there’s no queue, take your time!
  6. Won’t have time to look at it this week but she seemed genuine. Thanks again!
  7. The nut on the solenoid valve can be tight, one way to hold without a vice is to screw it to a piece of wood (depending on what you use, ifit is a small board etc, stand on it OR gate post / fence post) ( local garage ?) Using D-scaler may make matters worse by moving scale particles into the Sol/ valve (possibly what the problem is now) = no flow. PS the nut is 18 or 19 mm. Does the steam valve drip from the wand ? does it leak from the 'blackened 'part = seal worn. The wand is a very common leak point. If you fit a new one do NOT tighten up the two fixing bolts until you have centred the spindle in the hole in the case!! otherwise the knob will rub on the case.
  8. Sure thing. I'll let you know when I have it and you can drop a pm with your address Good man - thanks very much! Pm sent
  9. I love the look but to say it would be far too tall for me would be an understatement. The chances of that fitting under a cupboard is nonexistent! [emoji24]
  10. Keep going ... it’s all a good learning process! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @Holyzeus huess you picked up the one from FB. Is it all alright? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. yeah, I have a cheap adjustable spanner and proper spanners. I can't get it off. Maybe it's fine and I've misunderstood the video. I want to lower the pressure so I'm glad I got the OPV apart at least, so it won't be a total nightmare to get that apart when I'm back up and running. Reassembly such as it is for now is commencing.
  13. Good luck with it all, sounds like you're on the right tracks! I don't get alerts either... Damn frustrating!
  14. Oh, and the steam wand and group won’t give water at the same time. Without the steam button pressed you should find that when you hit the brew button water comes out of the group. With the steam button pressed, if you open the steam valve immediately and press the brew button then you’ll get water from the steam valve. If you turn the brew button off and close the steam valve then it’ll heat up to steam temp and you’ll then have steam available out of the steam wand (without hitting the brew switch). If you have the steam button on and just hit the brew switch then you won’t get water from anywhere (it’ll flow from the OPV back into the tank) unless you open the steam valve and get water out of it. HTH Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. For taking the solenoid valve apart you want mole grips to hold the bottom part and a spanner on the nut at the bottom of the ‘pillar’ - it’s normally quite hard to turn! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Not been, I live in St Austell "awful" 😎 I have been to St Ives.
  17. Today
  18. i notice you are in cornwall? have you been to mount zion in st ives ? its great!
  19. The plastic broke and to be honest it looks like the last owner got a lot of water and grounds in there so it might as well be replaced. I could likely put it back together enough to make the machine work until the new one comes. My OPV is (was) seized together (I'm a stubborn bitch). The 3 way valve is seized together and because it doesn't have a place to get two proper spanners on it I had had to concede defeat but I think it's got scale in it as the group and steam wand will not give water at the same time on any setting on this machine. I'll try the agitation cleaning technique once it's back together. The steam valve looks like it was almost on fire at some point in it's life, luckily I have a new one. The dispersion plate is a literal disgrace so while I'm into the machine for this much money a brass one fell into the cart with the switch. The forum seems to be lagging on notifications so someone did respond to my wanted ad to offer me a used one but I'd ordered the new by then so c'est la vie. My dining room table looks like a Gaggia bloodbath took place, parts everywhere! My boiler doesn't look like it's ever seen descaler in life before today. But by midnight it should be clean and back in one piece waiting for the new switches and dispersion plate haha. I work in IT now. I thought the days of cuts all over my hands and this many tools on a bench was behind me.
  20. If you know someone to claim the vat back yes slightly but it users can be traced.
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