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  • Introducing ESPAZZOLA - grouphead cleaning tool

    Hello Coffee Forums UK!

    As developer and manufacturer of the ESPAZZOLA we want to get your opinionated feedback on our tool to replace these old brushes for cleaning group-heads.

    To make things easier for you we offer a discount for forum members (see below).


    The ESPAZZOLA is especially designed to hook into the grouphead like a portafilter. There, we utilize the hot water from the machine to rinse thoroughly while the flexible membrane (the semitransparent inset) adapts to all inner surfaces and acts like a brush in all places at once.

    See this short video to get an idea:


    If you want to try yourself, please go to our webshop at:


    and order a tool using voucher code: 7L3WK4IFYCGK

    You'll get free shipping and 30% off at check-out.
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    1. rsnidjik's Avatar
      rsnidjik -
      Quote Originally Posted by coffeechap View Post
      You snooze you lose
      No snoozing here. Instead, I drink double shots of espresso throughout the day.
    1. latestcoffeejobs's Avatar
      This product looks promising, will try it soon.
    1. Jony's Avatar
      Jony -
      I see your on a Mission. "spam away"
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