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  • Introducing ESPAZZOLA - grouphead cleaning tool

    Hello Coffee Forums UK!

    As developer and manufacturer of the ESPAZZOLA we want to get your opinionated feedback on our tool to replace these old brushes for cleaning group-heads.

    To make things easier for you we offer a discount for forum members (see below).

    The ESPAZZOLA is especially designed to hook into the grouphead like a portafilter. There, we utilize the hot water from the machine to rinse thoroughly while the flexible membrane (the semitransparent inset) adapts to all inner surfaces and acts like a brush in all places at once.

    See this short video to get an idea:

    If you want to try yourself, please go to our webshop at:

    and order a tool using voucher code: 7L3WK4IFYCGK

    You'll get free shipping and 30% off at check-out.
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    1. MildredM's Avatar
      MildredM -
      Fantastic article and such a generous offer! I wouldn’t be without my Espazzola
    1. Phil104's Avatar
      Phil104 -
      Same here - it's very effective on my Londinium group head and providing I take a bit of care, it's nothing like the mess I used to get with the Cafelat brush, one of which would always come unstuck in the group head. How long is the discount available for?
    1. BaggaZee's Avatar
      BaggaZee -
      Quote Originally Posted by MildredM View Post
      Fantastic article and such a generous offer! I wouldn’t be without my Espazzola
      Tell me, do you get through the inserts? Is it worth buying a spare with this?
    1. MildredM's Avatar
      MildredM -
      Quote Originally Posted by BaggaZee View Post
      Tell me, do you get through the inserts? Is it worth buying a spare with this?
      Still on my first one but it’s about ready to replace now. I would say I've had it ummm roughly 9 months.
    1. BaggaZee's Avatar
      BaggaZee -
      Thanks, I'll get a few.
    1. mousebat's Avatar
      mousebat -
      Just bought one - can't wait to get it, at the moment I'm getting scalded using a brush.
    1. Dany's Avatar
      Dany -
      Thank you for kind offer!
    1. hasyldz's Avatar
      hasyldz -
      Just purchased one too, great discount, seems like a better solution already compared to the little brush we usually use.
    1. Rhys's Avatar
      Rhys -
      I'm using mine regularly and it's quick and easy (once I figured out how to put the insert in). Don't think I'd be without it now.
    1. Stuartb27's Avatar
      Stuartb27 -
      Been using mine for a few weeks now. Seems to do a good job at cleaning all the hard to get at bits compared to using a brush. Plus hot water is directed out the bottom so no more blanched fingers.
    1. TobyAnscombe's Avatar
      TobyAnscombe -
      Has the coupon expired or is it just me?
    1. ashcroc's Avatar
      ashcroc -
      Quote Originally Posted by TobyAnscombe View Post
      Has the coupon expired or is it just me?
      It ran out at the end of last month.
    1. TobyAnscombe's Avatar
      TobyAnscombe -
      Cheers - When I clicked through and actually read the text it looks like it won't work with my Oracle due to the hot water outlet so I guess I keep with the scalding water and brushes..
    1. Graham J's Avatar
      Graham J -
      I ran a trial recently comparing the cleanliness of the inside of E61 grouphead, screen and outlet using an Espaz., after each shot, compared with my previous cleaning technique of brush and kitchen towel.
      Removing the showerscreen and checking every 2-3 days, (6-10 shots daily) the Espaz keeps this "hidden" area cleaner and without as much coffee residue as the previous methods. The improved cleanliness of the front of screen and portafilter head must reduce the amount of coffee residuals moving back into the brew water system.
      Could potentially reduce the frequency of backflushing but this would need some method of checking contamination.
    1. Alex029's Avatar
      Alex029 -
      Any likelyhood of extending or re-issuing the discount code pleaseeeeeeee?
    1. NAJB's Avatar
      NAJB -
      I like the simplicity of cleaning that this device offers
    1. PPapa's Avatar
      PPapa -
      Espazzola has been great so far. I really like the mess-free routine and it does the job well!
    1. rsnidjik's Avatar
      rsnidjik -
      I'd go for this with a 30-percent-off, free shipping coupon code. Too bad the current code is expired.
    1. coffeechap's Avatar
      coffeechap -
      You snooze you lose
    1. Jerry Thurston's Avatar
      Snoozed... Lost.. hey ho
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