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  2. I'm currently using a stainless thermos cup as it's water tight so I can carry it in the pocket of my bag without anything spilling out. The lid (with drinking spout) disassembles so cleaning is easy & a soak in pulycaf every month to 6 weeks keeps the coffee oils at bay.
  3. Hi, Can someone recommend what tamp station I should / can get for my Rocket single spout PF please? Just realised that it's soooo tricky to tamp. Cheers. PS. Considering I (shot myself in the foot) ordered a Rocket tamp mat yesterday.
  4. Are you in the USA I noticed dollar pricing. If you have asked them for a refund and been refused (unsuprising if they have shipped overseas), you won't be covered by our distance selling rules it might be best to see if the cc company/paypal can do anything as an item "significantly not as described". So go back to your credit card company or paypal and you might find it easily sorted with them as they can reverse the payments. I did assume you were in the UK as I am sure lots of other people did....
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  6. Hi all, I need a good travel mug for my morning latte, I had a cheapish generic one which was ok until a few washes in and it trapped water in the seals. Any recommendations? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  7. Packaging the machine on its original box (previously not included), bubble wrap, padding, and any other additional packaging will add another £15 (exclude the postage itself) to the collection in person price.
  8. Cricket ✔️ Coffee ✔️ Steaming on the La P ✔️
  9. Had the problem resolved in the end thanks to Machina being really helpful. Just been playing around adjusting the grind size to find my sweet spot. It does take about 2 minutes to grind a 19g dose though which I'm not sure is what to expect.
  10. That looks just the ticket, thanks. Never tried Crankhouse, that’s on the list to try next.
  11. I bought an aergrind in the end. After an issue at the start where the burrs were locked. Machina Espresso gave me some advice and had me up a running. Just playing with the grind size now to find my sweet spot.
  12. The magical £15a kilo specialty coffee vendor.. One part of the website says all coffees score 80 plus, the other say 86 plus. Big difference in quality between those scores. Personally I'd like to see just a tad more info than this coffee is Peruvian to convince me of its quality and traceability. They are channeling the anti hipster thing quite well, "we all know coffee tastes of coffee", and it's the poncey tasting notes that makes people charge more for it. That and those hipsters actually pay the farmer a bit more for a more traceable product. If you want good quality coffee at good prices from someone who has been in the game a long time, try James gourmet. Hope what you get you enjoy, just said my two Pence worth. Just trying to make the point that not all coffee is equal.
  13. Same. Free shipping too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You will be surprised at the crud behind the block, with it removed it is easier to change the group seal .
  15. Welcome @Boej007 don't panic too much about taking things to bits, bear in mind this possibly refers to trying to make a commercial doser / on demand grinder do what it was never meant to do (work in a home environment where we measure in g's of coffee per day rather than kilo's), there are grinders out there that are designed to do this from the start, horses for courses & budget to suit. Weighing in and out is a good starting point for consistency / understanding how your shots taste good or not and once you have a "standard" to work from your best indicators are the taste buds on your tongue Lots of threads on how to get the Classic to produce it's best shots and what you'll find on here is good advice without the hidden agenda of trying to sell you this or that (there are some members on here that sell things and they are all good helpful people) Good luck with all the reading and if you can't find the answer you looking for in all that, ask away. John
  16. Welcome. it will soon become second nature😊
  17. Good recipe for base tomato sauce: couple of tins of tomatoes - San Mariano are worth the extra cost, half an onion and a generous dob of butter. Melt the butter and add tomatoes and onion (uncut). Reduce down to whatever thickness you prefer. When finished, discard the onion. Season with salt and pepper and a little sugar.
  18. Thanks for this. Cleaned the visible area of the dispersion block but didn’t disassembled it. i will look into the brass one. Thank you
  19. Still open to offers on this guys - willing to accept £180 delivered. Thx
  20. Cannot thank you enough. An invaluable post to put me on the right path with my Gaggia. Excellent 👍🏻
  21. Mine is just in the fridge for later
  22. I think it depends a lot on what you want to get out of a first setup tbh. The grinder in here is (im pretty sure) the same set as their dose control and smart grinders which are pretty meh for espresso but do totally get the job done fine, and im guessing the machine is a pretty similar deal. You'd probs have a super convenient extremely passable first setup at whats now a pretty decent price. You could arguably get a much better quality espresso for your money if you got a gaggia classic and a good ex commercial grinder at a similar price point but you'd prob need to do a lot more tinkering and learning to get yourself there (Basically what i did with my first set of kit) Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  23. Thanks for the very informative post. I’ve just joined the forum yesterday and already my knowledge in coffee has dramatically increased. I must confess, i’ve owned a classic since 2013 and clearly been doing things wrong. Judging by a lot of Gaggia related posts a full service and descale’s immediately required an OPV adjustment, a steam wand upgrade and £££ grinder to add too. Better get moving 😃
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