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    Since 1920, the Garibaldi family has built a reputation for quality coffee production. Originally from Genoa Italy, the Garibaldi family have roasting facilities in Alessandria which is in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. All coffee produced by the Garibaldi family comes from selected worldwide plantations and are mixed according to original recipes to provide an excellent product for flavour and quality.

    Never before available in the UK, 1920 Caffe UK supplies a range of coffee beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are five types to suit all tastes from standard Espresso Bar, which is 100% robusta to Arabica, which is 100% Arabica bean. Coffee types are explained on our website.

    All prices quoted are inclusive of delivery and are very competitive. If you are looking for a good quality coffee without fuss then this is the coffee for you. You will not be disappointed.
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    Born out of a love for great tasting coffee and dislike for the overpriced, Long & Short Coffee is a roastery that brings the delights of speciality, third-wave and whatever other names are given for the best coffee around.

    The key to our delicious coffee?

    >Meticulous selection
    >Fresh harvests and fresh roasts
    >Finely-tuned electronic roast profiling

    And we offer all of this at a price that is accessible to the average coffee drinker. The product is indeed speciality but our price points are not and we’re making it our business to offer exciting coffees without breaking the bank. Just check out our high end Gesha coffee varietal for under £10!

    We cater for both retail and wholesale customers. So whether you’re a curious coffee lover, a café, or a retailer, you can find out more about the Long & Short here.
    Plus we’re also offering 20% OFF your first order when you sign up too!

    Website -
    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -
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    Dog & Hat has a great new offer for CFUK members
    £5 off the first month or a free 250g bag once the standard subscription is purchased (2 x bags = £17 or 3 x bags = £24)

    There are some extremely happy members discussing their subscriptions on this thread.

    or simply click the banner below to go to the Dog & Hat website
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    Viewer discretion is advised

    Thanks @Snakehips and @MildredM for this fabulous performance ...
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    Because your coffee beans are stale!

    The freshness of your beans is the key to enjoying an excellent cup of coffee every time.
    Supermarket stocked beans are generally stale by the time you grind them whatever their marketing department may say.
    The problem with getting hold of fresh roasted beans is that they are expensive.
    One of the market leaders in fresh bean subscriptions charges £7 for a 250g bag of roasted beans!!!!!
    The cost of those beans raw? More like £2!

    As paid up members of the coffee geek club we knew there must be a better way. We wanted to buy fresh green beans and roast them at home, keeping our coffee habit cheap but having fun along the way experimenting and taking our coffee connoisseurship to the next level.
    But guess what, coffee roasting machines turn out to be insanely expensive, or just plain rubbish (trust us we have tested LOTS!)

    This is where Home Roast was born. We have worked with our partner in china to bring the Home Roast smart to market.
    Our aim was simple; an affordable and quality home roasting machine that will enable coffee lovers to roast their own green beans and take their coffee connoisseurship to the next level, just like we dreamt of.
    We are now enjoying fresh, smooth, not bitter shots of espresso and have fallen in love with coffee more than ever before.

    After months of work with our supplier we have now have a unit in the UK and an order in place for 200 more. We have developed an app to make roasting coffee as simple as making your morning toast, but also allowing you to develop and explore your own roasting style and preferences.

    Pending a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are currently aiming to have devices delivered to you by April 2018.

    Kickstarter OFFER ONE: 10 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · 6-month subscription to Home Roast green coffee beans of your choice
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £599. Saving of £200!

    Kickstarter OFFER TWO: 20 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Sample selection of 4 x 250g bags of Home Roast green beans
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £540. Saving of over £140!

    Kickstarter OFFER THREE: 70 Available @ only £399
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £499. Saving of over £100!

    Kickstarter OFFER FOUR: 100 available @ only £449
    · Brand new Home Roast smart coffee Roaster
    · Free Delivery within the UK
    · Post Kickstarter price £499. Saving of £50!

    Visit for more information and to sign up to receive information about the Kickstarter campaign
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    A New & Exciting Saturday Morning

    Adams + Russell have proudly teamed up with the owner of to bring the people of Liverpool a Free brew school.
    Adams + Russell, based in Birkenhead, started the brew school. It was designed to give the people in the local district and surrounding areas something different on a Saturday morning.
    The first part of the brew school gives visitors an insight into how fresh beans are roasted, where the green beans come from and the amazing smells you get from the different beans.
    The second part explains how to make great coffee using different brewing methods, including the Aeropress, the Cafetiere and the stove-top espresso maker.

    Coffee Blog Owner Delighted
    Matt, from Adams+Russell got in touch with Kevin at coffee blog to ask him to get involved. Kevin was delighted to be invited down to the roastery and help out with such a great event.
    Kevin, brought his video camera and expert knowledge and got involved with the customers at every opportunity.
    Following the brew school, Kevin wrote a detailed article on his website.
    The article touches on how he noticed the customers were helped out at every opportunity. Whether it was with choosing from the shelves or having a go at the brewing methods. The team were on-hand to help.
    Kev titled the article Visit to Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters. He also said:
    “The brew schools they offer are brilliant for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge on coffee. How it’s grown and processed, how it’s roasted (you get to watch them roasting) and lessons on the main brewing methods.”

    “It has changed the way I drink coffee for good”
    As part of the brew school, the visitors gave feedback on their experience. One lady said that after seeing the Aeropress brewing method, she would change the way she brews up every morning.
    It was also mentioned by a member of the A+R team that once they started using the Aeropress, they never went back.

    Another one of the visitors said:
    “Look no further than Adams + Russell. You can visit the roasters for free and they will welcome you in with open arms. You will be able to try their espresso. You can even take home a taste of their coffee of the month.”

    A third person said:
    “I just think the smell is AMAZING”.

    Buying coffee is made simple in the showroom
    Adams + Russell Coffee roasters have created a showroom at the front of their roasting house. The general public can come in and see the beans being roasted. Their accessories are placed carefully in the front showroom and the choice of 52 choices are roasted to order.
    Tristan Bartlett is the business development manager at Adams and Russell. He says the brew school is a great way for the general public to come and learn about coffee. They don’t even need to own a cafe. On a Saturday morning when you’re looking for something to do, think about coming to the roasters. You’ll most definitely be surprised how much there is to learn.

    You can also buy Adams+Russell Fresh coffee on their website
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    Following the success of the recently opened ‘La Marzocco Local’ office in Leeds and seeing the speciality scene in the North go from strength to strength, La Marzocco have decided to host their annual flagship event, Out of the Box, at Duke Studios on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Out of the Box is a cultural celebration, bringing together the local community through La Marzocco’s passion for amazing coffee!

    Out of the Box provides the rare opportunity of sampling coffees from over 20 roasters within the UK and Europe. Visitors can try a wide range of Europe’s finest roasters at The True Artisan Café, where they can help themselves to coffees especially selected for the event. Think of it as the ultimate pick-n-mix coffee shop! The UK has so much to offer when it comes to speciality coffee and activities like this allow attendees to go on a coffee tour whilst staying under one roof. Out of the Box will also witness the UK premier of La Marzocco’s latest machine in their product range and registered guests will be some of the first people to get to witness this in action!

    Out of the Box encourages guests to get hands on and build up their coffee knowledge and to do so, La Marzocco have partnered up with some great talent. Event partners for Out of the Box include Grey Goose Vodka, Falcon Coffees, Espresso Solutions, Marco Beverage Systems, IKAWA Coffee, Caffeine Culture and Caffeine Magazine. An example of the hands-on experiences on offer include, cocktail masterclasses from Grey Goose Vodka, especially curated cuppings and tasting sessions from Falcon Coffees.

    The event is tailored to be a hands-on experience so guests can leave feeling enthused and inspired. The masterclasses and workshops provide experiences that aren’t always readily accessible and the inclusion of the SCA UK Championships aims to reward this year’s competitors whilst also encouraging aspirational baristas to take part in the coming years. The inclusion of industry panels, covering a wide range of topics from ‘Coffee and Cycling Culture’ to ‘Product Design; from Conception to Birth’, aims to inform inquisitive minds so they can continue to progress in their careers.

    When all the serious coffee stuff is over, in true La Marzocco style, you can expect an evening full of music, street food, drinks and plenty of prizes at the La Marzocco Christmas After Party! Prizes include a trip to the La Marzocco factory in Florence, Italy and customised La Marzocco Scooters plus many more surprises.

    Paul Kelly, General Manager of La Marzocco UK and Ireland commented:
    “It’s so exciting to do events where we get to see new faces, mixed in with some familiar ones, and we’re delighted to be hosting our first Northern Out of the Box as we focus on coffee growth throughout the UK. Expect the same energy and excitement from past Out of the Box events, underlining why we took the move to open our first ‘La Marzocco Local’ office in Leeds in 2017”.

    The event is completely free, however you will need to register for a ticket here:

    La Marzocco’s Out of the Box event will be held on 02/12/2017 10:00 – 03/12/2016 00:00 at Duke Studios, 3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD.

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    A creative Toronto-based company, KRUVE Inc., has developed a product that can make any coffee taste better, regardless of the brew method or grinder that is used.

    With coffee lovers around the world becoming increasingly interested in the science behind the perfect cup, every second, gram, and degree is important. However, until now, grind size has been mostly arbitrary. A typical coffee grinder uses a numerical dial that can be set within a range of fine, medium, or coarse; but how does one accurately quantify fine, medium, or coarse in a way that is replicable and reliable? Often, coffee recipes employ vague comparisons such as sugar or sea salt. Not only is sea salt an arbitrary size, but grinders cannot ensure a uniform salt-sized grind. To combat this, many companies set out on an endless journey to improve the grinder itself, but even the best grinders on the market work by shattering the coffee bean into tiny fragments. This results in uneven coffee grinds that are split into an array of Fines (smaller grinds) and Boulders (larger grinds).

    The KRUVE Sifter solves the problem of uneven grind size and arbitrary measurements. With two tiers and up to fifteen interchangeable sieves, the KRUVE Sifter delivers 105 possible coffee grind sizes at the precise micron range of your choosing! This means you get a truly uniform grind every time you brew and that, in turn, means better tasting coffee. It’s no different than cooking your favourite meal. If you have ingredients of multiple sizes, the smaller pieces will be over-cooked or burnt and the larger sized ingredients will be under-cooked or raw. With the KRUVE Sifter, you pour in your coffee grinds, shake, and voila! A perfectly uniform grind, every time. As company co-founder Mark Vecchiarelli notes, "Many have tried to perfect the grinder, but we perfected the grind.” Of course, you should still use a good grinder. However, the KRUVE Sifter will compliment and enhance any coffee grinder on the market, whether it is an inexpensive hand-grinder or an expensive commercial-grade grinder. Add to that, in many kitchens and coffee shops around the world, the KRUVE Sifter is being used as an extremely precise calibration tool for grinders.

    Since its launch, the KRUVE Sifter has been used by several world-famous barista champions in numerous international competitions and is often cited as the winning tool in their repertoire.
    For example, Canadian champ Benjamin Put called the KRUVE Sifter, “The anchor of my signature drink!”

    To learn more, visit and be among the first in the world to taste coffee the way it was meant to taste.


    • Great coffee requires uniform grind size. The KRUVE Sifter uses two tiers of sieves to remove both Fines(small particles) and Boulders (large particles) created by grinders.
    • With up to 15 interchangeable sieves, the KRUVE Sifter allows for 105 possible grind size combinations, providing the brewer full control over their grind.
    • The KRUVE Sifter provides a standardized language for grind size, which can be used when sharing recipes. Arbitrary grind sizes no longer need to be accepted as the norm.
    • Incredibly accurate grinder calibration tool. Optimizing grinder via micron-level precision.
    • Home brewers can now enjoy world champion barista-quality coffee from the comfort of their kitchen.

    “I’ve wondered what the best way to communicate grind size is, and there’s never been a great way. Now there is. This could change the way coffee people exchange recipes. Having specific numbers to communicate has never been an option before. My mind is basically blown.”
    - Garrett Oden, Coffee Brew Guides

    “Even the world’s best grinders don’t create every particle of uniform size. They’re still just crushing machines after all, and crushin’ ain’t exactly precise.”
    - Zac Cadwalader, Sprudge

    “With the precision granted by the KRUVE Sifter, even a low-end home grinder could contribute to the preparation of coffee on par with a competition-level barista.”
    -Howard Bryman, Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

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    Single dose grinder with virtually zero retained grind for the best taste in coffee

    Attachment 29156

    The Niche Zero is a new premium quality coffee grinder, designed to shake up the prosumer market by being the first of its kind to retain virtually no grind. After a very successful two weeks on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo it has surpassed its initial funding target, with two weeks still to go.

    It has been favourably featured in a wide range of respected publications including: Perfect Daily Grind, Daily Coffee News, Coffee Forums UK and has also been exhaustively tested and reviewed by internationally respected coffee expert Dave C. Read the full independent review in Niche Zero reviews.

    The innovative Niche Zero features 63mm conical burrs that you would normally expect to find in a £1200 grinder and has been meticulously developed to be one of the quietest on the market. After all, no one likes to wake up or be irritated by the sound of coffee being ground in the morning. The Niche Zero consistently delivers brilliant grind quality which is confirmed by Dave C, “The Niche will absolutely blow away any grinder up to £800 and totally match any grinder of £1200 and possibly beyond.”

    Grind size can be quickly and precisely changed from fine to coarse with one simple twist, meaning you can effortlessly produce perfect grind suitable for a full range of coffee styles and brewing methods from espresso right through to pour over and French press. Mark B, who helped Dave C review the Niche Zero, brewed V60 and French press and commented, “The dosing with the Niche was impressive. Add your exact dose, plus one bean and you get at least your dose out (at constant grinder settings). No purging nor sweeping out of chutes.”

    With the Niche Zero, the single dose work flow is elegant and simple, meaning you only grind the exact amount of beans you need just before you want them, allowing you to keep all the rest of your precious beans fresh and safely stored away. “It made using the naked portafilter fun again,” explained Dave C.

    The Niche Zero means home users finally have a gateway to truly amazing 3rd wave premium coffee, with no need for a commercial grinder. This is the simple to use single dose grinder that consumers have been asking for.

    Backed by professionals, the Niche Zero has been described as a “game changer” with an “aluminium body and wood accents that give a nice blend of organic and modern.”

    Join the 100’s of speciality coffee lovers who have already backed the Niche Coffee Indiegogo campaign and be one of the first to own the revolutionary Niche Zero.

    Attachment 29157

    For more information visit
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    Niche, the up and coming British coffee innovators, last month publicly unveiled their new full yield coffee grinder. In early September, the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder will be available to pre-order at a discounted price on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The Niche Zero Grinder offers the following advantages over its competitors:

    • Zero retained grind. Every coffee you make is truly fresh with no waste, saving you money long term.
    • The quietest grinder available at only 72dB.
    • 63mm commercial grade burrs precisely driven, ensuring your coffee grounds never get burnt.
    • Infinite grind size control allows you to deliver the perfect consistency for your taste.
    • Sitting stylishly at 31cm in height, the Niche Zero Grinder fits perfectly under most kitchen cabinets.
    • Complimented by a solid cast aluminium body and interchangeable, reclaimed oak features.
    • Niche is British made with the highest quality materials.

    Attachment 29158

    Designer and CEO Martin Nicholson explains “Having worked in the industry for 30 years, I wanted to design and produce a revolutionary coffee product. My love for getting the best taste in coffee, combined with my research into what makes the best brew, made the Niche Zero Grinder an obvious project. Our revolutionary Niche Zero Grinder retains virtually zero grind, guaranteeing you the freshest possible coffee. Not only that, but we have managed to design a coffee grinder that is better looking, saves you money long term and is quieter and easier to use. We can’t wait for the September launch on Indiegogo and we look forward to helping everyone make better tasting coffee.”

    Developing a product which improves one of the world’s most popular drinks is no easy feat, but the family-run business Niche have achieved exactly that, right here in the UK. This didn’t just happen overnight, the ground-breaking Niche Zero Grinder is the result of 4 years of technical engineering, refinement and development, with over 30 prototypes.

    Niche’s CEO Martin Nicholson is an accomplished designer with over 30 years of industry and design experience. Martin has worked with a vast number of global companies, including; Kenwood, Phillips, Braun, Tefal, Bombay Sapphire, Anglepoise, Airbus, Russell Hobbs, AEG, Dualit, Sanyo and Sunbeam. Using his expertise, Martin developed the Niche Zero to improve the quality of ground coffee, ensuring that every bean is precisely and quietly ground.

    Niche’s commitment to improving the taste of coffee developed from bad experiences using existing grinders and a passion for achieving the best taste in coffee. The only way to make really good coffee is to use truly fresh ground beans. Unfortunately, current grinders all store old stale grind in their mechanisms, which subsequently taints your next brew with stale, old ground coffee. The coffee enthusiasts at Niche were determined to change this.

    Martin describes the launch of Niche as the fulfilment of a 30 year dream. “Being able to have an impact on the quality of coffee people consume is something that I am proud of”.

    For more information visit or find us on Facebook

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