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  • Adams+Russell Releases Fresh Coffee Survey results

    Espresso Machine takes top spot as the most popular brewing method among coffee drinkers. The most popular choice out of 10 different ways to brew coffee.

    Flavour notes and roast is most important when choosing their coffee says Adams+Russell fresh coffee customers. Closely followed by the provision of detailed information on the products themselves.

    Keep reading to find out more about the UK’s coffee drinking habits.

    Who was asked?
    The survey was created by Adams+Russell’s marketing team to get a better understanding of their customers. Each of the respondents had either purchased coffee from Adams+Russell or signed up to their mailing list on their website. 99% of recipients were UK based.
    You can sign up to the mailing list by entering your email when entering the website. In return signees receive a FREE ultimate guide to coffee and regular tips on how to get the best from their fresh coffee.

    In order to entice each respondent to fill out the survey via SurveyMonkey, there was a beautiful coffee hamper on offer to one lucky winner. The winner was picked at random.

    The results are based on respondents of just over 200 people that completed the survey. After 2,000 subscribers were a few questions to find out a little more about their drinking habits.

    The results are now in and the key survey questions were as follows:

    • How did you first find Adams+Russell?
    • How often do you drink fresh coffee?
    • What is your preferred brewing method?
    • What is important to you when buying coffee?
    • What information would you like to receive?

    Find out more about how people are searching for coffee roasters in the UK by visiting

    How often are people drinking fresh coffee?
    It seems recent years has seen a hug influx of people drinking fresh coffee right at home. Is it that they enjoy waking up on the Saturday morning to a smell of the fresh brew around the home.
    Or is it that they need the early morning pick me up. Given the amount of coffee people drink, this certainly seems to be the case.

    From the results of the survey, it’s no surprise that 66% of respondents said they drink coffee every day.
    3% of those, said they drink several cups of coffee a day.

    What brewing methods are people using?
    It seems, every year there’s a new way to brew fresh coffee at home. Whether it has a big impact on the high street coffee shops is yet to be seen.
    Here are the brewing options that were given and percentage of people who prefer that method:

    • Espresso Machine (29%)
    • Cafetiere(21%)
    • Aeropress (13%)
    • Bean to Cup (12%)
    • Filter coffee (9%)
    • Stove Top(6%)
    • Other(4%)
    • Perculator (2%)
    • French Press (2%)
    • V60 (1%)

    Within the above results, there are a couple of caveats. Some brewing methods are written differently but mean the same thing.
    For example…

    • A French Press is the same as a cafetiere.
    • A Perculator is the same as a stove top.

    It doesn’t change the results drastically but is interesting to see how people refer to each style of making coffee.

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    To read more about the survey results, just visit A+R coffee survey page on the blog.
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