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    Published on 18-03-19 10:05

    The annual London Coffee Festival is one of the world’s largest gathering for everyday coffee connoisseurs and industry professional alike, coming together to celebrate London’s vibrant coffee culture and familiarise themselves with the latest machinery, gadgets and trends.

    Coffee Omega will be taking part at this year’s London Coffee Festival 2019 along with 250 other stalls, and we’re bringing some of the coffee industry’s most sought-after machines with us. Coffee Omega’s LFC Stall (M16) will be hosting the Faema E71 and the Faema x30 Bean to Cup machines, two barista favourites. We’re also bringing you the coffee scenes most reputable grinders, the Simonelli Mythos One and Mythos Two (II). And of course, our two personal favourites, the Coffee Omega exclusive Ubermilk, an innovative automatic milk frother which saw a lot of love at last year’s festival, and the Puqpress M2, the world’s first automatic tamper.

    Join us at the Old Truman Brewery on the 28th to the 31st of March at stand M16, to see these prestigious machines in action, have a go at using them yourself and ask the team any of your questions. London Coffee Festival 2019 will also be hosting an array of activities including interactive workshops, art exhibitions and the annual Coffee Masters competition, there’s something for everyone.

    The Round Up:
    Location: Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QR
    Date: 28th – 31st March 2019
    Coffee Omega Stand: M16

    Equipment on Display : come and have some fun playing around

    • Faema E71 2 group
    • Ubermilk
    • Mythos one
    • Mythos two Grav
    • Faema grinders
    • Maribar grinders
    • Force Tamper
    • Puqpress M2
    Published on 28-07-18 06:12  Number of Views: 2356 

    Hello Coffee Forums UK!

    As developer and manufacturer of the ESPAZZOLA we want to get your opinionated feedback on our tool to replace these old brushes for cleaning group-heads.

    To make things easier for you we offer a discount for forum members (see below).


    The ESPAZZOLA is especially designed to hook into the grouphead like a portafilter. There, we utilize the hot water from the machine to rinse thoroughly while the flexible membrane (the semitransparent inset) adapts to all inner surfaces and acts like a brush in all places at once.

    See this short video to get an idea:


    If you want to try yourself, please go to our webshop at:


    and order a tool using voucher code: 7L3WK4IFYCGK

    You'll get free shipping and 30% off at check-out.
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    Espresso Machine takes top spot as the most popular brewing method among coffee drinkers. The most popular choice out of 10 different ways to brew coffee.

    Flavour notes and roast is most important when choosing their coffee says Adams+Russell fresh coffee customers. Closely followed by the provision of detailed information on the products themselves.

    Keep reading to find out more about the UK’s coffee drinking habits.

    Who was asked?
    The survey was created by Adams+Russell’s marketing team to get a better understanding of their customers. Each of the respondents had either purchased coffee from Adams+Russell or signed up to their mailing list on their website. 99% of recipients were UK based.
    You can sign up to the mailing list by entering your email when entering the website. In return signees receive a FREE ultimate guide to coffee and regular tips on how to get the best from their fresh coffee.

    In order to entice each respondent to fill out the survey via SurveyMonkey, there was a beautiful coffee hamper on offer to one lucky winner. The winner was picked at random.

    The results are based on respondents of just over 200 people that completed the survey. After 2,000 subscribers were a few questions to find out a little more about their drinking habits.

    The results are now in and the key survey questions were as follows:

    • How did you first find Adams+Russell?
    • How often do you drink fresh coffee?
    • What is your preferred brewing method?
    • What is important to you when buying coffee?
    • What information would you like to receive?

    Find out more about how people are searching for coffee roasters in the UK by visiting

    How often are people drinking fresh coffee?
    It seems recent years has seen a hug influx of people drinking fresh coffee right at home. Is it that they enjoy waking up on the Saturday morning to a smell of the fresh brew around the home.
    Or is it that they need the early morning pick me up. Given the amount of coffee people drink, this certainly seems to be the case.

    From the results of the survey, it’s no surprise that 66% of respondents said they drink coffee every day.
    3% of those, said they drink several cups of coffee a day.

    What brewing methods are people using?
    It seems, every year there’s a new way to brew fresh coffee at home. Whether it has a big impact on the high street coffee shops is yet to be seen.
    Here are the brewing options that were given and percentage of people who prefer that method:

    • Espresso Machine (29%)
    • Cafetiere(21%)
    • Aeropress (13%)
    • Bean to Cup (12%)
    • Filter coffee (9%)
    • Stove Top(6%)
    • Other(4%)
    • Perculator (2%)
    • French Press (2%)
    • V60 (1%)

    Within the above results, there are a couple of caveats. Some brewing methods are written differently but mean the same thing.
    For example…

    • A French Press is the same as a cafetiere.
    • A Perculator is the same as a stove top.

    It doesn’t change the results drastically but is interesting to see how people refer to each style of making coffee.

    Attachment 32747

    To read more about the survey results, just visit A+R coffee survey page on the blog.
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    Attachment 32595

    We are Django Coffee Co. a coffee roasting company that has taken inspiration from Melbourne’s flourishing and robust coffee scene to make it our mission to provide quality speciality coffee with a low environmental impact.

    We source our own green coffee beans from coffee growers around the world and then roast the beans in small batches to be able to create unique flavours.

    Django Coffee Co. is 100% committed to providing information on the origins, the farmers and the coffee beans journey from the farm to your cup. We are a company that respects the farmers, the environment as well as our customers.

    by Published on 12-02-18 09:52  Number of Views: 2286 

    Since 1920, the Garibaldi family has built a reputation for quality coffee production. Originally from Genoa Italy, the Garibaldi family have roasting facilities in Alessandria which is in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. All coffee produced by the Garibaldi family comes from selected worldwide plantations and are mixed according to original recipes to provide an excellent product for flavour and quality.

    Never before available in the UK, 1920 Caffe UK supplies a range of coffee beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are five types to suit all tastes from standard Espresso Bar, which is 100% robusta to Arabica, which is 100% Arabica bean. Coffee types are explained on our website.

    All prices quoted are inclusive of delivery and are very competitive. If you are looking for a good quality coffee without fuss then this is the coffee for you. You will not be disappointed.

    by Published on 07-01-18 06:15  Number of Views: 1935 

    Attachment 31172

    Born out of a love for great tasting coffee and dislike for the overpriced, Long & Short Coffee is a roastery that brings the delights of speciality, third-wave and whatever other names are given for the best coffee around.

    The key to our delicious coffee?

    >Meticulous selection
    >Fresh harvests and fresh roasts
    >Finely-tuned electronic roast profiling

    And we offer all of this at a price that is accessible to the average coffee drinker. The product is indeed speciality but our price points are not and we’re making it our business to offer exciting coffees without breaking the bank. Just check out our high end Gesha coffee varietal for under £10!

    We cater for both retail and wholesale customers. So whether you’re a curious coffee lover, a café, or a retailer, you can find out more about the Long & Short here.
    Plus we’re also offering 20% OFF your first order when you sign up too!

    Website - https://longandshort.london/
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/longandshortcoffee/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/longandshortcoffee/
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/longshortcoffee
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    Attachment 31027

    Dog & Hat has a great new offer for CFUK members
    £5 off the first month or a free 250g bag once the standard subscription is purchased (2 x bags = £17 or 3 x bags = £24)

    There are some extremely happy members discussing their subscriptions on this thread.

    or simply click the banner below to go to the Dog & Hat website

    by Published on 25-12-17 10:08     Number of Views: 1795 

    Viewer discretion is advised

    Thanks @Snakehips and @MildredM for this fabulous performance ...
    by Published on 08-12-17 12:03  Number of Views: 1813 

    Because your coffee beans are stale!

    The freshness of your beans is the key to enjoying an excellent cup of coffee every time.
    Supermarket stocked beans are generally stale by the time you grind them whatever their marketing department may say.
    The problem with getting hold of fresh roasted beans is that they are expensive.
    One of the market leaders in fresh bean subscriptions charges £7 for a 250g bag of roasted beans!!!!!
    The cost of those beans raw? More like £2!

    As paid up members of the coffee geek club we knew there must be a better way. We wanted to buy fresh green beans and roast them at home, keeping our coffee habit cheap but having fun along the way experimenting and taking our coffee connoisseurship to the next level.
    But guess what, coffee roasting machines turn out to be insanely expensive, or just plain rubbish (trust us we have tested LOTS!)

    This is where Home Roast was born. We have worked with our partner in china to bring the Home Roast smart to market.
    Our aim was simple; an affordable and quality home roasting machine that will enable coffee lovers to roast their own green beans and take their coffee connoisseurship to the next level, just like we dreamt of.
    We are now enjoying fresh, smooth, not bitter shots of espresso and have fallen in love with coffee more than ever before.

    After months of work with our supplier we have now have a unit in the UK and an order in place for 200 more. We have developed an app to make roasting coffee as simple as making your morning toast, but also allowing you to develop and explore your own roasting style and preferences.

    Pending a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are currently aiming to have devices delivered to you by April 2018.

    Kickstarter OFFER ONE: 10 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · 6-month subscription to Home Roast green coffee beans of your choice
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £599. Saving of £200!

    Kickstarter OFFER TWO: 20 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Sample selection of 4 x 250g bags of Home Roast green beans
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £540. Saving of over £140!

    Kickstarter OFFER THREE: 70 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £499. Saving of over £100!

    Kickstarter OFFER FOUR: 100 available @ only £449
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £499. Saving of £50!

    Visit http://www.homeroast.co.uk/ for more information and to sign up to receive information about the Kickstarter campaign


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